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高考英语听力练习材料 04







1.Where is Jimmy now?

A.At a hotel. B.At home. C.At the lab.

2. What is the man?

A.A waiter. B.A taxi driver. C.A conductor.

3.What does the man think of Yao Ming?

A.He is the tallest basketball player in the world.

B.He is famous all over the world.

C.He is only wellknown in China.

4.What will the woman do for the man?

A.Wash his clothes.

B.Take him to the supermarket.

C.Get him some fruit.

5.Why couldn’t the woman get through to the man?

A.His mobile was stolen.

B.His mobile didn’t work.

C.His mobile was power off.




6.Who did Fred have a fight with last night?

A.His brother. B.The policeman. C.The storekeeper.

7.What can we learn from the conversation?

A.Fred was slightly hurt.

B.The car was moved away by the policemen.

C.The drugstore was destroyed by Fred.


8.What do we learn about the couple?

A.They are on vacation.

B.The wife doesn’t like to travel.

C.They went on a trip last year .

9.How long does the trip in the advertisement take?

A.10 days.B.Two weeks.C.21 days.

10.Why doesn’t the wife like the trip?

A.She doesn’t like to live on the ship.

B.She prefers to stay in one place.

C.She doesn’t like the food.


11.Why is the woman so happy?

A.She started carrying a credit card.

B.She got an ID card of her own.

C.She’s got some money belonging to her.

12.What advice does the man give the woman?

A.She must have enough money with her.

B.She should not buy everything she wants.

C.She must care about her credit card and ID card.

13.How much can the woman spend at most with her credit card?

A.500. B.1,500. C.50.


14.What does the man make the phone call for?

A.He wants to make a reservation.

B.He wants to build a penthouse.

C.He wants to get some books.

15.Who is Tony Parker?

A.The person who handles bookings for standard rooms.

B.The person who makes all the arrangements for executive accounts.

C.The person who manages the hotel.

16.What is the man’s phone number?

A.6608433233. B.6608433235. C.6608433230.


17.How did the writer get back to Vancouver?

A.By train. B.By air. C .By sea.

18.According to the text,what do you think the writer is?

A.She is an artist. B.She is a teacher. C.She is a student.

19.How long did the writer stay in Canada?

A.A week. B.Two weeks. C.A month.

20.Who did the writer me et on the train?

A.She met an American woman.

B.She met a Chinese woman.

C.She met an Indian woman.


(Text 1)

Hello.This is Barbara from the Rainbow Hotel.Is Jimmy at home?

M:No.He’s at the lab,but he will be back home at four o’clock.

(Text 2)

M:This is River Street .What number do you want to go to?

W:Let me get off there in front of that tree?That’s fine.

(Text 3)

W:Do you know Yao Ming?

M:Yes.He is one of the best basketball players in the world.He is known not only in China,but also in many other countries all over the world.

(Text 4)

W:I’m going to the supermarket.What would you like me to buy for you?

M:Would you please buy some fruit for me while you are there?

W:With pleasure.

(Text 5)

W:I dialed your phone number many times yesterday,but I couldn’t get through.What’s the matter?

M:Oh,there was something wrong with my mobile.I will have to buy a new one.

(Text 6)

M:Did you hear what Fred did last night?

W:No,not yet.What happened to him?

M:I guess he was a little drunk and he had a fight with his brother.Well,he got so mad that he drove his car straight into the front of a drugstore.

W:What do you mean?

M:I mean he drove inside.The front of the store was completely destroy ed.I actually saw it just now as I walked by.The car is still inside the store.

W:I’m afraid Fred is in trouble.Where is he now?

M:I hear he’s in the police station.It’s lucky no one was hurt.

(Text 7)

W:What part of the paper are you reading?

M:The travel section.

W:Are you thinking about our vacation already?

M:Yes,it’s not so far away.I’ve been looking at these advertisements.

W:Why don’t we go to the same place we went last year?

M :I won’t stay at that hotel again.I have a better idea for this year.Look at this advertisement.This looks like a wonderful vacation to me.

W:“Three weeks.”“Ten exciting ports.”“Use the ship as a hotel.”How much does it cost?

M:The price isn’t given.

W:It must be expensive if they don’t give the price in the paper.And besides,I’d rather stay in one place.

M:I don’t want to sit on the same beach and eat the same food and look at the same walls every day for three or four weeks.

(Text 8)

W:I am happy I started carrying the credit card that the bank gave us.

M:Why is that,Kate?Did you use it to buy something?

W:I surely did.On my way home I stopped at the store to buy some beef for dinner because I didn’t have any cash with me.

M:And they permitted you to pay with the card?

W:Yes.They didn’t even ask me to give the ID.

M:You have to be careful.If you lose them and someone finds them,the bank will charge you for what you buy.

W:How much has the bank allowed us to spen d with the card?

M:Fifteen hun dred dollars.The bank encourages us to use the card,but they will also require us to pay them back.

W:You are right,Henry.I’ll remember that.But the card surely makes it easy to spend money.

(Text 9)

W: Hello,Pasadena Inn. How may I direct your call?

M:I’d like to speak to someone about reservations.

W:I can help you w ith that. What date would you like to make a reservation for?

M:We’ll be arriving May 12th, but I would like to make reservations for the penthouse.

W:Oh, I’m sorry sir. I only handle bookings for our standard rooms. The person you need to speak with is Tony Parker, he makes all the arrangements for our executive accounts. Unfortunately, h e’s not here right now. Can I take your name and number and have him get back to you?

M:When do you expect him back?

W: He’ll be out a ll afternoon; he might not be able to return your call until tomorrow. Will that be alright?

M:Yes, I suppose. My name is Sam Darcy. He can contact me at 6608433235.

W:Could you please spell your last name for me?

M:Sure. It’s DARCY.

W:Okay, Mr. Darcy, and your phone number is 6608433233?

M:That’s 3235.

W:Sorry! 3235. Great. I’ll have Tony call you first thing tomorrow morning.

(Text 10)

Dear Kathy,Thank you very much for inviting my family to your house for dinner.We really enjoyed our visit with you and your wonderful family.Please say“Hi”to Glen and Christopher for us.

Our last two weeks in Canada were wonderful.At the end of our visit,we took a train ride cross Canada back to Vancouver.The scenery was beautiful.On the train I sat next to an interesting woman from India.We might write to each other.

We’ve been back in China for almost two weeks now.It has been very cold since our arrival in Beijing.I’ve been teaching a new course in English conversation for almost a week.I’m preparing my lesson plans right now.Last week David invited us to dinner but we couldn’t go.So he is coming to our house for dinner next Saturday night.We’re looking forward to hearing all about his new work.I hope that you and your family are doing well.We’d like you to visit us in China.We won’t forget your kindness to us.Please send my regards to everyone.



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