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[00:12.24]all right,just a few more feet. And... 非常好 再前进几步...

[00:15.44]here we are,gentlemen,the gates of elzebob. 准备好 先生们 Elzebob大门到了

[00:18.16]Good lord. 上帝啊

[00:21.32]Don't panic. This is what the last 97 hours have been about. 别慌 坚持97小时的战斗就为了这一刻

[00:22.88]Stay frosty. There's a horde of armed goblins 待着别动 一群装备武器的地精

[00:26.28]on the other side of that gate guarding the sword of asaroth. 正在门的另一边 守卫着艾辛诺斯之刃

[00:30.52]Warriors,unsheathe your weapons. Magic wielders,raise your wands. 战士们 拔出你们的武器 法师们 举起你们的魔杖

[00:32.16]Lock and load. 准备好了

[00:33.76]Raj,blow the gates. Raj 推开大门

[00:35.48]Blowing the gates. 推开大门

[00:39.80]Control,shift... Control Shift...

[00:42.80]b! B!

[00:45.64]oh,my god,so many goblins! 天啊 那么多地精!

[00:46.48]Don't just stand there,slash and move,slash and move! 别傻站在那里 向前开路! 向前开路!

[00:49.52]Stay in formation! 保持阵形!

[00:51.12]Leonard,you got one on your tail. Leonard 有个敌人在你背后

[00:53.76]That's all right,my tail's prehensile- - I'll swat him off. 没事 我脑后长眼着呢 我会干掉他的

[00:54.32]I got him,leonard. 我打中他了 Leonard

[00:56.72]Tonight I spice my mead with goblin blood. 今晚我要用那地精的血来祭酒

[00:59.80]Raj,no,it's a trap! They're flanking us! Raj 不要 这是个陷阱! 他们在夹击我们!

[01:03.68]He's got me! 我被打中了!

[01:03.60]Sheldon,he's got raj. Use your sleep spell! Sheldon 他打中Raj了 快用你的催眠咒!

[01:06.40]Sheldon... sheldon? Sheldon Sheldon?

[01:09.92]I've got the sword of asaroth! 我拿到了艾辛诺斯之刃!

[01:11.40]Forget the sword,sheldon,help raj! 别管剑了 Sheldon 快救Raj!

[01:14.88]There is no more sheldon. 我不再是Sheldon了

[01:15.40]I am the sword master! 我是剑圣!

[01:18.28]Leonard,look out! Leonard 当心!

[01:20.12]Damn it,man,we're dying here! 该死 我们快不行了!

[01:19.76]Good - bye,peasants! 再见了 土人们!

[01:24.52]the bastard teleported! 那混蛋走了!

[01:25.48]He's selling the sword of asaroth on ebay. 他在ebay上出售那把艾辛诺斯之刃

[01:29.28]You betrayed us for money? Who are you? 你为了钱背叛我们? 你怎么这样?

[01:33.04]I'm a rogue night elf. Don't you people read character descriptions? 我是暗夜精灵盗贼 你们没有读过角色介绍吗?

[01:37.60]Wait,wait,wait! Somebody just clicked "buy it now. 等等! 有人点击了"立即购买"

[01:38.76]" I am the sword master! 我是剑圣!

[01:45.76]Our whole universe was in a hot,dense state * 宇宙是个大火炉 *

[01:47.64]then nearly 14 billion years * 140亿年前大爆炸 哦稍等 *

[01:50.64]go expansion started... wait!

[01:51.72]The earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool, * 地球开始冷却 生物开始繁衍 *

[01:55.96]neanderthals developed tools * 尼安得特尔人发明工具*

[01:55.68]we built the wall * 我们建造墙瓦 *

[01:56.44]we built the pyramids * 我们创造金字塔 数学 科学 历史 *

[01:57.40]math, science,history, unraveling the mystery * 揭露奥秘 *

[01:59.32]that all started with a big bang bang! * 就从宇宙大爆炸开始! *


[02:04.00] 天才理论传 第一季 第3集

[02:06.92]Ooh,I'm all sweaty. Anybody want to log on to second life and go swimming? 哦 我身上都是汗 谁想再进入<第二人生>游个泳?

