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  51.give access to 向…开放

  To connect the pueblos and to give access to the surrounding tableland, the architects laid out a system of public roads with stone staircases for ascending cliff faces.

  52.give birth to 使诞生,引起

  Most insects lay eggs, but some give birth to live young.

  53.give off 发散,发出

  If Jupiter were larger, it would give off much less heat.

  54.give rise to 引起,导致

  The musical Renaissance was too short to give rise to a new musical style.

  55.go beyond 超过,越过

  An interviewer can go beyond written questions and probe for a subject’s underlying feelings and reasons.

  56.go out of business 停业,关门

  The shop went out of business.

  57.have nothing to do with 与…无关

  A species’ survival may have nothing to do with its ability or inability to adapt.

  58.impart to 传授给

  They functioned as sanctuaries where the elders impart tribal lore to the younger generation.

  59.impose on 强加于

  New regulations were imposed on nontraditional education.

  60.in common 共同

  No two comets ever look identical, but they have basic features in common.

  61.in favor of 赞同,支持

  The artist was in favor of a traditional style of painting.

  62.in quantity 大量,大批

  There were also a number of poor-quality figurines and painted pots produced in quantity by easy, inexpensive means.

  63.in season 当季

  Before the mid-nineteenth century, people in the United States ate most foods only in season.

  64.in spite of 尽管,任凭

  In spite of problems with their condition, restoration, and preservation many panel paintings have survived.

  65.in the absence of 在缺乏…的情况下

  The concentrations at which the adverse effects appear will be greater than the concentrations that the pollutants would have in the absence of human activities.

  66.in view of 由于

  In view of the rate at which the radio sources emit energy, they should disappear in a few million years.

  67.instead of 代替

  Instead of working with light, however, he worked with microwaves.

  68.invest in 投资

  He started to invest in the town’s cultural development.

  69.lead to 导致,引起

  In fact, there is wide agreement that it is the rate of change humans are inflicting, even more than the changes themselves that will lead to biological devastation.

  70.leave out 排除

  Explanations of animal behavior that leave out any sort of consciousness at all and ascribe actions entirely to instinct leave many questions unanswered.

  71.off the mark 不正确

  This analogy is not far off the mark.

  72.on behalf of 代表

  Satire serves to prod people into an awareness of truth though rarely to any action on behalf of truth.

  73. on the basis of 在…的基础上

  Antoine Lavisher, on the basis of careful experimentation, was led to propose a different theory of burning

  74.owing to 由于,因为

  Marine sediment is by far the most important environment for the preservation of fossils, owing to the incredible richness of marine life.

  75.perceive sth as sth 认为

  Although art deco in its many forms was largely perceived as thoroughly modern, it was strongly influenced by the decorative arts movements that immediately preceded it.

  76.pick up 学会

  Adults make it as easy as they can for babies to pick up a language by exaggerating such cues.

  77.put off 推迟

  Some tasks could not be done in the winter, other had to be put off during harvest time.

  78.regardless of 不顾

  Ultimately, literature is aesthetically valued, regardless of language, culture, or mode of presentation.

  79.result from 因..而产生

  Most functions result from the needs of the local area and of the surrounding.

  80.result in 结果,导致

  The upward movement of fieldstones should result in pure soil.

  81.set about 开始,动手

  African American artists of this period set about creating a new portrayal of themselves and their lives in the United States.

  82. set aside 留下将来用

  Certain parts of town were restricted to residential use, while others were set aside for industrial or commercial development.

  83.so far 到目前为止

  The Paris Exhibition of 1889 included both the widest span and the greatest height achieved so far.

  84.sort out 把…分类

  Clay particles are sorted out by size and weight.

  85.spring up 涌现

  In the early colonial day in North America, small cities sprang up along the Atlantic Coastline.

  86.stem from 起源于

  It can be argued that much of New York City’s importance stems from its early and continuing advantage of situation.

  87.stretch out 伸展,伸出

  The residues from these explosions left huge black marks on the face of Jupiter, some of which have stretched out to form dark ribbons.

  88.strive for 为…而奋斗

  As they began to strive for social and cultural independence,their attitudes toward themselves changed.

  89.take account of sth./take sth into account 考虑到

  Artists are recognizing the distinction between public and private spaces, and taking that into account when executing their public commissions.

  90.take advantage of 利用

  Many families could take advantage of previously unavailable fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to achieve more varied fare.

  91.thanks to 由于

  kiwis smell out earthworms thanks to nostrils located at the tip of their beaks.

  92.to some extent 某种程度上

  Their attitudes toward themselves changed, and, to some extent, other segments of American society began to change their attitudes toward them.

  93.turn out 结果是,证明是

  Some potash was exported from Maine and New Hampshire in the seventeenth century, but the market turned out to be mainly domestic.

  94.usher in 宣告…的来临

  Autumn could be ushered in by severe frost.

  95. wear away 磨损

  Natural forces wear away the Earth’s crust

  96.wipe out 消灭,肃清

  Entire crops can be wiped out by fungal attacks both before and after harvesting.

  97.with respect to 在…方面

  The year 1850 may be considered the beginning of a new epoch in America art, with respect to the development of watercolor painting.

  98. with the advent of 随着…的出现

  With the advent of high-resolution radio interferometers during the late 1970’s, part of the answer became clear.

  99.with the aid of 借助于

  It is now taught with the aid of computers.

  100.with the exception of 除..以外

  With the exception of printing patterns directly onto the cloth, whether by block, roller, or screen, all of these are based on dyeing; that is, the immersion of the fabric in a dye bath.

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