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高考英语听力练习材料 07







1.What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?

A.Employer and employee.

B.Next door neighbors.

C.Two good friends.

2. What will the two speakers most probably do this weekend?

A.See a film. B.Climb a mountain. C.Play table tennis.

3.What time will the train leave?

A.At 6:10 tomorrow morning.

B.At 11:00 tonight.

C.At 11:00 tomorrow morning.

4.What does the man mean?

A.He is waiting for someone else.

B.He doesn’t want to talk with Mr Miller.

C.He is busy now.

5.Where does the conversation take place?

A.In a restaurant. B.In a department store. C. In a hotel.


听下面5段对话或独白。每段对 话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出5秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍。


6.How was the weather like during the Browns’ trip?

A.Very warm. B.Very hot. C.Very cool.

7.How were the hotels in Venezuela?

A.Excellent and not expensive.

B.Cheap but not good.

C.Nice but expensive.

8.What was the woman advised to buy in Venezuela?

A.Daily staff. B.Clothes. C.Gold jewelry.


9.Where is the Mandy’s family?

A.In England. B.In Ireland. C.In Scotland.

10.How did the woman get the money to buy a flat?

A.From her friends. B.From her brother. C.From her parents.

11.What will the speakers do next?

A.Have lunch. B.Have coffee. C.Have dinner.


12.Where does the man want to go?

A.America. B.New Zealand. C.Japan.

13.What time will the flight take off?

A.At 11:30 am. B.At 10:30 am. C.At 11:30 pm.

14.How long does the whole journey take?

A.Less than one hour.

B.About two hours.

C.About eleven hours.


15. What sports does the man like to play after work?

A.Table tennis,running and golf.

B.Tennis,swimming and golf.

C.Tennis,running and golf.

16.How often does the man play golf?

A.About o nce a week.

B.About once a month.

C.About once a year.

17.What time will the speakers meet at the clubhouse?

A.At 1:30 pm. B.At 2:00 am. C.At 2:30 pm.


18.Where is the speaker giving the talk?

A.On a hill. B.In a forest. C.Beside a lake.

19.What can the listeners do at Summit Lake?

A.Rest and take photos.

B.Go boating or swimming.

C.Cook lunch over a campfire.

20.What would be part of the trip?

A.Climbing up rocks. B.Fishing in a stream. C.Walking through a field


(Text 1)

W:I’m sorry,sir.I didn’t finish the job as required.

M:Oh,no,Sally,don’t say sorry.Anyway,You’ve tried your best.

(Text 2)

M:What shall we do this weekend?

W:I have no idea.Which do you prefer,going to the cinema or playing table tennis?

M:Neither.I’d like to climb a mountain.

W:Sounds good,if the weather is fine.

(Text 3)

M:Would you like to go to the movies tonight at 11 o’clock?

W:You must be joking.My trai n leaves at 6:10 tomorrow morning.

(Text 4)

W:Sir,there’s a Mr Miller on the phone who wants to talk to you.

M:I’m busy at the moment.Can you ask him to hold on?Tell him I’ll talk with him in a few seconds.

(Text 5)

W:What can I do for you?

M:May I see some of your best Tshirts?

(Text 6)

M:Did you get to talk to the Browns about their trip to Venezuela?

W:Oh,yes.They said they had a great time.

M:What did they say the weather was like?

W:They said it was extremely cool.They suggested that we take some warm clothes.

M:Uh.Did you ask how the hotels were?

W:It seems the y’re excellent,and not expensive.

M:Yeah,that’s wha t I’ve heard.Did they say if they had any language problem?

W:Sometimes.They told me that hardly anybody speaks English except the people in the hotels,but the staff of the hotels are helpful and friendly.

M:Well,that’s good.And did they buy much while they were there?

W:No.They advised us not to buy clothes.They ’re much more expensive than in the States.But they told me you could get gold jewelry for very little.

(Text 7)

W:Hello,Mike.What are you doing in this part of London?

M:Well,in fact,I’m looking for a flat round here.

W:A flat? Do you want to move?

M:Yes,actually,believe it or not,Mandy and I are getting married.

W:It’s great! Congratulations.When did you decide?

M:Only last week.It was when we were staying with her family in Scotland.Now we’re trying to find a suitable flat.

W:It will be great to have you as neighbours.I hope you manage to buy one soon.

M:Oh,we aren’t looking for one to buy.We don’t have enough money yet.We want to find somewhere to rent.

W:Yes,of course.That’s what we did at first.In fact ,in the end my brother lent us some money.That’s how we managed to buy ours.

M:Really? Perhaps I’ll talk to my family about it.Now,what about a coffee? There’s a good place just round the corner.

W:What a good idea!

(Text 8)

M:Do you have any direct flight to New Zealand?

W:Sorry,we don’t.But I think you can fly on Northwest 212 to Tokyo and then have a connecting flight on Japan Airline 123 to Auckland,New Zealand’s gateway city.And it is the most economical flight,just 580.

M:When does the Flight 212 leave?

W:At 11:30 am,by the way,it also makes a stop at Chicago.

M:How long will it stay at Chicago?

W:Less than one hour.

M:And how long do I have to stay in Tokyo for the connecting flight?

W:Not so long,just one hour.

M:So the time for the whole journey is about...

W:About eleven hours.

M:Let me count...OK,it works out for my time schedule.Thanks a lot.

W:You are welcome.

(Text 9)

M:Hi,Mark,haven’t seen you for ages.How are you doing?

Can’t complain.I’m busy with my experiments in the lab but after work I often play some sports.

W:Like what?

M:Like tennis,running and golf.

W:Golf?That’s my favorite game.How often do you play,Mark?

M:I usually play about once a month.What about you,Michelle?

W:I play every Sunday.

M:Even when it rains?

W:Yes,even when it rains.I never miss a game on Sunday.

M:Where do you play?

W:The Lawndale country club.Do you know it?

M:Yes.I was there once.You’re going to play next Sunday,I suppose.

W:Certainly,listen! Why don’t you join me? We can have a game.

M:I’d love to.What time shall we meet?

W:Let’s meet at the clubhouse at 1:30 in the afternoon.

M:Good.See you then.

(Text 10)

Good morning,everyone.I’m Ralph Morrison,and I’ll be your guide today on your hike to Summit Lake.I think you’ll enjoy today’s trip,which will offer some wonderful views as well as some closeup looks at the area’s plants and animals.We’ll begin with a gentle climb in this open forest before taking a short downhill walk to the river.You’ll see unusually tall trees in tha t area and will cross the river on a big piece of wood.Our pass from there will go north.We’ll pass through a forest,then a large field,and cross a stream as we continue our way up to Summit Lake.The lake is small and surrounded with forest,and there’re lots of fish just waiting to be caught.We’ll stop for lunch at the lake.You’ll have an hour to relax and take photos before we start our return trip on a different path,which will take us past three small lakes before the long,steep hike back down to the river.Our last mile will be another steep uphill climb to the trail’s end,just 100 yards from where we’re about to begin.



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