[02:10.08]I just built a virtual pool. 我刚建了个虚拟游泳池

[02:14.32]No. I can't look at you or your avatar right now. 不 我现在不想看见你或是你的兽身

[02:22.80]sounds like your neighbor's home. 好像是隔壁的声音

[02:24.80]Excuse me. 失陪

[02:25.32]Don't forget the mail you took accidentally on purpose 别忘了带上你"无意"拿到的信件

[02:27.56]so you'd have an excuse to talk to her. 这样你就有借口跟她说话了

[02:30.32]Oh,right,right,right,right. 噢 对 对

[02:31.100]Stealing snail mail- - 偷窃信箱邮件 很老套的方法 我喜欢

[02:36.92]Penny,the mailman,did it again... he... oh,sorry. Penny 邮差又... 哦 抱歉

[02:40.32]Um,oh,hi,leonard. This is doug. 嗨 Leonard 这是Doug

[02:43.92]Doug,this is my neighbor leonard. Doug 这是我邻居Leonard

[02:43.64]What's up,bro? 有事吗 老兄?

[02:48.12]Not much... 没什么...

[02:52.68]bro. 老兄

[02:52.24]Is everything okay? 一切还好吧?

[02:54.72]Yeah,no,I just... I got your mail again. Here. 是啊 我只是... 我又错拿了你的信 给你

[02:57.20]Thank you. I've got to talk to that mailman. 谢谢 我得和邮差说说了

[02:60.00]Oh,no,that's probably not such a good idea. 不 这主意不怎么好

[03:04.24]You know,civil servants have a documented propensity to,you know,snap,so... 人民公仆总是非常容易...动粗

[03:09.32]okay. Well,thank you again. 好吧 还是谢谢你

[03:11.64]No problem. Bye. 没问题 再见

[03:12.68]Oh,and bye... bro. 哦 再见...老兄

[03:23.72]Penny for your thoughts. 呆呆地在想什么呢? (此谚语中正好有Penny一词)

[03:28.84]What's the matter? 怎么回事?

[03:27.96]I'm fine. Penny's fine. 我很好 Penny也很好

[03:32.44]The guy she's kissing is really fine. 和她接吻的家伙也很好

[03:35.88]Kissing,what kind of kissing? Cheeks? 接吻 哪一种? 脸颊? 嘴唇? 情人? 朋友?

[03:38.00]What is wrong with you? 你什么毛病啊?

[03:43.64]I'm a romantic. 我是个浪漫主义者

[03:46.28]Please don't tell me that your hopeless infatuation is devolving into pointless jealousy. 别告诉我你不可救药的迷恋 发展成了无意义的嫉妒

[03:51.04]I'm not jealous. I'm just a little concerned for her. 我不是嫉妒 只是有点担心她

[03:54.52]I didn't like the look of the guy that she was with. 我不怎么喜欢那家伙的长相

[03:56.68]Because he looks better than you? 因为他长得比你帅气?

[03:57.08]Yeah. 是啊

[03:60.48]He was kind of dreamy. 可以说是梦幻般的外形

[04:04.40]Well,at least now you can retrieve the black box from the twisted, 只是你现在还能从燃烧的废墟里

[04:07.08]olsmdering wreckage that was once your fantasy of dating her 找回装满对她美妙幻想的黑匣子

[04:08.60]and analyze the data so that you don't crash into geek mountain. 好好分析下数据 你就不会再坠入"呆子谷"

[04:15.64]I di. Greesa love is not a sprint,it's a marathon- - 我反对 爱情不是短跑 而是马拉松

[04:17.36]a relentless pursuit that only ends when she falls into your arms... 永不放弃地追逐 直到她最终投入你的怀抱

[04:22.40]or hits you with the pepper spray. 或是用防狼喷雾剂喷你

[04:28.68]No,I'm done with penny. 不 我和Penny结束了

[04:29.16]I'm going to be more realistic and go after someone my own speed. 我要更现实些 去追求合我拍的人

[04:32.40]Like who? 比如谁?

[04:34.20]I don't know... olivia geiger. 不知道... Olivia Geiger

[04:34.60]The dietician at the cafeteria with the limp and the lazy eye? 自助餐厅里那个有点跛 还有弱视的营养学家?

[04:41.28]Yeah. 是的

[04:42.08]Oh,I don't think you have a shot there. 哦 我看你没戏

[04:45.48]I have noticed that leslie winkle recently started shaving her legs. 我注意到Leslie Winkle 最近在刮她的腿毛

[04:49.76]Now given that winter is coming, 既然冬天都已经到了

[04:50.48]one can only assume she's signaling sexual availability. 只能说明她是在暗示 她可以作为做爱对象

[04:53.12]I don't know. You guys work in the same lab. 我不清楚 你们在同一个实验室

[04:55.72]So? 所以呢?

