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托福阅读资料之21 ways to 'kick the habit'





  EACH and every one of us is responsible for the greenhouse gases we emit in our daily actions and choices. Therefore, combating climate change is going to take the combined efforts of everyone on the planet.


  The average household carbon footprint in China is 2.41 tons of carbon dioxide annually. That`s enough to fill half an Olympic swimming pool.


  Surprised? Well, here`s how you can work to reduce it:


  1.Get started by calculating your own carbon footprint. This will give you a starting point from which to begin monitoring your progress. You enter details such as what sort of apartment you live in, your personal energy use and travel habits.


  2. Each week, choose one day when you don`t eat meat. Meat uses up lots of energy because it takes a long time to produce. Animals produce methane, which is another dangerous greenhouse gas, when they burp and fart.


  3. Only buy the amount of food you need and if there are leftovers, get creative. For instance, make them into a soup. Ask to take food home from restaurants if there`s some left, but remember to take your own container to avoid using a disposable carton.


  4. Find out what the recycling options are in your area. Then make sure you keep items such as paper and plastic bottles separate so that they can be recycled. There are places where you can recycle electronic appliances and batteries. Make sure you find them.


  5. Conserve energy by using efficient light bulbs. They use about one-third of the energy of normal bulbs and last 10 times as long.


  6. Only turn the water heater on when necessary, and adjust temperature controls to avoid overheating. Put a lid on a pan when boiling water.


  7. After use, waste water has to be treated, and some methane from sewage escapes into the atmosphere. Take showers rather than baths and reduce your shower time by two minutes. This will save water and give you an extra two minutes in bed.


  8. When using the washing machine, be sure there`s a full load and turn the temperature down if it`s not really grubby.


  9. The greediest home device along with the washing machine is the fridge. Make sure it`s as efficient as possible by keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from the oven or heater. Don`t put food in when it`s still warm.


  10. This is obvious, but essential: switch off all appliances when you`re not using them. This includes lights.


  11. There`s no point having the heat up high while the wind`s blowing in under the door or sneaking in through the window. Reseal all window frames to keep the heat in.


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