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  “I have always felt that it is our responsibility asa World IB School to serve the wider community in Bangkok and offer seats tostudents that wouldn’t be able to take the SAT tests in Thailand otherwise. TheCollege Board simply doesn’t have enough centers here. We have the facility andstaff needed to do this. On Saturday we tested 130 students. I am not happy to servetest preparation centers in China though. This is certainly organizedcrime. The 10 Chinese students that tested at our center this Saturday all satin the same row. They had consecutive registration numbers. This indicates thatthey were registered by one person, probably an officer at a Chinese testpreparation center. Included in the test preparation center’s package isprobably also visa application, plane ticket, and the option of getting thetest answers sent to your mobile phone in the morning before the test. I amsure these guys make a lot of money. They are probably also represented inseveral countries across the time zones。

  The test-taker that was caught had her iPhonehidden under her sport jacket. When we collected students’ phones before thetesting began, she said that she had given her phone to her mother in themorning. We don’t strip-search test-takers, so it is impossible to know if theyhave a phone hidden in their clothes. Her mistake was that she checked thenotes on her phone during testing, and one of the proctors noticed it. As Isearched her phone I saw that it was full of messages including the day’s“correct” test answers for each section. These messages were sent from herfriends and a person called BlueOcean, who according to the test-taker, is herteacher at the test preparation center in China. She further said that theanswers were taken from a test given earlier that day in Australia。

  I tried to call the TAS International phone numbergiven in the SAT Supervisor Manual, but got to talk to an answering machineonly. This is certainly a flaw that needs to be corrected. There is nobody whocan answer your call outside office hours. I realized that I uncovered anorganized crime, and I needed some guidance. Having a look the content of thetest-taker’s phone, and following up on the contact information of the peoplewho distribute the test answers would obviously be extremely valuable for theCollege Board. I didn’t feel that I have legal rights to keep her phone, and Icertainly don’t want to be the person that makes the decision. Considering thescope of this, I am sure it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to have someone onstand-by who can answer the phone and give guidance in case of an emergencywhen the tests are administered around the world。

  I also recommend that the ETS includes astandardized form in the SAT package sent to test-centers where it is statedthat the test-taker’s unauthorized device is confiscated due to a fraudulentsituation and that it will be returned by courier or post after the content hasbeen investigated. The form can then be signed by the supervisor and thetest-taker. I would feel more comfortable confiscating a test-takers devicethis way。

  I feel sorry for the test-takers that come preparedto take the tests in an honest way, and who deserve a standardized, quiet andrelaxed setting. I also want to say that we haven’t seen this kind of cheatingamong test-takers in Thailand. They try to work over time sometimes, and goback to previous sections to make changes based on recommendations from theirfriends during the break, but that’s about it。”




  (一名作弊的中国女生被我们抓了现行,)她把iphone手机藏在外衣口袋里。而当我们在考前收集学生手机时,她谎称早上已经把手机交由妈妈保管了,但她在考试过程中偷偷查看手机却戳破了她的谎言----她被监考老师抓了现行(我们并不会对考生进行搜身检查,所以考生到底有没有私藏手机我们也无从得知。)。检查她的手机时,我发现里面满满地都是当天试题的“正确”答案,所有都来自她一个叫Blue Ocean的“朋友”。根据这位考生的供述,这位所谓的朋友即是她所在中国培训机构的老师。后来考生还告诉我们,所有的答案都来自当天早些时候在澳大利亚举行的同一场考试。



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