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Lesson 6
Some people gather books haphazard and without consideration.
She rued very bitterly when she lost her mother.
Let us be exact in what we say so as to preclude any posibility of misunderstanding.
The doctor reproved the nurse who had been neglecting her patient.
It was definite that he was to be a passenger on the boat,though he would not be explicit about his destination.
Most people abhor the criminal of kidnapping the children.

If you boost me up, I can reach the window easily.

His friend’s willingness to help him was a big boost to the morale.
The jail is used for detention of persons who have been arrested.

He gave such explicit directions that everyone understood them.

Wise teachers avoid invidious rules against the students.

You malign a generous person when you call him a stingy person.

In places where the water is not potable, they set up purifying systems.

I never went to school, and I’ve rued it bitterly all my life.

People in the far north subsist chiefly on fish and meat.

She was such an unruly child that nobody could get along with her.

He was quite explicit about the matter,leaving no doubt about what he meant.
The mayor sued the television station because it maligned him by accusing him of dishonest use of city funds.
If I ask my sister to turn down the radio she makes it even louder;I can’t understand why she is so unruly.
He is in detention in connection with the bribery affair.
Boost me up the trees and I’ll get some apples for you .
The boy had an agile mind, and could come up with excuses as quickly as his mother asked for them.

His lack of money was the result of caprice in spending on unnecessary things.

She is disconsolate about the death of her father.

It is a popular fallacy to suppose that riches always bring happiness.

She gave ingenuous answers to the strangers’ entire question.

I saw a mirage that made highway ahead seem tube flooded with water.

The heavy thunderstorm precluded our going to the beach.

Sheer white curtains hung at the little window to let in as much light as possible.

From the top of the wall there was a sheer drop of 100 feet to the water below.
His letter was succinct, with all the major points on one page.

The ingenuous child had never thought of being suspicious of what others told her.
Walls and bars preclude the possibility of escape.
I could see the gaeden through the sheer curtains of the window.
The cat was disconsolate because her kitten died.
The travellers in the desert saw an oasis in the distance but it was only a mirage.
There is not much arable land on the side of a rocky mountain.

The winner’s complacent smile annoyed the loser in the football game.

The wolves dismembered the deer’s dead body with their sharp teeth.
After the war, the defeated country was dismembered and could no longer be called a nation.

She danced with glee when she saw the new toys, which her father bought for her birthday present.

He gave us implicit consent to take the apples, for he smiled when he saw us do it.

Someone is spreading mischievous stories about minister’s private life.

In the sentence “She lives alone by herself” the word “alone” is redundant.

The solicitude shown to him by his neighbors after the robbery impressed him very deeply.

The bank keeps a large surplus of money in reserve.

The children laughed with glee at the circus man’s humorous action.
She broke up her brother’s marriage by spreading mischievous rumors about his wife.
However many matches a team wins,it should never be allowed to get complacent.
Her silence gave inplicit consent when I asked her to go to the dance party tonight.
They were thankful for the solicitude of the king over the well-being of their subjects.
The doctor gave him some medicine to abate the pain.

His ambition was consummated when he won the prize.

Our savings have dwindled since my wife was sent to hospital.

It is haphazard timetable, sometimes lessons are held and sometimes they aren’t.

It is obvious that a blind man ought not to drive an automobile.

I know only his overt reasons for refusing; he may have others.

We tried to be friendly, but his rebuff made us think the wanted to be left alone.

He was sad, and his thought about future was very somber.

The boy’s lack of money thwarted his plans for college.

I have a vehement hatred of people who are cruel to animals.

It was a somber room with dark furniture and heavy black hangings.
His happiness was consummated when she agreed to marry him.
When he did not driv the car home,it was obvious that he had an accident.
Although the rain has abated somewhat,the wind is still blowing very hard.
I was thwarted in my camping plans by the cold weather.
The benign old lady sent us a kind and warm smile.

The sergeant was degraded to private for the reason of disobeying order.

My other writings are very ephemeral, but this book will be remembered forever.

People who have never gone to school are usually illiterate.

Not every rich man is lavish in spending money.

It is a mistake to lavish kindness ungrateful people.
He is the one who is peddling the drugs unlawfully.

She reproved the maid in an angry voice for breaking the dish.

Many kinds of fabrics, furs and drugs are synthetic products.

His unbounded courage and compassion made him an excellent leader of the nation.

He was wretched when he failed the entrance examination again.

Don’t degrade yourself by answering such foolish charges against you.
The more important a man’s position,the more lavish he is in his office job.
After the loss of their savings and theit home they felt too wretched to see theit old friends.
Giving money to help Red Cross is a benigh act.
He writes in a very illiterate way,there are many mistakes on every page.

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