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 Realize How to Take Care of the Skin 认识如何护理皮肤

     1 保养皮肤的方法
     A healthy skin is a source of pleasure, not only to its owner but also to the one who looks at it. You can become beautiful by following the right step. What you need is the right source of information for cleaning and beauty tips that will help you highlight your natural beauty.
     Since we always want to put our "best face forward" show to others, here are several suggestion that we compiled on how to properly take care your skin.
     Cleaning is often the core of beautiful face. Dirt, pollution, residual makeup, etc. can cause havoc to the skin leading to skin ailments and even hastening of the aging process. Use facial pore cleansers & scrubs when it comes to caring for your face. Some skin care face cleansers can be considered harsh when it comes to your skin care.
     Persevere in daily skin care. The skin of the face needs even more attention than the rest of the body because the face has more oil glands, especially the central forehead, eye areas, nose and chin. First decide the skin type you have and then find out what is the best way to look after your skin, and what products suit to you. You don't need to have a medicine cabinet full of creams, sample several and simply pick the best for you.
     It is necessary to wear sunscreen products, even in the dead of winter you should never leave the house without some kind of sun protection. And exfoliating is also very important, our skin regenerates cells about every three weeks, leading to an accumulation of dead cells. Facials help get rid of them and making your skin look brighter and feel smoother.
     Start today for a more refreshed and beautiful you.
     2 护肤品的表达方式
     Many consumers seek the best skin care products to enhancing their beauty or hide any blemishes in daily life or for a night out on the town.
     facial cleanser/face wash(Foaming,milky,cream,Gel)
     toner/astringent                爽肤水
     firming lotion                 紧肤水
     toner/smoothing toner (facial mist/facial spray/complexion mist)
     moisturizers and creams            护肤霜
     moisturizer                   保湿
     sun screen/sun block              隔离霜,防晒
     whitening                    美白
     lotion                      露
     cream                       霜
     day cream                     日霜
     night cream                   晚霜
     facial mask/masque                面膜
     eye mask                     眼膜
     lip care                     护唇用
     lip coat                     口红护膜
     facial scrub                   磨砂膏
     (deep) pore cleanser/striper pore refining   去黑头
     exfoliating scrub                去死皮
     bodylotion/moisturizer             润肤露(身体)
     hand lotion/moisturizer             护手霜

     Cleaning the skin must be thoroughly before going to bed in order to facilitate breathing.
     睡前必须彻底卸妆,以利于皮肤呼吸。Prevent sun damage to skin, go to sunscreen, and wear a visor.
     The dry air will rapidly dissipated in the water of the skin. Therefore, people living in air-conditioned environment in the long-term need to use moisturizing products.
     Summer is hot enough, and it will lead to expansion of pores, sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion increasing greatly.
     The fetal position may be comfy, but it's bad for your skin.
     Pressing your face into the pillow eight hours a night for years can break down skin and cause wrinkles.
     Skin solution: Train yourself to sleep on your back and flip over if you wake up on your side or stomach.
     Skin solution: Avoid drinking through straws and leave the pursing for kissing!
     Soap is bad for your Skin.
     Dry skin causes wrinkles.
     It can be too late to start wearing sunscreen.
     Everyone needs moisturiser.
     For best results you should stick to one product line.
     Eating chocolate and fried foods causes bad skin.

     John: Look at that girl over there. She's really pretty, isn't she? She has gorgeous skin!
     Becky: Well, that's just because she puts lots of make-up on her face. Actually, natural beauty comes from within, not from without.
     John: Ah, I can smell jealousy in the air!
     Becky: She has nothing that deserves my jealousy. I don't have to put things on my face and I still look pretty. Don't you think so?
     John: Yeah, right! But what did you put on your face last night, those little greenish things?
     Becky: They're cucumbers. They're natural skin soothers, natural healers of the skin. They are different!
     John: Really?
     Becky: Of course. Haven't you heard them say on TV? They soften the skin and build resilience.
     John: Yeah, yeah, yeah! They wipe out tired feelings and remove wrinkles and age signs. Blah, blah, blah! See? I can even recite it.
     Becky: That's right! You've learned a lot, haven't you?
     John: You can also use the so-called moisturizers.
     Becky: Yeah, that is also a kind of product to care the skin. The"Cream of Olives" is the bests to care for combination skin.

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