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[00:11.15]"Ha ha!You are the champion!It's really ridiculous!"




[00:24.76]My hair has grown very long.




[00:35.40]Half of them are here.




[00:44.72]We get ample food and clothing by working with our own hands.




[00:58.54]I've lost my handbag.




[01:08.18]Hang your coat up on the hook.




[01:17.69]A funny thing happened.




[01:28.40]I won't be happy until I know she's safe.




[01:41.83]They lived happily ever after.




[01:52.35]The boat came into the harbour.




[02:02.36]His argument is logical and hard to fault.




[02:13.28]We must be self-reliant and work hard.




[02:25.06]I could hardly speak for my tears.




[02:37.34]He is a hard-working man.




[02:47.73]Farmers are very busy during the harvest.




[02:59.44]Ann is wearing a new hat.




[03:10.25]He hates his little sister,because she breaks all his toys.




[03:23.47]You have the advantage of me being there.




[03:34.99]My head aches.




[03:43.32]Trying to make her eat is one big headache!




[03:56.02]He is our headmaster.




[04:06.33]I'm the headteacher of this class.




[04:17.54]Health is better than wealth.




[04:28.28]That book is not healthy reading for a child.




[04:40.58]I can't hear very well.




[04:49.59]My heart bled for him.




[04:58.81]She lost heavily at cards.




[05:08.74]What heavy traffic!




[05:18.12]I can't push the cart on my own.Will somebody help assist me?




[05:32.15]You can publish more new books helpful to teenagers.




[05:44.95]The cock has brighter coloured feathers than the hen.




[05:56.73]Stop here for a rest.




[06:06.05]She leaned her against the tree.




[06:15.17]This cute hat is hers.




[06:25.18]She told me the news herself.




[06:35.10]The eagle flies high.




[06:44.22]I climbed up the hill and ran down the other side.




[06:56.60]Peter ought to be ahamed of himself.




[07:07.42]This book is his,not mine.




[07:18.65]Do you like the history class?




[07:29.57]She hit him on the head with a book.




[07:40.85]We are holding a debate.


[07:47.23]She's holding the baby in her arms.




[07:57.75]There's a hole in my sock.



[08:06.14]n. 假日,假期

[08:08.57]We're going to Spain for our summer holidays.




[08:20.06]Her home is far away.




[08:30.09]This summer my father has taken me to our hometown.




[08:42.92]The teacher gave us an essay for our homework.




[08:55.12]We're hoping to visit France this year.




[09:06.01]Please rein in your horse at the edge of the cliff!




[09:16.43]The patient was in the hospital.




[09:25.97]This coffee is too hot to drink.




[09:36.29]He arrived on the hour.




[09:45.40]This is my house.




[09:54.13]I often help my mother do some housework.




[10:06.35]How much is it?


[10:11.40]How does the machine work?


[10:16.96]How beautiful the flower is!




[10:26.78]There are two hundred cows on the farm.




[10:38.28]I am hungry.




[10:46.56]Doctors and nurses were hurried to the accident.




[11:00.09]My feelings were hurt when he didn't ask me to the party.




[11:11.79]She was more frightened than hurt.




[11:22.53]He'll make someone a very good husband.


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