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[00:11.96]You'll have to wait until the end of the month before I can pay you.




[00:25.18]We haven't seen any waiters since we came in.




[00:38.40]There's no waitress at the restaurant.




[00:48.72]She had just woken from a deep sleep.



[00:57.60]vi. n.走,散步 散步

[01:00.13]Let's go for a short walk.




[01:09.25]The garden wall is very thick.




[01:19.18]I want a bicycle for my birthday.




[01:29.99]Food for a baby should be warm,not hot.



[01:42.22](动词 am,is的过去式)

[01:45.30]He was doing his homework.



[01:53.28]vt.& vi.漱洗,洗东西

[01:55.62]Have you ever washed your shirt?




[02:04.92]The sweater had shrunk after repeated washings.




[02:18.45]Do you often watch television?




[02:26.76]Your watch is so nice.




[02:36.00]Would you like some water?




[02:44.13]Water the flower!




[02:54.26]This is the way to the school.


[02:59.83]You can see the way his mind works when you read his books.




[03:13.93]Her school report shows that she is weak at arithmetic and biology.




[03:28.56]He wore a gold chain round his neck.




[03:38.20]The weather changes often.




[03:47.92]Will you come and see us next week?




[03:57.95]I often go swimming on weekday.




[04:08.74]She is a welcome guest




[04:18.66]Well,what a surprise!



[04:25.70]adj.& adv.好

[04:27.18]The job's done,that's all well and good,but what about the bonus we were promised?



[04:41.81](动词 are 的过去式)

[04:44.29]If I were you,I would apologize to her.



[04:54.69]n.& adj.西,西方

[04:56.91]The rain is coming from the west.




[05:07.64]It was the wettest October in many years.



[05:17.71]pron.& adj.什么

[05:19.45]What is this?



[05:26.24]adv.conj.什么时候,何时 当......时

[05:29.06]He came at a time when we needed help.




[05:39.77]Where do you live?




[05:47.69]I asked him whether he had done all the work himself


[05:52.84]or whether he had had any assistance



[06:04.71]adj.& pron哪一个,哪些

[06:06.84]Which shoes should I wear?




[06:18.07]He fell asleep while doing his homework.




[06:29.17]The colour of snow is white.




[06:38.89]Who's at the door?




[06:47.01]The whole town was destroyed by the earthquake.




[06:58.43]To whom should I refer the matter?




[07:08.57]Whose car is that?




[07:17.37]I don't know why the meeting was postponed.




[07:29.38]The gap in the fence was just wide enough for the sheep to get through.




[07:43.70]It is widely known that the panda is our national treasure.




[07:55.93]She was a good wife and mother.




[08:06.66]We will fight on until final victory is won.




[08:19.15]They are trying to win support for their proposal.




[08:30.38]A gust of wind blew my hat off.




[08:40.80]Open the window,please




[08:50.02]It's a windy day.




[08:58.25]The winner was presented with a trophy.




[09:08.96]The plants have survived the winter.



[09:18.72]n.& vt.祝愿;希望,想要

[09:21.21]It's no use wishing for things you can't have.




[09:35.01]Misery acquaints men with strange bedfellows.




[09:46.24]You can't leave the country without a passport.




[09:58.75]Is your doctor a man or a woman?



[10:08.09](pl.)n.(woman 的复数形式)

[10:10.38]The women and children hid in the caves for safety.




[10:24.30]The weather is wonderful.




[10:33.34]There are many kinds of wood growing in this forest.




[10:45.75]These goats are specially bred for their wool.




[10:59.07]How beautiful the woollen blanket is!




[11:09.70]"Good" is not the word for it.You ought to have said "sublime".



[11:23.35]n. vi.工作,劳动(使)工作,劳动

[11:26.13]I work as a doctor.




[11:34.83]Everybody,please take out your workbook.




[11:45.46]I am a mental worker.




[11:55.96]Our workplace has a nice atmosphere.




[12:07.07]The whole world would be affected by a nuclear war.



[12:17.35]vt.& vi.(使)担忧

[12:19.08]Don't worry!Everything will be all right.




[12:30.50]There's no need to look so worried!




[12:40.14]You're working worse than I expected.




[12:50.46]The others weren't good but she played the worst of all.




[13:02.47]Did you write down the telephone number?




[13:12.48]He is a writer but he can't make enough money to live from his book.




[13:26.71]Small children do not know right from wrong.


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