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听电影学英语:复制娇妻 9






  Now, Bobbie, we all realize you're probably feeling a bit uncomfortable 那么,芭比 我们都意识到你对这周所选的书
  with this week's book because you're... 可能会有一点不舒服 因为你是…
  - Oh, what's the word I'm looking for? - New? - 噢,我要说什么词来着?- 新来的?
  - Scared? - Cranky? - 恐惧?- 暴躁?
  - Jewish. - Same thing. - 犹太人- 都是一样的
  But the Heritage Hill series is very inclusive. 不过希尔思传统系列是保罗万象的
  In fact, there is a whole chapter about Hanukkah. 实际上有整整一章是关于犹太光明节的
  I just love the chapter on pinecones. 我特别喜欢松果的那一章
  They're not just for wreaths and centerpieces. 松果不仅可以用于 做花冠或者装饰餐桌的
  You can use pinecones to create a very special Yuletide menorah. 你可以用它来做特别的圣诞烛台
  Your pinecone snowman could be Jewish. 你的松果雪人可能是个犹太人
  Just add one of those little beanies. 再加一顶小帽
  Or maybe I could just use hundreds of pinecones 或者我可以用上百个松果
  to spell out the words "Big Jew" 在前院的雪地上,拼出…
  in letters 15 feet tall in the snow in my front yard. 15英尺长的“犹太”字样?
  That's a wonderful idea. 这个主意太好了
  - Oh, yes, yes. - That's very wonderful. - 噢,好啊,好啊- 非常好
  I love the idea of creating a life-sized Santa Claus, 我喜欢那个主意 做个真人大小的圣诞老人

  - Yes. - She's so smart. - 对- 她真聪明
  - all out of pinecones. - OK, I love that. - 全部用松果- 好,我喜欢这个
  I'm going to use a pinecone in my nativity as the baby Jesus. 我可以用松果在圣诞节做一个小耶稣
  And I'm going to attach a pinecone to my vibrator 我要在我的按摩棒上绑一个松果
  and have a really merry Christmas. 然后过一个真正快乐的圣诞节
  Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus 圣诞老人来了 圣诞老人来了
  Right down Santa Claus Lane 就像往年一样
  He's got a bag that's filled with toys For the boys and girls again 揣着满满一袋子送给孩子们的玩具
  Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle What a beautiful sight 听那雪橇铃声叮当响 多么美丽的景象
  So jump in bed, cover up your head Because Santa Claus comes tonight 跳上床,蒙起头,圣诞老人今晚来
  - Who? - Santa Claus comes tonight - 谁?- 圣诞老人今晚来
  Joanna, how is she fitting in? 乔安娜,她适应得怎么样?
  Well... 呃…
  OK... 还好…
  I'm among friends, right? 这里的都是我的朋友,对吧?
  - Of course. - Yeah. - 当然- 对
  So... 那么…
  Joanna and I had this big talk, 乔安娜和我非常认真的谈了一次
  and we were really open with each other. 我们非常坦诚地谈过了
  I mean, we really got it all out. 我们真的把心里话都说出来了
  And I think from now on... 我想,从现在开始…
  ...she's gonna be very, very different. 她会非常,非常不同
  You think Joanna's really going to change? 你认为乔安娜真的会变?
  Yes, I do. Absolutely. 是的,绝对
  And how long have you been married? 你结婚多长时间了?
  - Ted! - Yes. - 泰德- 是的
  Don't you owe Walter $20? 你不是欠沃尔特20美元吗?
  That's absolutely right, I do. 一点没错
  Babe! 宝贝!
  Yes, darling? 什么事,亲爱的?
  Walt, sit down. 沃尔特,坐下
  I need 20. 我需要20块
  - You know my PIN. - Of course. - 你知道我的密码- 当然
  She gives singles. 她给的都是一块一块的
  Are these all for day camp tomorrow? 这些都是为明天的日营准备的?
  I just want you to be proud of me, honey. 我只是想让你为我自豪,亲爱的
  Dad, watch this. 爸,看着这个
  Ball. 球
  - Aren't robots cool? - Oh, yeah. - 机器人很酷不是吗- 噢,是的
  May I speak to the man of the house? 我能和男主人说话吗?
  - Snot-butt. - Funkmaster Markowitz. - 没有礼貌的家伙- 恐怖大师马科维茨
  - Stone-cold Thriller Killer Kresbo. - Cupcakes, anyone? - 石头般冰冷的杀手克莱斯波 - 小蛋糕,有人要吗?
  - Cupcakes! - Cupcakes. - 小蛋糕- 小蛋糕
  Hey, right on time. 嘿,正是时候
  Jo, these are smoking. 乔安娜,还冒着热气呢
  - Why don't you make stuff like this? - Why don't you? - 你为什么不做这些东西?- 你为什么不做?
  Because I have a penis. 因为我是男的
  - We should get moving. - Yeah, we got a meeting. - 我们得走了- 对,我们有个会
  - At the Men's Association. - When will you be home, honey? - 在男子联合会- 你什么时候回来,亲爱的?
  When I'm home. 该回来的时候
  Call a sitter. 去找个保姆
  Bobbie, are you sure about this? 芭比,你肯定要这么干吗?
  We're not spying. We're just visiting. 我们不是偷看,我们只是拜访
  Fellas, I can't tell you how happy we are 伙计们,欢迎这些新鲜血液
  to welcome all of this new blood. 我真说不出有多高兴
  - You said it, Mike. - That's right. - 可不是吗,迈克- 没错
  I love, love this space. 我爱,我爱这个地方
  It's very Ralph Lauren meets Sherlock Holmes. 这正是拉尔夫·劳伦遇到福尔摩斯 既时尚又合理
  It says, "I have taste and a scrotum." 我是男人,可我他妈的也有品位
  - Whore. - Bore. - 妓女- 讨厌
  - Roger, you promised. - What? - 罗杰,你发过誓的- 什么
  - Sorry. - No, no, no. - 抱歉- 不,不,不
  Jerry, you're gonna find that Stepford is very open-minded. 杰瑞,你会发现斯戴福的思想是很开放的
  - Oh, yeah. - We welcome you and your partner, - 噢,是的- 我们欢迎你和你的伴侣
  just like any other couple. 就像其他的夫妻一样
  Absolutely. Any other. 绝对,就像其他的夫妻
  - That's right. - Girlfriend. - 没错- 女朋友
  Miss... Miss Thing. 小姐…玩艺儿小姐
  - To Stepford! - Stepford! - 为了斯戴福!- 斯戴福!
  You bet. 毫无问题
  Yeah. 对

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