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[00:00.00]so ***** with two slits in it and either slit is observed, 将光子正对平面上的双缝 观察任意一个隙缝

[00:03.00]it will not go through both slits. 它不会穿过那两个隙缝

[00:07.04]If it's unobserved, it will. 如果没被观察 那就会

[00:09.08]However,if it's observed after it's left the plane but before it hits its target, 总之 如果观察它在离开平面到击中目标之前

[00:10.80]it will not have gone though both slits. 它就不会穿过那两个隙缝

[00:12.00]Agreed. What's your point? 没错 但你为什么要说这个?

[00:14.100]There's no point. I just think it's a good idea for a t-shirt. 没什么 我只是觉得这个主意 可以用于设计T恤衫

[00:25.84]Excuse me. 请问

[00:26.96]Hang on. 等等

[00:30.88]Uh,one across is "aegean. " 横1是Aegean (爱情海)

[00:32.64]Eight down is "nabokov. " 26 across is "mcm. " 竖8是Nabokov (小说洛丽塔的作者) 横26是MCM

[00:37.24]14 down is... move your finger... 竖14是...手指挪开点

[00:38.00]"phylum" which makes 14 across "port-au-prince" Phylum (生物门类) 这样一来横14就是Port-au-Prince (太子港)

[00:42.100]see,"papa doc's capitol idea," that's "port-au-prince. " 瞧 提示是"Papa doc的首都" (海地前总统) 所以是太子港

[00:47.00]Haiti. 海地的

[00:51.04]- Can I help you? - Yes. - 能为你效劳吗? - 是的

[00:54.44]Um... is this the high-iq sperm bank? 这里是高智商精子银行吗?

[01:01.20]If you have to ask, maybe you shouldn't be here. 如果你这么问 也许你不该来这

[01:04.96]I think this is the place. 我想就是这没错了

[01:06.76]- Fill these out. - Thank you. - 把这个填一填 - 谢谢

[01:08.24]We'll be right back. 我们马上好

[01:09.88]Oh,take your time. I'll just finish my crossword puzzle. 慢慢来 我还要玩填字游戏

[01:15.56]Oh,wait. 噢 慢着

[01:26.64]Leonard,I don't think I can do this. Leonard 我办不到

[01:28.88]What,are you kidding? You're a semi-pro. 开玩笑? 你可是半职业人士

[01:33.92]No. We are committing genetic fraud. 不 我们这样是诈骗

[01:35.00]There's no guarantee that our sperm is going to generate high-iq offspring. Think about that. 我们没法保证 生出来的一定是高智商小孩

[01:40.24]I have a sister with the same basic dna mix who hostesses at fuddruckers. 我姐姐跟我有一套相同的基本基因 她却在Fuddrucker餐厅当服务生

[01:44.76]Sheldon,this was your idea. Sheldon 这可是你的主意啊

[01:47.08]A little extra money to get fractional t-1 bandwith in the apartment. 轻松赚点钱 就有钱能升级我们的网络带宽

[01:48.12]I know, and I do yearn for faster downloads. 我知道 我确实很渴望高速下载

[01:52.00]But there's some poor woman who's gonna pin her hopes on my sperm. 但一些可怜的女人 会把希望寄托在我的精子上

[01:56.08]What if she winds up with a toddler who doesn't know if he should use an integral or a differential 万一生出来一个 连曲线下部的面积用积分还是微分算

[02:01.56]to solve the area under a curve? 都搞不清楚的小屁孩怎么办?

[02:03.28]I'm sure she'll still love him. 我想她还是会爱那个宝宝的

[02:06.96]I wouldn'T. 我不会

[02:07.20]Well,what do you want to do? 你想要怎样?

[02:10.64]- I want to leave. - Okay. - 我想要走 - 好吧

[02:13.16]What's the protocol for leaving? 离开时要怎么说呢?

[02:13.72]I don't know- I've never reneged on a proffer of sperm before. 我不知道 我可从没有拒绝过提供精子的要求

[02:20.32]Let's try just walking out. 我们就直接走出去吧

[02:20.100]Okay. 好

[02:33.44]- Bye. - Bye. Nice meeting you. - 再见 - 再见 很高兴认识你

[02:39.20]Are you still made about the sperm bank? 你还在为精子银行的事生气吗?

[02:39.64]No. 没有

[02:43.96]You want to hear an interesting thing about stairs? 你想听一件关于楼梯的趣事吗?

[02:45.24]Not really. 不是很想

[02:48.72]If the height of a single step 如果一阶楼梯比普通的矮个2毫米 大部分人都会绊倒

[02:52.88]I don't care. 不关我事

[02:53.72]Two milli... that doesn't seem right. 2毫米? 不会吧

[02:55.68]No,it's true. I did a series of experiments when I was 12. 是真的 我12岁时做了一系列的实验

[02:59.64]My father broke his clavicle. 我爸爸因此还跌断了锁骨

[03:02.12]Is that why they sent you to boarding school? 所以他们把你送去寄宿学校?

