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听电影学英语:复制娇妻 7






  Because I thought that if I was around, I could help you lighten up. 因为我想如果我在旁边 可以让你轻松一点
  You did? 真的?
  Yeah, I did. What was that one show called? 对,是的,那个节目叫什么来着?
  I Can Do Everybody? 我能扮演所有人?
  See, that's what I mean. I wanted to make you laugh. 是,那是我希望的 我想逗你开心
  That's so sweet, but I... 这真体贴,可我…
  I was busy. I was running a network, Walter. 我那时很忙,我那时 管理着一个电视台,沃尔特
  You were so busy that we haven't made love in over a year. 你忙到我们一年多都没有性爱
  - I know. I... - Well, I miss you. - 我知道,我… - 呃,我想念你
  But I've always loved you so much. I... 可我一直都很爱你,我…
  You know that. 你知道的
  Why? 为什么?
  Because... Because... 因为…因为…
  ...you're goofy, and you're... …因为你傻傻的,因为…
  You're handsome, and you're... You're... 你英俊,你是…,你是…
  You're my Walter. 你是我的沃尔特
  And because when you play computer chess 还因为你和电脑下棋的时候
  you do that little... 会跳那种…
  - You do that little victory dance. - I do not. I don't do that. - 会跳胜利之舞- 我没有,我没有那样
  - Yes, you do. - No, I don't. - 有的,你有- 不,我没有
  But if I'm not the smartest 可如果我不是那个最聪明的
  then I don't know, who am I? 那我就不知道,我是谁?
  and the best of the best and the most successful, 那个最好的,那个最成功的
  You wanna find out? 你想知道吗?

  How? 怎么做?
  First of all, we're in the country now, so no more black. 首先,我们现在在镇上 所以不要再穿黑的了
  - No more black? Are you insane? - You heard me. - 不穿黑的?你疯了吗- 你听见我说的了
  Manhattan career bitches wear black. Is that what you wanna be? 曼哈顿职场婊子们才穿黑的 你难道想做那样的人
  Only high-powered, neurotic, castrating, 只有精力过剩,神经质,中性的
  Ever since I was a little girl. 从我还是个小姑娘的时候开始就想
  Do I really look OK? 我看起来真的可以吗?
  Can I be honest? 我能说实话吗?
  - You look kind of like Betty Crocker. - I know. - 你看起来有点像贝蒂·克罗克(食品商标)- 我知道
  - At Betty Ford. - We need milk. - 在贝蒂·福特镇- 我们需要牛奶
  - We need milk. We need milk. - Thank you. - 我们需要牛奶,我们需要牛奶- 谢谢
  Look, I'm trying to make an effort to change. 看,我正在努力去改变
  He was strong, he was forceful, he was commanding. 他很强硬,有说服力,控制了我
  I mean, last night my husband was a different person. 我是说,昨晚我老公是个不同的人
  Like your refrigerator. 就像你的冰箱
  Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy being a homemaker 嗯,没人说做一个主妇是件容易的事
  and a stay-at-home mom. 尤其还要做家庭妇女
  It's the toughest job in the world, right? 这是世界上最难做的工作,对吗?
  Well, that may be, but these Stepford women, 嗯,可能是,可是这些斯戴福的女人
  - they're a whole other dimension. - Oh, like yesterday, - 她们就像是另一个空间来的- 噢,就像昨天
  that poor lady, Sarah Sunderson. 那个可怜的女士,萨拉·桑德森
  Walter said she's fine. 沃尔特说她没事
  - Now, that's the first sign. - Of what? - 那就是第一个征兆- 关于什么的?
  But you said she was shooting off sparks from her ears. 可你说当时她从耳朵里迸出火花
  Cheap jewelry. 廉价珠宝
  - We should go see her. - Why? - 我们应该去看看她- 为什么?
  Because we need to be supportive. 因为我们要支持她
  That's how people behave outside of Manhattan. 这就是曼哈顿人在外行事的方式
  They care about each other. 他们关心彼此
  I mean, if you were in New York and one of your neighbors got sick 我是说,如果你在纽约 你的一个邻居病了
  - what would you do? - We'd call her. - 你会怎么做- 我们会打电话给她
  - To see if she was gonna die. - So we could get the apartment. - 看看她是不是会死- 然后我们就可以得到她的公寓了
  Let's go. Up. Up. Up. 我们走,上,上,上
  Sarah? 萨拉?
  - Yoo-hoo. - Yoo-hoo? Is she in there? - 呦-呼- 呦-呼?她在这儿吗?
  - What are you doing? - It's open. - 你在做什么?- 门是开着的
  - That's amazing. - So sweet. - 真令人吃惊- 太好了
  And so trusting. 这么信任别人
  Roger. 罗杰
  - Look at this place. - Wow. - 看看这地方- 哇
  - Sarah? - Sarah? - 萨拉?- 萨拉?
  Roger. 罗杰
  Oh, Herb. 噢,赫伯
  - Oh, baby. - Oh, yes. Oh, yes. - 噢,宝贝- 噢,耶,噢,耶
  - Make me beg! - Yeah! - 让我满足吧!- 耶!
  Oh, I'm so lucky! 噢,我真幸运
  - Oh, my God. - Is that a DVD? - 噢,天哪- 是在看DVD吗
  No, it's them. 不,是他们
  Oh, you're the king! 噢,你就是国王!
  Yes! 耶!
  - I'm going up there. - Why? - 我要上去- 为什么
  - Roger! - I want some. - 罗杰!- 我也想来试试
  - Roger. - Roger. - 罗杰- 罗杰
  - Baby, grab me some nachos. - Yes, dear. - 宝贝,给我拿点玉米片- 好的,亲爱的
  What's this? 这是什么?
  - Roger, put it down. - What? Oh, come on. - 罗杰,放下- 什么?噢,来吧
  - Roger. - Why does it say Sarah? - 罗杰- 为什么上面写着萨拉?
  - Let's get out of here. - This isn't our house. - 我们离开这儿吧- 这不是我们的房子
  Roger, you should put it down now. 罗杰,你快放下
  Oh, stop. Would you just quit? 噢,住手,你就不能住手吗?
  - We have to, Roger. - For God's sake, we're trespassing. - 我们必须,罗杰- 老天,非法闯入


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