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这位11岁小哥 厉害到让我怀疑人生





Some people would argue that life experience is crucial to being a motivational speaker, but an 11-year-old kid from Pakistan is proving that all you really need is an inspirational speech and confidence.


At just 11 years of age, Hammad Safi has accomplished what most of us won’t be able to do in a lifetime. He is the youngest motivational speaker in Pakistan, and probably the world, a freelancer, TV anchor and a lecturer at the University of Peshawar, where he teaches students twice his age. He has been referred to as a “super kid”, a “child extraordinaire”, “motivational guru” and even “the little genius of Pakistan”, but he hasn’t let the adulation go to his head. Instead he continues to inspire others and push his vision of an educated Pakistan, and access to technology in order to connect the youth to the modern world.

Hammad Safi年仅11岁,却取得了大部分人一辈子无法取得的成就。目前,他是巴基斯坦(甚至全世界)最年轻的励志演说家、自由职业者、电视节目主持人、白沙瓦大学的讲师——他的学生年龄比他大一倍。他被誉为“超级儿童”、“杰出儿童”、“励志古鲁”甚至“巴基斯坦小天才”。不过,他并未让这些吹捧话语冲昏头脑。相反,他继续鼓舞人们,同时开拓自己的眼界、接触现代技术。

这位11岁小哥 厉害到让我怀疑人生

Photo: Hammad Safi/Facebook

“He is not an ordinary child. People have seen something in him. I have myself seen abilities in him. That’s why I have appointed special teachers for him,” Safi’s father, Abdul Rehman Khan, recently told AFP. “I want him to become a special leader. I’m very proud… For his abilities, for his intelligence, he is God-gifted.”



Abdul’s description may seem exaggerated – he is Hammad’s father after all – but the boy is indeed capable of feats way beyond his years. How many 11-year-olds do you know that can command the attention of thousands of adults while speaking on serious topics like success, life challenges or responsibility? Hammad can, and he does it with ease, relying on his innate charisma, practiced hand gestures and an uncanny confidence that mesmerises his audiences.


The 11-year-old motivational speaker also makes use of the internet to make sure that his speeches reach as many people as possible. His YouTube channel currently has nearly 160,000 subscribers and some of his videos have been viewed millions of times. The topics he touches on during his lectures are not the most original, but the way he approaches them combined with his age seems to have a very strong effect on people.


“A few months ago I was really disappointed with life… I was (thinking) about suicide, because there are no jobs and no success in life,” a student twice Hammad’s age told AFP. “Then I saw a movie of Hammad Safi. I thought, if an 11-year-old child can do anything, why can’t I?”

几个月前,我对人生失望透顶,我想着自杀,因为既没有工作、也没有任何成就。后来,我看到Hammad Safi的一个视频。我想,如果一个11岁儿童都能取得成就,我为什么不能呢?

这位11岁小哥 厉害到让我怀疑人生
Photo: Hammad Safi/Facebook

That is what makes Safi so special, his power to get his message across and inspire people much older than him.


Hammad Safi comes from one of the wealthiest families in Peshawar, but he doesn’t seem concerned with material gains. Instead, he reportedly spends 10 to 12 hours every day reading and studying other motivational speakers so he can perfect his skills. He dreams of one day becoming a leader and showing the worth of his country to the world.

Hammad Safi出生于白沙瓦的富豪家庭,但他似乎不关心物质利益(吐槽:因为有钱所以不关心钱啊)。据报导,他每天花10-12个小时阅读和研究其他励志演说家,从而完善自己的技巧。他梦想成为一名领袖,向世界展示巴基斯坦的价值。

Many in Pakistan are astonished by Hammad’s self-confidence and his ability to lecture on important subjects, but there as also those who believe that this role is depriving the boy of his childhood.


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