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商务英语热门话题42个 一 贸易准备及策略 Unit 1 约会安排






A: Hello. Is this the ABC Company?
您好!这里是 ABC 公司吗?
B: Good morning .Yes, this is ABC Company. May I help you ?
早上好!是的!这里是 ABC 公司,请问您有什么事?
A: My name is Liufang from M&H Company. I would like to speak with someone who is responsible for imports.
我是 M&H 公司的刘放。我想找你们负责进口的人员。
B: I suppose the person you want is Bill Smith of our International Marketing Department .Please wait a minute ,I’ll put you through.
A: Thank you! I will speak to him.
B: He is on the line
A: Nice to speak to you,Mr.Smith.My name is Liufang from M&H Company ,a company in China. I called because I was wondering if your company would be interested in a new product we have developed .Have you heard about our “tapestry”?
史密斯先生,很高兴和您通话。我是中国 M&H 公司的刘放。想要接受本公司的新产品给贵公司,不知道您是否有兴趣?您听说过本公司的挂地毯吗?
C: Yes, I have read about it in a trade journal. It seems like a promising item, but I have not seen any details about it yet.
A: I will send you some brochures, if you are interested.
C: That will be good. Thank you.

A: After you study them ,would I have an opportunity to meet you and discuss various possibilities in the American market?
C: Fine. Let’s do that and see how it goes.

对话 2

A:I would like to make an appointment with you, possibly the latter part of May.What do you think? 我想与您约在 5 月底,不知您意下如何?
B: Let me check my calendar. Unfortunately, I have plans to travel around that time. How about the first week of June?
让我查一下行程表。很抱歉,我的行程表中已经安排了出差。 6 月的第一个星期怎么样?
A: We would like to meet with you on June 2 nd . Is that all right with you ?
我们希望安排在 6 月 2 日。您方便吗?
B: June 2 nd is fine with us . Will you come alone? Do you need accommodations of any kind?
6 月 2 日没有问题。请问只有您一位吗?需要相关帮助吗?
A: I will be accompanied by one of my colleagues. Could you kindly send me a map showing how to get there from the airport? And could you be kind to reserve two single rooms for us for the night of June 1 st and 2 nd?
我和我的同时共两位。您可以提供机场至贵公司的地图吗?除此之外,您能帮温暖订 6 月 1 日及 2 日两间单人房吗?
B: No problem .I will send you a facsimile with a map and confirmation of reservations. Then, let’s say you will come to our offices at 10 a.m. on June 2 nd, if it is convenient to you
没有问题。我会寄上地图及订房确认单。如果可以的话 6 月 2 日上午 10 点在本公司见面好吗?
A: Yes. Thank you . See you on June 2 nd.
可以。谢谢您! 6 月 2 日见。
B: See you.


A: Excuse me ,I’d like to make an appointment with Mr.Smith Can you fit me in to his schedule?
B: Let me see. Oh ,the whole morning is booked up, but he is free this afternoon .Is that all right with you ?
A: Well, I’ll have an appointment at that time. Maybe another time would be better.
B: How about 10 on Tuesday morning ?
星期二上午 10 点怎么样?
A: I’m sorry ,I won’t be free until 12 on Tuesday .Can I see him at three in the afternoon that day ?
对不起。我星期二 12 点之前没有空,可以订在那天的下午 3 点吗?
B: Let me see…..No problem 3 p.m. Tuesday then,
我来看一下,没有问题,那就星期二下午 3 点吧。
A: Ok. Thank you.


A: Good afternoon .My name’s Zheng Li from ABC Company in China .May I speak to Mr. Smith?
下午好!我是中国 ABC 公司的郑丽,我能和 史密斯通话吗?
B: One moment please. I’ll transfer you.
A: Good afternoon Mr. Smith. We have just arrived at the Hilton Hotel. I just called to confirm our appointment at 10 a.m. tomorrow.
下午好,史密斯先生。我们刚刚到达希尔饭店。我打电话来确认明天上午 10 点的约会。
C: Sure, I’ll be expecting to see you at 10 a.m. tomorrow in my office
没问题,明天上午 10 点我在办公室等您。


A: Hello. Mr. Li. It’s Mary.
B: Yes, Mary?
A: I’m afraid we’re really staffed this week, Mr. Li. I’d like to meet you, but I’m sorry I really can’t
B: Are you telling me you’re not going to meet with me?
A: Not at all, sir. I’d just like to delay our meeting to next week, I’ll have time at the beginning of next week.
B: Well, I don’t like it, but I guess I don’t have any choice.
A: How about Monday morning at 9 a.m.?
星期一上午 9 点怎么样?
B: OK, I’ll go to your office at that time.


A: Good morning, Textile Import & Export Company.
B: Hello, this is jack. I’m calling about the appointment with Mr. Zhang for this afternoon. Something’s just come up ,I’m afraid the appointment will have to be rescheduled. I’m very sorry about the change.
A: That’s all right. Maybe we can make another arrangement.
B: You’re very kind to say so. Thank you. Do you think tomorrow morning would suit him?
A: I’m afraid there’s a bit of a problem. In fact ,he’s booked up the whole week except tomorrow afternoon.
B: Tomorrow afternoon? UM., you see ,I’ve made an appointment with Mr.Green for tomorrow afternoon. In order to meet Mr. Zhang, I’ll have to cancel the appointment with Mr.Green, I’m afraid.
A: I’m terribly sorry, Sir, but Mr. Zhang is really busy this week.
B: I understand. When do you think I can come and see him tomorrow afternoon?
A: Please let me check……..Tomorrow afternoon….Yes, he’ll be free from 2:00 on tomorrow afternoon .do you think it’s convenient for you?
B :Yes, that’s quite all right for me

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