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[00:09.64]Ok.************* 既然没人愿意承认 那就让我来吧

[00:10.84]We ******************* 我们的彩蛋射击技术逊毙了

[00:15.24]Oh,****** 简直丢脸丢到家

[00:17.24]oh.come on. ***************** 胜败乃兵家常事

[00:20.84]yes,but ********** 可也不能输给那啥Kyle火焰队啊

[00:25.88]I think *************** 我想我们得承认

[00:25.84]those ********* 对方手段太野蛮了

[00:31.100]No,we were annihilated by our own incompetence 不 我们的惨败是由于自身能力的低下

[00:36.36]and the inability of some people to follow the chain of command. 以及某些人无法遵守上级指示

[00:39.64]Sheldon,let it go! Sheldon 别再计较了!

[00:40.24]No,I want to talk about the fact that Wolowitz shot me in the ck. 不行 我想说说Wolowitz射我背后的事情

[00:44.68]I shot you for good reason. 我有充分的理由

[00:46.92]You were leading us into disaster. 你正把我们引向灾难之中

[00:50.96]I was giving clear,concise orders. 我下达了简洁且明确的命令

[00:51.80]You hid behind a tree yelling,"Get the kid in the yarmulke! 你躲在树后面喊 "打那个戴帽子的小孩!

[00:55.28]Get the kid in the yarmulke!" "打那个戴帽子的小孩!"

[00:55.04]Oh,hey,guys. 嗨 你们好

[00:56.88]-Oh,hey,Penny. Hello. -Morning,ma'am. - 嗨 Penny - 早上好 女士

[00:59.64]So,how was paintball?Did you have fun? 游戏如何 好玩吗?

[01:03.12]Sure,if you consider being fragged by your own troops fun. 当然 如果好玩是指被自己的队员给害死的话

[01:06.56]You clear space on your calendar--there will be an inquiry. 你等着好了 我会就此事展开调查的

[01:10.36]Okay. 好吧

[01:12.64]Um,hey,I'm having a party on Saturday, 对了 我周六会举行一场派对

[01:14.72]so if you guys are around,you should come on by. 你们有空的话 不如一起过来玩吧

[01:15.20]-A party? -Yeah. - 派对? - 是啊

[01:17.04]A... "boy-girl" party? 是...男生女生的派对?

[01:22.88]Well,there will be boys and there will be girls and it is a party,so... 呃...有男生 有女生 而且是场派对

[01:26.80]It'll just be a bunch of my friends. 其实也就是朋友聚聚

[01:25.32]We'll have some beer,do a little dancing. 喝喝啤酒 跳跳舞

[01:27.20]Dancing? 跳舞?

[01:30.76]Yeah,I don't know,Penny... 嗯 我不能确定 Penny...

[01:30.40]The thing is,we're not... 其实 我们不太...

[01:31.28]-No,we're really more of a... -No. - 我们更适合... - 不行

[01:35.80]But thanks.Thanks for thinking of us. 不过谢谢你能邀请我们

[01:38.48]Are you sure? Come on,it's Halloween. 确信吗? 来嘛 万圣节哦

[01:40.96]A Halloween party? 万圣节派对?

[01:40.40]As in... costumes? 化妆舞会吗?

[01:43.76]Well,yeah. 当然了

[01:52.16]Is there a theme? 有主题吗?

[01:54.80]Um,yeah,Halloween. 呃 万圣节咯

[01:55.64]Yes,but are the costumes random,or genre-specific? 那服装是随自己挑呢 还是有特定流派?

[01:60.72]As usual,I'm not following. 我还是不知道你在说什么

[02:01.60]He's asking if we can come as anyone from science fiction,fantasy... 他是想问 能不能穿成科幻人物 ...

[02:06.80]-Sure. -What about comic books? - 当然 - 漫画里的人呢?

[02:09.36]-Fine. -Anime? - 当然 - 动漫?

