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[00:11.27]vi.& n.跳舞舞蹈,舞会

[00:14.65]The rumba is a Latin- American dance.




[00:27.14]There's a lot of danger in rock climbing.




[00:38.95]It's dangerous to smoke.




[00:48.95]He has a pair of dark brown eyes.




[01:00.68]This book has no date on it.




[01:11.81]They have three daughters and one son.




[01:24.53]They travelled day and night without stopping.




[01:36.73]You hardly ever see owls in the daytime.




[01:49.45]He has been dead for three years.




[02:02.67]He lost everything that was dear to him.




[02:14.77]December is the last month of the year.




[02:27.98]What delicious food you've cooked!




[02:39.32]After seeing all thecandidates,we've decided on this one.




[02:53.82]The ditch is 100 feet deep.




[03:05.31]There is a desk near the window in the room.




[03:17.22]The place has developed from a fishing port into a thriving tourist centre.




[03:34.83]You can use this diagram.




[03:45.15]At last,there can be a reasonable dialogue between our two governments.




[04:01.58]I have a pocket diary.




[04:12.60]Hand in your dictations,please.




[04:24.02]Look up for the word in the dictionary.




[04:34.49]To die for the people is a glorious death!




[04:46.62]We should take different approaches to the problem.




[04:59.05]Young people must be taught to learn the differnces between good and evil.




[05:13.91]Their refusal puts us in a difficult position.




[05:26.58]They are digging through the hill to make a tunnel.




[05:38.89]She didn't eat much dinner.




[05:47.82]Don't touch the dirty dog!




[05:58.19]Put things in the display case.




[06:08.30]You should see a doctor.




[06:17.31]A dog is often called "man's best friend".




[06:30.24]LIly is busy dressing her doll.




[06:41.45]Oil from these fields is priced in dollars.




[06:53.07]It's impolite to knock at the door in that way.




[07:04.39]The doorbell can be rung by visitors outside.




[07:17.89]John is a man with a double character.




[07:28.60]Miss,would you like to pull down the blind for me?




[07:41.92]He fell downstairs and broke his wrist.



[07:51.51]画,绘制 平局

[07:53.94]The report drew agrim picture of inefficiency and corruption.

[07:59.76]该报告描绘出一幅缺乏 效率和贪污腐化的可怕情景。



[08:11.15]Joanna makes all her own dresses.




[08:21.76]Dress yourself more neatly!




[08:30.69]Would you like something to drink?




[08:40.18]I want to town today.




[08:50.99]She is only a learned driver.




[09:01.02]The climber slipped and dropped to his death.




[09:13.14]Keep dry!




[09:21.32]Ducks can swim.




[09:30.04]The dumpling is the traditional food of China.




[09:41.56]There are extra trains to the seaside during the summer.




[09:54.47]It's not something I enjoy.I do it purely out of a sense of duty.


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