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听电影学英语:复制娇妻 3





[00:02.22]- There you go. - Stepford stallions love their mares - 开始了 - 斯戴福的绅士们爱他们的小姐
[00:07.18]All men left, all men right 男士左,男士右
[00:11.18]Rope that filly, she won't bite 紧握着,她不会放的
[00:15.74]All join hands and circle sweet 所有人握紧手转圈圈
[00:19.90]Please your cowboy with your feet 带动你的牛仔,脚儿踢起来
[00:29.86]- Nice shirt, Stan. - Thanks. - 衬衫不错,斯坦 - 谢谢
[00:55.70]Yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay, 咦-咔-呀
[00:57.58]yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay, 咦-咔-呀
[01:00.86]- yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay, - Honey. - 咦-咔-呀 - 亲爱的
[01:01.26]- Yippee-ki-yay, yippee-ki-yay. - Calm down. - 咦-咔-呀 - 冷静
[01:03.26]Do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do, 多-西-多
[01:06.74]- Whoa, back up, guy. - Do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do... - 往后站,各位 - 多-西-多…
[01:10.82]Jesus. 上帝啊
[01:13.58]Do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do. 多-西-多
[01:15.58]- Excuse me. Excuse me. - Is she all right? - 对不起,对不起 - 她有事吗
[01:19.26]- It's OK. - Excuse me. - 没事的 - 对不起
[01:20.34]- Do-si-do. - All right. OK. Don't try to move her. - 多-西-多. - 好的,不要动她
[01:24.14]- She's drunk. - There's no need, thank you. - 她喝醉了 - 不需要的,谢谢你
[01:25.34]- She's blond. - I'm her husband. - 她是金发 - 我是她的丈夫

