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刘毅词汇10000(台湾原版) Lesson 7





If there is anything amiss in the house,it must be repaired immediately.
There are more feelings of pride in the haughty person than in common men.
His gym shoes were immaculate in spite of the rainy day.
He tries to dissemble his cowardice by talking repeatedly about how brave he was in the army.
His death was retarded several days by the skill of his doctor.
She continued to work in a blithe spirit in spite of all difficulties.

She was feeling dejected and unhappy until the good news cheered her up.

He is an erratic fellow whose actions are usually completely unpredictable.

When he was a child, his life contained noble ambitions and immaculate thought.

The little girl loathed leaving her mother for studying abroad.

The woman in this painting has a pensive smile.

I was restarted from keeping an appointment by a business conference that lasted most of the day.

She was proud of her stalwart good-looking grandson.

During his illness he shunned all society, and in particular those who had been his dearest.

Her husband simply loathed whatever food she cooked for him without any reason.
Cold weather and in sufficient rain have retarded the growth of the crops.
The teacher was dejected because one of his students failed to greet him on the street.
The cowardlly soldier shuns hazardous duty by pretending to be sick.
He made up his mind to separate from the erratic girl who proved to be inconstant in hunman relations.
They quarreled with such a loud noise that their voices were audible to the neighbor.

The new boy had an auspicious first day in the elementary school.

She was filled with elation at the new that she won the first prize in her class.

The haughty man thinks highly of himself while holding others in contempt.

The officer’s violation of a regulation is more of jeopardy than the enlisted man’s offense.

It is mandatory to pay a debt within a certain period of time.

The teacher rebuked the student for throwing the examination paper on the floor.

Not many people came to see the game; the sparse crowd was scattered thinly through the stadium(同义词dense)

A miser gives undue importance to making and saving money.

They threw the dice on the ground ,the letter”7”was a auspicious sign that the victory would be theirs.
A haughty girl is always unpopular among her friend at school.
She spoke in such a low voice that her quiet remarks were barely audible.
It is a mendatory regulation that we must keep silent in thr school library.
The man’s life was in jeopardy when the tree fell suddenly.
The doctor’s friendly manner helped the patient allay his fear.

Gluttony and drunkenness have been called carnal vices.

A family name becomes defunct when the only heir dies without any son.

Of the many plans submitted the committee selected the plan that seemed most feasible.

The boy showed ingenuity in making toys out of scraps of discarded wood.

My joke caused a great deal of mirth among the little children.

Soldiers on the battlefield lead a precarious life.

Some people believe that fate has preordained whether they will be happy or unhappy.

At the council broad he was taciturn and never opened his lips.

His eldest brother died after the venomous bite from the rattlesnake.

The famous restaurant begin to decline after the death of the host and is now defunct.
Your ecplanation sounds feasible,but I’m not sure I believe it.

His fears were allayed by the news that his family was safe in the storm.
His whole face was laughing,his face was full of mirth.
You should be careful to drive on a precarious path that winds its way along the mountainside.
The doctor said there was nothing amiss with her.

This anthology comprises samples from the work of ten authors.

Families that quarrel in the privacy of the home do well do dissemble when they to out to dinner.

A glib door to door salesman sold her a set of books that she did not want.

Before World War II, the French thought their Magnet Line as an invincible bulwark against German invasion.

The lazy little boy gave his face perfunctory washing.

The Disneyland tour was replete with unexpected thrills and suspense.

We respectfully solicit your continuous friendship and patronage.

The nation will soon be liberated from the foulest thralldom.

Give the flowers some water regularly, or they will wilt.

Columbus had a invincible belief that he would reach land by sailing west.
The United Kingdom comprises England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The hungry beggar felt replete with food and drink,then sleepy.
The teacher solicited the earnest attention of his students to see the map on the blackboard.
From his angry looks ,I knew something had gone amiss while I was away.
That abominable place was so dirty and evil smelling that he turned away in disgust.

Brainy students could understand easily what the teacher explained to them.

As the mooring progressed, the weather deteriorated more and more.

In German he was an exquisite stylist, and he brought to that language a new sensitivity in the art of story telling.

Cancer is no longer an incurable disease nowadays, it can be remedied by using radioactivity.

Manual workers often earn more than office workers do.

This workbook has a teacher’s manual in which examination problems and their answers are included.
He is a potential leader to control this large state.

They are such ruthless parents that they never give presents to the children on Christmas Day.

Her explanations for failure to do the work were voluble but not easily believed.

Theatre lobbies were filled with a vociferous crowd during the intermission.

The exquisite white fur coat that the lady has on is very expensive.
There is a potential danger of being bitten when one plays with a strange dog.
What a ruthless thing this is to treat the little boy so relentlessly.
Mother tried to control the unruly screaming and shouting of her vociferous child.
A machine deteriorates rapidly in its function it is not taken care of by its users.

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