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[00:03.16]Watch this,it's really cool. 看好了 超级酷

[00:05.20]Call leonard hofstadter. 呼叫Leonard Hofstadter

[00:07.96]Did you say: "Call helen boxleitner"? 您需要呼叫Helen Boxleitner吗?

[00:13.44]No. 不

[00:13.92]Call leonard hofstadter. 呼叫Leonard Hofstadter

[00:17.76]Did you say: "Call temple beth seder"? 您需要呼叫Temple Beth Seder吗?

[00:22.72]- No. - Here,let me try it. - 不 - 让我试试

[00:25.84]Call mcflono mcfIlooloon 呼叫Mcflono McfIlooloon

[00:29.80]calling rajesh koothrappali. 正在呼叫Rajesh Koothrappali

[00:38.64]oh,it's very impressive. 真是叹为观止啊

[00:40.52]And a little racist. 再加点种族主义

[00:45.84]If we're all through playing "mock the flawed technology," 你们嘲讽科技瑕疵够了吧

[00:46.28]can we get on with halo night? 能不能开始玩光晕了?

[00:49.16]We were supposed to start at 8:00. It is now 8:06. 8点就该开始的 现在已经8:06

[00:50.44]So we'll start now. 那就现在开始

[00:51.56]Yes,first we have to decide 我们得先决定

[00:54.52]if those lost six minutes will be coming out of game time, bathroom time or the pizza break. 这失去的6分钟要怎么补回来 削减游戏时间 厕所时间 还是吃饭时间?

[00:56.84]We could split it two,two and two. 我们可以平分成2分钟 2分钟 2分钟

[00:58.12]If we're having anchovies on the pizza,we can't take it out of bathroom time. 如果我们吃凤尾鱼披萨 厕所时间可就省不出来了

[01:03.60]oh,what fresh hell is this? 又他妈怎么了?

[01:06.84]Oh,hey,penny. Come on in. 嘿 Penny 请进

[01:08.32]Hey,guys. 各位好

[01:10.52]See a penny,pick her up,and all the day you'll have good luck. 捡到一便士 好运行将至 (Penny又意为便士)

[01:16.20]No,you won'T. 不 你不会

[01:17.40]Uh,can I hide out here for a while? 我能在这边呆会儿吗?

[01:18.64]Sure. What's going on? 当然可以 怎么了?

[01:22.40]Well,there's this girl I know from back in nebraska,christy. 有个女孩 是我在内布拉斯加的老相识 她叫Christy

[01:24.56]Anyway,she called me up,and she's like,"hey,how's california?" 她打电话给我 问起加州感觉如何

[01:25.12]And I'm like,"awesome," 'cause,you know,it's not nebraska. 我回答说超棒 因为不是内布拉斯加啊

[01:29.36]And the next thing I know she's invited herself out here to stay with me. 然后她居然自己跑过来 要和我一起住

[01:31.48]8:08. 8:08咯

[01:36.56]Anyway,she got here today and she's just been in my apartment yakity yakking about every guy she slept with in omaha, 她今天刚到 一直呆在我房间 唧歪每一个她在奥马哈睡过的男人

[01:41.16]which is basically every guy in omaha, 差不多也就是奥马哈所有的男人

[01:43.60]and washing the sluttiest collection of underwear you have ever seen in my bathroom sink. 她还在我浴室水池里 洗你能想象到的最淫荡的内衣

[01:46.80]Is she doing it one thong at a time,or does she throw it all in... 她一次只洗一件 还是混在一起...

[01:51.36]like some sort of erotic bouillabaisse? 像某种色情盛宴?

[01:54.52]- He really needs to dial it down. - I know. - 他真的需要降降温 - 我知道

[01:59.24]So if you don't like this christy,why are you letting her stay? 你不喜欢Christy的话 干嘛让她留下?

[02:01.64]Well,she was engaged to my cousin while she was sleeping with my brother, 她跟我弟弟睡的时候 和我表兄订婚了

[02:06.76]so she's kind of family. 说起来也算是个家人

[02:07.88]I apologize for my earlier outburst. 我为自己刚才的爆发道歉

[02:10.40]Who needs halo,when we can be regaled with the delightfully folksy tale of the whore of omaha? 有奥马哈骚货的民间故事可以传诵 谁还要玩光晕?

[02:17.96]Oh,I don't think she's a whore. 我不觉得她是骚货

[02:20.24]No,yeah,she's definitely a whore. 不 她绝对是个骚货

[02:22.40]I mean,she has absolutely no standards. 她根本就没有原则

[02:23.24]This one time she was at... 有一次我们在...

[02:27.72]where's howard? Howard呢?

