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Whether you're hoping to get ahead at work or just trying to build healthy relationships, it's important to understand how your boss works — what she appreciates, what she respects, and what she can't stand. Create a strong connection with your manager and avoid irritating her by steering clear of these 15 ways to annoy your boss:


1. Arrive late, coffee in hand. If you waltz into the office 20 minutes late, clutching a Starbucks cup, chances are it's not going to be well-received. If you're running short on time, skip the coffee shop and head to the office coffeemaker instead.

1. 上班迟到,手里拿着咖啡。如果你迟到20分钟还拿着杯星巴克慢悠悠晃进办公室,老板很可能给你脸色看。如果你没时间就别去咖啡店,用办公室的咖啡机替代吧。

2. Dress inappropriately. Your boss doesn't want to feel like your parent, so she won't be thrilled if she has to regularly address your workwear. Keep things professional.

2. 着装不当。老板不想当你的父母,如果她必须经常跟你谈穿着问题,她不会觉得高兴的。请保持专业。

3. Regularly bring up your accomplishments. Patting your own back is fine every once in a while, but high-fiving yourself for every little victory is sure to frustrate both your co-workers and your boss. Save the boasting for your year-end review and always note your successes with a purpose — as in, say, while negotiating salary.

3. 经常提起你的成就。隔段时间夸奖下自己没什么问题,但吹嘘每个小胜利一定会让同事和老板不快。把自夸的功夫留给年终考核吧,而且提及成功时要有目的——比如说商量薪水时。

4. Say you'll "try" instead of you "will". When you're asked to finish something, that means you're expected to finish it. Form your responses carefully, as even small tweaks can have a huge effect. Instead of saying, "I'll try to get to that," nod and assure your boss by saying, "No problem, I will get to that as soon as I've finished this."

4. 说你“愿意做”而不是你会“尝试”。当你被要求完成事情时,这意味着别人期待你做好。仔细组织你的回答,即使是小变化也有巨大影响。不要说“我试着做好”而是点头向你的老板保证“没问题,我做好手里的事后会尽快开始做这个。”

5. Ask personal questions. Your boss will offer personal information as she sees fit, so refrain from asking anything too intimate. Small talk is fine, of course, but remember to maintain professional boundaries during conversation.

5. 问私人问题。你的老板认为合适的话会说个人信息的,所以不要问任何太亲密的话题。聊天当然可以,但记得在谈话中要守住专业的界限。

6. Tattle on other employees. Most information finds its way through the grapevine, so chances are your boss will find out about any significant scandals from someone else. Nobody likes the office tattler — and telling your boss someone else's secrets would say more about your character than theirs.

6. 说其他员工闲话。大多数信息通过小道消息传播,所以你的老板很可能从别人那里发现各种重大丑闻。没人喜欢办公室里搬弄是非的人——把别人的秘密告诉老板更多体现的是你的性格,而不是其他人的。

7. Reply to all her tweets. You may be Facebook friends, but that doesn't mean you need to "like" every status or comment on every one of her pictures. Keep the interactions minimal so that you don't aggravate her with hourly notifications that say you've commented on five more of her photos.

7. 回复她所有的状态。你可以是她脸书的好友,但这并不意味着你要给每个状态点“赞”或评论她的每张照片。让互动少些,这样她不会每小时收到通知说你又评论了5张照片。

8. Have a messy desk. Most bosses don't demand that your space be crystal clear, but they definitely don't expect it to be a mountain of loose paper, either. Maintain a neat desk to reflect a sense of responsibility.

8. 办公桌凌乱。大多数老板不会要求你的工作区域一尘不染,但他们绝对不希望它杂乱不堪。保持办公桌整洁反映出你的责任心。

9. Complain about the copy machine. The fax machine is beeping, the Internet is slow, and, frankly, the water cooler is a bit too warm. Your boss doesn't care, since she has much bigger things to worry about. Get in touch with the appropriate departments or try to fix the problems yourself.

9. 抱怨复印机。传真机响、网速慢、老实说饮水机也有点发热。你的老板不在乎,因为她要担心更大的事。联系相关部门或试着自己解决问题。

10. Steal office supplies. Just because there's a closet full of printer paper doesn't mean you should stuff your purse with a packet or two. You'll lose your boss's trust if you snag supplies from the office — stealing is stealing, and she won't promote an employee who's known for taking things from the company.

10. 偷办公用品。有满柜子的打印纸并不意味着你应该拿上一两包。如果你从办公室拿了东西将失去老板的信任——偷就是偷,她不会提升任何拿办公室用品的员工。

11. Ignore phone calls and emails. If you regularly let your voicemail and email inboxes pile up, guess who's going to hear about it? Your boss. When you fail to respond, people will be forced to get a hold of her, and they definitely won't have anything nice to say about you.

11. 忽略电话和电子邮件。如果你经常不回语音信息和电子邮件,猜猜谁会知道?你的老板。当你不回复消息时,人们不得不去找你的老板,也绝对不会说什么好听的话。

12. Offer to help with anything and everything. Volunteer to support her when appropriate, but don't overdo it or you'll risk coming off as a brownnoser.

12. 任何事都要帮忙。合适时自愿支持她,但不要做得太多,否则你会被认为是奉承者。

13. Make fun of her bad habits. The first time you teased her for skipping breakfast, she laughed. The 15th time, though, it may not be so funny. Be kind and keep sarcasm to a minimum so that you avoid accidentally offending her.

13. 取笑她的坏习惯。你第一次取笑她不吃早餐时她会笑。但第15次可能就不是那么有趣了。友好些尽量不要嘲笑她,这样你不会不小心冒犯她。

14. Ask for a raise before doing your research. It's smart to know your worth and ask for the appropriate pay, but only if you're backing up claims with real data. Keep a folder marked "Review" and file away any positive feedback throughout the year so that when the opportunity arises, you're prepared to discuss a pay raise.

14. 在做过调查前就要求加薪。知道自己价值并要求相应的工资很聪明,但这只在你有言论与真实数据支撑时才有用。保留一个叫“回顾”的文件夹并整理一年中任何积极的反馈,这样当机会出现时,你已准备好讨论加薪。

15. Be all business, all the time. You're human, and so is she. Don't be a robot who shows up to the office, works, then leaves. Engage in conversation, make jokes, and don't be afraid to laugh. Fun has a place in the workplace, so allow yourself the space to enjoy your job and let your personality shine through.

15. 工作就是生活。你是人,她也是。不要像个机器人一样出现办公室、工作,然后离开。参与交谈、开开玩笑,不要害怕大笑。工作场所要有趣些,所以给自己享受工作、突显个性的空间。

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