[03:04.36]No. That was a result of my work with lasers. 不 那是因为我研究激光惹的事

[03:12.68]- new neighbor? - Evidently. - 新邻居? - 显然是

[03:16.96]Significant improvement over the old neighbor. 比上一任有了明显可观的改善

[03:19.24]200-pound transvestite with a skin condition? Yes,she is. 那个200磅重还患有皮肤病的异装癖? 噢 绝对是

[03:24.44]- Oh,hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨

[03:27.04]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨

[03:28.28]- Hi. - Hi? - 嗨 - 嗨?

[03:30.96]We don't mean to interrupt. We live across the hall. 我们不想打扰你 我们是住对面的邻居

[03:34.24]Oh,that's nice. 啊 太好了

[03:36.92]Oh,no,uh,we don't live together. 噢不 我们不是同居

[03:39.76]I mean,we live together, but in separate, 我是说 虽然住在一起 但是在不同的...

[03:43.44]heterosexual bedrooms. 直男房间里

[03:44.12]Oh. Okay,well,guess I'm your new neighbor. Penny. 那好吧 我是你们的新邻居 我叫Penny

[03:48.84]Oh. Leonard. Sheldon. 我是Leonard 他是Sheldon

[03:48.40]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨

[03:49.52]Hi. Hi. Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨

[03:54.44]Well,uh... oh,uh,welcome to the building. 欢迎你搬来

[03:58.76]Oh,thank you. Maybe we can have coffee sometime. 谢谢 有空一起喝个咖啡吧

[03:59.52]- Oh,great. - Great. - 噢 好啊 - 好啊

[04:01.40]- Great. - Great. - 好啊 - 好啊

[04:04.32]- Well,uh,bye. - Bye. - 那么 再见啦 - 再见

[04:08.40]- Bye. - Bye. - 再见 - 再见

[04:11.64]Should we have invited her for lunch? 我们应该邀请她共进午餐吗?

[04:12.20]No. We're gonna start season two of battlestar galactica. 不 我们要看Battlestar Galactica第二季 (太空堡垒卡拉狄加)

[04:18.28]We already watched the season two dvds. 我们已经看过第二季的DVD了

[04:20.52]Not with commentary. 那时候没带评论音轨一起看啊

[04:24.40]I think we should be good neighbors and invite her over, make her feel welcome. 我们应该做好邻居 请她过来 让她感受到我们对她的欢迎

[04:26.92]We never invited louie-slash-louise over. 我们从来没请那个Louis还不Louise过来啊

[04:30.52]Well... and that was wrong of us. 那是我们不对

[04:34.28]We need to widen our circle. 我们要扩大社交圈

[04:35.56]I have a very wide circle. 我的社交圈很广

[04:38.28]I have 212 friends on myspace. 我在MySpace上有212个朋友

[04:43.08]Yes,and you've never met one of them. 是的 但你从没见过任何一个真人

[04:45.32]That's the beauty of it. 这正是它的美好之处

[04:48.92]I'm gonna invite her over. 我去请她过来

[04:51.52]We'll have a nice meal and... chat. 我们好好吃一餐 闲聊一下

[04:52.96]Chat? We don't chat. At least not offline. 闲聊? 我们不闲聊 至少不线下闲聊

[04:58.76]Well,it's not difficult. You just listen to what she says 不会很难的 你就听她说

[05:02.24]and then you say something appropriate in response. 然后给一些适当的回应就好了

[05:06.96]To what end? 直到什么时候?

[05:09.72]Hi. Again. 嗨 又是我们

[05:10.96]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨

[05:15.00]Anyway,um... we brought home indian food. 我们买了些印度菜

[05:19.24]And,um... 那个...

[05:18.76]I know that moving can be stressful, 我知道搬家会很累人

[05:22.64]and,and,I find that when I'm undergoing stress, 当我觉得很累的时候

[05:24.92]that good food and company can have a comforting effect. 吃顿好的 跟人聊聊天 会让我放松很多

[05:27.88]Also, curry is a natural laxative, and I don't have to tell you, 此外 咖喱是天然的温和泻药

[05:31.68]that,you know,a clean colon is just one less thing to worry about. 你也知道干净的结肠 会让你省去件烦心事

[05:39.84]Leonard,I'm no expert here, but I believe in the context of a luncheon invitation, Leonard 虽然我不是专家 但我相信当你邀请人吃午饭的时候

[05:42.88]you might want to skip the reference to bowel movements. 最好省略关于肠部运动的话题

[05:45.04]Oh,you're inviting me over to eat? 你们是在邀我一起吃饭?

