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VOA慢速英语1500基础词汇速记 F




face [(1) the front of the head: eyes, nose, month; (2) to look toward1; (3) to turn toward; (4) to have before you, such as a problem or danger]

Put a smile on your face. (1)

He faced the flag. (2)

She faced left, then right. (3)

The nation faced great danger. (4)

fact [something known or proved to be true]

The facts show that he spoke2 the truth.

factory [a building or group of buildings where goods are made]

The shoe factory in our town is moving to Mexico.

fail [(1) to not succeed; (2) to not reach a goal]

My car failed to start. (1)

The leaders failed to reach a peace agreement. (2)

fair [(1) just; (2) honest; (3) what is right]

The judge made a fair decision. (1)

He played the game fairly. (2)

(~ly adverb)

It was only fair that she invite him to dinner. (3)

fall [(1) to go down quickly; (2) to come down; (3) to drop to the ground or a lower position]

The burning airplane fell from the sky. (1)

The ball fell gently into my hands. (2)

The snow melted as it fell. (3)

false [(1)not true; (2) not correct]

She made a false statement to the police. (1)

The computer gave a false answer. (2)

family [the group that includes children and their parents]

She has a large family.

famous [known very well to many people]

He is a famous actor.

far [at, to or from a great distance]

John's home is far from here.

farm [land used to grow crops and animals for food]

His family owns a big farm in Kansas.

fast [(1) moving or working at great speed; (2) quick]

He said he could run as fast as a race horse. (1)

My dog is a fast eater. (2)

fat [(1) tissue3 in the bodies of humans and animals used to store energy and to keep warm; (2) thick; (3) heavy]

She stays thin by not eating any fat. (1)

Her dog looks fat, but all pugs look like that. (2)

The professor has published a fat book on world history. (3)

father [(1) the male parent; (2) a man who has a child or children]

Her father lives with them. (1)

Are you a father? (2)

fear [(1) to be afraid; (2) to worry that something bad is near or may happen; (3) a strong emotion when there is danger or trouble]

He feared what he could not see. (1)

He feared falling down. (2)

He had a fear that he would fall down. (3)

federal5 [of or having to do with a national or central government]

She works6 for the federal government as a tax collector.

feed [to give food to]

How many times a day do you feed your dog?

feel [(1) to have or experience an emotion; (2) to know by touching]

I feel sad because he is so far away. (1)

I feel sand between my toes. (2)

female7 [(1) a woman or girl; (2) the sex that gives birth; (3) of or about women]

With a wife and three daughters, he was surrounded by females8. (1)

Females have babies. (2)

Universities provide more support now for female sports programs. (3)

fence [something around an area of land to keep animals or people in or out]

The farmer put up a new fence around the field.

fertile9 [(1) rich in production of plants or animals; (2) producing much]

The farmer's fertile soil produces huge crops. (1)

The writer has a fertile imagination. (2)

few [(1) not many; (2) a small number of]

Few people have ever seen such an unusual bird. (1)

I have a few ideas about how to solve the problem. (2)

field [an area of open land, usually used to grow crops or to raise animals]

The farmer kept cows in two of his fields.

fierce [(1) extremely strong; (2) violent; (3) angry]

The fierce storm caused much damage. (1)

The soldiers fought fiercely. (2)

The angry demonstrators shouted fiercely. (3)

fight [(1) to use violence or force; (2) to attempt to defeat or destroy an enemy;(3) the use of force; (4) a battle]

The two boys were fighting about who would be first. (1)

The two armies fought fiercely to destroy each other. (2)

The fighting failed to push rebel10 forces from the city. (3)

The two sides exchanged charges in the continuing political fight. (4)

fill [to put or pour something into a container until there is space for no more]

Jack11 filled his cup with hot coffee.

film [(1) to record something so it can be seen again; (2) to make a motion4 picture or movie; (3) a thin piece of material for making pictures with a camera; (4) a movie]

He filmed the complete ceremony. (1)

She filmed the movie in New York. (2)

My camera needs more film. (3)

My favorite film is "Saving12 Private Ryan." (4)

final [(1) at the end; (2) last]

Tomorrow is the final day of winter. (1)

We won our final baseball game of the season.(2)

financial [of or about the system that includes the use of money, credit13, investments14and banks]

The growing political crisis15 could weaken16 our financial system.

find [(1) to discover or learn something by searching or by accident; (2) to decide a court case]

He found a new book by his favorite writer. (1)

The jury17 found the man guilty of murder. (2)

fine [(1) a payment18 ordered by a court to punish someone for a crime; (2) very good; (3) very small or thin]

The court ordered him to pay a 500-dollar fine. (1)

She did fine work for our company. (2)

He drew a fine line under the word. (3)

finish [(1) to complete; (2) to end]

He finished reading the book. (1)

She finished her cup of tea. (2)

fire [(1) to shoot a gun; (2) the heat and light produced by something burning]

He fired a warning shot and shouted, "Police." (1)

The fire warmed our hands. (2)

fireworks [rockets producing bright fire in the sky, used in holiday celebrations]

We watched the fireworks for thirty minutes.

firm [not easily moved or changed]

She is firm in her opinion.

first [coming before all others]

Tom was the first person I saw.

fish [a creature that lives and can breathe in water]

How many fish did you catch?

fit [to be of the correct size or shape]

These shoes fit my feet.

fix [to make good or right again]

He was able to fix his car without help.

flag [a piece of colored cloth used to represent a nation, government or organization]

The United States flag has fifty stars.

flat [(1) smooth; (2) having no high places]

He paints pictures on flat pieces of wood. (1)

The land is flat in most parts of the state of Kansas. (2)

flee [to run away from]