[04:56.56]There are pitfalls. Trust me,I know. 这有隐患 相信我 我清楚

[04:60.04]When it comes to sexual harassment law,I'm a bit of a self taught expert. 说到性骚扰的相关法律 我可是自学而成的专家

[05:07.64]Look,howard,if I were to ask leslie winkle out,it would just be for dinner. Howard 如果我要约Leslie Winkle出去 也只是吃顿饭

[05:11.84]I'm not going to walk into the lab,ask her to strip naked and dance for me. 我不会去实验室 要她为我跳脱衣舞

[05:16.52]Oh,then you're probably okay. 哦 那你就没事了

[05:22.48]Hello,leslie. 嗨 Leslie

[05:23.80]Hi,leonard. 嗨 Leonard

[05:22.36]Leslie,I would like to propose an experiment... Leslie 我建议做个实验...

[05:25.04]- goggles,leonard. - Right. - 戴上眼镜 Leonard - 好吧

[05:29.52]Leslie,I would like p toropose an experiment. Leslie 我建议做个实验

[05:30.72]Hang on. 等一下

[05:32.52]I'm trying to see how long it takes a 500 - kilowatt oxygen iodine laser 我想试试一个500千瓦氧碘激光器

[05:35.72]to heat up my cup a' noodles. 得花多久把我的杯装泡面加热

[05:39.16]I've done it. About two seconds. 2. 6 for minestrone. 我试过 大概2秒 蔬菜汤花2.6秒

[05:47.72]anyway,I was thinking more of a bio- social exploration with a neuro- chemical overlay. 总之 我在考虑来个生物学的社交探索 结合神经化学方面的专家知识

[05:54.28]Wait,are you asking me out? 等等 你约我出去?

[05:58.96]I was going to characterize it as the modification of our colleague- slash- friendship paradigm 我认为是改变我们 同事/友谊关系的范例

[06:03.08]with the addition of a date like component, 外加个约会作为补充成分

[06:04.64]but we don't need to quibble over terminology. 但我们不需要一直说术语

[06:09.32]What sort of experiment would you propose? 你计划做怎样的实验?

[06:10.48]There's a generally accepted pattern in this area. 这个领域有种普遍接受的模式

[06:13.60]I would pick you up,take you to a restaurant. 我去接你 带你去餐厅

[06:17.12]Then we would see a movie, 接着我们可以看场电影

[06:18.04]probably a romantic comedy featuring the talents of hugh grant or sandra bullock. 也许一部休·格兰特或桑德拉·布洛克 天才演绎的浪漫轻喜剧

[06:24.40]Interesting. 有意思

[06:25.68]And would you agree that the primary way we would evaluate 你是否同意 我们评价约会成败的依据

[06:28.00]either the success or failure of the date would be based 是基于离别之吻时的化学反应?

[06:28.56]on the biochemical reaction during the good night kiss?

[06:32.72]Heart rate,pheromones,etc. Yes. 心跳率 生化信息素等等 的确

[06:35.60]Why don't we just stipulate that the date goes well and move to the key variable? 我们干嘛不假定约会很顺利 直接进行关键的有变数的部分?

[06:39.76]You mean kiss you now? 你意思是现在就吻你?

[06:41.00]Yes. 是的

[06:41.88]Can you define the parameters of the kiss? 你怎么定义吻的参数吗?

[06:42.72]Close - mouthed but romantic. Mint? 嘴唇的亲密度还有浪漫度 要薄荷吗?

[06:44.12]Thank you. 谢谢

[06:54.84]shall I count down from three? 我数三下?

[06:53.20]No,I think it needs to be spontaneous. 不 我觉得应该自然点

[07:05.32]What do you think? 感觉怎么样?

[07:06.16]You proposed the experiment. I think you should present your findings first. 你提出的实验方案 该由你先说说实验的发现

[07:10.12]Fair enough. 很公平

[07:10.88]On the plus side,it was a good kiss. 从正面讲 这个吻很不错

[07:14.40]Reasonable technique,no extraneous spittle. 合理的技术 没有多余的唾沫

[07:18.72]On the other hand,no arousal. 另一方面讲 没什么感觉

[07:19.52]- None? - None. - 没感觉? - 没有

[07:25.48]Well,thank you for your time. 呃 很感谢你抽出时间

[07:28.56]Thanyok U. 谢谢你

[07:33.32]None at all? 一点感觉都没?

[07:38.64]Sheldon,if you were a robot,and I knew and you didn'T... ... Sheldon 如果你是机器人 我知道但你自己不知道...