[01:27.54]- Do-si-do. - Jo, you're not a doctor. - 多-西-多 - 乔,你不是医生
[01:29.62]Walter, I can take care of this. I ran a network. 沃尔特,这个我应付得来 我曾掌管过电视网的
[01:32.66]Mike. 迈克
[01:32.78]- Somebody call 911. - Mike's here. - 谁去打911 - 迈克来了
[01:35.46]- Mike. - Do-si-do. - 迈克 - 多-西-多
[01:37.94]Do-si-do, do-si-do, do-si-do. 多-西-多
[01:40.02]- Mike. - It's OK. I'm here. - 迈克 - 没事了,我来了
[01:43.50]Walter, the missus. 沃尔特,你太太
[01:45.94]- The missus? - Jo, Jo. - 太太? - 乔,乔
[01:47.30]Walter, what is your problem? 沃尔特,你怎么回事啊?
[01:47.66]- Excuse me. - Stand back, please. - 对不起 - 请靠后站
[01:51.38]- Hey! Excuse... - Excuse me. - 嘿!对不… - 对不起
[01:59.94]- What was that? - Herb, Dave, - 那是什么? - 赫伯,戴夫
[02:03.10]give me a hand, and we'll get Sarah right into my Hummer. 帮我一把 我们把萨拉弄到我的悍马上
[02:05.30]- Your Hummer? - It's a sweet ride. - 你的悍马 - 那车很稳的
[02:08.38]- It's roomy. - Here you go. - 地方比较宽敞 - 起来
[02:10.38]We need an ambulance. You shouldn't be moving her. 我们需要救护车 你们不应该动她
[02:12.74]She might need oxygen, paramedics. 她需要氧气和护理人员
[02:15.90]Everything isn't always about you, Jo. 不是什么事情都和你有关,乔
[02:16.90]Walter. 沃尔特
[02:20.70]She'll be fine. It's too much sun. She's dehydrated. 她不会有事的,晒的太阳太多了 她有点脱水
[02:25.18]- Dehydrated? Are you crazy? - Jo. I'm sorry about this, Mike. - 脱水?你疯了吗 - 乔,我很抱歉,迈克
[02:27.94]Joanna. Joanna, this is a very special moment. 乔安娜,乔安娜,这是个非常特殊的时刻
[02:32.94]- I would like you to meet... - Mike Wellington. - 我向你介绍… - 迈克·威灵顿
[02:37.22]My husband. 我的丈夫
[02:38.58]- Oh... - And you must be the famous Joanna. - 噢… - 你一定就是著名的乔安娜
[02:41.78]You're even prettier than in the newspapers. 你比报纸上还要漂亮
[02:42.38]- They don't do you justice. - Excuse me, that woman is very sick. - 他们对你确实不公 - 对不起,那个女人病得很重
[02:47.46]Thank you. I should be going with her. 谢谢你,我应该和她一起去
[02:48.94]She'll get all the help she needs. Trust me, little lady. 她会得到应有的照顾的 相信我,女士
[02:55.90]That woman had a seizure, and she was practically levitating. 那个女人突然晕过去 都快飞起来了
[03:02.98]And I have told you five million times I phoned Herb. 我都告诉你无数遍了 我打电话给赫伯
[03:05.54]He said that Sarah is fine. 他说萨拉没有事
[03:07.94]She just needed some fluids, just like Mike said. 她只是缺水,就像迈克所说的
[03:09.62]- She was sparking, Walter. - She was dancing. - 她当时直冒火花,沃尔特 - 她当时在跳舞
[03:14.78]Then why wasn't there a doctor anywhere? And why...? 那为什么那儿都没有医生? 为什么…?
[03:18.02]Why...? 为什么…?
[03:23.34]Walter! Walter! And why did everyone 沃尔特!沃尔特! 为什么所有人都那样?
[03:25.54]just automatically listen to that Mike person? 都自觉地听那个叫迈克的?
[03:27.42]And why, why was everyone just standing there? 还有为什么,为什么 所有人都袖手旁观
[03:28.06]You mean why weren't they just listening to you? 你是说为什么他们不乖乖听你的话?
[03:30.86]- That's not what I'm saying! - Jesus Christ, Joanna! - 我没有那么说! - 上帝啊,乔安娜!
[03:35.54]your kids barely know you, and our marriage is falling apart. 你的孩子几乎不认识你 而我们的婚姻也几近破裂
[03:35.98]- What? - You were fired, - 什么? - 你被解雇了!
[03:39.90]And your whole attitude makes people want to kill you. 而你一直怀疑别人想要杀了你
[03:42.78]It makes people try to kill you. 一种被害的妄想
[03:45.26]That's what we're doing here. 我们在这儿为的就是这个
[03:48.50]The people in this town have been nothing 这个镇子的人们对你除了友善…
[03:49.38]but friendly and welcoming and wonderful to you. 欢迎和非常好之外没有恶意
[03:54.54]And you've been nothing but snide and suspicious. 而你却一直疑神疑鬼
[03:57.54]And on top of that, at the picnic you humiliated me. 尤其是在野餐会上你让我很丢人
[03:58.30]Well, I can't do it anymore. 我再也没有办法这样下去了
[04:00.90]I can't keep fighting you for every inch of everything. Game over. 我没有办法和你为了点点滴滴吵了 我们完了
[04:04.58]- Marriage over. - Oh, no! - 我们的婚姻完了 - 噢,不!
[04:10.14]- No! - No what? - 不! - 什么不?
[04:11.06]Please don't go. 请不要走
[04:12.54]- Why not? - Because you're right. - 为什么不? - 因为你是对的
[04:16.70]Wait, I'm sorry. I don't think I heard that. What did you just say? 等等,我没听错吧 你刚刚说什么?
[04:23.38]I said, you're right. 我说,你是对的
[04:27.82]About? 关于什么
[04:28.74]About everything. 所有的事情
[04:34.02]About me. 关于我
[05:00.74]Do you know why I signed on at the network? 知道我为什么和电视公司签约吗

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