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Unit08A Business Expenses

David: David Hopes!

Roger: Hello, Mr. Hopes, This Roger Hargry from Accounts, I am just ringing about your expenses claim, There are a couple of things I need to check.

D: Okay, what would you need to know?

R: Well, you put down it was a business trips, but do you think you could a bit more specific?

D: Yes, Sorry, it was actually a marketing conference.

R: OK, And stayed in the conference hotel, but you didn’t put down how much it cost.

D: Sorry, it was 80 pounds, that was for one night.

R: I see, Now under client entertaining, you put 56.70 pounds for mile and drinks, would you ask to put down the name of anybody you entertained you know.

D: I am sorry, I must have forgotten, anyway, the client’s name is Limbert, Pole Limbert, he is one of building suppliers.

R: Could you spell his last name for me ?

D: Limbert, yes, L-I-M-B-E-R-T.

R: Right, thanks, oh, and this amount for 9 pounds are the other expenses, what exactly was that for?

D: 9 pounds, let me see, 9 pounds, oh, yes, that was for a couple of faxes I have sent from the hotel.

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