[02:10.48]-Of course. -TV,film, - 当然了 - 电视 电影

[02:09.80]D- and-D,manga,Greek gods,Roman gods,Norse gods-- 日本漫画 希腊神话 罗马神话 北欧神话

[02:13.48]Anything you want! Okay? 随便! 你喜欢就行

[02:15.60]Any costume you want. 你想穿啥就穿啥

[02:19.08]Bye. 再见

[02:20.48]Gentlemen,to the sewing machines. 各位 向缝纫机前进!


[02:34.56]The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 06 天才理论传 第一季 第6集

[02:48.52]I'll get it. 我来开

[03:06.64]Oh,no. 哦 不

[03:09.28]Oh,no. 哦 不

[03:12.76]Make way for the fastest man alive! 世界上速度最快的人来啦!

[03:15.40]Oh,no. 哦 不

[03:17.88]See,this is why I wanted to have a costume meeting. 我都说了应该先开会讨论一下嘛

[03:20.40]We all have other costumes: We can change. 我们还有别的服装 换一下就可以了

[03:23.24]Or we could walk right behind each other all night 或者我们可以整晚都保持一列纵队

[03:24.60]and look like one person going really fast. 看起来就像是一个人在快速移动

[03:34.84]No,no,no. 不不不

[03:37.72]It's a boy-girl party,this flash runs solo. 这是男生女生的派对 闪电侠得单独行动

[03:41.48]Okay,how about this? 不如这样

[03:42.88]Nobody gets to be The Flash. 谁都不许穿成闪电侠

[03:44.92]We all change. Agreed? 全部去换掉 如何?

[03:46.80]Agreed. 同意

[03:50.72]I call Frodo! 我要扮弗拉多! (电影<魔戒>中人物)

[03:50.72]Damn! 靠!

[03:59.04]Hey. 嘿

[04:01.12]Sorry I'm late,but my hammer got stuck in the door on the bus. 抱歉迟到 我的锤子被公交车门卡住了

[04:07.40]You went with Thor? 你要扮北欧神化中的雷神?

[04:08.56]What,just because I'm Indian I can't be a Norse god? 怎么 印度人就不能扮北欧神祗了吗?

[04:11.80]"No,no,Raj has to be an Indian god." "不不 Raj只能演印度神仙"

[04:15.44]That's racism. 这是种族歧视

[04:15.32]I mean look at Wolowitz.He's not English, Wolowitz也不是英国人

[04:17.48]but he's dressed like Peter Pan. 可是他打扮成了彼得潘

[04:21.32]Sheldon is neither sound nor light, Sheldon既不是声波也不是光波

[04:22.32]but he's obviously the Doppler effect. 但很明显 他穿成了多普勒效应

[04:30.92]I'm not Peter Pan. 我不是彼得潘

[04:32.76]I'm Robin Hood. 我是罗宾汉

[04:33.88]Really? 是啊?

[04:34.56]Because I sawPeter Pan,and you're dressed exactly like Cathy Rigby. 我看过彼得潘 你穿的和Cathy Rigby一模一样 (著名百老汇演员 在舞台上饰演该角色24年之久)

[04:38.60]She was a little bigger than you,but it's basically the same look,man. 她比你大了一号 不过造型完全一样

[04:43.12]Hey,Sheldon,there's something I want to talk to you about before we go to the party. Sheldon 派对开始前我得先和你谈谈

[04:45.52]I don't care if anybody gets it. 我不管别人懂不懂

[04:49.04]I'm going as the Doppler effect. 我就是要穿成多普勒效应

[04:50.04]-No,it's not that. -If I have to,I can demonstrate. - 我不是要说这个 - 如果有必要 我会当场演示

[04:58.20]Terrific. 好极了

[05:01.36]this party is my first chance for Penny to see me in the context of her social group, 这次派对是Penny第一次 邀请我加入她的社交圈

[05:06.28]and I need you not to embarrass me tonight. 你今晚可不能给我难堪

[05:10.04]Well,what exactly do you mean by embarrass you? 难堪的具体定义是什么?

