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 Realize The Most Beautiful Beaches 认识最美丽的海滩

     1 十大最美海滩
     1.Fernando De Noronha 费尔南多·迪诺罗尼亚岛
     Fernando De Noronha is in Brazil and is the most beautiful beach on this planet. You will find the most unique marine life there. You can find the variety of villas to stay which are very close to the nature.
     2.Maldives 马尔代夫
     It is a really quiet and calm beach secluded from the busy city side. It is the most exotic and unique destination in the world. You can find different luxury resorts here and your visit will be unforgettable.
     3.Anguilla 安圭拉岛
     It is a quiet, clean, modern, complete and perfect beach to hang out with your family and friends. You can swim, snorkel and take photographs of this perfect place and make the visit very memorable.
     4.Boracay,Philippines 菲律宾:长滩岛
     Boracay is very famous and is around 7.5 km long and 2 km wide. People from all over the world come here to enjoy with their family and friends. You can find here different diving sites, bars and restaurants to enjoy and have fun.
     5.Horseshoe Bay 百慕大:马蹄海湾
     It is located at the Bermuda and is the most expensive place for a beach tour in the whole world but thousands of tourists visit this place and enjoy the weather, waves and the pink sand under their feet which really feels awesome!
     6.Kondoi,Corel Beach Okinawa 冲绳岛海滩
     It is located in Japan, but now after the devastating earthquake and tsunami everything is ruined here. But before that this was the 6th beautiful beach of the world. The time spent here is totally relaxing.
     7.Lanikai Beach,Hawaii 夏威夷拉尼凯海滩
     The water here is so clear and blue that you'll be loving it more and more. It is not a large beach but is small and sophisticated. You can have a view of two more islands here called Mokuluas. It has a really nice view of swaying palm trees, sparkling water and almost everything here is worth falling in love!
     8.Mnemba Lodge 奔巴岛
     It is located in mainland of Africa called, Tanzania. It is and exquisite place for having fun, you can enjoy seeing different species of animals like the Giant turtles, ghost crabs and tropical fish that you have never seen in your entire life. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing and fly-fishing.
     9.Tulum Beach 图卢姆海滩
     Tulum is in Mexico and is a really ancient beach; if you are really interested in the Historical things then it is perfect for you having the Mayan pyramid in the background. The time you'll spend here will be unforgettable.
     10.White Haven 怀特哈文海滩
     This beach is located in Australia and is a white sand beach and really isolated one. You will find a really quite place to relax yourself. it is called the most "eco friendly beach" with the best view you can ever wish for. Due to its beauty it is the most photographed beach in AUSTRALIA.
     2 最美海滩中文的表达方式
     Fernando de Noronha Archipelago,Brazil
     Maldives              马尔代夫
     Anguilla              安圭拉岛
     Boracay,Philippines         菲律宾:长滩岛
     Bermuda:Horseshoe Bay        百慕大:马蹄海湾
     Japan:Corel Beach Okinawa      日本冲绳岛海滩
     Lanikai Beach,Hawaii         夏威夷拉尼凯海滩
     Tanzania:Mnemba Lodge        坦桑尼亚:奔巴岛
     Mexico:Tulum Beach          墨西哥:图卢姆海滩
     Australia:White Haven        澳大利亚:怀特哈文海滩

     Resorts in the Maldives woo tourists with promises of "the last paradise on earth", and if your idea of paradise is a pristine tropical island with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons, then the Maldives will not disappoint.
     Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches. Every year, water sports, especially swimming and surfing, attract large numbers of tourists to the islands.
     The Island of Maui or Valley Island got its name from a huge valley formed when two large volcanoes erupted.
     First, the best beach is Maui. Even the name is soothing.
     Maui is Hawaii's hottest island. Traditionally, it is one of the most popular places to go. Whether you're a beach nut or love going through the jungles, because they have great rain forests. The beautiful Haleakula volcano, 10,000 feet high, it's a visually stunning place to visit.
     L.A. has a favorable subtropical climate with many white sand beaches. Some scenic spots there include the Big Sur coastline, the alpine beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the awesome Mojave Desert.
     Tropical beaches also abound in Florida plus visitors can enjoy golf and tennis in various locations.
     Sail the Caribbean waters with the sun on your back and the wind in your face along the virgin coast of Costa Maya. Then dive into the Caribbean waters in search of undersea life.
     Enjoy a tropical beach break at one of Costa Maya's most popular beaches.
     Spend as much time as you like relaxing on the beach. Take a swim in the ocean or enjoy beach volleyball, soccer, kayaking or just sit at the bar and enjoy your favorite beverage.
     The perfect excursion for people who enjoy exercise and wish to explore the pristine coastline of this new destination's secluded white sand beaches by bike and kayak the Caribbean waters.
     Experience first-hand the endless stretches of beach and local flavor as you ride and kayak the coast on this exciting adventure.
     Your adventure begins through the jungle on off-road trails and along the Caribbean shore.
     Enjoy an endless stretch of white sand and beautiful turquoise water.
     Take a journey through this outstanding tropical scenery of Uchben Kah Park. This is a location where history meets nature. You will arrive to discover the history of the town as told in the old hamlets. Spend a couple of hours relaxing on an exotic beachside, enjoy the inflatable water park and swim in a fresh water lagoon surrounded by gorgeous greenery.
     参观Uchben Kah Park的热带滨海风光,你会发现该城的历史就像哈姆雷特中说的一样。花了几个小时在异国情调的沙滩上休闲,享受水上公园以及在被美丽的绿化包围的泻湖中游泳。
     Most visitors to Mexico never make it past the beaches of Cancun or Acapulco.

     Walt:Where do you think we should go on holiday this summer?
     Lily:I'd like to go to Australia.
     Walt:Don't be so silly. That's too far away!
     Lily:I know it's far to go, but I think it would be something different and special.
     Walt:I'd really like to go to the Garibbean. We can relax on the beached and enjoy the sunshine.
     Lily:There are beaches in Australia too, but I would prefer a more active holiday this year. We could visit Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef. It would be so exciting.
     Walt:But would it be relaxing? I'll be quite tired from doing so much work. The last thing I need is to use more energy racing around Australia. I'd need another holiday to recover from the holiday!
     Lily:Oh, come on! A tour of Australia would be relaxing because you'd be doing something different and not working.
     Walt:Do you think so? I'm not so sure. Anyway, tell me your plans for an Australian holiday. How long do you think we should spend there?
     Lily:I think we should go for two weeks. We could spend a week in Sydney and a week at the Great Barrier Reef, including a few days on the beach.
     Walt:That doesn't sound too bad. I'd certainly like to go diving. That's one reason I wanted to go to the Caribbean.
     Lily:We could hire a car and travel around for several days. If we hire a car, we can go where we like.
     Walt:We'd have to plan our drive before we leave. Let's get a good guidebook from the bookstore when we go shopping tomorrow.

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