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1.Arrive early. 早点到

During my first week at work, I noticed that my boss got to the office very early, about a half hour before our scheduled start time. I followed her cue and started arriving at work around 7:30 a.m。上班第一个星期,我发现老板很早就到办公室了,大概能比规定上班时间早半小时。因此我也留了个心眼,保证早上7:30就到公司。

That gave me plenty of time to grab coffee and a banana and settle in to check emails and make my to-do list for the day before the office really started buzzing with activity. I enjoyed the distraction-free quiet time before the emails started pouring in and my phone started ringing. Also, when you consistently arrive early and do good work, people take notice and it definitely enhances reputation。这样我就有时间吃根香蕉喝杯咖啡,在其他人还没闹哄哄来上班前,先查看邮件、制定当天任务清单了。我很享受这段安静的时光,完全没有无休止的邮件和电话干扰。而且,如果一直坚持早到并做好分内工作,大家都会注意到你,并对你刮目相看。

2. Make work friends。与同事为友

Let's face it: We spend 40 hours a week with our colleagues, more time than most of us spend at home with our families. I learned quickly that one of the best ways to make work enjoyable was to make friends. It helped that I worked with a great team of people who I would want to be friends with anyway, but taking lunch breaks together to chat and learn more about each other's personal lives only strengthened those relationships。说实话:我们每周有40小时是和同事呆在一起的,这远远超出了我们在家陪伴家人的时间。所以我很快就领悟到,要想让工作有趣,最好的办法就是和同事成为朋友。很高兴我的同事都是一帮不错的人,我很乐意跟他们做朋友;此外,午餐时和同事聊聊天,了解彼此的个人生活,能增进同事之间的友谊。

A recent study out of Tel Aviv shows that having social support at work will even help you live longer, yet another reason to make friends at work. But studies and research aside, this is common sense; friendships make us feel good, and when we feel good, we are happier and more satisfied。特拉维夫一项最新研究表明,良好的职场人际关系有助于延长寿命,所以跟同事做朋友很值得。撇开研究与实验不谈,众所周知:友情使人愉悦,愉悦则令人感到倍加快乐和满足。

3. Mind your manners. 注意言行举止

I grew up minding my p's and q's thanks to my parents, but my first job reinforced the importance of being polite and respectful to absolutely everyone. No matter someone's job title or rank in the organization, every employee is important and has a role。从小我一直都对父母说“谢谢”等礼貌用语,而第一份工作更让我意识到,礼貌对待所有人非常重要。不论在公司的头衔或地位如何,每位职员都扮演着不可替代的角色。

A smile and hello in the hallway or small talk in the elevator can go a long way in building relationships. When you have a positive relationship with someone at work, it's much easier to be efficient and get things done when you need help。半路遇见时微笑着打声招呼,或电梯里随便闲聊两句,都能长远影响同事间的关系。若你跟同事相处融洽,办事也会更有效率更容易得到帮助。

4. Organization is key. 条理是关键

I was organized in college, obsessed with my day planner and crossing items off my to-do list. Yet when I joined the real world, I took my organizational skills to a whole new level. Staying organized wasn't just helpful, it was imperative to success in my job. Keeping organized was the difference between completing tasks well and on-time and being sloppy and late。上学时我就是个有条理的人,每天都把日程排得满满的,完成一项任务就划去一项。进入职场后,我的条理性得到了全新发展。保持有条不紊不仅益处多多,同时也是做好工作所必须的要求。有条理性能确保按时高效完成任务,避免懒散和拖延。

I learned to love my Outlook Calendar and its reminder features, and my daily to-do lists were detailed, even down to the simplest task. I also tried to keep my desk and office tidy because working in an uncluttered space made me feel calm and motivated. A clean office gives a good impression to your bosses and co-workers, too。我渐渐喜欢上了Outlook日历及其提醒功能;我每天的任务清单都非常详细,连最琐碎的事情也都写了下来。我的办公室和办公桌一直都很整齐,因为清爽的工作环境让我觉得镇定有活力。而且,整洁的办公室也能给老板和同事留下好印象。

5. Recognize that building skills takes time。明白磨练技能得花时间

One of my major responsibilities at my job was writing newsletter columns and speeches on behalf of the company's CEO. It was a huge challenge to learn and adapt to his voice and writing style when as a young professional, I'm still working on developing my own voice。工作时,我要负责代表公司总裁写业务通讯和讲话稿。作为新人,学习并模仿总裁的语气和写作风格还是很有难度的,但我从未放弃努力。

The first few times I submitted a column for review, I became frustrated when I would get back the document full of edits and changes. Finally, I realized that building skills takes time. If the task was easy, anyone could do it. It was absolutely okay that my writing wasn't perfect the first go-around。刚开始,我交上去评审的文稿总是被改得面目全非,对此我很受打击,但我也意识到:磨练技能得花时间啊。简单的事情谁都能做,所以一开始写得不尽人意也在情理之中。

With time and guidance from my boss, I slowly began to get the hang of it. And when I finally felt like I really conquered the skill? That made all the frustration completely worth it。随着时间推移,加上老板的指引,慢慢我就能摸清门路了。最后,当我讶然发现自己已经完全具备这个能力时,还真觉得之前受到的所有打击都是值得的!

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