He tried to flee but the police caught him.

float [(1) to be on water without sinking; (2) to move or be moved gently on water or through air]

The boat floated on top of the water. (1)

The balloon rose into the air and floated away. (2)

flood [(1) to cover with water; (2) the movement of water out of a river, lake or ocean onto land]

The rising waters flooded much of the town. (1)

The flood began to go down when the rain stopped. (2)

floor [(1) the bottom part of a room for walking on; (2) the level of a building]

The book fell to the floor. (1)

The fire was on the first floor. (2)

flow [to move like a liquid]

The oil flowed through the engine.

flower [the colored part of plants that carry seeds]

The field was covered by blue and red flowers.

fluid19 [any substance that can flow, such as a liquid]

The fluid on the floor was a harmless20 chemical.

fly [(1) to move through the air with wings, like a bird or airplane; (2) to travel in an airplane or flying vehicle]

Birds fly high in the sky. (1)

Walter will fly to Los Angeles tomorrow morning. (2)

fog [a mass of wet air that is difficult to see through]

The fog slowed traffic for several hours.

follow [(1) to come or go after; (2) to accept the rule or power of; (3) to obey]

He asked us to follow him to his house. (1)

He follows the teachings21 of the Roman Catholic22 Church. (2)

The official said he followed the orders of the President's lawyer. (3)

food [that which is taken in by all living things for energy, strength and growth]

He wanted to get food for hungry people.

fool [(1) to make someone believe something that is not true; (2) to trick; (3) a person who is tricked easily]

Her lies fooled a lot of people. (1)

He fooled people to get what he wanted. (2)

Being tricked made him feel like a fool. (3)

foot [the part of the body that touches the ground when a person or animal walks]

Her foot hurts because she stepped on a sharp rock.

for [(1) because of; (2) in exchange; (3) through space or time; (4) representative of; (5) to be employed by]

He is famous for his work. (1)

Give me one dollar for the book. (2)

They traveled for one hour. (3)

I speak for all people. (4)

She works for a computer company. (5)

force [(1) to make someone do something or make something happen by using power; (2) power, strength; (3) strength used against a person or object; (4) military power of a nation; (5) a military group]

They forced him to go with them. (1)

The bomb exploded with great force. (2)

He used powerful force to lift the fallen tree from her body. (3)

The President said he will use the full force of the country against foreign invaders23. (4)

A Navy24 and Marine25 Corps26 landing27 force is on its way to the troubled island. (5)

foreign [(1) of, about or from another nation; (2) not from one's own place or country]

The United States has diplomatic28 relations with almost every foreign nation. (1)

Foreign products seem to cost less than most products made here. (2)

forest [a place of many trees]

New laws prevent companies from cutting all the trees in the forest.

forget [to not remember]

The man was in trouble because he forgot his wedding anniversary29.

forgive [(1) to pardon; (2) to excuse; (3) to remove guilt]

A pardon by the President forgives a criminal for the crime. (1)

I forgive you for taking my car. (2)

Please forgive me for being late. (3)

form [(1) to make; (2) to start; (3) to shape; (4) a kind]

We formed a plan before starting the project. (1)

They formed a swim team. (2)

She formed the clay bottle with her hands. (3)

Swimming is a form of exercise. (4)

former [(1) earlier in time; (2) not now]

At a former time, Philadelphia was the national capital. (1)

His former wife lives across the street from him. (2)

forward [(1) the direction in front of; (2) toward the front]

The group with the flags was 10 meters forward of the rest of the parade. (1)

The men stepped forward when the sergeant30 commanded, "Forward, march." (2)

free [(1) to release31; (2) not controlled by another or by outside forces; (3) not in prison; (4) independent; (5) not limited by rules; (6) without cost]

He was freed at the end of the trial. (1)

For the first time, she felt free as a bird. (2)

He was a free man after being found not guilty. (3)

The United States is a free nation. (4)

After his final day of studies, he was free from all the rules of school. (5)

The prize she won was a free ride in an airplane. (6)

freedom [the condition of being free]

Many people in history have died for freedom.

freeze [(1) to cause or to become very cold; (2) to make or to become hard by cold]

You will freeze unless you wear a coat. (1)

She freezes food and stores it in her freezer. (2)

fresh [(1) newly32 made or gathered; (2) recent]

His garden produces fresh vegetables every day. (1)

The lawyer criticized33 the fresh evidence found by police. (2)

friend [a person one likes and trusts]

The two men have been friends for more than fifty years.

frighten [to cause great fear]

Loud noises frighten my daughter.

from [(1) having a person, place or thing as a beginning or cause; (2) at a place distant, not near; (3) because of]

It is a message from the president. (1)

The school is five kilometers from my home. (2)

He is suffering from cancer. (3)

front [(1) the forward part; (2) the opposite of back; (3) the beginning; (4) the first part]

The front of her house needs painting. (1)

She wanted to sit in the front of the bus, not in the back. (2)

They were at the front of the line waiting to buy tickets. (3)

He said the best part was toward the front of the book. (4)

fruit [food from trees and plants]

Much of the fruit fell from the tree.

fuel [any substance burned to create heat or power]

Which kind of fuel do you use to heat your home?

full [(1) containing as much as a person or thing can hold; (2) complete]

The gasoline34 tank is full. (1)

He will spend the full week away from the office. (2)

fun [anything that is pleasing and causes happiness]

The children had fun at the birthday party.

funeral [a ceremony held in connection with the burial or burning of the dead]

After the funeral, the President's remains35 were buried at Arlington National Cemetery36.

future [(1) time after now; (2) in the time to come]

We can talk about it in the future. (1)

All future meetings will be held in this room. (2)

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