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Movie Dialogue: Advanced (取材于 goenglish.me)

Professor: Today we're going to learn some useful vocabulary for talking about movies.

太好了!Professor Bowman. 我特别喜欢看电影,正好学点新词汇!

Professor: Good, Winnie! Then listen closely to Emily and Peter discussing their favorite movies.

E: So Peter, do you have a favorite comedy?

P: Well that's hard to say because there are so many good ones. I don't think I could pick a favorite.

E: You know what comedy I really like? "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective." I think Jim Carrey is really funny.

P: Oh yeah, that's one of my favorite flicks. I think Jim Carrey is one of the funniest comedians ever.

E: I agree. But even though I like comedies, I usually prefer more serious films. My favorite movie is "Titanic."

Professor: Winnie, Did you hear the words "flick" and "film"? They both mean "movie," but "flick" is slang for a movie that doesn't have a lot of artistic value, but may be fun to watch anyway.

哦,flick 和film都是电影,但是flick指那些艺术价值不高,看来消遣的电影。

Professor: In the next segment, listen for the words "cheesy" and "special effects."

P: You like Titanic? That movie is so cheesy.

E: It's not cheesy! It's romantic. When it first came out, I saw it in the theaters five times in one week.

P: Really? Well the special effects might have been good in 1997, but when you watch it today they make the film seem really cheesy.

E: Alright, maybe it's a little bit cheesy. But come on, isn't it fun to go to a cheap flick once in a while?

P: Actually, I have to admit that you're right. I like some pretty cheesy movies too. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger action flicks, especially "Terminator."

E: Haha, that's definitely a cheesy movie too. Did you watch it over and over again?

P: Well ... I saw it only once, but for the next two months when I talked to people, I pretended I was the Terminator.

Professor: Winnie, Did you notice that a "cheesy" movie can easily be called a "flick"? They both mean that the movie is low quality or low-brow.


Professor: But apparently Peter really got into the "Terminator" character! Now we're going to learn about words to describe action movies and horror movies. Listen for the terms "gory," "gross me out" and "freak me out."

E: You talked like the Terminator for two months? Wow, I think you liked that movie even more than I liked "Titanic." Why did you like "Terminator" so much?

P: Well, "Terminator" is a really great action movie, and I like action movies because they're exciting.

E: Isn't "Terminator" really violent? I usually don't like gory movies because they gross me out.

P: It is pretty violent, but since it's just robots fighting one another, it isn't very bloody and so it won't gross you out.

E: Hmm ... I don't know. Even though it may not be gory, I think it would still be scary enough to totally freak me out.

Professor: OK, Winnie, a movie is gory if it contains lots of death and blood. If you really don't like to watch that kind of thing, you can say that you were "grossed out."

没错,我一看血腥电影就觉得恶心,I'm totally grossed out by gory movies!

Professor: And you might be "freaked out" by some other movies, meaning you get scared when watching them.

In the next segment, we're going to learn how to talk about movies we don't like.

E: Well now that I know what kind of movies you like, tell me, what's your least favorite kind of movie?

P: I don't really like sci-fi movies because they're always really weird.

E: I know! I don't get them at all. But wait, isn't "Terminator" a sci-fi movie?

P: Hmm ... you're right. Well, I guess "Terminator" is an exception to the rule.

Professor: Winnie, Did you also hear "exception to the rule"?


Prof: You're right!

So do you think Emily and Peter are a good match?


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