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2009 New Year Speech delivered by the Ambassador of Denmark to PRC


Dear Chinese friends/Zhong Guo Peng You Men, Ni Men Hao


First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in the year to come. But before talking more about 2009, allow me to briefly touch on 2008. Because last year was indeed remarkable.


In 2008 China successfully hosted the Olympic Games in Beijing. This was a truly global and magnificent event witnessed by, among others, the Danish Crown Prince. Personally, I very much enjoyed the spectacular events and friendly contests among the world’s best athletes.


2008 also marked the 100 years anniversary of Danish diplomatic presence in China. In this sense, the coming year is the beginning of a brand new century in Sino-Danish relations. This is a milestone paving the way for even more fruitful cooperation between our two countries.


The ties between China and Denmark have never been stronger. During the Danish Prime Minister’s visit to China in October, he and Premier Wen agreed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. I warmly welcome this opportunity for increased cooperation across a wide range of subjects, including climate change, renewable energy, science and education!


Looking ahead, two issues will be high on the international agenda in 2009: The state of the global economy and climate Change. The two issues must be solved together. And China and Denmark will have key roles to play in both.


Here and now, the financial crisis is our key concern. We all need to act to counter the downturn and fight against unemployment. We also need to take a number of steps together globally to ensure confidence in the international financial system. But first and foremost we must avoid protectionism. We cannot export our problems. We must solve them together.


The second key issue for 2009 is the fight against climate change. In the long run, climate change is an even greater risk than the current financial crisis, and we need to address it now. In December Denmark will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference in our capital, Copenhagen. The goal is to reach a new global agreement. I look forward to continued strong cooperation between our two countries to reach this goal.


Tackling the financial crisis and fighting against climate change go hand in hand. I agree with the Chinese government that solutions to the problem of climate change are also solutions to the financial crisis. We must invest in green technology and better energy efficiency to tackle both problems. The Danish experience proves this point. After the oil crisis in 1970s, our investments in green technology at one and same time brought better environment, more energy efficiency, green exports and economic growth. Tackling climate change is not part of the problem. It is part of the solution. Denmark and China should work even more closely together to tackle these problems.


In 2009 we celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate China on behalf of the Danish government and the Danish people.


2009 is the Year of the Ox in the Chinese lunar calendar. I am confident that the ox’s qualities of patience, tireless work and ability to endure hardship will help us overcome any challenges and give rise to new opportunities in terms of sustainable development and economic prosperity!


Zhu 2009 nian zhong guo niu, qi ye niu, jia ting niu, niu qi chong tian!

(English translation: All the best wishes to China, Chinese companies and families!)


Xin nian kuai le! Godt nyt?r!

(English translation: Happy new year!)


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