[05:45.60]Uh... yes. 是啊

[05:47.72]Oh,that's so nice. I'd love to. 真是太好了 我很愿意

[05:50.08]Great. 很好

[05:51.84]So,what do you guys do for fun around here? 你们平时都玩什么呢?

[05:55.36]Well,today we tried masturbating for money. 今天我们尝试了靠手淫挣钱

[06:02.64]Our whole universe was in a hot,dense state * 宇宙是个大火炉 *

[06:04.60]then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! * 140亿年前大爆炸 稍等 *

[06:08.64]The earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool, * 地球开始冷却 生物开始繁衍 *

[06:10.80]neanderthals developed tools we built the wall * 尼安得特尔人发明工具 我们建造墙瓦 *

[06:14.36]we built the pyramids math,science,history, * 我们创造金字塔 数学 科学 历史 *

[06:16.96]unraveling the mystery that all started * 揭露奥秘 *

[06:17.52]with a big bang bang! * 就从宇宙大爆炸开始! *

[06:24.68]THE BIG BANG THEOTY Season 01 Episode 01 天才理论传 第一季 第1集

[06:26.44]yourself at home. 请随意

[06:27.40]Okay. Thank you. 谢谢

[06:31.08]You're very welcome. 不客气

[06:35.04]This looks like some serious stuff. Leonard,did you do this? 这些看起来好深奥啊 Leonard 这是你写的吗?

[06:37.64]Actually,that's my work. 实际上 那些是我做的

[06:40.72]Wow. 哇

[06:41.44]Yeah. Well,it's just some quantum mechanics with a little string theory doodling around the edges. 就是些量子力学而已 边上我随便胡写了一点弦理论

[06:48.92]That part there, that's just a joke. 那个部分 是开玩笑的

[06:49.48]It's a spoof of the born-oppenheimer approximation. 是我乱改的伯恩-奥本海默近似版

[06:52.20]So you're like one of those beautiful mind genius guys. 看来你是"美丽心灵"那部电影 里面的那种天才人物啊

[06:58.16]Yeah. 可以这么说

[06:59.44]This is really impressive. 好厉害啊

[07:02.12]I have a board. If you like boards, this is my board. 我也有块纸板 如果你喜欢 这边是我的纸板

[07:06.24]Holy smokes. 我的妈呀

[07:08.76]If by "holy smokes" you mean a derivative restatement of the kind of stuff 如果你说的"我的妈呀" 指的是在麻省理工大学

[07:11.20]you can find scribbled on the wall of any men's room at mit,sure. 任何一个男生宿舍墙上都能看到的涂写 那我想是的

[07:15.00]- What? - Come on. - 什么? - 得了吧

[07:17.32]Who hasn't seen this differential below "here I sit, broken-hearted"? 谁没见过"我伤心地坐在这" 下面的微分演算啊?

[07:21.72]At least I didn't have to invent 26 dimensions just to make the mathouome ct. 至少我不用自己发明26种量纲 才能让演算成立

[07:25.68]I didn't invent them. They're there. 我没有发明它们 它们本来就是存在的

[07:26.36]In what universe? 在哪个世界上存在啊?

[07:27.36]In all of them- that is the point. 所有的世界里都存在 这正是关键

[07:29.28]Uh... do you guys mind if I start? 我可以开动了吗?

[07:30.64]Um... penny... Penny

[07:33.88]that's where i sit. 你坐了我的座位

[07:38.80]So,sit next to me. 那你坐我旁边嘛

[07:41.32]No... I sit there. 不行 我只坐那个座位

[07:44.80]- What's the difference? - What's the difference? - 有什么区别? - 有什么区别?

[07:46.28]Here we go. 又来了

[07:46.04]In the winter,that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, 冬天 那个位置跟电暖炉之间的距离 正好能让人保持温暖

[07:51.96]and yet not so close as to cause perspiration in the summer, 而又不会太近导致出汗

[07:52.12]it's directly in the path of a cross-breeze created by opening windows there and there 夏天 坐在这儿正好能吹到 从这个窗口到那个窗口对吹的风

[07:58.44]it faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, 而且这里对着电视的角度正好

[07:60.80]thus discouraging conversation, 既不会妨碍跟他人谈话

[08:00.88]nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion. 又不用把头扭得太过去 以致造成视差畸变

[08:04.68]I could go on,but I think I've made my point. 我还能继续解释下去 但我想你应该明白了

[08:09.68]Do you want me to move? 你要我移开吗?

[08:12.40]- Well... - just sit somewhere else. - 嗯... - 你就坐到旁边去吧

[08:17.52]Fine. 好吧

[08:34.40]Sheldon,sit! Sheldon 给我坐下!

