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 Realize The Body Parts Needed Attention 认识需要注意的身体部位

     1 保护眼睛
     Eyes are the most precious possessions for every one. They are the first things that are mainly noticed and are better sources to express your emotions and moods.
     If you take good care of your eyes, it really counts much and your eyes shine with your inner self-confidence.
     Now-a-days, you can find countless number of eye care kits, cosmetics and make up.
     But, as you know, eyes are most sensitive parts of your body; it is always preferred to go for natural beauty treatments rather than synthetic.
     A good natural eye cream can help you to keep your eyes healthy and sparkling.
     There are many natural ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Some of the most effective and natural ways include:
     1. Using cucumber: Cucumber mainly contains Vitamin A and C, magnesium and calcium, which are very helpful for eyes. It is significantly known for its soothing properties and works effective in your routine eye care. It helps you to relax your eyes and reduces redness of your eyes. You can use cucumber water or thin slices of cucumber to apply on the skin around your eyes, particularly if your skin looks dry in that particular area.
     2. Green veggies: Eat lots of green vegetables in your diet. Experienced ophthalmologist and many health experts recommend fresh green vegetables to improve eye sight and also to maintain striking eye. Spinach, collard greens, kale are rich in anti-oxidant properties and help you to preserve your eye health.
     3. Milk: Milk is natural and also safe cleanser for your eyes. Take a clean cotton ball and dip in milk. Use this dipped cotton ball to clean your eyes. If you have dry skin around your eyes, milk helps to avoid dryness around your eyes and gives you more refreshing look.
     4. Rose water: Like milk, rose water can be used for cleansing your eyes. It eliminates dirt and harmful pollutants from your eyes and induces fresh glow to your eyes. So, if you want to induce glow and eliminate dirt from your eyes, using a dropper insert two drops of rose water in your eyes and relax for few minutes.
     5. Agrimony leaves: Add dried leaves or flowers of this plant to boiled water. After the infusion is strained, use it for bathing your eyes. This reduces swelling or itching of your eyes.
     2 身体部位的表达方式
     navel       肚脐
     abdomen      腹部
     private parts    阴部
     thigh       大腿
     neck        脖子
     shoulder      肩
     back        背
     waist       腰
     hip        臀部
     nipple      乳头
     chest       胸部
     head       头
     throat      喉咙, 咽喉
     forehead      额
     cheek       面颊
     palm       手掌
     nail       指甲

     Emotion: bad mood will make the skin become worse, which has been confirmed.
     Dryness makes skin cells, so withered, not translucent and dull.
     Switch to a creamier face cleanser and moisturizer as soon as it starts getting cold.
     If you wait until your skin is cracked or irritated, it will be much harder to reverse the condition.
     Exfoliating regularly also helps parched skin by both getting rid of flakes and allowing your moisturizer to penetrate more effectively.
     Eye and lip skin contain few oil glands, making it especially prone to dryness.
     Choose a lip balm with natural oils (but without any salicylic acid), and spread it all the way to the corners and rim, where cracking occurs.
     No matter if your hair is curly, straight, wavy or if you're skinny or fat, whatever you are, you will always have something beautiful in you.
     Know that skin and hair care are really important.
     Around eighty percent of lines and wrinkles are caused by the sun.
     The other twenty percent are the result of facial expressions such as smiling and frowning.
     If you smoke, the appearance of these wrinkles is accelerated.
     Now, we recognize that what happens in the brain affects the body and what happens in the body affects the brain.
     Psychological stress can turn into physical pain and illness in a number of ways.
     Stress does not necessarily cause pain, but it exacerbates the[physical] situation that may already be there.
     So how does one conduct a breast self-examination? It is basically checking one's breasts for lumps or any other changes.
     Invest in a good supportive bra that can handle the breast size.
     Avoid underwire bras, as under wires can put pressure on milk glands.
     Do not use soap on your nipples, as dry nipples can tear easily.
     Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can lead to premature aging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.
     Smoking decreases blood flow to the skin, speeds up the normal aging process and contributes to wrinkles.
     Fair-skinned people are more prone to sunburn and the effects of the sun's rays.
     Years of sun exposure before the age of 18 are most damaging to the skin.
     Keep in mind that areas such as the nose, ears, cheeks and shoulders burn more easily.
     Dim light won't hurt your eyes but can tire them more quickly.
     Use an antiglare filter on your computer monitor.
     Take frequent breaks from whatever you're doing to give your eye muscles a rest.
     Eye strain caused by the excessive watching of TV, computer monitors, books, and other devices has become a severe problem.
     An example of an eye-strengthening exercise would be to move your eyes in all directions.

     Ann: What date is today? It happens to be a special day.
     Lily: Yes, today is September 25, and it's the International Teethloving Day.
     Ann: Don't you think it is funny? People should be reminded to protect their teeth.
     Lily: I am afraid not. It's reported that people's teeth become more and more unhealthy.
     Ann: What is the situation now?
     Lily: The odontopathy is one of the main diseases which are accepted as influence people's health.
     Ann: Oh, that's very serious. I just pulled out a tooth a few days bafore.
     Lily: Painful?
     Ann: Yes. I don't have any courage to pull another one even though the dentist has told me that I should do it.
     Lily: Poor guy. Protect your teeth.

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