[05:15.80]Well,for example,tonight, 比方说 今天晚上

[05:15.16]no one needs to know that my middle name is Leakey. 没人需要知道我的中间名是Leakey

[05:19.56]But there's nothing embarrassing about that. 这和难堪根本一点关系也没有

[05:21.80]Your father worked with Louis Leakey, 你父亲曾经和Louis Leakey一起共事

[05:23.08]a great anthropologist. 一个伟大的人类学家

[05:26.36]It had nothing to do with your bed-wetting. 跟你尿床的事也丝毫无关

[05:30.80]All m saying is that this party is the perfect opportunity for Penny 总之我的意思是 这次派对乃天赐良机

[05:34.24]to see me as a member of her peer group, Penny可以把我当成她的同伴看待

[05:34.100]a potential close friend,and perhaps more, 一个潜在的亲密好友 也许还不止

[05:41.44]and I don't want to look like a dork. 我不想一副怪胎的样子

[05:54.08]Just a heads up,fellas. 先告诉你们 各位

[05:55.16]If anyone gets lucky,I've got a dozen condoms in my quiver. 如果有人好彩 我的箭筒里准备了套套

[05:58.56]Oh,hey,guys. 嗨 各位

[06:02.84]Hey. Sorry we're late. 嘿 对不起来晚了

[06:03.56]Late? 晚?

[06:04.16]It's 7:05. 才7:05呢

[06:06.00]And you said the party starts at 7:00. 你说过派对7点开始

[06:08.76]Well,yeah,I mean,when you start a party at 7:00, 没错 可是如果派对定在7点

[06:08.28]no one shows up at,you know,7:00. 没人会7点就入场

[06:13.04]It's 7:05. 已经7:05了

[06:17.56]Yes. Yes,it is. 是是 没错

[06:18.40]Okay. Well,um,come on in. 好吧 请进

[06:29.92]So,what,are all the girls in the bathroom? 怎么 女生全部去了洗手间吗?

[06:32.36]Probably,but in their own homes. 她们各自家里的洗手间

[06:35.72]So,what time does the costume parade start? 那个...服装大游行几时开始?

[06:37.72]The parade? 游行?

[06:40.00]Yeah,so the judges can give out the prizes for best costume. 对啊 这样评委可以给最佳造型颁奖

[06:43.56]You know,most frightening,most authentic, 比如最吓人奖 最逼真奖

[06:45.12]most accurate visualization of a scientific principal. 科学原理演示之最佳视觉效果奖

[06:49.00]Oh,Sheldon,I'm sorry, 真抱歉 Sheldon

[06:52.36]but there aren't going to be any parades 没有什么大游行

[06:54.88]or judges or prizes. 也没有评委和奖品

[06:58.92]This party is just going to suck. 这派对一定很无聊

[06:60.56]No! Come on,it's going to be fun, 不会啦 很好玩的

[07:02.32]and you all look great. 你们看起来都棒极了

[07:03.52]I mean,look at you,Thor, 你是雷神

[07:03.96]and,oh,Peter Pan. 还有彼得潘

[07:06.64]That's so cute. 很可爱

[07:09.60]-Actually,Penny,he's Robin Hood. -I'm Peter Pan. - Penny 其实他是罗宾汉 - 我是彼得潘

[07:13.32]And I got a handful of pixie dust with your name on it. 我手里还有一堆妖精粉 写着你的名字呢

[07:18.56]No,you don't. 你才没有

[07:21.12]Uh,hey,what's Sheldon supposed to be? 呃 Sheldon穿的是什么?