[08:39.20]Ah. 啊

[08:43.28]Well,this is nice. 这样很不错

[08:43.20]We don't have a lot of company over. 我们不是经常有朋友过来

[08:44.00]That's not true- koothrappali and wolowitz come over all the time. 你胡扯 Koothrappali和Wolowitz天天都来

[08:49.08]Yes,I know,but... 我知道 但...

[08:50.32]tuesday night we played klingon boggle till 1:00 in the morning. 星期二晚上 我们玩Klingon拼字游戏到夜里1点

[08:50.44]Yeah,I remember. 是啦 我记得

[08:52.20]I resent you saying we don't have company. 我讨厌你说我们没有朋友

[08:55.16]- I'm sorry. - That has negative social implications. - 抱歉 - 那会产生消极的交际暗示

[08:54.88]I said I'm sorry! 我说了我很抱歉!

[08:58.60]So... klingon boggle? Klingon拼字游戏是什么?

[09:00.88]Yeah. It's like regular boggle,but... in klingon. 就像普通的拼字游戏 但是是Klingon语的 (星际迷航中外星武士一族的怪异语言)

[09:08.08]That's probably enough about us. So,tell us about you. 不聊我们了 说说你的事吧

[09:10.84]Um... me? Okay. 我? 好啊

[09:15.04]I'm a sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know. 我是人马座的 这一点就很能说明我的个性啦

[09:18.52]Yes. It tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion 是啊 它告诉我们你也是 迷信那种大众文化妄想的一员

[09:20.52]that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth 你相信你出生时太阳的视位置 跟任意划分的星群间的关系

[09:24.92]somehow affects your personality. 能以某种方式影响你的性格

[09:29.16]Participate in the what? 我相信什么?

[09:33.44]I think what sheldon's trying to say is that sagittarius wouldn't have been our first guess. 我想Sheldon是说 你第一眼看上去不像人马座

[09:38.00]Oh,yeah. A lot of people think I'm a water sign. Penny: 对啊 很多人觉得我像水相星座

[09:39.84]Okay,let's see, what else. 让我想想 还有什么

[09:41.32]Oh,I'm a vegetarian. Except for fish. 我是个素食者 嗯 鱼除外

[09:43.80]And the occasional steak. I love steak! 偶尔我也吃牛排 我好爱牛排!

[09:50.92]Well,that's interesting. Leonard can't process corn. 那真是有趣 Leonard不能消化玉米

[09:56.60]Well,uh,do you have some sort of a job? 你做什么工作呢?

[09:60.20]Oh,yeah. I'm a waitress at the cheesecake factory. 我在"芝士蛋糕工厂"当女招待

[10:02.48]Oh... I love cheesecake. 我很喜欢芝士蛋糕

[10:05.84]You're lactose-intolerant. 你都不能忍受乳糖

[10:04.40]I don't eat it- I just think it's a good idea. 我不吃 不代表我不欣赏它

[10:09.72]Oh. Anyways,I'm also writing a screenplay. 不管怎样 我还在写剧本

[10:10.40]It's about this sensitive girl who comes to L.A. From lincoln,nebraska, 是关于一个感情细腻的女孩 从内布拉斯加州Lincoln小镇来到洛杉矶

[10:14.44]to be an actress and winds up a waitress at the cheesecake factory. 梦想成为演员 却只能在芝士蛋糕工厂当女招待

[10:19.68]So,it's based on your life. 剧本是根据你的经历改编的哦?

[10:21.36]No,I'm from omaha. 不 我是从奥马哈市来的

[10:28.00]Well,if that was movie, I would go see it. 如果真的拍成电影 我肯定会去看的

[10:30.52]I know,right? 我知道 故事不错是吧?

[10:32.16]Okay,let's see,what else... um... 我想想 还有什么?

[10:34.32]guess that's about it. 好像差不多了

[10:37.24]That's the story of penny. 这就是Penny的故事

[10:39.16]Well,it sounds wonderful. 听起来很棒啊

[10:42.16]It was. 以前是的

[10:42.36]Until I fell in love with a jerk! 直到我爱上了那个混球

[10:51.08]What's happening? 怎么了?


[10:54.04]God,you know, four years I lived with him. 你知道吗 我跟他同居了4年

[10:57.48]Four years- that's like as long as high school. 4年 跟高中一样久了

[10:60.60]It took you four years to get through high school? 你花了4年才上完高中?

[11:04.44]It just... I can't believe I trusted him. 我不敢相信我居然那么信任他

[11:11.52]Should I say something? I feel like I should say something. 我该说些什么吗? 我觉得我该说些什么

[11:15.68]You? No,you'll only make it worse. 你? 千万别 你只会让事情变得更糟糕

[11:17.68]You want to know the most pathetic part? 你知道最可悲的是什么吗?

