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商务英语热门话题42个 一 贸易准备及策略 Unit 4 商业资信







We shall welcome an opportunity of discussing a contract with you. 欢迎贵公司与我方讨论订约事宜。

Which country is this company registered in? 这个公司在哪个国家注册的。

We have a special department dealing with the consultant service. Shall I show you to file consultant department? 我们有一个专门的部门从事咨询服务。我带您去咨询部好吗?

We should be glad to hear at your earliest convenience the terms and sonditions on which you are prepared to supply. 本公司很愿意及早获知贵方准备提供的条件。

This company is being pressed by creditors and its position is precarious. 这家公司正被人追债,状况也不稳定。

This company is well-establish and reliable. 这家公司有口碑并很可靠。

Well, what about the service fee? 我们要付多少手续费呢?

For our long-term clients we only charge some direct fees like telephone or fax fee. 对我们的一些长期客户,我们只收电话、传真等直接费用。

Please call me any time if you have any question. 如果您有什么问题,请随时给我打电话。

Do you want our bank to make an investigation of the money position of that Spanish company? 您是要我们银行调查一下那家西班牙公司的财力情况,是吗?

RMB 300 in advance. 预付300元人民币。

Executives of the company are inexperienced in the business and extreme caution is advised in granting credits. 这家公司的管理人员缺乏业务经验,授信应非常谨慎。

As this is the case, we deem it rather advisable for you to refrain from having relations with that company. 既然情况如此,本公司认为贵方应避免和那家公司来往是相当明智的。


One of our business friends suggested that I call. 一位我们生意上的友人建议我打电话来。

Johnson Company recommend your company. 强森公司推荐贵公司。

Your company has been recommended to me by the British Embassy in Hongkong. 香港的英国大使馆向我推荐贵公司。

The name of your company has been mentioned to me by a business associate. 贵公司的名字,是由一位商业伙伴向我提起的。

This is a letter of introduction. 这是一封介绍信。

I’m familiar with your name. I’d like to ask if we could do business with you. 我对贵公司的大名早有耳闻,我想问一问我们是不是能与您做生意。

I know your excellent products. We hope to trade with you. 我知道你们的产品优良,我们希望跟您做生意。

I saw your advertisement in the Wall Street Journal. 我在华尔街日报上看过你们的广告。

We saw your new product at the Los Angeles Trade Fair. 我们在洛杉矶商展中看过你们的新产品。

We’re very interested in the product you exhibited at the international exhibition. 我们对你们在国际展览会上展出的产品极感兴趣。

We’re studies your products very carefully. 我们曾详细研究过你们的产品。

Your products are almost exactly shat we’re looking for. 贵公司的产品,正是我们所要找的。


May I ask the names of your banks? 能否请问贵公司往来银行的名称?

Could you tell us which one is your main bank? 您能告诉我们,你们主要的银行是哪一家?

May I ask the names of your references? 能否请问你们保证人的姓名?

We’re like to see your annual report for the last three years. 我们想看看贵公司过去三年来的年度报告。

Here’s the financial report of our company. 这里是本公司的财务报告。


which country is that company registered in? 这家公司在哪个国家注册的?

A: Good Morning, sir, what can I do for you?

B: well, I have got a new partner in a big transaction, and planned to sign a contract at the end of this month. So I’d like to know more about that company.

A: which country is that company registered in?

B: In Australia. What should I do if I want to get the credit information of our cooperate partner?

A: it’s not complicated, the only thing for you to do is to fill a form and sign it. Then we send it to our branch office or agent in the relevant country Vic fastest method. They will do per your request. Then send the report back. Of course it is in a Confidentiality, we will then pass the report to you as soon as we get it.

B: Well, what about the service fee?

A: For our long-term client we only charge some direct fees like telephone or fax fee.

B: May I bring the form back and fill it?

A: Yes, of course. Here you are. Please call me at any time if you have any questions.

B: thank you very much. Bye-bye.

A: Bye-bye.













when can I get the result? 我什么时候能知道结果?

A: Good afternoon, miss. I’m here asking for your help.

B: what’s it, please?

A: My company has just concluded a business transaction in Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair. I mean my company is to export ten tons of food oil to an Indian company. Then Indian company insisted on paying my company by time L/C. So I doubt if the Indian company has money to pay us.

B: I see. You want our bank to make an investigation of the money position of that Indian company? By the way, how would you accept their time L/C?

A: Yes, I want you to make a credit investigation for my company. Food oil isn’t selling well, so my company accepted time L/C payment.

B: Please fill out this from with detailed information, such as the full name of the Indian company, its address and its local bank with which the company has an account and the account number.

A: Here you are.

B: Oh, it’s the Indian Central Bank. Our bank has correspondent relations with it. It can help us.

A: Great! Do you relations with all the foreign banks in the world? And how much should I pay now?

B: RMB 200 in advance. Our bank has relations with most of the foreign banks in the world, not all.

A: when can I get the result?

B: About one week. I’ll call you.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: You’re welcome.















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