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听电影学英语-重返17岁 12






- What are you looking at? - That was great. - 你干嘛一直盯着我?- 棒极了
That is The Snake. 这是蛇舞
That was a very hot dance when you were 1. 在你刚出生的时候 这是很热门的舞步
- Teach it to me. - I can’t. - 教教我- 我不行
It’s a very advanced step... 这是个很高端的舞步…
...which I know is hard to believe because I make it look effortless. …我知道你很难相信 因为我看起来似乎跳得很轻松
That’s the secret to all great dancers. 这是所有伟大舞者的秘密
Try me. 试试看
Why did you pick that song? 你怎么会选那首曲子?
Oh, I don’t know. It just, uh, kind of spoke to me. 噢,我不知道,就好像… 嗯,它在向我召唤
Hm. That’s funny. 嗯,那倒是很奇妙
That’s the song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding. 那首是我和我丈夫 在结婚典礼上跳的曲子
Hm. A man of good taste. 嗯,很有品味的男人
- Want me to show you some dance moves? - I’d love to. - 想让我为你展示一些舞步吗?- 我迫不及待了
- Great. - Yeah. Okay, you stand here, like that. - 好极了- 好,你就站在那,像这样
That I learned at my wedding. 这是我在婚礼上学会的
Okay, like that, and I’ll stand here. 嗯,我就站在这儿
- No, you stand right there. - Right there. - 不,你就站在那儿- 这儿
Okay, ready? So you go right foot back and then left foot back. 好,准备好了吗? 先收右脚然再收左脚
And then quick right, left, right, left, right. 然后迅速右,左,右,左,右

And then right... Oh. 然后再往右…噢
That was good. And left, right, left, right. 跳得不错,接着再左,右,左,右

That was really good. You’re picking that up pretty quickly. 你真的很厉害,你学得可真是快极了
That’s good. 很好
MIKE: So you mentioned your husband. - Mm-hm. - 你刚提到了你丈夫- 嗯
Do you think you guys are ever going to get back together? 你觉得你还有可能和他复合吗?
Um, no. 嗯,不可能
Why are you so sure? 为什么如此确信?
Maybe there’s something he could do to fix things. 也许他会做些什么 来修补你们间的关系
I love my husband and care about him... 我爱我的丈夫而且关心着他…
...but sometimes that just is not enough. …但有时候光那样是不够的
Well, he blew it. 好吧,看来是他搞砸了
Jump. 跳
- Mom? - Yeah. - 妈?- 什么啊?
Hey, Alex. 嗨,亚历克斯
- Mom? ALEX: I’m your mom. 我是你妈
I am Alex’s mom, Mark. 我是亚历克斯的妈妈,马克
- Your date is here. - Huh? - 你约的人来了- 嗯?

MIKE: Yeah. 是的
- The front door. Your date. - Okay. - 前门,你约的人- 好的
She was nervous. It’s creepy, right? 她有点紧张,这挺古怪的,不是吗?
Little bit. 有一点
She’s so old, it’s like... 她这么大年纪了,就像是…
Dance with all your friend’s moms? 你和你所有朋友的妈妈都跳舞?
MIKE: Pretty much. 基本上是的
MAN: Oh, hi, Scarlet. - Hello. - 嗨,斯嘉丽- 你好
- Wow, you look amazing. Here. Pour vous. SCARLET: Oh, thank you. - 你看起来令人惊叹,献给你(法语)- 噢,谢谢
Carnations. What a douche bag. 康乃馨,真有点蠢
Mark. 马克
DEAN: No, that’s okay. - I’m sorry. - 没关系,我不介意- 真抱歉
DEAN: I’m a single dad. 我是个单身父亲
It’s totally normal for sons to feel weird when their moms date. 我知道,当妈妈和别的男人约会时 儿子觉得很难接受,这很正常
I mean, he’s stepping into Dad’s shoes, protecting the castle. 我是说,他会试着接替起父亲的责任 保护家庭
- He’s not my son, but... - Oh. - 他不是我的儿子,不过… - 噢
Then that’s weird. 那就有点怪了
- It is. DEAN: Yeah. - 的确- 是啊
- Uh, do you want to go? - Yeah. - 你准备好了吗?- 是的
Let me get my coat. 我去拿外套
- Oh, come on. - Hold these, please. - 噢,拜托- 请帮我拿着
- This guy? - You’re being rude. - 这个家伙?- 你刚才很没礼貌
- You’re going from Uncle Mike to this guy? - Shh. - 你打算从麦克叔叔换成这个家伙?- 嘘…
- Be quiet. - Okay. - 小声点- 好吧
- Do me a favor. Shh. - He’s a tool. - 帮我个忙,嘘- 他就像个棒槌
Give this to Ned, okay, to give to Mike. It’s our divorce papers. 把这给奈德,好吗,让她给麦克 这是我们的离婚材料
And remind him that he needs to be there on the 27th. 记得提醒他27号要出席
Okay? Thank you. 可以吗? 谢谢你
Where are you going? 你要去哪?
MAGGIE: Jamie’s party. 杰米的派对
Alex! 亚历克斯!
ALEX: Yeah, uh, seriously, I can’t be here. I really can’t be here. 是的,说真的,我不能待在这儿 我真的不能待在这儿
Do you know how many dangerous and hurtful things Stan could do to me here? 你知道我待在这儿斯坦可能对我 做出多少危险的事情吗?
You had your head shoved in a ball return? It’s not a massage. 你有被人把头挤进回球器里吗? 那可不像按摩那么舒服
You’re on the basketball team now. Okay? This is your party. 你现在是篮球队的一员了 这可是属于你的派对

ALEX: Okay, okay, there she is. 好吧,好吧,她在那儿
There’s Nicole. Oh, God. 是妮可,噢,上帝
- Which one? ALEX: She’s right there. - 哪个?- 就在那
You’re looking at... She’s my 3, your 2. 你正看着…从我这边数第3个 从你数第二个
- Stop it. You’re looking right at her. - Calm down. - 快停下,你正盯着她- 冷静点
- Sorry. - What was that? - 抱歉- 刚才是什么?
- Nothing, it was a burp. - Why are you burping? - 没事,只是打嗝- 没事你干嘛打嗝?
- I have tummy issues. What? Get over it. - Tummy issues? - 我的胃有点不满,没什么,别说了- 你的胃不满?
She’s not going to like me. I’m a loser. 她不会喜欢我的,我是个失败的人
Why are you a loser? Because Stan says you’re a loser? 你哪里失败了? 就因为斯坦说你是一个失败的人?
Do you think Stan’s a winner? Stan’s going nowhere. 你觉得斯坦是一个成功的人吗? 斯坦是个完全没前途的人
Any girl in here would be lucky to have your attention. 在这里任何一个女孩如果能得到你的 青睐,那对她们都会是件很幸运的事
- What do you know about girls? - What do I know about girls? - 你怎么会明白女孩们在想什么?- 我怎么会明白?
I used to date the most beautiful girl in school... 以前我总是和全校最漂亮的女孩约会…
...and I let her slip through my fingers. …又让她们从我指间溜走
But I won’t let that happen to you. 但我不会让悲剧发生在你身上

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