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商务英语热门话题42个 一 贸易准备及策略 Unit 5 市场调研






A: Your new task is to reach US $20 billion by the end of 2006. That’s a magnificent task. How can you make sure you will accomplish it?

你们的新目标是到 2006 年底增到 200 亿美元,这是宏伟的任务,你们怎样完成这个任务呢?

B: Well, in addition to improving the quality of our products, we need to open more international markets.


A: ............................................

B: Yes, most trading companies have regular customers. But it is quite another story for those manufacturing enterprises that have just started exporting. They can’t find certain distribution channels.


A: Do you have any particular plan to help them to open up new markets?


B: Yes, we do. In order to help them build up marketing channels, we have decided to strengthen market research and gather more information from various resources, such as national trade statistics, trade journals and directories, international organizations and field investigations.


A: I agree that a good marketing channel is important and indispensable to the success of exporting, Besides, as a friend of yours, I would suggest that you should be still more flexible in doing business.


B: Thank you for your good suggestion! As a matter of fact, we need to make improvement in many areas. 谢谢你的建议!事实上,我们需要许多方面进行改进。

A: Yes, you said it. 您说对了。


A: How is market research carried out?


B: That’s a very wide question. But to put it in a very simple terms, one of the objects of market research is to find out ................................................


A: Who does this kind of job then? 那么谁做这种工作那?

B:: Sometimes we carry out our own research, but for major products where development costs are likely to be high, we employ specialists.


A: Do you own salesmen take part? 你们自己的销售人员参加吗?

B: In the early stages, only the regional managers do. If we decide to have some test marketing, some of the senior salesmen are brought in.


A: It seems to me that the salesmen receive some special training.


B: Yes, they all have initial training course when they first join the company, and this includes product training.


A: What is that? 什么意思?

B: As a salesmen he or she must fully understand the various applications, design features, special advantages and almost everything of the products we produce.

作为一名销售人员,他 / 她必须对公司的产品的用途,设计,特点,独特的优点等等都要非常了解。


A: I’m thinking of starting a new business 。我在考虑做一门新生意。

B: What sorts of business will it be? 什么样的生意那?

A: I’ve been thinking about a fast food place. 我一直考虑开一家快餐店。

B: More and more people are eating out and fast food places get a lot from the business.


A; From what I’ve read, the trend of eating out instead of at home continues to increase every year. 根据我得到的消息,不在家吃饭而外出就餐的趋势每年都在增加。

B: You’re right. That business would probably be a money maker if you’re in the right location. Have you done any research on location or which kind of fast food is more popular?


A: I have done some, but I need more information before I make a final decision.


B: There are professionals you can go to for help. Have you contacted one?


A: I haven’t yet. I thought I would do some basic research on my own first.


B: Will you go with one of the major fast food franchises?


A: That is probably the most secure way to go. A franchise from one of the major fast food places like McDonald’s is very expensive, however.


B: If you are thinking of one of the big names in fast food, you might want to survey the local high school students to find out their preference.


A: I did that! 这个我已经做了。


A: Yes? 您是?

B: I am from the Roman Company. Here’s my card. I would like to ask you a few questions.


A: Why? 为什么?

B: We are conducting a market research. We want to know how many people use the Roman detergent This information is used to plan the marketing policy so that no risks are involved in production. That is to say that our production will then be according to demand.

我们正在进行一项市场调查。我们想知道多少人在使用 Roman 洗涤剂。这条信息将用于计划我们的营销策略,以便在生产过程中不承担任何风险,也就是说,我们会根据需求来生产。

A: Hmmm… You seem to be all right. You may come in. Please sit down.

哦 ………………. 看来是这么回事儿,您可以进来了,请做。

B: May I have your address? 可以知道你的住址吗?

A: Here it is—on this card. 在这儿 ---- 在名片上

B: Thank you. May I know your occupation, please? 谢谢,您的职业是 ………….. ?

A: I’m a doctor. 我是医生

B: I see. What detergent do you use? 我明白了。您使用那种洗涤剂?

A: I like the Clean brand. 我喜欢洁净牌。

B: May I know why you’ve chosen the Clean? The price is higher than the others on the market.


A: Well, let me see. Hmmm… it washes clothes clean. I needn’t soak them for too long, you know. But as I tell my wife, what I really like about the Clean brand is the smell. It is really very nice.

让我想想。哦 . 用这种洗涤剂能洗的很干净。您知道,我不用把衣服浸泡很长时间,正像我曾对我旗子说起的,我喜欢洁净牌的真正原因是它的气味。气味真的不错。

B: Have you tried the Roman detergent yet? 您使用过 Roman 吗?

A: Yes, once. It washed quite clean. Nevertheless, I can’t stand the smell. It is really nauseating.


B: So, the type of smell is important to you. 如此看来气味对你很重要了。

A: Yes. So long as your company’s detergent has that smell, I won’t buy it.


B: I see. Here’s a sample for you so that you’ll be able to try our latest detergent on the market. Please try it. It smells quite different from our previous detergent: it dissolves readily in water and washes clothes very cleanly in the shortest time ever.


A: OK. Thank you. 好的,谢谢。

B: Thank you for your time. Have a nice day. 占用了您的时间,谢谢您。祝您愉快。


A: You come to Shenzhen quite often, don’t you?


B: Well, I drop by in Shenzhen whenever I take a trip around the countries in Southeast Asia.


A: Then you must be quite familiar with the garment markets in that part of the world. How about giving me a rundown on it?


B: With pleasure. 非常乐意。

A: Do you have any idea how textile markets are going nowadays?


B: ..................................................................................................................

A: Do you think our products are competitive enough in an international market?


B: Pricewise yes, but in terms of its guaranteed service over a long period of time, I would say no.


A: I’ll keep that in my mind. Well, thank you very much for sparing so much of your precious time.


A: That’s all right. Any time. 别客气。欢迎随时再来。


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