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 Realize BMI and Perfect Figure 认识BMI指数和完美身材

     1 BMI指数
     What is the perfect figure? It can honestly be said this is a matter of opinion, but what is the opinion of the average person? Recently a survey completed by the University London and Newcastle University. Both men and women were shown pictures of various women with a variety of figure types and sizes. The participants were asked to judge the figures of each woman and the results were surprising to many, and did not fit with what most would consider traditional thought.
     For many years, perhaps decades, the perfect figure has been considered to be 36' chest, 26' waist, and 36' hips. Very well proportioned, a tad larger in the chest, and one would guess firmer in all areas. The new study found the actual shapes were not as important as had been expected. What they did learn was that certain body sizes were found to be more attractive. Participants did not care for figures that were too thin, or too large. Experts believe this relates to the perception of good health. We consider someone who is overweight to be unhealthy, and apparently we make the same association with someone who is too thin. So much for the old saying you can never be too skinny.
     The researchers found that actual body measurements were not as important as the total BMI (Body Mass Index). You can calculate your own BMI by taking your weight, multiple it by 703, then divide by your height, in inches. Take that number and divide it by your height once again and you will have your BMI. The study found that anyone with a BMI below 18 was considered too thin. Anything over a BMI of 25 was considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or more was considered obese. But what was the perfect BMI, according to the survey?
     The perfect BMI, according to several thousand survey participants was 20.85. It was found that a wide range of figures were though of as attractive, but each of them had one thing in common, a BMI of approximately 20.85. The researchers gave an example of a well known celebrity who has that exact BMI for comparison. The star with the perfect BMI, was Kate Winslete coming in with a perfect score of 20.85.
     2 形容身材的表达方式
     BMI      身体质量指数,简称体质指数,又称体重指数
     skinny          骨感
     thin           苗条
     hourglass        沙漏型
     athletic         健美
     muscular         肌肉女
     thick          丰满
     voluptuous        肉感
     average         一般人
     chubby          胖
     thick chubby       壮
     body mass index     体重指数
     medium height      中等身材
     gangly          [身材]瘦长的
     tall           高
     dumpy figure       身材矮胖
     petite figure      娇小的身材
     BMI指数(身体质量指数,简称体质指数,又称体重指数,英文为Body Mass Index,简称BMI),是用体重公斤数除以身高米数平方得出的数字,是目前国际上常用的衡量人体胖瘦程度以及是否健康的一个标准,主要用于统计用途。当我们需要比较及分析一个人的体重对于不同高度的人所带来的健康影响时,BMI值是一个中立而可靠的指标。由于存在误差,所以BMI只能作为评估个人体重和健康状况的多项标准之一。

     Today the first step in a slim look is to wear clothes that are the right size, not too loose and definitely not too tight.
     Buy what fits and be objective about what length flatters your body type.
     Use optical illusion triccks to look slimmer
     A-line shapes are great as well as contrast sleeves and color blocking.
     Black sleeves against the white body are slimming because they frame the white area making it look smaller.
     Black graphic camouflages will camouflage the chest area.
     Use V necks, long pants, monlchromatic colors, vertical lines
     A neckline where you can use jewelry will distract the eye from your mid section.
     Longer pants will accentuate your leg length and make you look taller and slimmer.
     For many women struggling to keep slim, dieting can seem to last a lifetime.
     Researchers have found the average woman spends 31 years on a diet over the course of her life.
     With curves like Kelly Brook's, the right bra is essential, so when she modeled the latest collection for Ultimo, she made sure to emphasis its support factor.
     The combination of features of the Hollywood stars makes up what people seeking plastic surgery believe would be the perfect look.
     In the category of the most sought after body shape, former supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston were in the top three.
     Mad Men star Jon Hamm has the most desired jaw line, while others liked Jude Law's nose and George Clooney's hair. Mark Wahlberg, who showed off his toned physique in "The Fighter", was said to have the most sought after body.
     In bodily form, symmetry is beauty.
     One thing that makes men and women attractive to each other is having a symmetrical body.
     Surprisingly, women's symmetry varies through out each month.
     As indicated by changes in the measurements of women's ears, fingers and other body parts, women become most symmetrical and most attractive-when they most need to be-on the day when they ovulate.
     Men have a natural preference for women with youthfully narrow waists and fully hips.
     Overwhelmingly they found women with a waist-to-hip ration at 0.7 as the most attractive. Marilyn Monroe was shaped just so.
     At the end of the 19th century, some women even had ribs removed so they'd have that perfect narrow waist.
     New research has revealed that one in three women would give up a year of their life to have the perfect body.
     Overall, 30 per cent of the 320 women questioned said they would be willing to make a trade.

     Cathy: Hi, Lily. I need your advice.
     Lily: What's that?
     Cathy: The coach of the Aerobics Club came to ask me if I want to join them.
     Lily: Why not? If I were in your shoes, I certainly would. Our school's only famous for one thing: aerobics, you know.
     Cathy: I know, but I'm afraid it will take up much of my time.
     Lily: As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You should take more exercise. Do you know Susan from our department? She joined the club last term.
     Cathy: Have the aerobics classes any effect on her?
     Lily: Sure, a big effect. Her weight has dropped from 150 pounds to 120 pounds. She has got a sharp figure now. Guys look at her when she goes by.
     Cathy: Really? That plump girl? That's really something beyond my imagination.
     Lily: But belonging to an Aerobics Club must be tough. Exercise sounds like something that is going to make me feel more tired.
     Cathy: That's a misconception. The funny thing is once you start a regular exercise program. You'll have more energy.
     Lily: OK. I'll take your advice.

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