[07:48.12]would you want me to tell you? 你希望我告诉你吗?

[07:49.64]That depends. 看情况

[07:53.76]When I learn that I'm a robot... 当我得知我是机器人...

[07:55.88]will I be able to handle it? 我有能力承受吗?

[07:60.72]Maybe- - although the history of science fiction is not on your side. 也许吧 虽然历来的科幻小说 都不能苟同这点

[08:04.00]Okay,uh,let me ask you this- - 好吧 我来问你

[08:07.00]when I learn that I'm a robot, 当我得知我是机器人

[08:09.92]would I be bound by asimov's three laws of robotics? 我要受限于阿西莫夫的"机器人三定律"吗?

[08:12.24]You might be bound by them right now. 你可能现在就受限哦

[08:20.96]That's true. 就是啊

[08:19.56]Have you ever harmed a human being 你伤害过人类吗?

[08:21.76]or through inaction allowed a human being to come to harm? 或任人受伤而袖手旁观?

[08:24.80]Of course not. 当然没有

[08:24.88]Have you ever harmed yourself or allowed yourself to be harmed except in cases 除非在他人危险的情况下 你会伤害自己

[08:26.80]where a human being would have been endangered? 或容忍自己被伤害吗?

[08:31.48]Well,no. 呃 没有

[08:32.48]I smell robot. 我闻到机器人的味道了 (以上问题均出自"机器人三定律")

[08:35.96]Hey,what's going on? 嘿 过得怎么样?

[08:37.56]Internet's been down for half an hour. 互联网瘫痪半个小时了

[08:43.76]Also,sheldon may be a robot. 还有 Sheldon可能是机器人

[08:45.12]So how'd it go with leslie? 和Leslie怎么样啦?

[08:50.40]Oh,we tried kissing,but the earth didn't move. 哦 我们试着接吻 但地球没转

[08:53.24]I mean,any more than the 383 miles that it was going to move anyway. 我是说 比地球原来转的383英里要更多

[08:60.00]Oh,I've seen that look before. 哦 我以前看过他这表情

[09:02.08]This is just going to be two weeks of moping 未来两周 他将不停地拖地

[09:04.96]and tedious emo songs 哼唱乏味的情感核歌曲

[09:05.44]and calling me to come down to pet stores to look at cats. 要我下去宠物商店看猫

[09:11.96]I don't know if I can take it. 我不知道撑不撑得住

[09:13.08]You could power down. 你可以关掉自己的电源

[09:18.00]Well,as usual,wolowitz has the solution. 一如既往 Wolowitz会有解决办法的

[09:23.52]I happen to know a place where there are plenty of eligible women 我碰巧知道个好地方 有很多符合条件的女士

[09:25.32]and leonard could have his pick. Leonard可以任意选

[09:36.12]remember the latin hips. 记住拉丁舞的技巧

[09:38.44]Shoulders stay still,and... we sway. 肩膀挺直 然后摇摆

[09:47.04]One,two,three... ... 一 二 三...

[09:50.08]five,six,seven. 五 六 七

[09:52.08]I think mrs. Tishman's got her eye on you. Tishman女士一直盯着你呢

[09:56.88]I've been there. You're in for a treat. 我有过经验 你会喜欢的

[10:04.68]She said,"you don't know me" "她说 你不了解我"

[10:08.44]doyou "n't even care" "你甚至不在乎"

[10:14.40]oh,yeah... "哦 耶"

[10:15.96]oh,good lord. 哦 上帝

[10:17.76]She said,"you don't know me" "她说 你不了解我"

[10:19.24]"you don't wear my chains" "你不戴我送你的项链"

[10:25.00]oh,yeah. God,that's a good song. "哦 耶" 天啊 这歌真棒

[10:31.84]If you're compiling a mix cd for a double suicide. 当然 如果这是你为双重自杀混合录制的CD

[10:35.28]Oh,I hope that scratching post is for you. 我希望那"猫抓柱"是你自己用的

[10:38.24]I know what you're thinking. I've taken your asthma into account. 我知道你在想什么 你的哮喘病我有考虑在内

[10:41.52]There's a feline geneticist in san diego 圣地亚哥有个研究猫科的遗传学家

[10:44.28]who's developed the cutest little hypoallergenic calicos. 培育了一种超可爱的低变应原小猫

[10:47.60]Leonard,listen to me... Leonard 听我说...