[07:21.48]Oh,he's the Doppler effect. 哦 他那是多普勒效应

[07:24.84]Yes. It's the apparent change in the frequency of a wave 当声源和观察者之间的距离发生变化时

[07:27.24]caused by relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer. 波动的频率也会发生明显变化

[07:32.08]Oh,sure,I see it now. 哦 我懂了

[07:36.16]The Doppler effect. 多普勒效应嘛

[07:38.60]All right,I got to shower. 好的 我得去洗澡了

[07:39.52]You guys,um,make yourselves comfortable. 你们自便吧

[07:40.08]Okay. 好的

[07:44.40]See? 瞧见没?

[07:44.60]People get it. 人们能懂

[07:60.60]By Odin's beard,this is good Chex mix. 以奥丁(北欧神话中的主神)的名义起誓 实在太好吃了

[08:03.76]No,thanks. Peanuts. 不用了 我对花生过敏

[08:04.00]I can't afford to swell up in these tights. 这身紧身衣可没法让我肿胀

[08:07.48]I'm confused. 我搞不懂

[08:10.04]If there's no costume parade,what are we doing here? 如果没有游行 我们来这干吗?

[08:12.44]We're socializing,meeting new people. 参与社交活动啊 认识新朋友

[08:16.72]Telepathically? 靠传心术吗?

[08:18.12]Oh,hey,when did you get here? 嗨 你们什么时候来的?

[08:22.88]Hi. 嗨

[08:23.80]Penny is wearing the worst Catwoman costume I've ever seen. Penny的猫女装是我见过最差的一套

[08:26.36]And that includes Halle Berry's. 比哈里·贝瑞还差 (她曾因<猫女>一片勇夺金酸梅最差女主角)

[08:29.80]She's not Catwoman. She's just a generic cat. 她不是猫女 只是一只普通的猫

[08:32.52]And that's the kind of sloppy costuming 正是由于竞争机制的缺乏

[08:34.28]which results from a lack of rules and competion. 才会导致这种三流造型的出现

[08:38.72]Hey,guys,check out the sexy nurse. 嘿 快瞧那个性感小护士

[08:42.60]I believe it's time for me to turn my head and cough. 是时候咳嗽装病了

[08:46.12]What is your move? 你准备怎么做?

[08:47.80]I'm going to use the mirror technique. 用照镜子那招

[08:50.68]She brushes her hair back,I brush my hair back... 她拨她的头发 我就拨我的

[08:52.68]She shrugs,I shrug. 她耸肩 我也耸肩

[08:53.76]Subconsciously she's thinking,"We're in sync. We belong together." 她下意识里就会觉得 我们心有灵犀 注定是一对

[08:56.88]Where do you get this stuff? 你哪学来的这一套?

[08:60.56]You know,psychology journals,Internet research, 心理学期刊 网络调查

[09:03.32]and there's this great show on VH-1 about how to pick up girls. 电视上也有教如何追求MM

[09:08.36]Oh,if only I had his confidence. 我有他那么自信就好了

[09:10.84]I have such difficulty speaking to women,or around women... 我不知道怎么和女生说话 或者当着女生的面说话...

[09:14.92]or at times even effeminate men. 甚至是和娘娘腔说话 有时也有点困难

[09:19.52]If that's a working stethoscope, 如果那个听诊器能正常使用

[09:20.12]maybe you'd like to hear my heart skip a beat? 不如你来测测我的心跳吧?

[09:26.32]No,thanks. 不用了

[09:25.48]No,seriously,you can.I have transient idiopathic arrhythmia. 我说真的 我有瞬间自发性心律失常

[09:36.60]I want to get to know Penny's friends, 我想去认识Penny的朋友们

[09:37.16]I just don't know how to talk to these people. 但我不知道该怎么和他们交谈

[09:43.68]Well,I actually might be able to help. 这点上 我也许可以帮到你

[09:44.76]How so? 怎么说?