[11:17.56]Even though I hate his lying, cheating guts... 尽管我对他的谎言欺骗恨之入骨

[11:23.64]I still love him. 我还是爱着他

[11:23.100]Is that crazy? 是不是很疯狂?

[11:26.56]Yes. 是的

[11:30.96]No,it's not crazy. 不 那不是疯狂

[11:32.04]It's uh... uh... it's a paradox. 你只是... 陷入一种矛盾

[11:35.96]Paradoxes are part of nature. 矛盾是我们天性的一部分

[11:36.96]Think about light. If you look at huygens, light is a wave, 你想想光 惠更斯认为光是一种波动

[11:40.24]as confirmed by the double - slit experiments, 双缝实验证明了这一论点

[11:41.100]but then along comes albert einstein and discovers that light behaves like particles,too. 但后来 爱因斯坦出现了 他发现光也具有粒子的表现特征

[11:51.88]Well,I didn't make it worse. 呃 我没让情况变得更糟

[11:55.68]I'm so sorry. I'm such a mess. 很抱歉 我真是一团糟

[11:56.24]On top of everything else, I'm all gross from moving and my stupid shower doesn't even work. 除了那些烂事 我搬家弄得一身臭汗 该死的淋浴还坏掉了

[12:00.04]Our shower works. 我们的淋浴房能用

[12:05.76]Really? Would it be totally weird if I used it? 真的? 我用你们的淋浴房 会不会很奇怪?

[12:07.64]Yes. 会

[12:07.84]- No. - No? - 当然不会 - 不会?

[12:08.76]- No. - No. - 不会 - 不会

[12:09.92]It's right down the hall. 就在厅后面

[12:12.52]Thanks. You guys are really sweet. 谢谢 你们真是大好人

[12:21.04]well,this is an interesting development. 真是有趣的进展啊

[12:28.20]How so? 为什么?

[12:29.72]It has been some time since we've had a woman take her clothes off in our apartment. 已经有好长一段时间 没有女人在我们的公寓里脱光了

[12:33.96]That's not true. Remember at thanksgiving my grandmother with alzheimer's had that episode? 不对吧 还记得感恩节我那阿兹海默症 (老年痴呆)的奶奶病发闹出的那一段吗?

[12:38.40]Point taken. It has been some time since we've had a woman take her clothes off, 有道理 已经有好长一段时间 没有女人在我们公寓里脱光

[12:44.12]after which we didn't want to rip our eyes out. 而且我们不会想抠出自己的眼睛!

[12:47.68]The worst part was watching her carve that turkey. 看着她乱搞那只火鸡 是最折磨人的

[12:50.64]So what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? 你到底希望达到什么目标呢?

[12:54.44]Excuse me? 你说什么?

[12:56.68]That woman in there is not going to have sex with you. 那个女孩不会跟你上床的

[12:59.48]Well,I'm not trying to have sex with her. 我不是想跟她上床

[12:60.72]Oh,good. Then you won't be disappointed. 很好 那你就不会失望了

[13:05.56]What makes you think she wouldn't have sex with me? 你为什么认定她不会跟我上床?

[13:07.52]I'm a male and she's a female. 我是男人 她是女人

[13:08.64]Yes,but not of the same species. 对 但你们不是一个种族的

[13:13.04]I'm not going to engage in hypotheticals here. 我不想跟你在这瞎猜

[13:15.24]I'm just trying to be a good neighbor. 我只是想当个好邻居

[13:17.32]Oh,of course. 当然了

[13:19.80]That's not to say that if a carnal relationship were to develop that I wouldn't participate. 但是如果真的要发展到肉体关系 我也不会拒绝的

[13:26.68]However briefly. 不管那有多短暂

[13:28.88]Do you think this possibility will be helped or hindered 你觉得让她发现你的 "天行者Luke"无泪洗发水

[13:31.84]when she discovers your luke skywalker no-more-tears shampoo? 是会帮助还是阻碍你们的发展呢?

[13:35.92]It's darth vader shampoo. 那是Darth Vader洗发液 (星球大战中角色)

[13:37.88]luke skywalker's the conditioner. "天行者Luke"是护发素

[13:44.20]Wait till you see this. 你们得看看这个

[13:45.12]It's fantastic, unbelievable. 超级赞 不可置信

[13:45.88]See what? 看什么?

[13:49.28]It's a stephen hawking lecture from mit in 1974. 是施蒂芬-霍金于1974年 在麻省理工做的演讲

[13:53.84]This isn't a good time. 现在不方便

[13:52.60]It's before he became a creepy computer voice. Leonard: 这是在他变成诡异的 电脑合成声音之前的讲座

[13:60.96]That's great. You guys have to go. 很好 你们得走了

[14:00.48]Why? 为什么?

