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 Realize the Concept of Surplus Male and Female 认识剩男剩女的概念

     1 中国主要城市:剩女成为问题
     The Xinhua News Agency has a headline news story on the problem of "excess women" in China's major cities, who were born in the 1970's and are unable to find suitable partners for marriage.
     "31 years old Li Lingling is hurrying to register for participation in a marriage introduction group arranged by a dating website before 26 August. She hopes to be able to find her future husband through this event."
     "According to the Chinese calendar, August 26 this year is the date of the traditional 'double Seven Festival'. Many young people in China, however, have made this date China's very own Valentine's Day."
     "'I don't want to spend that day alone. I long for romance, and hope to be able to find a suitable partner, as well as marry as soon as possible', says Li Lingling. Because the 31 year-old has not yet married, she must endure nagging from her father and mother on a daily basis, as well as the excessive 'concern' of her friends."
     "After graduating from university at the age of 24, Li Lingling has been constantly searching for the person with whom she can share the rest of her life. 'I've reached the appropriate age for marriage, she have been unable to find the appropriate man', she laughs. 'I have acquired the title within my circle of friends of being the 'Excess Woman.'"
     "In today's China's, 'excess women' like Li Lingling have become a widespread social phenomenon. They were born in the 1970's, and according to tradition are already considered 'old maids.' Most 'excess women' had advanced educations, are intelligent, capable, have high incomes and possess appearances beyond reproach."
     2 关于剩男剩女的表达方式
     spinster or gold miss       剩女
     well-educated           高学历
     high-income            高收入
     high IQ              高智商
     3S lady-Single         (单身)
     seventie             (大多数生于上世纪七十年代)
     stuck               (被卡住了)
     housebound man/lady        宅男宅女
     soul mate             闺蜜
     social circle            社交圈子
     singles' Day           11月11日的光棍节
     primary               25-27岁为初级剩女
     middle               28-29岁为中级剩女
     advanced               30-34岁为高级剩女
     extra grade             到了35岁往上,那就是特级剩女

     When you are young your standards are set very high, however, as you age, you will have to lower your standards a bit and a bit and a bit.
     Because there is no love experience, the skills with the opposite sex are lacked. On the other hand, the degree of understanding of the opposite sex is also very low.
     Is it false to be the fascinating and brilliant "remainder"?
     One of our reasons for staying single is that you can afford to wait for your true soul mate (if one even exists) to pop into the picture.
     You can take the time to casually wade through the barracudainfested waters of the dating pool and set your hook for the prize catch.
     You're single-a heat-seeking bachelor, committed to no one in particular, able to party like John Belushi and sleep until noon with no one underfoot to tell you to do otherwise. It's a great life, and why shouldn't it be?
     假设你是单身--一个热衷艳遇的单身汉,那么你既不需要向谁负责,又可以像John Belushi那样狂欢,还可以一觉睡到自然醒,太阳照到屁股也没人管。多美妙的生活啊,难道不是么?
     It's sad to say, but too many guys get hitched for the wrong reasons, like they've reached a certain age, all of their friends are getting married, and they haven't been successful at dating and this woman is the first to show interest.
     Our No. 2 reason for staying single is that you can enjoy the opportunity of building your career without draining the tons of energy a permanent relationship entails.
     You remain free to put in long hours, work on the weekends or do whatever else you have to do to be successful.
     This is especially true if you're working in any kind of timedemanding field, such as medicine, law or entrepreneurship.
     A woman's experience could be turbulent, but the woman's state of mind absolutely must be simple.
     The more obedient daughters are, the more often there is no perfect life, especially the marital problems. The more the parents involve in the children, the greater the chances of unhappiness are.
     Marriage isn't love but the combination of other conditions. Though it's sharp, it's true.
     When you're single, the world is your oyster.
     You can pick up and go anywhere you want, do anything you want, any time you want.
     No one is in the background nagging at you to do chores, go shopping, or "grow up".
     You're absolutely free to hang out with your buddies, party until dawn and find plenty of time for your personal interests and hobbies.
     Best of all, you have the luxury of being all by yourself, if you feel like it.
     Staying single means not being forced into buying a 10,000-megawatt diamond ring (so your finace can impress her friends with the huge price tag) or any of the other bloodsucking financial drains that marriage entails, for that matter.
     By staying single, you're not legally or financially obligated to anyone but yourself.
     But once you John Hancock the dotted line on that marriage contract, she has you by the balls forever.
     Another reason for staying single is that being alone means peace and quiet.
     And, of course, there are no fights.

     Nancy: more and more Chinese are marrying foreigners.
     Sara: That's true. But I have a low opinion of those women who go out with foreigners.
     Nancy: Oh, why?
     Sara: I think some Chinese women marry foreigners for money while others just want to live abroad. There is no true love between them.
     Nancy: I wouldn't say that's totally true. I've met many happy intercultural couples.
     Sara: Well, then why aren't there many East-West couples where the man is a Chinese and the woman is a Westerner?
     Nancy: I guess it's because the Chinese women are more attractive to Western men.
     Sara: Or because they are less attractive to Chinese men.
     Nancy: What do you mean?
     Sara: You know, usually the woman is in her thirties and she is a left girl.
     Nancy: A left girl? What's that?
     Sara: They're called that because they're left behind on the shelf. They're also known by their three H's-high diploma, high salary, and high degree.
     Nancy: And they're also known as the three S's-single, stuck, and born in the seventies.
     Sara: Definitely! So most of these women go for Western men.
     Nancy: You have a point here, but I believe some mixed marriages are based on true love.
     Sara: That' for sure but very few.

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