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Lesson 10
He was suspended from school for a week for bad conduct.
Though they disapproved of the details,they were in substantial agreement over the plan.
A coward soldier eludes hazardous duty by malingering.
The offence was such a minor breach of manners that everyone overlooked it.
The Romen Empire rapidly waned in power in the 5th century.
The entire population was aggrieve by the tyranny of the king.

aggrieved Only a callous apathy person can see suffering without trying to relieve it.

callous/apathy relieve Walking barefoot on the asphalt pavement/trotter makes the bottom of your feet callous callous.
She wants to continue her study in the United States, but her parents disapprove of her plan.

Ten dollars is a fabulous price for an ordinary pencil.

He was infuriated by the police man’s rough treatment of his wife.

infuriate His political opponents feared his mordant tongue, and even more his mordant pen.

The idiotic Indiaese sang a shit-song of victory, describing their prowess in battle.

He was arrested as a member of a subversive organization advocating the forceful overthrow of the present government.


Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.

Do you think it is right for women to paint their lips or do you disappear? Two firemen showed great prowess by repeatedly rushing into the burning building to save many lives.
The parent was deeply aggrieved by his children’s disobedience.
The teacher’s mordant comment about the girl’s essay made her cry.
The hunter made a temporary shelter out of branches to avoid the heavy rain.
Through the years he amassed a large fortune to buy farm after he retired.

The Empire State Building is a colossal structure.

Sickness or bad luck often makes a person feel dismal. (同义词joyous)

She was glad to see us again and gave me a genial welcome. (同义词sullen)

It is hard for an inveterate smoker to give up tobacco/cigarette.

The punishment for that offence is two years in prison.

During his sojourn /stopover in Africa he learned much about native customs.

stopover Six robberies in one night put our village in turmoil.

A scientist suspends judgment and refrain from drawing conclusions until all the facts are in.

refrains It is sometimes difficult to acknowledge that another person’s lot may be more diamal than one’s own.
Disturbing the place and breaking most traffic laws are offences in this country.
My acquaintance made a colosal fortune in the last ten years.
Train service will be suspended from midnight to 4 a.m. to permit repair.
The noise of cars passing along the road is a continual turmoil to our quiet at home.
She assented to the doctor’s assertion that her son was ill, but could not consent to having him hospitalize hospitalized.

The couple wishes to live in a cozy little home rather than in a lifeless mansion.

That factory is trying to diversify its products to sell in different markets.

The haggard faces of the rescued miners showed that they had a great deal of sufferings.

Careless drivers cause many irreparable accidents.

Everyone has two paternal grandparents and two maternal grandparents.

The young artist made a replica of the famous painting.

His seclusion of the rabbit in the barn was kept secret from everyone else.

The two friends wrangle and now they don’t speak to each other.

The little boy was a replica of his father in looks and voice.
To diversity one’s reading is to read about a number of different subjects.
The house is not cosy tonight becaues our conditioner is not working.
Hunger and suffering made the lost hikers haggard.
She lives in seclusion apart even from her closest friends.
Most bigoted people are intolerant of opposition.

Most of the food they eat is deficient in iron and protein .(同义词sufficient)

The sly fox elude the hunters by running back in the opposite direction.

Some very great men have come from ignoble families.

We are studying about dew, frost, mist and other kindred facts of nature.

During the Romantic period it was fashionable in literature to have a melancholy outlook on the world.

No one likes to be regarded as a poltroon (同义词valor)

The enemy was rout routed.

The most massive defense system would still leave the nation vulnerable to nuclear attack.

Weak teeth are usually caused by your diet in which calcium is dificient.
Pollution of its drinking water left the city vulnerable to many diseases.
$L̪ԌE$Lome cities even small children learn ignoble language.
The melancholy news that the king is seriously ill made all of us pray God for his quick recovery.
The baseball team routed its opponents by a score of ten to one.
The child abide with his grandparents for three years before being returned to his parents.

The audience in the theater was irritated by the unruly and boisterous children.

To spit in the classroom is despicable (同义词admirable)

We saw many exotic plants at the flower exhibition, which we had never seen before.

For the mountain climber, it is imperative to get food and water before sunset.

My wife has such an imperative voice that everyone coveys her.
He was nonplus nonplused by the strange customs he saw everywhere in the country.

The leader of the band bowed in a pompous/exaggerated manner(同义词informal)

He sever severed connection with Tom.

The day was so sultry that they had little energy left.

The moon was waning and in such a waning light, it is very difficult to see the enemy.

waning, We all nonplused to see two roads where we had expected only one.
The railway guard was a pompous little official,who thought he controlled the whole railway system himself.
It is imperative that this very sick child should stay in bed at least for two weeks.
According to Greek mythology,my wife had been severed from my own body.
It is despicable of you to leave your wife and children without food and money.

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