[10:48.56]I've been thinking about names. 我在想给它起什么名字

[10:47.12]I'm kind of torn between einstein,newton and sergeant fuzzy boots. 在爱因斯坦 牛顿和毛靴中士之间犹豫

[10:52.44]Leonard,do you really think you can satisfy your need Leonard 你真认为养一只转基因猫

[10:54.20]for a relationshh witip a genetically altered cat? 可以满足你的感情需要吗?

[10:58.84]Maybe. 也许

[10:60.64]If it's a cute,little,cuddly cat. 一只让人爱不释手的可爱小猫

[11:02.04]Oh,come on. Leonard... 得了吧 Leonard...

[11:07.84]this is obviously about penny. 这都是因为Penny吧

[11:10.28]It doesn't matter. 没所谓

[11:12.60]The woman's not interested in me. The woman rejected me. 她对我不感兴趣 拒绝了我

[11:15.20]Okay,look,I think that you have as much of a chance of having a sexual relationship with penny 听着 我认为你能跟Penny做爱的几率

[11:21.92]as the hubble telescope does of discovering at the center of every black hole is a little man 跟哈勃太空望远镜发现在每个黑洞中央

[11:26.56]with a flashlight searching for a circuit breaker. 都有个小人在用闪光灯 寻找断路器的几率一样大

[11:33.32]Nevertheless, 尽管如此

[11:35.16]I do feel obligated to point out to you that she did not reject you. 我还是有责任向你指出 她并没有拒绝你

[11:39.72]You did not ask her out. 你从没邀请她去约会

[11:43.88]You're right. 你说的对

[11:44.40]I didn't ask her out. I should ask her out. 我没请她约会过 我该去请她约会

[11:46.48]No,no,now that was not my point. 不不不 重点不是这个

[11:49.16]My point was don't buy a cat. 重点是 不要养猫

[11:51.92]No,but you're right. 不 你是对的

[11:54.04]I should march over there and ask her out. 我该过去请她约会

[11:56.68]Oh,goody,we're getting a cat. 天 我们要养猫了

[12:01.48]Uh... no. 啊...不

[12:06.96]Oh,hey,leonard. 你好 Leonard

[12:07.60]Good afternoon,penny. So,hi... hey. 下午好 Penny 嗨 你好

[12:11.92]Uh... 呃...

[12:12.32]I was wondering if you had plans for dinner. 你约了人吃饭吗?

[12:14.24]Uh,you mean dinner tonight? 今晚的饭?

[12:19.80]There is an inherent ambiguity in the word "dinner. "饭"这个词本身就意思含糊

[12:20.28]" Technically it refers to the largest meal of the day whenever it's consumed. 严格说来它所指的是一日的主餐 可以是午餐或晚餐

[12:25.32]So to clarify here,by dinner I mean supper. 为了说清楚 我指的是晚饭

[12:26.68]- Supper? - Or dinner. - 晚饭? - 就是吃饭啦

[12:30.80]I was thinking 6:30 if you can go. Or a different time. 如果你有空 6点半行吗? 或者其他你方便的时间

[12:32.48]Uh,6:30's great. 6点半可以啊

[12:35.88]Really? 真的?

[12:36.80]Great. 太好了

[12:39.92]Yeah,I like hanging out with you guys. 我喜欢跟你们一起玩

[12:40.60]Us guys? 我们?

[12:41.96]Yeah,you know,sheldon,howard,raj. Who all's coming? 对 Sheldon Howard Raj 他们都一起吧?

[12:46.12]They... might all be there. 他们...可能都会去吧

[12:50.56]Or a subset of them might be there. 或者他们中的有些人可能去

[12:54.76]Algebraically speaking,there are too many unknowns. 从代数角度看 太多未知数了

[12:56.24]For example,sheldon had quiznos for lunch. 比如 Sheldon中午吃了Quizno三明治

[12:59.20]Sometimes he finds that filling,other times he doesn'T. 有时他觉得吃那个饱 有时候不觉得

[12:60.04]It's no fault of quiznos- - they have a varied menu. 这不是店家的错 他们的菜单很丰盛

[13:05.48]Okay,whatever. It sounds like fun. 好吧 无所谓啦 听起来挺有意思的

[13:09.48]Great. Did we say a time? 很好 我们约时间了吗?

[13:10.28]6:30. 6点半

[13:10.72]- And that's still good for you? - It's fine. - 你确定那时有空? - 对

[13:14.92]- 'Cause it's not carved in stone. - No,6:30's great. - 不是刻在石板上非得那时去哦 - 6点半正好

[13:16.76]I'll get my chisel. 我去拿凿子

[13:20.08]Why? 为什么?

