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听电影学英语:邻家女孩 10






It's for, uh, moral fiber. 是给道德品行优良的
So, who is this guy? He's, like, a porn producer? 这家伙是谁?A片制作人吗?
Klitz, shut up. Now, the strippers. 克立兹,住嘴,说脱衣舞娘的事
When you were getting a lap dance, were they cool with you grabbing their ass-- 当她们坐在你腿上热舞时,你抓她们的屁股不要紧吗?
Dude, oh, my--oh, my God. I'm trying to talk about Danielle. 我现在要谈的是丹妮儿的事
Fine. Selfish bitch. 好啦,自私鬼
Forteenagers, sexual intercourse can be dangerous. 对于青少年而言,性交可能危机重重
Jesus, what hack made this? I could make a better sex ed film with my mom. 老天,干嘛拍出这些来呢?我找我老妈可以拍出比这更好的性防治广告
Why don't they update this thing? 他们怎么不换点新的花样?
Special events, such as your senior prom… 特殊事件,譬如在毕业舞会…
place added pressure on young teens to lose theirvirginity… 年轻学子更加容易失去他们的贞操…
and also engage in unprotected sex. …同时因未做防护措施而订婚
-Hello -Hey, Bob. -喂?-嘿,鲍伯
We're all going to the creek tonight. It's gonna be a gas. 我们今晚全都要去河边
-You're coming, right? -I can't, guys. -会很好玩的,你会来的,对吧?-我不行,大伙们
I have a baby now. 我现在有孩子了
Because of prom. 都是舞会惹的祸
What? 怎么?
Yeah, right. 对
You guys everthought about it? 你们曾经想过吗?

No. 没有
I just thinkyou guys would be really hot. You girls are 18, right? 我只是认为你们真的会红,你们18岁了,对吧?
-I am -I will be in a month. -我是-我再过一个月就满18了
-Really? You ever been photographed? -Yeah. A couple of times. -真的?曾经有人帮你拍过照?-拍过好几次
Hey, you guys know Matty? 嘿,你们认识小马吗?
I hung with him last night. Guy's the tits. 我昨晚和他一块出去逍遥,干劲十足的家伙
-There's my man -How you doing? -好小子来了-你怎样?
What's up, fellas? 你们好呀,各位?
Matty… 小马…
you didn't tell me you got some serious burners at your school here. 你没说过你们学校里有这么… 火辣的妞儿
-Shut up -Don't say that. -住嘴-别胡说了啦
Hey, you know who's got the killer bud? 嘿,你们知道谁身上有大麻呢?
This fucker right here. 就是这个驴蛋
What are you talking about? 你在说什么呀?
-Yeah, come on -Yeah. You have some? -对啊,快点-没错,你有吗?
-Uh---Yeah. Come on. 对,快点
-Holy shit! -You guys should party. -我的天啊-你们应该好好狂欢一下
-Can I---All right. We're out. -我可不可以…? -好了,我们要走了
-Uh, holdon a sec -Hey. Where you going? -等一下-你们要去哪啊?
-Got things to do, ladies -So, you wanna hang out? -我们还有很多事要办呢-你们想一块玩吗?
-Hop in, fellas -Aren't you gonna photograph us? -上车,各位-你不是要帮我们拍照吗?
-Always leave 'em wanting more -Watch it! -欲擒故纵-冲呀!
Man, there is some talent here. 这儿真是人才济济
You get those girls together with those ass-bags right there… 找那些妞儿和那些小子聚集起来…
shoot 'em humping at, like, a football game or at a prom… …大搞特搞,好比是在一场足球…
that video would sell. Fuck, I'm good! …比赛,或在舞会上,那影带肯定大卖,干,我太厉害了!
How do I get these ideas? 我怎么想出这些点子的呢?
It's like a gift, you know. 就像是种天赋,懂吧?
It's like I can't control it. 就像我掌控不住
So, what are we doing, men? 我们要做什么呢?
Right. I need to transfer that.
You know, you really didn't have to come with me. 你真的不用陪我来
Ah, it's cool. I like running errands. 不要紧的,我喜欢出差事
Soyou raised 25 G's just to bring this Chinese guy over. 你筹了两万五只是为了,带这个中国小子过来
He's Cambodian. 不,他是高棉人
Okay, so that's 25,000 total… 好的,总共25000美元存入…
deposited into the Operation Get Samnang account. …“争取萨扬”帐户中
Hey, soyou raised all the money you needed. 嘿,所以你筹足了全部的钱
-Congratulations -Thanks. -恭喜-谢谢
So, is this Samnang really as smart as they say? 这个萨扬他们说的那样聪明吗?
Well, he did teach himself calculus without even using his textbook. 嗯,他自学自教微积分,甚至不用看教科书就会
-So---Wow. 所以…
Those crazy little fuckers, man. They sure know their numbers. 那些疯狂的小混蛋,他们必定知道他们的数量
Uh, Jeannie, this is my, um--This is my student adviser. 珍妮,这位是我的… 学生顾问
Oh. You're Mr.Salinger? 哦,你是沙林杰先生?
Just here to make sure everything's up to par. Wow. 只是来这儿确定一切合乎正常,哇!
-What? -I love those earrings. -怎么?-我喜欢你的耳环
-Oh, thank you -They really complement your coloring. -谢谢-你的肤色晒得很漂亮
Thanks. I just got back from Cabo. 谢了,我刚从墨西哥卡波回来
-Did you? -Yeah. -真的吗?-没错
Okay. Well, uh, we gotta go. Thanks, Jeannie. 好的,我们得走了,谢谢你,珍妮
-Man, what were you doing? -Yeah. 老兄,你在干嘛呀?
There's a bar under there, sit with other people. 有间酒吧,你跟人们坐在一块…
-You have been there. See? I knew -No. No. -你去过那里,瞧?我就知道-不,不
I could show you around -This guy's unbelievable. -我能带你到处转转-这家伙真不可思议
You. 你
-Where you guys going? -Vegas, baby. -你们要去哪里?-赌城,宝贝
We got the convention. Gotta press the flesh, meet the fans. 我们要参加酒会,挑动兽欲,会见影迷
So that's it? You're just going back? 是那样吗?你就这样回去了?
I don't belong here. 我不属于这里
What do you--What do you mean? What about starting over? 什么意思,你不是要重新开始吗?
This is what I am. 我就是这个样子
Allright, "D." Let's roll. 好了,丹,出发了

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