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Lesson 8
The stranger’s derogatory remarks about the town and its people made him unpopular.
The motorist was acquitted of reckless driving ,he was thereupon absolved from any claim for damages.
One’s childhood life seems happier in restropect than in reality.
A man may utter an insolent ramark,he may be comtemptuous of his associates.
The acme of the development of space ships probably lies in the future.
The weather in early December was bleak and unpleasant.

The electric inspector was castigated for having failed to check the wire as he was supposed to.

We should overcome the worst that the tyrant’s enmity can do.

In any case, parents should be impartial to their every child.

The teacher asked me to give a lucid explanation of my being late for class.
The old man is confused most of the time but he does have lucid moments (同义词obscure)

A square has four 90-degree angles made by its four perpendicular.

In retrospect, many good opportunities were neglected in my life.

The politician showed a good sagacity avoiding the mistakes he’d made in the previous campaign.


Urbane speech is educated speech, as distinguished from the speech of the ignorant.

The enmity between Arabs and Israelis threatened to break into open war at any time.
The tree was leaning against the house and no longer perpendicular.
A meutral observer,not a participant,asked for a impartial account of how the fight started.
Lonely and ill,the old woman having no children faced a bleak future.
Impartiality as well a sagasity.
After Redding about the lives of several great Americans, John became an ardent student of American history.

I can’t bear his derogatory remarks about my brother’s character.

I won’t tell you what time to leave; you’re old enough to use your own discretion.

The house of the meetings will be fixed at the chairman’s discretion.

The party got quite hilarious after they brought more wine.
It is a paramount responsibility of every officer to take care of his men before caring for himself.

Houses and trees seem to recede as we ride past in a train.

The whole city was rife with rumors of political corruption and bribery.

Both sides burst into spontaneous cheers at the magician’s skillful tricks.

The air ten miles above the earth is very tenuous.

You must show more discretion in choosing your friends.
We consider lack of morale as the paramount cause for our defeat.
We thought his mistake was the most hilarious joke we’d ever heard.
A pile of oily rags will sometimes break into a spontaneous flame.
Superstition is still rife in some underdeveloped countries.
A baseball player usually reaches the acme of his skill before he is thirty.
(同义词bottom )

He spared no one’s feelings and expressed his views with great candor.

The father finally dissuaded his son from leaving school.

Her advice was quite gratuitous, I can think for myself.

The house of representatives has the sole power to impeach an officer of the United States Government.

Her ostensible purpose was to borrow some sugar, but she really wanted to see her neighbor’s new furniture.

The poor painter sold his paintings for a paltry sum of money.

The poor family lived in a sordid log cabin in the valley.

She makes it a rule to keep her room neat and tidy after coming back from school.

When he became prime minister,he reached the acme of his hopes.
The father diassuaded the boy from being a doctor,but persuaded him to be a politician.
The team felt cheated and challenged the umpire to prove his candor.
Were it not for your gratuitous interference,the children would have quickly settled their dispute.
My daughter is very tidy and never goes out without combing her hair.
One tall boy stood aloof from all the small children.

Regular meals and exercise are of cardinal importance to our health.

There are many drab houses in the Smokey mining town.

The life of a person who never does anything is dull and drab.
The two families had been at feud with each other for three generations.

His insolent speech and behavior upset everyone in the room.

The judge said that nothing could mitigate the cruelty with which the man had treated the child.

A summary of the events leading up to this situation would be pertinent information.

His predecessor quit because he was not in the least interested in this kind of job.

Let me apologize for my being tardy in answering your letter.

You’d think she would never climb again, after falling down the mountain, but it just whetted her appetite.

They did not speak when they met,for they were at deadly fuel with each other last week.
The teacher scolded the boy several times for being tardy for school.
Aspirin mitigated the pain of his headache in about half an hour.
She held herself aloof from society,preferring to spend her days and nights dwelling on her memories.
Rumors of secret information on the actress’suicide whetted the curiosity of the public.
The man accused of stealing the money was acquitted for lack of witnesses.

Be careful not to break the box of glass, that thin glass is hard but brittle.

The ugly frame detracts from the beauty of the famous picture.

To extirpate weeds is not only to destroy their visible parts but also to pull them out by the roots.

The indulent mother bought her children everything they wanted.

The indulgent teacher praised every poem we wrote.
The mendacious beggar told a different tale of woe at every house.

For my own sake, I’ve told a plausible lie at the club meeting, but the members did not believe me at all.

We have the sanction of the recreation department to play ball in this park.

Youngsters usually rush into marriage with only the shallow notions of what love and responsibility mean.

We parked the car on the grass verge at the side of the highway.

The scandal published in newspaper detracted much from he mayor’s reputation.
A plausible explanation is the one that appears to be believable on the surface.
It is illegal to translate a book without the sanction of the author and the pbulisher.
She tried to hide her grief,but she was on the verge of tears.
We look forward to the day when disease and poverty will be extirpated.

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