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 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight 健康方式减肥瘦身

     1 瘦身好方法
     1. Always combine diet with exercise, don't prioritize one over the other...
     When you gradually reduce the number of calories in your diet while still getting the nutrition that your body needs-and combining it with exercise-you'll have better chances of losing weight the healthy way.
     2. It takes small steps at a time to take that big leap ...
     If you always succumb to the temptation of downing a cup of hot, rich chocolate drink in the evenings-he pounds will easily add up within a year. Try cutting off habits like these out of your diet-and you'll be amazed at the results that you will get.
     3. Increase your level of physical exertion...
     When you increase your exercising and combine it with a good diet, you are most likely to be successful in losing weight. Park your car a couple of blocks away from your destination and walk the rest of the way-it'll do you good. Have sex more often, do step-ups in between commercials while watching your favorite show instead of munching on popcorn ...
     4. Exercise for an hour a day ...
     Pick an exercise that you enjoy, and make sure that you are doing it right. I vary mine, so that I don't get bored. See which of these 10 Top exercises to lose weight ... will be best for you.
     5. Eat three healthy meals a day ...
     Make sure that the three main meals of the day contain the essential nutrients and food groups that you need every day. Include breakfast, which is often forgotten.
     6. Fruit and vegetables ...
     Liven up dull meals with fruit and veggies, and you'll also be much closer to meeting your five a day! Try adding strawberries to breakfast, or peppers to your sandwich. I take a sliced apple to work with me, to stop me snacking and to increase how much fruit I eat. Check out 50 healthiest foods: an ultimate grocery shopping list for losing weight ...to see which fruit and veggies to get next time you are in the store.
     2 减肥方式的表达方式
     diet pil                     减肥药丸
     slimming drugs; weight loss pills        减肥药
     dietic tea beauty-slimming tea         减肥茶
     weight reducing exercise            减肥运动
     on diet                      节食
     slimnastics                   减肥操
     antiobesity diet; metercal           减肥膳食
     diet food; weight-reducing food         减肥食品
     reducing weight with acupuncture        针灸减肥
     liposuction                    抽脂术
     massage to lose weight              按摩减肥
     psychotherapy                   心理疗法
     traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight  中药减肥
     practice yoga to lose weight           瑜伽减肥

     Stress not only results in unhealthy binge eating and poor nutritional choices, but actually has physiological impacts on your body that often result in craving foods that can result in greater weight gain such as sugars, starches and carbohydrates.
     The society is struggling with record levels of obesity on the one hand, and a severe "thin" image problem held by popular celebrities on the other.
     Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. -Mark Twain
     习惯就是习惯,谁也不能将其扔出窗外,只能一步一步地引它下楼。 --马克·吐温
     Let's be honest: Losing weight isn't the easiest thing in the world. All our best intentions end up doing nothing.
     American women are more concerned about losing weight than they are about suffering from cancer, heart disease or diabetes, a survey showed.
     Losing weight is not only good for the waistline, it is good for the brain.
     Scientists say substantial weight loss improves cognitive functions like memory and concentration.
     In some tests, including memory exams, almost a quarter of the overweight participants scored low enough to be considered learning disabled.
     Many of them had additional health problems, such as high blood pressure, type two diabetes and sleep apnea.
     The obese subjects tended to have damage to a particular substance that surrounds and insulates nerve fibres in the brain, suggesting that substance is needed for optimal cognitive function.
     The key is to figure out an eating pattern than will work for you for the rest of your life.
     Exercise is important. You have to do it. It has wonderful benefits.
     But if your focus is on weight loss, the most important factor is what you eat.
     Don't ignore exercise, by any means, but if you focus on exercise and think you can eat whatever you want, you're wrong.
     You have to focus on nutrition (what you eat) and use exercise as a way to supplement the calorie burn and to get your body looking how you want it to look (not to mention as a key way to get healthy and feel great).
     You can change how many calories you take in to a much greater degree than you can change how many calories you burn.
     Lose the fries, and you've done in a few seconds what would take 30 minutes of exercise to accomplish.
     Learn to listen to your body, and be aware of your hunger when it's in its early stages. This is a key skill to weight loss.
     A good habit to build is to eat slowly...and take pauses, so you can think about whether you're really still hungry...and drink lots of water during those pauses.

     Todd: OK, Devon, I've been putting on a few pounds and you're quite a lean fit guy.
     Devon: Well, thank you.
     Todd: What do you recommend? What can I do to lose weight?
     Devon: Well, I exercise a lot. I go running at least three times a week. But more than that I enjoy playing sports and so different sports use different muscles and all of it helps to lose that weight that you might have gained.
     Todd: Yeah, well, actually, one of the problems is that I actually exercise a lot.
     Devon: Do ya?
     Todd: Yeah, so maybe it's my diet.
     Devon: It could be and so in that case you might want to eat something perhaps more nutritious or maybe even less of what you do eat. Maybe, I eat three meals a day and I try not to snack in between. No potato chips. No popcorn. No candy bars.
     Todd: That's pretty tough!
     Devon: It is tough but...Well, I must admit that I cheat every once in awhile but... Ok, I'll give it a try...but actually, you see my problem is that I like junk food. So I have to choose: either I eat less or I eat a better diet.
     Todd: What do you think is more important?
     Devon: I think that if you are exercising then you should just eat what you want and eat less.
     Todd: Eat less. OK. This is going to be tough.
     Devon: Well, I have no doubt that you will do the best that you can.
     Todd: Alright! Thanks a lot. Devon.

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