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找谁倚靠—我们都是有故事的人 改变高度






Change altitude


Rebecca had decided that her best chance of getting hired by a company doing geological survey work in the Alaskan wilderness was to earn a private license to fly twin-engine① planes. A few days later she began taking lessons from a wise old bush pilot, highly respected throughout the region for his cool and collected ways of dealing with the worst possible situations.
After the mandatory② ground schooling, at which Rebecca excelled, and during her fourth lesson in the sky, the flight instructor gave her what she thought was a special treat: Taking his hands off the yoke③, he turned the flight controls over to her. There she was, just as she had dreamed, sitting tall in the copilot’s④ seat with the flight stick firmly in her hands.
Rebecca felt as though she was literally on “cloud” at least, until a scant moment later when she found herself rudely awakened from her dream. In the distance, through the windshield, right in the path of the plane, and seeming to have appeared out of nowhere, a huge snow-capped mountain lay dead ahead. Transfixed⑤ by its sheer mass, Rebecca found herself as frozen at the stick as were the iced and craggy⑥ peaks stretched out before her.
She was headed straight for them!
All along the wise old instructor was watching her closely, studying her reactions. In fact, he had turned the controls over to her for just this test now taking place. He waited until the last moment he could, and was just about to take over again, when Rebecca snapped out of her fear-induced trance⑦.
“Sir,” said a voice so trembling and timid that it even scared her, “please take over the controls. I’m afraid we are about to crash!” His reply stunned⑧ her. “No,” he spoke quietly, “I don’t think I will. After all, it’s your flight.”
“Then what should I do? Please, tell me what to do!” Rebecca said with a struggling to control her voice.
She managed to look over at her instructor, and was surprised to see virtually no worry at all upon his face. His calm demeanor helped to steady her nerves. She took a deep breath and relaxed her hands that had just about choked the life out of the control yoke. The next moment he gave her a short three-word instruction, and she knew everything would soon be all right. He simply said, “Change your altitude.”
“Of course,” her own mind echoed back to his command, and a split second later she pulled firmly back on the yoke; the craft responded by rising, and mere moments later the icy peak passed beneath her and out of sight.
As Rebecca sat there, relieved by the results of her actions, she was struck by two things at once: How could she have forgotten that the controls were in her hands, and at least as important, why had she been unable to remember this on her own?
She could choose her own altitude.

① twin-engine a. 双发的,有双发动机的(飞机)
② mandatory a. 指示的,命令的
③ yoke n. 操纵杆,方向杆
④ copilot n. 副驾驶员
⑤ transfix v. 使呆住,刺穿
⑥ craggy a. 陡峭的,粗壮的
⑦ trance n. 恍惚,出神
⑧ stun v. 使震惊,使目瞪口呆







“先生,”她的声音颤抖着,几乎连她自己都吓到了。她嗫嚅着说:“还是您来驾驶吧,我怕我们快要撞上了!”他的回答则令她震惊。“不,” 他十分平静,“我不这么觉得。不管怎样,这是你的飞行。”









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