[13:22.28]To... carve the... I'll see you at 6:30. 去刻在石...6点半见

[13:36.28]How do I look? 我看起来如何?

[13:43.40]Could you be more specific? 你能说具体一点吗?

[13:48.68]Can you tell I'm perspiring a little? 能看出来我在冒汗吗?

[13:49.44]No. 不能

[13:50.72]The dark crescent shaped patterns under your arms conceal it nicely. 你腋下深色的新月状图案 将其隐藏的很好

[13:58.08]What time is your date? 你几点约会?

[13:59.44]6:30. 6点半

[13:60.36]Perfect. That gives you two hours and 15 minutes for 太好了 那你还有2小时15分

[14:02.68]that dense molecular cloud of aramis to dissipate. 让那片稠密的人造纤维分子云消散

[14:06.20]Is it too much? 汗很多吗?

[14:07.72]Not if you're a rugby team. 如果你是橄榄球队员就不算多

[14:10.92]By the way,if it should ever come up,you didn't join us 如果以后提到今晚的事 你没来参加的原因是

[14:13.92]because you stuffed yourself with a chicken carbonara sub at quiznos. 你在Quiznos吃鸡肉三明治吃撑了

[14:16.44]Why would I join you? 我为什么要去参加?

[14:18.96]No reason. 不为什么

[14:22.52]Oh,you know what,maybe this isn't such a good idea. 你知道吗 也许这样做不好

[14:26.68]Oh,no,well,now there's always the possibility that alcohol and poor judgment 不 酒精加上她一时糊涂

[14:29.44]on her part might lead to a nice romantic evening. 总有可能让今晚成为浪漫之夜

[14:35.28]You're right. Alcohol,poor judgment- - it could go well. 你说的对 酒 糊涂 今晚有可能会顺利的

[14:37.60]Of course there is the other possibility, 当然还有另一种可能性

[14:38.00]that this date kicks off a rather unpleasant six months 之后的6个月都会很难捱

[14:42.92]of the two of you passing awkwardly in the hall, 俩人在走廊里尴尬的擦身而过

[14:43.92]until one of you breaks down and moves to another zip code. 直到其中一人崩溃并搬到别的州去

[14:48.32]You could've stopped at "it could go well. 你说到"可能会顺利"就可以闭嘴了

[14:50.64]" If I could've,I would've. "如果我能 我会的"

[14:53.72]I mean,I'm a perfectly nice guy. 我是绝种好男人

[14:57.36]There's no reason we couldn't go to the restaurant,and have a lovely dinner, 没理由我们不能 在餐厅吃好顿晚餐

[14:58.40]maybe take a walk afterwards,talk about things we have in common. 饭后散散步 聊些共同话题

[15:04.44]You love pottery? I love pottery! "你喜欢陶艺? 我超爱陶艺的!"

[15:06.96]There's a pause,we both know what's happening. 然后暂停一下 我们都知道接下来要发生什么

[15:09.04]I lean in,we kiss. 我倾身向前 我俩接吻

[15:10.24]It's a little tentative at first,but then I realize she's kissing me back. 开始时还有点犹豫 然后她开始回吻我

[15:13.00]She's biting my lower lip! She wants me! 她在咬我的下唇! 她想要我!

[15:16.12]This thing is going the distance! We're going to have sex! 这事能成!我们会做爱!

[15:18.36]Oh,god,oh,my god! 天 上帝啊!

[15:22.56]Is the sex starting now? 现在开始做爱了?

[15:27.28]I'm having a panic attack. 我恐慌症发作了

[15:26.32]Oh,okay. Uh,well then... calm down. 好吧 冷静点

[15:31.96]If I could calm down,I wobe having a panic att... that's why they call it a panic attack. 如果我能冷静 就不会恐慌了! 不然这怎么叫做恐慌症发作!

[15:34.40]All right,all right. Uh,s- s- sit down. 好好 你坐下

[15:36.28]Yeah,sit down. Now close your eyes. 坐下 闭上眼

[15:38.92]- Why? - Just do it. - 为什么? - 照做吧!

[15:40.56]Okay. 好

[15:40.40]Now try to increase your alpha wave activity. 试着增加你α波的活性 (α波是脑电图中最著名的一种波 在正常成年人闭眼放松时产生)

[15:44.56]What? ! 什么? !