[09:46.08]Like Jane Goodall observing the apes, 就像Jane Goodall观察黑猩猩一样 (英国科学家 以对黑猩猩的研究闻名世界)

[09:50.04]I initially saw their interactions as confusing and unstructured. 起初他们之间的互动是混乱且无组织性的

[09:52.72]But patterns emerge. 但渐渐有模式可循

[09:55.56]They have their own language,if you will. 他们有自己独特的语言

[09:57.64]Go on. 继续

[09:60.88]Well,it seems that the newcomer approaches the existing group with the greeting, 新来的人在接近现有的小团体时会说

[10:03.28]"How wasted am I?" "我看起来喝醉了吗?"

[10:07.88]Which is met with an approving chorus of "Dude." 然后对方会回应"老兄..."

[10:10.96]Then what happens? 然后呢?

[10:13.56]That's as far as I've gotten. 我只研究到这个阶段

[10:16.56]This is ridiculous. 真是荒谬

[10:16.56]I'm jumping in. 我准备上了

[10:18.76]Good luck. 祝你好运

[10:19.32]No,you're coming with me. 不 你跟我一起

[10:19.08]Oh,I hardly think so. 我看没这必要

[10:22.64]Oh,come on. 来嘛

[10:25.80]Aren't you afraid I'll embarrass you? 你不怕我给你难堪?

[10:26.80]Yes; but I need a wing man. 怕 可我需要一个副手 (wingman:原意指护航的飞机)

[10:28.28]All right,but if we're going to use flight metaphors, 好吧 可是如果要拿飞行来做比喻的话

[10:31.04]I'm much more suited to being the guy 我更适合联邦航空局里

[10:34.56]from the FAA analyzing wreckage. 那个事故调查员的角色

[10:40.16]Hi. 嗨

[10:40.44]Hi. Hello. - 嗨 - 你好

[10:40.92]So what are you supposed to be? 你这身是扮谁?

[10:42.88]Me? I'll give you a hint. 我? 我给点提示

[10:51.00]A choo-choo train? 火车?

[10:52.24]Close! 接近了!

[10:56.20]A brain damaged choo-choo train? 一列脑震荡的火车?

[11:01.92]How wasted am I? 我看起来喝醉了吗?

[11:13.16]I still don't get it. 我还是不懂

[11:13.16]I'm the Doppler effect. 我是多普勒效应

[11:15.00]Okay,if that's some sort of learning disability, 如果那是指一种"学习无能"

[11:17.68]I think it's very insensitive. 那么你也模仿得太烂了

[11:23.96]Why don't you just tell people you're a zebra? 直接告诉人家 你是斑马不就省事了?

[11:25.56]Well,why don't you just tell people you're one of the seven dwarves? 那你怎么不告诉人家你是 七个小矮人之一?

[11:29.40]Because I'm Frodo. 因为我是弗拉多

[11:31.28]Yes,well,I'm the Doppler effect. 没错 我是多普勒效应

[11:35.52]-Oh,no. -What? - 不会吧 - 怎么了?

[11:35.80]That's Penny's ex-boyfriend. 那是Penny的前男友

[11:37.68]What do you suppose he's doing here? 他来这里干吗?

[11:39.48]Besides disrupting the local gravity field. 干扰这里的重力场吗?

[11:43.96]If he were any bigger,he'd have moons orbiting him. 他要是再大块点 月亮会成为他的卫星

[11:46.68]Oh,snap. 你真刻薄

[11:49.84]So,I guess we'll be leaving now. 那么 我们似乎该走了

[11:52.72]Why should we leave? 为什么要我们走?

[11:54.32]For all we know he crashed the party and Penny doesn't even want him here. 很明显他是不请自来 Penny看都不想看他

[11:60.80]You have a backup hypothesis? 还有后备假设吗?

