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刘毅词汇10000(台湾原版) Lesson 4





Lesson 4
The fun of playing the game was a greater incentive than the prize.
The spy went in the guise of a monk and was not recognized by the enemy.
He dissipated his large fortune in a few years of heavy spending.
You are always badgering me with such a silly question.
He got too near the fire and singed his long beard.
When the king abdicated his throne, his brother succeeded him.(=relinquish)
Ability to think clearly will accrue to you from good habits of study. (=accumulate)
The salesman has been badgering my father for two weeks to buy a new car. (=tease)
They succeeded in baffling the enemy’s attack plans. (=bewilder)
He conjectured that his new stocks would rise on the stock market. (=surmise)
The poor woman’s mind has been deranged for many years. (=upset)
The natives thought the explorer was possessed by a fiend. (=devil)
The mother was pining to see her son and daughter. (=yearn)
The gas almost smothered the coal miners but they got out in time. (=choke)
The long climb up the mountain made her heart throb rapidly. (=pulse)
The dead man had been smothered by smoke from the chimney.
Your heart will throb when you are excited with terror.
The thief baffled our prusuit by locking us in the house before escaping.

If you put your money in the bank,interest accrues.
The origin of the human race is a matter of pure conjecture.
Many people usually drink hot broth when they are sick.(=soup)
Some tiny plants grow in the crevice of the stone wall. (=crack)
The duke’s son demeaned himself by doing manual babor with his servants. (=degrade)
We fostered the young girl while her mother was in hospital. (=nurse)
Our country has prospered by various incentive systems. (=stimulus)
A guide led us through the maze of tunnels in the cave. (=labyrinth)
She pored over the picture book in silence enjoying the various colors.
Like human skin,soil has holes that are called pore.
Pick up the rubbish and throw it in the garbage can.(=trash)
We don’t need to speculate about the possible winner in the game. (=meditate)
Sweet music caught and held him transfixed against the iron fence . (=petrify)
Many books and magazines are filled with cheap,sensational and vulgar rubbish.
After waiting a long time,I opened a little cervice in the door.
His interest in my cholastic records gave me an incentive and I worked twice as hard.
They speculate about the author’s hidden meaning.
She was lost in a maze of narrow winding streets.
A bird that cannot fly is an anomaly.(=abnormality)
If you look at the end of your nose,your eyes converge. (=focus)
We have a duplicate key to the front door. (=double)
There were few peaceful epoches in the history of our country . (=age)
Hunger and suffering from cold had made the lost hikers gaunt. (=haggard)
The incessant barking of the dog kept him awake through the night. (=continuous)
Though the teacher asked a simple question about her parents,the little girl stood mute with embarrassment. (=silent)
He was a passionte partisan of these people and had organized a Worker’s Union. (=defender)
The parents of the sick boy scanned the doctor’s face for a sign of hope. (=contemplate)
She scanned the newspaper in a few minutes. (=overlook)
He stabbed a piece of meat from the plate with his fork. (=pierce)
Railway lines seem to converge when one looks at them from a diatance.
A person’s lungs are duplicate ,but he has only one heart.
The anomaly of his position is that he is very famous,but still doesn’t make much money.
They scanned the mountain side for any sign of the climbers.
The invention of the steam engine marks an epoch in the growth of history.
I tried to cook a nice dinner,but I’m afraid I’ve rather botched it .(=ruin)
Her new shoes chafed the skin on both her feet. (=abrade)
After a brisk moring widn dissipater the clouds,the sky was clear all day . (=scatter)
The foolish son dissipated his fater’s forturn by spending it on drinking and gambling . (=waste)
The inscriptions on the ancient monuments have been effaced by time. (=erase)
There was a glint in her eyes that showed she was angry. (=flash)
Overtime work is often onerous,though it is well paid. (=arduous)
The girl did not move though the policeman iterated his command that she go.(=repeat)
Most boys have a propensity of playing with machinery. (=tendency)
Mother singed chicken to get rid of hairs. (=scorch)
The little boy put on his father’s medals and strutted around the room. (=swagger)
There are many kinds of diseases that medical science is yet ot unravel. (=solve)
It takes many years to efface the terrible memories of war.
He is engaged in the onerous job of correcting hundreds of themes a week.
The careless boy made so many mistakes making his model airplane that he completely botched the job.
She signed the meat overa high flame.
The candidate strtted about the room like a latter-day Napoleon.
He bellowed in pain when the hammer came down on his finger.(=shout)
The horseback rider drew his cloak tightly around him in the rain. (=mantle)
His friendly behavior was a cloak for his evil intention.
The ministry was a vvery devout man and devoted his whold life to Christian mission work. (=pious)
A man appeared at the castle gate in the guise of the woodcutter. (=appearance)
The power of a grain of wheat to grow into a plant remains latent if it is not planted. (=concealed)
He pawned his watch to byuy food until he could get a job. (=gage)
When the cannon was fired the earth quaked under his feet. (=shudder)
Famine has often been the sequel of war. (=result)
After the ship sank, salvage of its argo was impossible. (=rescue)
The battle was won with so great a loss of soldiers that it was a virtual defeat. (=actual)
He does things that are marvellous or apparently impossible,he is a wizard. (=magician)
One of the most important aims of education is to develop students’latent abilities to the utmost extent.
His television set was pawned to pay his room rent.
He bellowed with pain when the tooth was pulled out.
She reffered to the expected decease of her mother,and the gloomy sequel of funeral rites.
There is nothing new here,just the same old ideas in a different guise.

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