[14:03.76]It's just not a good time. 现在不方便啊

[14:02.08]Leonard has a lady over. Leonard有女人拜访

[14:04.92]Yeah,right- your grandmother back in town? 这样啊 你奶奶又进城了?

[14:11.96]No. And she's not a lady. 不是什么女人的艳遇啦

[14:11.24]She's just a new neighbor. 只是我们的新邻居

[14:15.56]Hang on,there really is a lady here? 你等等 这儿真有个女人?

[14:17.80]Uh-huh. 没错

[14:17.84]And you want us out because you're anticipating coitus? 你要我们走 是因为你准备跟她交媾?

[14:20.16]I'm not anticipating coitus. 我没准备跟她交媾

[14:24.04]So she's available for coitus? 那她可以跟别人交媾?

[14:23.12]Can we please just stop saying "coitus"? 能不能别用"交媾"这个词?

[14:27.12]Technically,that would be "coitus interruptus. " 用术语来说 就是交媾中止

[14:29.32]Hey,is there a trick to getting it to switch from tub to shower...? 从泡浴换成淋浴 是不是有个开关?

[14:32.88]Oh,hi. Sorry. Hello. 噢 很抱歉 你们好

[14:39.64]Enchant? mademoiselle. 很高兴认识您 小姐

[14:43.00]Howard wolowitz caltech department of applied physics. 我是Howard Wolowitz 加州理工大应用物理系

[14:46.60]You may be familiar with some of my work. 你可能对我的工作成果有所了解

[14:46.64]It's currently orbiting jupiter's largest moon taking high-resolution digital photographs. 它现在正绕着木星最大的卫星旋转 拍摄高清数码照片

[14:53.44]Penny. I work at the cheesecake factory. 我是Penny 我在芝士蛋糕工厂做侍应

[14:55.76]Come on,I'll show you the trick with the shower. 来吧 我告诉你开关在哪

[14:60.00]Bonne douche. Bonne douche!

[14:60.68]I'M... I'm sorry? 你说什么?

[15:03.72]It's french for "good shower. " 法语的"洗个痛快澡"

[15:05.80]It's a sentiment I can express in six languages. 我能用六国语言表达这一祝愿

[15:07.52]Save it for your blog,howard. 留着在你的Blog上写吧 Howard

[15:12.44]细鐾纯快澡 洗个痛快澡 (中文)

[15:17.72]all right, there it goes. It sticks. I'm sorry. 这样就行 开关卡住了 抱歉

[15:21.72]Okay,thanks. 好的 谢谢

[15:21.88]Reyou' welcome. Oh,you're just going to step right... okay,I'll... 不客气 你只要向右... 好 我撤了

[15:24.92]- hey,leonard... - the hair products are sheldon'S. - Leonard - 那些洗发产品是Sheldon的

[15:28.92]Okay. 好的

[15:28.64]Um,can I ask you a favor? 我能麻烦你帮个忙吗?

[15:30.08]A favor? 帮忙?

[15:33.56]Sure,you can ask me a favor. I would do you a favor for you. 你当然可以要我帮忙 我很乐意帮你忙

[15:37.76]It's okay if you say no. 你不答应也没事

[15:38.16]Oh,I'll probably say yes. 噢 我应该会答应的

[15:40.48]It's just not the kind of thing you ask a guy you just met. 这不是那种 你会请刚认识的人帮的忙

[15:45.84]Wow. 哇

[15:55.44]I really think we should examine the chain of causality here. 我们得回顾下这起事件的前因后果

[15:58.12]Must we? 一定要吗?

[15:58.44]Event a- a beautiful woman stands naked in our shower. 事件A: 一个美女在我们的浴室裸体

[16:03.92]Event b- we drive halfway across town to retrieve a television set 事件B: 我们开车穿越整个小镇 就为了搬台电视机回来

[16:06.80]from the aforementioned woman's ex-boyfriend. 目的地就在刚刚提到的美女的前男友家

[16:08.28]Query- on what plane of existence is there even a semi-rational link between these events? 提问: 这两件事之间 存在任何甚至半理性的关联吗?

[16:13.72]She asked me to do her a favor,sheldon. 因为Penny请我帮个忙 Sheldon

[16:17.68]Ah,yes. Well,that may be the proximal cause of our journey, 是啊 那也许是最近似可能的起因了

[16:19.52]but we both know it only exists in contradistinction to the higher level distal cause. 但我们都知道 它和更高级的末端起因截然不同

[16:25.92]Which is? 那是什么意思?