[12:01.100]Maybe they want to be friends. 也许他们只是想做回朋友

[12:05.88]Or maybe she wants to be friends and he wants something more. 又或者她想做朋友 而他想要更多

[12:09.40]Then he and I are on equal ground. 那么他和我就在同一圈里

[12:12.24]Yes,but you're much closer to it than he is. 没错 但你比他更接近目标

[12:15.04]Look,if this was 1,500 years ago, 如果是1500年前

[12:19.52]by virtue of his size and strength, 凭这身体格和力量

[12:21.20]Kurt would be entitled to his choice of female partners. Kurt可以任意挑选自己的女性伴侣

[12:22.40]And male partners,animal partners, 还有男性伴侣 动物伴侣

[12:23.84]large primordial eggplants-- 巨型远古茄子

[12:26.40]pretty much whatever tickled his fancy. 几乎要啥有啥

[12:30.04]Yes,but our society has undergone a paradigm shift. 没错 但当今社会已经今非昔比了

[12:32.36]In the Information Age,Sheldon, 这是信息时代 Sheldon

[12:34.12]you and I are the alpha males. 你和我才是炙手可热的

[12:35.04]We shouldn't have to back down. 我们不该退缩

[12:39.28]True. 说得好

[12:39.84]Why don't you text him that and see if he backs down? 你干吗不发短信告诉他 看看他会不会退缩?

[12:43.28]No. 不

[12:44.68]I'm going to assert my dominance face-to-face. 我要面对面向他展现我的优势

[12:48.80]Face-to-face? Are you going to wait for him to sit down, 面对面? 你是要他坐下

[12:52.48]or are you going to stand on the coffee table? 还是自己站在咖啡桌上?

[12:56.40]Hello,Penny. 嗨 Penny

[12:57.84]Hello,Kurt. 嗨 Kurt

[12:58.44]Oh,hey,guys,are you having a good time? 嗨 你们玩得还好吗?

[12:60.76]Given the reaction to my costume, 鉴于人们对我扮相的反应

[12:59.76]this party is a scathing indictment of the American education system. 这次派对对美国教育制度 提出了严厉的控诉

[13:06.08]What,you're a zebra,right? 你是斑马 对吧?

[13:08.32]Yet another child left behind. 可怜的孩子

[13:12.12]And what are you supposed to be,an elf? 你又是什么 精灵?

[13:14.80]No,I'm a hobbit. 不 我是霍比特人

[13:14.60]What's the difference? 有什么不同?

[13:15.28]A hobbit is a mortal halfling inhabitant of Middle Earth, 霍比特人是居住在地下 非不死的半成年人

[13:20.84]whereas an elf is an immortal,tall warrior. 而精灵则是不死而高大的战士

[13:23.12]So why the hell would you want to be a hobbit? 那你为什么要做个矮人呢?

[13:26.56]Because he's neither tall nor immortal 因为他既不高也会死

[13:28.56]and none of us could be The Flash. 而且我们没有人能成为闪电侠

[13:32.28]Well,whatever. 随你怎说

[13:33.56]Why don't you go hop off on a quest? 不如你们赶紧消失

[13:35.40]I'm talking to Penny here. 我正和Penny说话呢

[13:35.32]I think we're all talking to Penny here. 我想我们都在和Penny说话

[13:37.08]I'm not. No offense. 我没有 我没恶意

[13:41.44]Okay,maybe you didn't hear me. 好吧 可能你没听懂我意思

[13:42.04]-Go away. -All right,Kurt,be nice. - 滚蛋 - 好啦 Kurt 有礼貌点

[13:45.00]Oh,I am being nice. 我很有礼貌

[13:47.00]Right,little buddy? 对不对 小朋友?

[13:47.100]-Kurt. -Okay. - Kurt - 好吧

[13:52.36]I understand your impulse to try to physically intimidate me. 你震动着胸肌吓唬我 我能理解

[13:56.16]I mean,you can't compete with me on an intellectual level 因为你在智力上无法和我匹敌

[13:57.28]so you're driven to animalistic puffery. 所以你选择这种夸大兽性的方式

[13:60.16]You calling me a puffy animal? 你是说 我是大胖动物吗?

[14:04.16]Of course not. No,he's not. 当然不是啦 不 他不是

[14:06.00]You're not,right,Leonard? 你不是 对吧 Leonard?

