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[00:11.44]It was sad day for us all when the school closed down.




[00:23.46]The missing child was found safe and well.




[00:35.66]They came through the storm safely.




[00:45.69]There is too much salt in the soup.




[00:56.29]Ann wears the same red dress to every party.




[01:09.12]Nowadays,more and more forests have been destroyed,leaving only sand.




[01:23.80]Sir,would you like a ham sandwich?




[01:34.62]The broadcast came from America by satellite


[01:39.58]and was heard atthe same time in Europe.




[01:53.87]He saved his strength for an effort in the last minute of the race.




[02:07.66]It's hard to say who is right in this matter.




[02:18.37]Read walks home after school.




[02:29.68]Driving a car is an art,not a science.




[02:41.38]My mother is a scientist.




[02:50.50]The score stood at 2 to with a minute left in the game.




[03:03.41]The sea seems quiet today.




[03:13.54]I'm sensitive to the seafood.




[03:22.92]Plants grow fast in the warmest season.




[03:33.94]Using all our chairs,we'll have seats for 10 people.



[03:44.81]adj.第二 第二的

[03:46.85]This book is in its second edition.




[03:56.38]Don't tell anyone about our plan,keep it a secret.




[04:08.79]I looked but saw nothing.




[04:18.22]It seems like years since I last saw you.




[04:30.52]Very seldom does he eat any breakfast.




[04:40.76]The tickets cost too much and sold badly.




[04:51.08]Almost every school begins its classes in September.




[05:02.79]The child was tired,so I sent him to bed.




[05:13.52]This is a simple sentence.




[05:22.32]The atate of affairs is very serious.




[05:32.75]Our TV set was broken last week.




[05:43.35]They keep 2 servants: a cook and a gardener.



[05:53.44]vi.& vt.服务

[05:55.06]Our gardener has served the family for 20 years.




[06:08.27]Several of the apples are bad,and several more have wormholes.




[06:23.09]The medicine is to be shaken before use.




[06:33.59]I shall have finished my work by next Friday




[06:44.51]A sheep is bleating.




[06:53.07]Please replace the books on the shelves.




[07:02.58]The hot sun shone down on the scene.




[07:12.17]Is it a capital ship?




[07:21.08]You spilled something down your shirt front.




[07:30.98]Do you prefer flat or high-heeled shoes?




[07:41.48]The temptation to steal is greater than ever before--especial-ly in large shops.




[07:55.79]We shopped at all the main shops.


[08:02.64]Did you work in the body shop in the car factory?




[08:15.07]Tom's father is a shopkeeper.




[08:24.79]I'm making a shopping list,Tom.




[08:34.85]A straight line is the shortest distancen between two points.




[08:46.08]I knew if I kept at it I should succeed.



[08:55.42]vi.& vt.喊,高呼

[08:57.39]She shouted herself hoarse cheering on the team.




[09:09.77]He showed his ticket at the door.




[09:19.57]The sides of the bowl were beautifully painted.




[09:30.91]Crowns,stars,stripes,etc,are signs of military rank.




[09:44.23]This coat is made of silk.




[09:53.92]Boys wear fashionable clothes to attract girls.


[09:58.96]In a similar way some birds have bright feathers.




[10:14.77]The plan sounds simple enough but it won't be so simple to put into action.



[10:30.37]prep.& conj自从,从……以来

[10:33.10]We've been friends even since we met at school.




[10:44.62]She sang as she worked




[10:53.85]Will that be all,sir?




[11:01.94]Emily is Sophie's older sister.




[11:11.56]Some young men sit around and talk or sing.




[11:23.96]I wear size 8 shoes.




[11:33.37]Can you skate?




[11:41.28]Short skirts are fashionable again this year.




[11:51.50]The sky turned dark as the storm came near


[11:58.55]If the sky falls we shall catch larks.




[12:09.16]I haven't had enough sleep lately.




[12:18.09]They played the overture at a fairly slow tempo.




[12:29.82]She slowly opened the door.


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