[16:26.64]You think with your penis. 你用你的老二思考

[16:28.52]That's a biological impossibility. 这在生理上是不可能的

[16:29.60]And you didn't have to come. 你也不一定要来啊

[16:32.00]Oh,right,yes,I could have stayed behind and watch wolowitz try to hit on penny in russian, arabic and farsi. 对 我可以留在家里看着Wolowitz 试图用俄语 阿拉伯语及波斯语搭讪Penny

[16:38.40]Why can't she get her own tv? 她为什么不能自己去拿?

[16:39.96]Come on,you know how it is with breakups. 你知道分手这种事啦

[16:41.60]No,I don'T... and neither do you. 不 我不知道 你也不知道

[16:42.28]I broke up with joyce kim. 什么啊 我跟Joyce Kim分过手

[16:46.56]You did not break up with joyce kim. She defected to north korea. 你才没有和Joyce Kim分手 是她跑到韩国去了

[16:48.92]To mend her broken heart. 为了修复她受伤的心灵

[16:54.52]This situation is much less complicated. 现在这情况更加复杂

[16:56.80]There's some kind of dispute between penny and her ex-boyfriend as to who gets custody of the tv. Penny和她前男友不能达成一致 究竟电视机该归谁

[17:02.04]She just wanted to avoid having a scene with him. 她不想再和他当面争执

[17:05.52]So we get to have a scene with him? 所以我们去和他当面争执?

[17:06.56]No,sheldon,there's not going to be a scene. Sheldon 根本不会有争执

[17:07.96]There's two of us and one of him. 我们两人 他一人

[17:09.68]Leonard,the two of us can't even carry a tv. Leonard 我们俩加起来都抗不动一台电视

[17:16.52]So,you guys work with leonard and sheldon at the university? 你们跟Leonard和Sheldon一起在学校做事?

[17:22.84]Um,I'm sorry. Do you speak english? 不好意思 你会说英语吗?

[17:25.96]Oh,he speaks english. Hecaust jn't speak to women. 他会 只是不能跟女人说

[17:31.76]Really? Why? 真的? 为什么?

[17:32.96]He's kind of a nerd. 因为他是个书呆子

[17:35.60]Juice box? 盒装果汁? (谐音G-Spot 即高潮快点)

[17:42.76]I'll do the talking. Man: 我来跟他理论

[17:45.84]Yeah? 谁?

[17:46.40]Uh,hi,I'm leonard, this is sheldon. 嗨 我是Leonard 他是Sheldon

[17:48.60]- Hello. - Let'S... - 你好 - 我...

[17:50.24]uh,we're here to pick up penny's tv. 我们来拿Penny的电视

[17:54.40]Get lost. 滚

[17:55.24]Okay,thanks for you time. 好的 打搅你了

[17:57.16]We're not going to give up just like that. 我们不能就这么放弃

[17:58.04]Leonard,the tv's in the building. Leonard 电视在这楼里

[17:60.92]We have been denied access to the building- ergo,we are done. 他不放我们进去 我们没辙

[18:03.92]Excuse me. 不好意思

[18:03.64]If I were to give up on the first little hitch I never would have been able to identify the fingerprints 如果我第一次受挫就放弃 我就永远不可能在大爆炸理论提出后

[18:07.12]of string theory in the aftermath of the big bang. 发现关于弦理论的蛛丝马迹

[18:10.60]My apologies. What's your plan? 我道歉 你打算怎么做?

[18:27.24]It's just a privilege to watch your mind at work. 看到你如此专注工作 真是种荣幸

[18:30.52]Come on,we have a combined iq of 360. 来吧 我们俩智商加起来有360

[18:33.20]We should be able 我们绝对能够想办法进入这蠢楼

[18:42.88]what do you think their combined iq is? 你觉得她俩智商加起来多少?

[18:43.04]Just grab the door! 快去留住门!

[18:46.48]This is it. 就是这

[18:50.60]I'll do the talking. 我来跟他理论

[18:49.96]Good thinking. I'll just be the muscle. 好主意 我用武力威慑

[18:59.60]Yeah? 什么事?

[19:00.96]I'm leonard, this is sheldon. 我是Leonard 他是Sheldon

[19:03.56]From the intercom. 刚刚在对讲机上的

[19:06.80]How the hell did you get in the building? 他妈的你们怎么进来的?

[19:07.92]Uh... we're scientists. 我们是科学家

[19:13.44]Tell him about our iq. 告诉他我们的智商

[19:29.48]- Leonard... - what? - Leonard - 什么?