[15:45.08]It's a biofeedback technique. 这是机能反馈疗法

[15:47.76]It's relaxation through brain wave manipulation. 通过控制脑电波来放松

[15:49.12]I read a paper about it in journal of american neuroscience. 我在美国神经科学月刊上 看到一篇关于它的论文

[15:51.32]It was a little sparsely sourced,but I think the basic science is valid. 它的理论来源不完备 但是我认为基本原理正确

[15:56.56]I probably have it here somewher E. 我可能把它放在这了

[15:58.36]Who am I kidding? I can't go through with this. 我没法赴这个约会

[15:59.44]You need to call her and cancel. 你给她打电话取消吧

[16:02.76]- Me? - Yes. - 我? - 对

[16:04.24]- What should I tell her? - I don't know. - 我要跟她说什么? - 我不知道

[16:03.28]- Tell her I'm sick. - Okay. - 跟她说我病了 - 好

[16:07.24]Not the kind of illness that will make her want to come over and take care of me, 别说那种会让她想来照顾我的病

[16:08.92]but nothing so critical that she'll feel uncomfortable going out with me in the future 也不要严重得让她 以后不愿跟我约会的病

[16:11.28]if I want to try this again. 如果我以后还想尝试的话

[16:12.60]Got it. 了解

[16:14.20]So I'm assuming nothing venereal? 那不能说花柳病啦?

[16:20.84]I'll just tell her that you had a routine conoloscopy and haven't quite bounced back. 就跟她说你做了例行肠镜检查 还没恢复吧

[16:25.24]Give me the phone. 给我电话

[16:26.28]I thought you wanted to cancel. 你不是想取消约会吗?

[16:28.44]I can't,because if I don't show up she'll still be expecting you. 不行 如果我不出现 她还是会认为你会去的

[16:30.52]Why would she be expecting me? 为什么她认为我会去?

[16:35.96]Stop asking me all these questions. I need to take another shower. 别问了 我要再去洗个澡

[16:41.08]So are the rest of the guys meeting us here? 其他的人直接来这找我们?

[16:42.12]Oh,yeah... no. 对...不对

[16:45.00]It turns out that raj and howard had to work,and sheldon... Raj跟Howard要工作 Sheldon...

[16:51.16]had a colonoscopy and he hasn't quite bounced back yet. 做了肠镜 还没恢复过来

[16:54.32]Oh,my uncle just had a colonoscopy. 我叔叔也做了肠镜

[16:56.60]You're kidding. Then that's something we have in common. 这就是我们俩的共同之处了

[17:02.92]How? 怎么说?

[17:03.68]We both have people in our lives who... 我们都认识...

[17:06.80]want to nip intestinal polyps in the bud. 想将肠道息肉扼杀于摇篮当中的人

[17:17.84]so what's new in the world of physics? 物理界有啥新闻不?

[17:18.76]Nothing. 没有

[17:22.96]Really? Nothing? 真的? 一点都没有?

[17:23.16]Well,with the exception of string theory, not much has happened since the 1930s. 除了弦理论 自1930年后就没什么发现了

[17:30.88]And you can't prove string theory. 而弦理论也尚未证明

[17:32.56]At best you can say,"hey,look, 最多就能说

[17:33.64]my idea has an internal logical consistency. "嘿 我的理论内部逻辑很连贯"

[17:37.68]" Ah. 啊

[17:40.44]Well,I'm sure things will pick up. 我相信情况会好转的

[17:45.20]What's new at the cheesecake factory? 芝士蛋糕工厂那边有什么新消息?

[17:48.04]Oh,uh,not much. 没有什么

[17:49.20]We do have a chocolate key lime that's moving pretty well. 有个巧克力柠檬派卖得很好

[17:55.60]Good. Good. 很好

[18:02.88]What about your,uh... 那你那个...

[18:04.08]hallway friend? 过道上的朋友怎样?

[18:05.36]Doug? Oh,yeah,I don't know. Doug? 我不知道

[18:09.52]I mean,you know,he's nice and funny,but... 他人挺好也很风趣 但是...

[18:09.00]can I get you started with some drinks? 准备开始点饮品了吗?

[18:10.04]No! 不!

[18:14.12]- You were saying? But... - I'd like a drink. - 你刚刚说到? 但是... - 我想喝点东西

[18:16.00]Just say the "but" thing about doug and then I'll get her back. 先说完关于Doug的"但是" 我会把她叫回来

[18:20.24]Okay,well,I don't know,it's just me. 我不知道 是我的问题

[18:23.52]I'm still getting over this breakup with kurt 我还没从跟Kurt的分手中完全恢复

[18:24.28]and this thing with doug would stju be rebound sex. 跟Doug在一起是为了复健性爱

[18:28.16]Oh,don't get me started on rebound sex. 噢 提起复健性爱啊...

