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听电影学英语:复制娇妻 17






She's fabulous. 她真难以置信
All of this, Mike, the wives, Stepford, this was all your idea? 所有这些,迈克,太太们,斯戴福 都是你的主意?
Yes. All I wanted was a better world. 对 我想让这世界变得更好
A world where men were men and women were cherished and lovely. 一个男人像个男人 而女人迷人的被珍爱的世界
Does anyone have a screwdriver? 有人有螺丝刀吗?
She's nuts. 她疯了
A world of romance and beauty, 一个美丽和浪漫的世界
of tuxedos and chiffon, a perfect world. 燕尾服和薄纱礼服的世界 一个完美的世界
But you were married to a robot. 可你和一个机器人结了婚
The perfect man. 是最完美的男人
And all I wanted was to make you, all of you... 我想要的只是把你们 你们所有人…
...into perfect women. …变成完美的女人
We don't need to be perfect. 我们不需要完美
How could you do this to us? 你怎么能对我们这么干?
Because I was just like you. 因为我也曾经像你一样
Overstressed, overbooked, under-loved. 过分紧张,日程过于繁忙 可没有足够的爱
I was the world's foremost brain surgeon and genetic engineer. 我曾经是世界首席脑外科专家和基因工程师
I had top-secret contracts with the Pentagon, Apple and Mattel. 我和五角大楼,苹果电脑 美泰玩具都有顶级机密的合同
I was driven. 我身不由己
Exhausted. 身心俱疲
Until late one night, I came home to find... 然后在一天深夜 我回到家发现…
...Mike. 迈克
With Patricia. 和帕特里夏在一起
My brilliant... 我聪明的…
...blond... 21岁的…
...21 -year-old research assistant. 金发助理研究员
It was all so... 那是如此的…
...ugly. 难堪
Then early the next morning, as I gazed across the breakfast table 然后第二天清早 当我盯着餐桌对面
at their lifeless bodies, I thought... 他们毫无生气的尸体,我想…
..."What have I done?" “我做了什么?”
But more importantly... 但更重要的是…
...what I could do to make the world more beautiful? 我能做些什么 让这个世界变得更美丽?
But I needed help to realize my larger vision. 但是我需要帮助 来实现我更远大的规划
I had the skills. 我有技术
And so I made... 所以我制作了…
...Mike. 迈克
Because he was someone other men would listen to. 因为他是别的男人会听从的那种人
And then I asked myself, 然后我问自己
"Where would people never notice a town full of robots? “在哪里人们不会注意到 满满一个镇子的机器人呢?”
"Connecticut." “康涅狄格”
So I decided to turn back the clock, 所以我决定把时钟向前拨
to a time before overtime, 拨到需要加班之前
before quality time, 拨到我们向时间要质量之前
before women were turning themselves into robots. 拨到女人们把她们变成机器人之前
- Back off! - Sorry. - 退后- 抱歉
Why didn't you change the men too? 你为什么不把男人也一起改了?
That's next. 那是下一步
You're insane. 你真是疯了
I'm in love with a waltz and a town... 我爱着一支华尔兹一个小镇…
...and a man. 和一个男人
So, Joanna, you produced the hard-hitting documentary, 那么,乔安娜 你制作了这部很有震撼力的记录片
Stepford: The Secret of the Suburbs. 斯戴福:城郊的秘密
And won... Five Emmys, was it? 得过…五次艾美奖,是吗?
Oh, six. 噢,六次
- She's shy. - And so humble. - 她有点害羞- 而且还如此谦虚
And, Bobbie, your ordeal has lead to a bestseller. 另外,芭比 你痛苦的经历给你带来了一本畅销书
You know, I just can't hold a grudge. 是啊,我没什么可抱怨的了
So I've written my very first book of poetry. 所以我写了第一本诗集
And it's all about hope and communication 是关于希望,沟通
and the healing power of love. 还有爱的复原动力
What is it called? 叫什么名字?
- It's a page-turner. - I cried. - 绝对让你爱不释手- 我都哭了
Wait Until He's Asleep, Then Cut It Off. 等他睡着后切下来
Now, Roger, good news. 现在,罗杰,好消息

You ran and won. You're in the state senate. 你竞选胜利了 你现在是州参议员了
- Independent. - Next stop, the White House. - 无党派的- 下一站,白宫
- Yes, this country needs highlights. - That's our hero. - 对,这个国家需要一些精彩- 这是我们的英雄
And, Jo, Walter really came through for you, 另外,乔安娜 沃尔特真的为你做了很多
so how's your marriage now? Is everything just perfect? 那么你们现在的婚姻怎么样? 一切都很完美吗?
No way. 绝对不是
But we're doing just great. 但我们相处得很好
Because, um... 因为,呃…
Because now, now we know for sure that it's not about perfection. 因为现在 现在我们知道这和变得完美没有关系
Perfect. Perfect doesn't work. 完美,完美行不通
What about all those other husbands? 那么其他的丈夫们呢?
Are they still angry? Do they still want all these women to be robots? 他们还生气吗? 还希望自己妻子是机器人吗?
Of course. Men are pigs. 当然,男人们都是猪
They're disgusting, they're frightened, repulsive little rodents. 他们是胆小的令人厌恶的啮齿动物
But we're trying to help them, right, Bobbie? 但是我们在试图帮助他们 对吗,芭比?
- Right. - Yes, we're trying to reeducate them. - 对- 我们试图对他们进行再教育
And where are they? 那他们在哪儿?
Oh. Oh, they're still in Stepford. 噢,噢,他们仍在斯戴福
Under house arrest. 被软禁了
Hey, you guys. 嘿,伙计们
Which aisle is quilted paper towels? 加棉絮的纸巾在哪一排?
If I don't get the right kind, my wife's gonna kill me. 如果我买错的话 我老婆会杀了我的
Oh, aisle three. And I need... 噢,第三排,还有我需要…
No talking, keep shopping. 不准谈话,继续购物

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