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听电影学英语-重返17岁 13






You’re absolutely right. 你说得完全没错
I’m just going to walk up to her and introduce myself. 我就要走向她,向她介绍我自己
Tomorrow at school. Maybe. Probably not. 我是说明天去学校以后 也许会,很可能不会
Just go. 去吧
- Hey, girls. - Hey, you came. - 嗨,女孩们- 嗨,你来了
- How are you? - Good. - 你好啊?- 还不错
Thank you, um. Have you seen Maggie? I’ve been looking everywhere. 谢谢,嗯,你看到玛姬了吗? 我到处都找遍了
Oh, um, Maggie’s not here. 噢,玛姬不在这里
But, um, I am. 不过,我可是在这哦
And I’m really, really glad you came. 而且我真的真的很高兴你来了
LAUREN: It’s her birthday. - I didn’t get you a present, I’m sorry. 今天是我的生日噢 真抱歉,我没有准备礼物给你
- I’ll just have to unwrap you. - Heh, heh. Okay. - 我只要把你当做礼物拆开就好了- 嘿,呵呵,好了
I was kicked off the cheerleading squad for being too flexible. 我因为身体的柔韧性太好 而被啦啦队踢了出来
Okay, okay. Sit down. Just sit down. 好,好,先坐下来,坐下
If you girls don’t respect yourselves... 女孩们,如果你们自己 都不尊重自己…
...then how do you expect anyone else to respect you? …那你又怎么能期待别人尊重你呢?
Right? 对吧?
No, don’t respect me. 不,不要尊重我
Don’t respect me. 不要对我尊重
You don’t even have to remember my name. 你甚至记不住我名字也没关系
- Wow, that’s slutty. - First of all, you slut. - 哇,那实在太淫荡了- 总之太淫荡了

This is some other dad’s problem. 这是属于其他父亲的问题

And, um, I just want to tell you that you look like my dog. 嗯,我只是想告诉你 你看起来像我家的小狗
- Excuse me? - Your hair looks like my dog’s hair. - 什么?- 你的头发看起来像我家狗狗的毛色
- Oh, um... - No, it’s shiny and soft. - 噢,嗯… - 不,我是说它很柔软而有光泽
We give my dog special food. It’s got flax in it. 我都给她喂很特别的食物 在里面添加了亚麻
Oh, flax. 噢,亚麻
- She’s a sweetheart. - That’s sweet. - 她是个可爱的小宝贝- 听起来真甜美
Well, she died. 不过,她不幸死掉了
So I look like your dead dog? 那么我看起来像你家死掉的狗?
I’m just really nervous, and I’ve wanted to talk to you for so long. 我真的是太紧张了 能和你说话是我盼望了好久的事
- What am I thinking? - Don’t worry about it. Really. - 我在想说什么?- 别在意这个,真的
- Alex? - Oh, my God, you know my name. - 亚历克斯?- 噢,我的上帝,你知道我的名字

- Really? - Literally, you’re on fire. - 真的吗?- 照字面意思说,你烧着了
You’re on fire. 你在燃烧(太兴奋了)
What? 什么?
NICOLE: Literally on fire. 我是说真的着火了
Whoa. Okay. Yeah, I’m gonna get out of here. Later. 哇,好,是的,我得离开这里一下 待会见
Just hand me those keys right there. 把那边的钥匙给我
BOY: They’re in for the night. 他们是为今晚准备的
STAN: If the keys are locked in there, I don’t know how I’m going to get you guys out. 要是钥匙被锁在里面了 我可不知道要怎么把你们弄出来
Conserve some oxygen in there. 节约点用的氧气
Don’t scream, you have a limited amount of oxygen. 别太疯狂,你们的氧气用量是有限制的
They’re pretty, huh? We got some pretty ladies in here. 她们很漂亮,嗯? 我们这里有一些漂亮的美眉
Oh, there you are. 噢,原来你在那
- What do you want? - I just want to talk about Stan. - 你想干什么?- 我想和你聊聊斯坦
Yeah? 怎么?
Why are you dating him? I mean, you know he is not a nice guy. 你为什么和他交往? 我是说,要知道他不是个好东西
He’s crazy. 他是个疯子
Hey, don’t say that about Stan. You don’t even know him. 嘿,别这么说斯坦 你根本就不了解他
Oh, but I do. I really do. I know him better than you. 噢,其实我了解,真的 我比你要了解得多
Look, we’re moving in together after graduation. 听着,我们毕业以后会搬到一起生活
Stan got into Georgetown? 斯坦也能进乔治城?
- What? - What? - 什么?- 你说呢?
No. No. Stan got on the management track at Home Depot. 不,不,斯坦在铁道管理站 找到了工作
Oh, great. 噢,不错
And I’m going to Westwood Community College to be closer to him. 而且为了不远离他 我将要去维斯特伍德社区学院
He’s my forever. 他是我永远的爱
- There’s no way in hell that’s happening. - Excuse me? - 绝不会让那样的事发生- 你说什么?
I said, "There’s no way in hell that that is happening." 我说,“绝不会让那样的事发生”
You think I’m gonna let you mortgage your future? 你以为我会让你赔上你的未来吗?
You think I’ll let you throw away your hard work... 你以为我会袖手旁观眼睁睁地看着你…
...everything that you’ve accomplished... …为一个毫不关心你的神经病…
...for some psychopathic guy who doesn’t care about you? …放弃过去所有的努力
I forbid you. I forbid you to see him anymore. 我严禁你,严禁你再和他见面
Oh, okay! Who the hell do you think you are, my father?! Dude! 噢,够了!你以为你算什么东西 我的父亲?蠢货!

- Don’t walk away from me. - You’re a freak. - 别想就这么走掉- 你是个变态
Margaret Sarah O’Donnell! 玛格丽特·莎拉·奥唐纳!
- Hey. How’d it go? - Fantastic. - 嗨,情况怎么样?- 妙极了
What’s on your leg? 你腿上是什么?
CHEERLEADERS We’re the Warriors! Yeah, yeah! 我们是勇士!耶,耶!
MURPHY: Remember: Defense wins the game. 记住,防守决定胜负
What’s wrong? You look uncomfortable. 怎么了?你看起来脸色不太好
Oh. No. 噢,没有
I was just thinking that the last time I was here... 我只是想起上次我在这里时…
...my husband asked me to marry him. …我的丈夫向我求婚
Wow. 哇
Tough to compete with that. 无可比拟的感受
Down by 6, get the ball to Gold. 落后6分,记住把球传给高德
Warriors on three. One, two, three. 勇士队,一,二,三
TEAM: Warriors! 勇士队!
MURPHY: Stan, what are you doing? Let’s go. 斯坦,你在做什么?快上场
Go, Alex! Whoo! 上啊,亚历克斯!哇噢!
Woo-hoo. 哇!
PLAYER 1: Left side. 左路
PLAYER 2: Pick off! Right there! 拦截!趁现在!

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