[14:06.20]No,I said "animalistic." 不 我是说"兽性"

[14:10.96]Of course we're all animals, 当然我们都是动物

[14:11.36]but some of us have climbed a little higher on the evolutionary tree. 只不过我们当中一些人 在进化树上爬得更高一些

[14:16.56]If he understands that,you're in trouble. 要是他听懂了 你就完蛋了

[14:16.68]So,what,I'm unevolved? 所以是怎么样 你说我没进化吗?

[14:18.96]You're in trouble. 你完蛋了

[14:21.60]You know,you use a lot of big words for such a little dwarf. 你这小矮人 还真好意思给自己戴高帽

[14:26.12]Okay,Kurt,please. 好吧 Kurt 别这样

[14:26.84]Penny,it's okay. I can handle this. Penny 没关系 我可以处理

[14:30.32]I am not a dwarf, 我不是矮人

[14:31.16]I'm a hobbit. 我是霍比特人

[14:34.84]A hobbit. 一个霍比特人...

[14:33.92]Are misfiring neurons in your hippocampus preventing the conversion 会把你大脑海马状突起里的 神经元击碎

[14:36.44]from short-term to long-term memory? 以防止你的短时记忆 向长时记忆转化 懂吗?

[14:41.36]Okay,now you're starting to make me mad. 你开始让我抓狂了

[14:45.16]A homo habilis discovering his opposable thumbs says what? 一个发现自己可对立拇指的能人说什么?

[14:49.04]What? 什么?

[14:57.72]I think I've made my point. 我想我已经说得很清楚了

[14:57.64]Yeah? How about I make a point out of your pointy little head? 是吗? 不如我在你的小脑袋上 凿个洞让你更清楚点?

[15:02.28]Let me remind you,while my moral support is absolute, 容我插句嘴 精神上我绝对支持你

[15:04.16]in a physical confrontation,I will be less than useless. 但若需要身体接触 我的作用是零

[15:07.84]There's not going to be a confrontation. 根本就不会有什么身体接触

[15:10.56]In fact,I doubt if he can even spell "confrontation." 说实话 我怀疑他能不能把 "身体接触"拼出来

[15:15.40]C- O-N... C-O-N...

[15:19.64]frontation! frontation! (果然拼不出来- -)

[15:19.88]Kurt,put him down this instant! Kurt 马上放下他

[15:21.72]He started it! 他先惹我的

[15:22.76]I don't care. I'm finishing it.Put him down! 我不管 总之放下他

[15:26.56]Fine. 好吧

[15:29.92]You're one lucky little leprechaun. 算你个妖精走运

[15:33.72]He's a hobbit! 他是霍比特人!

[15:35.44]I got your back. 我顶你

[15:37.04]Leonard,are you okay? Leonard 你没事吧?

[15:38.72]Yeah,I'm fine. 没事

[15:43.00]It's good,it's a good party,thanks for having us. 这派对很棒 谢谢你邀请我们

[15:47.64]It's just getting a little late,so... 时间也不早了 所以...

[15:47.16]Oh,okay. 好吧

[15:50.56]All right,well,thank you for coming. 好吧 谢谢你们能来

[15:55.28]Happy Halloween. 万圣节快乐

[15:60.60]If it's any consolation, 如果这也算安慰的话

[16:02.08]I thought that homo habilis line really put him in his place. 我想说 你那句"能人"的确很到位

[16:13.92]What's that? 那是什么?

[16:16.16]Tea. 茶

[16:18.76]When people are upset, 当人们伤心时

[16:17.12]the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages. 传统礼节就是为他们奉上热饮

[16:28.96]There,there. 别伤心

[16:32.24]You want to talk about it? 要谈谈吗?

[16:34.88]-No. -Good. - 不 - 好

[16:37.24]"There,there" was really all I had. 我只会说"别伤心"了

[16:39.92]Good night,Sheldon. 晚安 Sheldon

[16:41.32]Good night,Leonard. 晚安 Leonard

[16:50.16]Hey,Leonard? 嘿 Leonard?