[19:30.88]My mom bought me those pants. 那条裤子是我妈给我买的

[19:32.68]I'm sorry. 真抱歉

[19:32.60]You're going to have to call her. 你得给她打电话

[19:39.40]Sheldon,I am so sorry I dragged you through this. Sheldon 真对不起把你也扯进来了

[19:42.84]It's okay. It wasn't my first pantsing and it won't be my last. 没关系 这不是我第一次掉裤子了 也不会是最后一次

[19:46.24]And you were right about my motives. 你说得对 关于我的动机

[19:46.60]I was hoping to establish a relationship with penny that might have someday led to sex. 我是指望着能跟Penny建立某种关系 并最终发展成肉体关系

[19:55.96]Well,you got me out of my pants. 你倒是成功地脱下了我的裤子

[19:59.80]Anyway,I've learned my lesson. 无论如何 我得到了教训

[19:60.80]She's out of my league, I'm done with her. 我配不上她 我放弃了

[20:02.60]Got my work,one day I'll win the nobel prize and then I'll die alone. 我有工作 有一天我会赢得诺贝尔奖 然后孤老死去

[20:05.24]Don't think like that. You're not going to die alone. 别那么想 你不会孤老而死

[20:08.44]Thank you,sheldon. You're a good friend. 谢谢你 Sheldon 你真是个好朋友

[20:13.48]And you're certainly not going to win a nobel prize. 你当然也没可能赢诺贝尔奖

[20:18.36]This is one of my favorite places to kick back after a quest. 这里是我最喜欢的探险后休息的地方

[20:21.88]They have a great house ale. 他家的啤酒很好喝

[20:23.92]Wow,a cool tiger. 好酷的老虎

[20:25.88]Yeah,I've had him since level ten. 是的 我从10级开始就养它了

[20:26.68]His name is buttons. 它叫扣扣

[20:29.44]Anyway,if you had your own game character we could hang out, maybe go on a quest. 如果你也有自己的在线游戏人物 我们可以一起玩玩 一起探险

[20:34.12]Sounds interesting. 听上去挺有趣

[20:36.60]So you'll think about it? 那么 你会想想这个提议啦?

[20:38.68]Oh,I don't think I'll be able to stop thinking about it. 我想这个点子会让我思考许久的

[20:42.16]Smooth. 干得漂亮

[20:48.36]We're home. 我们回来了

[20:48.32]Oh,my god,what happened? 老天啊 发生了什么事?

[20:51.20]Well,your ex-boyfriend sends his regards and I think the rest is fairly self-explanatory. 你前男友让我们跟你带声问候 其他的我想应该够一目了然了

[20:55.84]I'm so sorry. 我真抱歉

[20:56.24]I really thought if you guys went instead of me he wouldn't be such an ass. 我真的以为如果你们替我去 他不会表现那么混蛋

[20:60.36]No,it was a valid hypothesis. 挺充分的假设

[21:02.56]That was a valid...? What is happening to you? 挺充分的假...? 你怎么了?

[21:05.96]Really... thank you so much for going and trying. 说真的 太谢谢你们帮我跑这一趟了

[21:09.72]You're so terrific. 你们真是大好人

[21:14.56]Really. 真的

[21:15.92]Why don't you get some clothes on, I'll get my purse, and dinner is on me,okay? 你们穿上衣服 我去拿钱包 今晚我请客 好吧?

[21:18.72]- Really? Great. - Thank you. - 真的吗? 太好了! - 谢谢

[21:25.68]You're not done with her,are you? 你还没放弃 是吧?

[21:30.40]Are babies will be smart and beautiful. 我们的小孩肯定又聪敏又漂亮

[21:35.24]Not to mention imaginary. 而且还是想象出来的

[21:44.32]- *with you,penny? - Sure. - Penny 你能吃泰国菜吗? - 可以啊

[21:46.100]We can't have thai food- we had indian for lunch. 我们不能吃泰国菜 中午已经吃了印度菜

[21:49.28]So? 所以?

[21:49.88]They're both curry-based cuisines. 它们都是以咖喱为主的菜系

[21:53.24]So? 所以?

[21:53.92]It would be gastronomically redundant. 那会造成"肠胃不能承受之腹泻"

[21:56.12]I can see we're going to have to spell out everything for this girl. 我发现我们什么都得帮她解释清楚

[21:58.24]Any ideas,raj? Raj 你有什么主意吗?

[22:03.52]Uh,turn left on lake street and head up to colorado. 在Lake街左转 朝Colorado开

[22:04.48]I know a wonderful little sushi bar that has karaoke. 那边有个带卡拉OK的寿司吧

[22:09.76]That sounds like fun. 好像很好玩

[22:10.40]Baby,baby,don't get hooked on me * 宝贝 宝贝 不要被我迷上 *

[22:17.68]oh,baby,baby,don't get hooked on me... * 宝贝 宝贝 不要被我迷上 *

[22:24.64]I don't know what your odds are in the world as a whole, 我不知道按整个世界算 你追她成功的机率有多大

[22:26.32]but as far as the population of this car goes, 但就这辆车里的人来讲

[22:26.08]you're a veritable mack daddy. 你绝对是名副其实的万人迷

[22:32.00]天才理论传 第一季 第1集 完

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