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美语三级跳: 001A 电影 初级课程







Professor: Winnie, today we're going to listen to Emily and Peter talking about movies on their blind date.


Professor: I agree! Now let's find out if they both like going to the movies in their free time.

P: So Emily, what do you like to do for fun?

E: I like to go to the movies. What do you do in your free time?

P: I also like going to the movies.

E: Well that's great! It's nice that we have something in common.

听起来俩人都爱看电影,已经有共同话题了!对了,Professor Bowman, doing something "for fun"和doing something "in your free time" 有区别么?

P: They're very similar. When you want to know what people's hobbies are, you can ask them what they do "for fun," or what they do "in their free time."

原来如此,那我可以说 "I like studying English in my free time."

P: Exactly, Winnie! Now let's listen and see when they go to the movies.

E: When do you usually go to the movies?

P: I usually go in my free time on the weekends. How about you?

E: The movie theater is always so crowded on the weekends. I like to go to the movies during the week.

P: That's true. And sometimes the tickets are cheaper during the week as well.

Professor: It looks like Emily and Peter like going to the movies at different times. Did you hear the difference, Winnie?


Professor: That's right, and Peter says the tickets are cheaper during the week too. What kind of movies do you think they like?


Professor: Let's listen and find out.

P: I like watching comedies, like "Borat." Do you like watching comedies too?

E: Not really, I like watching horror movies, like "The Unborn."

P: You like horror movies? I don't like them because they're too scary! I like comedies because I love to laugh.

E: I like horror movies because I like to be scared.

啊呀, 他俩的电影口味相差很远呢! Emily是个女孩子,结果反倒爱看恐怖片,Peter是男子汉,却不敢看这种电影。Professor Bowman,我有个问题,他们好像管喜剧叫"comedies",而不是"comedy movies",这是为什么?

Professor: Well, Winnie, for some kinds of movies, you don't have to use the word "movies" after them. For example, you can talk about "comedies," "dramas" and "thrillers," and everyone will know you're talking about movies.

我明白了。Comedies喜剧片、dramas剧情片和thrillers惊险片,后面都不用加movies. Professor Bowman,你觉得,他们电影口味不同,还会继续约会么?

Professor: I think if they really like each other, they'll find a way to solve the problem. Let's listen.

P: Well, it's too bad that we like different kinds of movies. Maybe we're just different kinds of people.

E: Yeah it's too bad ... but actually I think I know what to do.

P: What's that?

E: We can go to a horror movie, and I'll hold your hand so you don't get scared.

P: You mean ... like on a second date?

E: Of course! Or are you still too scared!

P: No way! That sounds great!

哈! Emily可真不简单!她不仅安排了第二次约会,而且还找到了和Peter拉手的理由!

Professor: That was indeed very smart of her, Winnie! It looks like this date was a success after all.


Professor: Well, we'll have to listen in next time and see what happens.

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