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 Realize Factory Tour 认识工业旅游

     1 工业旅游简介
     A factory tour involves organised visits to factories to see things being manufactured and processes at work. Breweries and distilleries, together with manufacturers of clothes, pottery and glass, are amongst the most popular factory visits. As wet weather attractions, usually in urban tourism centres, facilities can include food service, interpretative displays and shops where first quality goods and "seconds" are sold.
     The intention is to ensure that whilst seeing the production processes of the factories and getting to know industrial culture, the visitors can also safely enjoy a sense of recreation. In addition, the factories that were originally closed to the public are now able to embrace the public, so that people in turn can discover the vitality of the traditional manufacturing industry through systematically knowing the industry, reading culture and visiting the production process. Furthermore, through experiencing the merchandise, a positive circle of consumption is created, thereby stimulating revitalization of local economy and the cluster effect. These manufacturing companies that offer these factory tours think of it as public relations. Most factory tours have a definite daily schedule, while some require an appointment(especially for large groups). At the conclusion of a factory tour, the company even gives away samples of their products.
     Steinway Pianos, New York
     Musicians will like nothing better than to see how some of the world's finest pianos are manufactured. Even non-music lovers will appreciate the craft, attention to detail, and innovation brought together to produce these works of craft-and art.
     At Steinway, much of the work is done by hand by artisans who trained under master craftsmen for years before being entrusted with the key tasks they now take on daily.
     The tour:It takes about two-and-a-half hours and highlights most every aspect of piano making. You may see:how the inner and outer piano rims are bent into the shape and how the heavy cast-iron plate that withstands many pounds of string pressure is fitted into the piano rim. One highlight is the "Pounder Room," where a machine mercilessly bangs all 88 piano keys simultaneously, 10,000 times, to reveal any possible flaws.
     2 关于工业旅游的表达方式
     productive attractions             生产场景
     transport attractions              运输系统场景
     social-cultural attractions           社会文化场景
     Mercedes-Benz Museum              奔驰博物馆
     Ford Motor Company Industrial Tourism
     state-owned                   国有的
     output                     产出
     share                      份额
     export                     出口
     innovation                   创新精神
     adjust                     调整
     structure                    结构
     computerize                   电脑化
     aviation                    航空业
     communication                  通讯业
     monopolize                   垄断

     The industrial tourism may have the functions of propaganda and advertisement, education, popularization of science, facilitation of the tertiary industry and academic exchange, improvement of enterprise environment, development of urban tourism and promotion of civilization construction.
     On the one hand, tourism industrial, as a social service industry, shoulder the popularization of industrial culture and the mission of industrial civilization in local residents.
     On the other hand, tourism industrial shoulder the mission of displaying the process of the area industrial development and shaping corporate image and local industry brands.
     The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany will host two special exhibitions over the next few months. That's sure to captivate the imaginations of Mercedes-lovers and car freaks everywhere.
     The first of these two exhibits will run from November 2009 to March 2010 and is being called "A Journey of Innovations".
     This exhibit will highlight the evolution of the Mercedes brand from its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago to its current status as one of the premier carmakers in the world.
     Among the cars that are scheduled to be displayed includes a Benz Patent Motor Car of 1886, a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL from 1955, a 2009 E 250 CDI, and one of the brand's latest creations, the S 400 HYBRID.
     Both exhibits are bilingual - a choice between English or German -so you won't have any problems keeping up with the guides.
     In winter 2009/ 2010 the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be presenting two special exhibitions focusing on innovations and pioneering technologies at Mercedes-Benz.
     Innovation is a tradition here at Daimler. While one of the exhibitions documents the advances made over the last 123 years to the present day, the other focuses on future developments of the Mercedes-Benz brand.
     These have set new standards in terms of comfort, safety and drive systems-from the introduction of supercharger technology and direct fuel injection to the use of diesel engines for production passenger cars and alternative technologies such as hydrogen, electric or hybrid drive systems.
     Shengdong Coal Sea industry tourism district is rich in tourism resources.
     It has a superior location and tourist market with great potential,but it is in the primary development stage due to its late start.
     The oil industry traveling product is one kind of comprehensive traveling product,whose culture subject,demonstration landscape as well as the environment and service should be designed systematically in the development.
     At the same time, its development strategy should follow five principles,namely:government forerunner,market leadership,gradual advances,restrictive exploitation and community participation.
     With the presence of local officials and dignitaries, I-Mei Foods launched a tourism factory in Luchu Township.

     MARY:We still have one more day to go before we return home. What will we see tomorrow?
     JIM:No idea. We've enjoyed both the natural scenery and the city sights. What else is there to see?
     MARY:What about a factory tour?
     JIM:You mean visit a factory?
     MARY:Yes. I heard there's a lager motor company nearby whick open to the public every weekend. We can go to see how a car is manufactured and learn more about the automobile industry.
     JIM:Good idea! I've always been interested in that. How much is the entrance fee?
     MARY:I'm not sure, but as far as I know, most factory tours are free. They are sponsored by the company providing the tour.
     JIM:Really? What do the companies do that for?
     MARY:I believe most of them think of it as good public relations. They can promote their product and make their company better-known.
     JIM:Oh, I see. So factory tours are good for companies as well as visitors.
     JIM:Do we need an appointment beforehand?
     MARY:I'll call the tourist information centre to check.

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