[18:34.56]It's just... it's my pattern. 我总是这样

[18:35.08]I break up,then I find some cute guy, 分手后找个帅哥

[18:38.68]and then it's just 36 meaningless hours of... 然后就是36小时毫无意义的...

[18:42.40]you know. 你知道

[18:43.04]I'm not sure that I do. 我不确定我知道

[18:48.84]is that one 36-hour experience, 是连续36个小时

[18:49.84]or is that 36 hours spread out over,say... 还是一个辉煌夏季中...

[18:54.20]one glorious summer? 分散的36个小时?

[18:55.12]No,it's usually over a weekend, 不 大概是一个周末吧

[18:56.24]and trust me,you do not feel good after it. 相信我 那之后感觉很不好

[18:59.88]Well,chafing,right? 呃 皮肤疼痛是吧?

[19:04.64]Emotionally. 心情不好

[19:05.88]Of course,yeah,emotional chafing. 没错 心里疼痛

[19:16.28]Hey,do you want to see something cool? 你想看些有趣的玩意吗?

[19:17.100]I can make this olive go into this glass without touching it. 我不用手碰 就能把这颗橄榄弄进杯子里

[19:24.96]- How? - Physics. - 怎么弄啊? - 物理原理

[19:32.60]Wow,centrifugal force. 哇 离心力

[19:32.32]Actually,it's centripetal force, 实际上 是向心力

[19:35.68]which is an inward force generated by the glass acting on the olive... 玻璃对橄榄作用产生的内向力

[19:42.40]Excuse me. 抱歉

[19:42.36]If you were riding on the olive, 如果你坐在那颗橄榄上

[19:45.48]you'd be in a non - inertial reference frame and would... 你就是一个非惯性参照系 并会...

[19:51.28]are you okay? 你没事吧?

[19:52.08]Yeah,I'm okay. 没事

[19:54.52]Did you spill ketchup? 你打翻花生酱了吗?

[19:55.28]- No. - I'm not okay. - 没 - 那有事了

[20:03.76]Are you sure you don't want to go to the emergency room? 你确定不用去急诊室?

[20:05.56]No,no,I'm okay. It stopped bleeding. 我没事 不流血了

[20:08.44]I know,but you did throw up. Isn't that a sign of a concussion? 但你吐了啊 那不是脑震荡的症状吗?

[20:11.12]Yes. But I get car sick,too,so... 对 但我也晕车 所以...

[20:13.64]okay. 好吧

[20:16.32]Sorry about your car,by the way. 还有 抱歉弄脏你的车

[20:16.96]Oh,no,it's fine. You got most of it out the window. 没关系 大部分你都吐车外了

[20:21.72]The poor guy on the bike. 那个骑自行车的可怜人

[20:25.00]Well,I had a nice time. 我今晚过得很愉快

[20:27.96]Yeah,me,too. 我也是

[20:29.92]Well,um,good night. 那晚安啦

[20:31.80]Good night. 晚安

[20:35.48]- Leonard? - Ahye? - Leonard? - 啊?

[20:36.00]Was this supposed to be a date? 今晚这是约会吗?

[20:39.04]This? 今晚?

[20:42.20]No. 不是

[20:44.88]No,of course not. 当然不是

[20:47.32]This was just you and me hanging out with a bunch of guys 只是你跟我还有一帮

[20:48.100]who didn't show up 'cause of work and a colonoscopy. 因工作和肠镜而没有出现的人的聚会

[20:56.36]Okay,I was just checking. 好 我只是问问

[20:57.20]When I take a girl on a date- - and I do- - 如果我跟女孩约会 我确实跟女孩约会

[21:03.96]she knows she's been dated. 那个女孩会知道她是在约会的

[21:07.56]Capital D. 大写D

[21:08.08]boldface. Undeinrled. 粗体黑字 下划线 (在强调会让对方意识到是约会= =)

[21:10.44]Da... ted. 约 会

[21:15.36]I think I might have a little concussion. I'm gonna go lie down. 我可能脑震荡了 我去躺躺

[21:17.92]Good night. 晚安

[21:23.84]So,how was your date? 约会如何?

[21:26.08]Awesome! 赞!

[21:29.100]Score one for liquor and poor judgment. 凭酒跟糊涂得一分

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