[16:52.16]Hi,Penny. 嗨 Penny

[16:51.28]Hey,I just wanted to make sure you were okay. 我只是来看看你有没事

[16:53.12]I'm fine. 我很好

[16:57.56]I am so sorry about what happened. 刚才的事真不好意思

[17:01.96]It's not your fault. 不怪你

[17:02.88]Yes,it is. 怪我

[17:04.60]That's why I broke up with him. 这就是我和他分手的原因

[17:04.32]He always does stuff like that. 他经常干这么出格的事

[17:08.32]So why was he at your party? 那他怎么会出现在派对上?

[17:11.84]Well,I ran into him last week and he was just all apologetic about how he's changed. 上周我碰见他 他说他知错了

[17:19.40]And he was just going on and on and... 谁知他还是死性不改

[17:22.84]I believed him and I'm an idiot 我真是瞎了眼

[17:23.52]because I always believe guys like that. 因为我总是那么容易相信那种男人

[17:26.68]And I can't go back to my party because he's there. 现在他还在那待着 我根本不想回去

[17:27.00]And know you don't want to hear this and I'm upset 我知道你不想听这些 但我很伤心

[17:30.92]and I'm really drunk and I just want to... 我很醉 我只想...

[17:42.16]There,there. 别伤心

[17:48.40]God,what is wrong with me? 天 我做错什么了吗?

[17:49.60]Nothing,you're perfect. 没有 你很完美

[17:51.76]I'm not perfect. 我不完美

[17:53.32]Yes,you are. 你完美

[17:55.28]You really think so,don't you? 你真的这么想?

[18:11.52]Penny? Penny?

[18:13.92]Yeah? 恩?

[18:16.12]How much have you had to drink tonight? 你今晚喝了多少?

[18:20.04]Just... a lot. 就...很多

[18:24.40]Are you sure that your being drunk and your being angry with Kurt 你确信你喝醉酒且对Kurt生气的事实

[18:28.96]doesn't have something to do with what's going on here? 与刚才发生的事情没有关系吗?

[18:33.48]It might. 可能有吧

[18:36.36]Boy,you're really smart. 天啊 你真聪明

[18:40.84]Yeah,I'm a frickin' genius. 是啊 我TMD就是个天才

[18:45.80]Leonard,you are so great. Leonard 你真是太好了

[18:48.08]Why can't all guys be like you? 全世界男人都像你这样就好了

[18:50.84]Because if all guys were like me, 如果是那样的话

[18:54.16]the human race couldn't survive. 人类就无法繁衍了

[18:60.12]I should probably go. 我想我该走了

[19:01.24]Probably. 是的

[19:13.00]Thank you. 谢谢

[19:24.36]That's right,you saw what you saw. 是的 你没看错

[19:27.56]That's how we roll in the Shire. 我们在夏尔就是这么狂欢的 (<魔戒>中弗拉多的家乡)

[19:36.56]Coming. 来了

[19:44.36]Hey,have you seen Koothrappali? 嘿 看见Koothrappali了吗?

[19:45.92]He's not here. 他不在这

[19:49.88]Maybe the Avengers summoned him. 也许复仇者们把他召走了

[19:52.48]He's not the Marvel Comics Thor,he's the original Norse god. 他不是神奇漫画里那个雷神 是北欧神话里那个雷神

[19:56.44]Thank you for the clarification. 谢谢你的解释

[19:57.36]I'm supposed to give him a ride home. 我本来要送他回家的

[19:59.52]Well,I'm sure he'll be fine. 放心吧 他没事

[19:59.92]He has his hammer. 他带着锤子呢

[20:10.68]I have to say,you are an amazing man. 我得承认 你太了不起了

[20:13.00]You're gentle,and passionate. 温柔 有激情

[20:18.16]And,my God,you are such a good listener. 而且 你还是个超好的倾听者

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