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VOA慢速英语1500基础词汇速记 K





keep [(1) to possess; (2) to have for oneself]

They kept the old house for a long time. (1)

He keeps most of the money that he earns. (2)

kick [to hit with the foot]

How far can you kick the ball?

kidnap [to seize and take away by force]

The man kidnapped the boy but released him after the family paid him a million dollars.

kill [(1) to make dead; (2) to cause to die]

The woman killed her three husbands for their money. (1)

The blight killed almost every chestnut tree in the United States. (2)

kind [(1) sort; (2) gentle; (3) caring; (4) helpful]

What kind of dog is that? (1)

He is a kind man. (2)

She was a kind mother to all her children. (3)

A kind old man told me where to find your house. (4)

kiss [to touch with the mouth to show love or honor]

Do you remember your first kiss?

knife [a tool or weapon used to cut]

The knife that he found was very sharp.

know [(1) to understand something as correct; (2) to have the facts about; (3) to recognize someone because you have met and talked together before]

I know the answer to your question. (1)

Do you know how deep the river is here? (2)

He knew her for many years. (3)

knowledge [(1) that which is known; (2) learning or understanding]

A huge library in Alexandria, Egypt, was the world's center of knowledge 2,300 years ago. (1)

You can use the Internet computer system to find knowledge about a great many subjects. (2)

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