[02:26.36]Bonjour,mademoiselle. 早上好 小姐

[02:29.08]I understand you're new in town. 我知道你是新来的

[02:33.28]Oh,good grief. 哦 好悲伤


[02:50.80]The Big Bang Theory Season01 Episode07 天才理论传 第一季 第7集

[03:01.44]Aw,I cannot believe christy let howard into my apartment. 真不敢相信Christy居然让Howard进我家

[03:07.40]And I cannot believe people pay for horoscopes, 我也不敢相信居然有人花钱去占星

[03:09.68]but on a more serious note, it's 8:13 and we're still not playing halo. 更严肃的问题是 现在已经8:13 我们还没开始玩光晕

[03:14.20]Okay,fine. We'll just play one-on-one until he gets back. 好吧 我们玩一对一 等他回来

[03:16.12]One-on-one? We don't play one-on-one. 一对一? 我们从不玩一对一的

[03:18.60]We play teams,not one-on-one. One-on-one. 我们玩团队 不玩一对一 你这一对一

[03:23.96]Well,the only way we can play teams at this point is if we cut raj in half. 现在想玩团队 只能把Raj剖两半

[03:26.28]Oh sure,cut the foreigner in half. There's a billion more where he came from. 好啊 一个外国人倒下来 千百万个外国人站起来!

[03:32.72]Hey,if you guys need a fourth,I'll play. 你们缺人的话 我加入

[03:34.68]Great idea. 好主意

[03:36.52]No. 不要

[03:36.44]The wheel was a great idea,relativity was a great idea. 车轮的发明是个好主意 相对论也是个好主意

[03:42.08]This is a notion,and a rather sucky one at that. 这只是个想法 还是相当糟糕的想法

[03:45.44]Why? 为什么?

[03:45.100]Why? 为什么?

[03:47.52]Oh,penny,penny,penny. 哦 Penny Penny Penny

[03:49.24]Oh,what,what,what? 哦 怎么 怎么 怎么?

[03:52.84]This is a complex battle simulation with a steep learning curve. 这是款复杂的战斗模拟 对玩家要求很高

[03:53.96]There are myriad weapons,vehicles and strategies to master, 要学习无数种武器 交通工具 和战略战术

[03:56.72]not to mention an extremely intricate backstory. 更别提复杂的故事背景了

[04:02.24]oh cool. Whose head did I just blow off? 好酷 我把谁的头打爆了?

[04:04.40]Mine. 我的

[04:07.60]Okay,I got this. Lock and load,boys. 我会啦 填弹药 兄弟们

[04:10.88]It's the only way we can play teams. 只有这样才能玩团队

[04:12.96]Yes,but whoever's her partner will be hamstrung by her lack of experience, 但她缺乏经验 她搭档会被拖累

[04:14.68]and not to mention the fact... 更别说她...

[04:18.96]there goes your head again. 你头又掉啦

[04:21.92]Okay,it's not good sportsmanship to shoot somebody who's just re-spawned. 别人刚复活就宰了人家 可不符合运动精神

[04:23.84]You need to to give them a chance to... now,come on! 你得给人家一个机会... 来吧!

[04:28.44]Raj,raj! She's got me cornered.Cover me! Raj Raj! 她把我逼到死角了 掩护我!

[04:29.88]Cover this,suckers! 尝尝这个吧 还掩护呢!

[04:32.88]Penny,you are on fire! Penny 你太火爆了!

[04:34.68]Yes,and so is sheldon. 是啊 Sheldon也着火了

[04:38.76]Okay,that's it. 我受够了

[04:39.12]I don't know how,but she is cheating. 我不知道怎么回事 但她作弊

[04:41.04]No one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game. 美女不可能这么会打游戏的

[04:43.28]Wait,wait,sheldon,come back. 等一下 Sheldon 回来

[04:45.76]You forgot something. 你忘带东西了

[04:48.64]What? 什么?

[04:47.16]This plasma grenade. 这个血浆手榴弹

[04:53.12]look,it's raining you. 看 在帮你灭火呢

[04:56.80]You laugh now-- you just wait until you need tech support. 你就笑吧... 你会需要技术支持的

[05:02.60]Gosh,he's kind of a sore loser,isn't he? 唉 他就这么输不起吗?

[05:02.80]Well,to be fair,he's also a rather unpleasant winner. 公平点说 他赢了也不会开心

[05:06.12]Well,it's been fun. 还挺好玩的

[05:08.52]You know,penny,we make such a good team. Penny 我们这么合作愉快

[05:11.56]Maybe we could enter a couple of halo tournaments sometime. 也许我们可以去参加光晕锦标赛呢

[05:13.76]Or we could just have a life. 或者我们还是好好生活吧

[05:19.00]I guess for you that's an option. 我猜那是你的选择

[05:22.60]- Good night,leonard. - Good night. - 晚安 Leonard - 晚安

[05:21.28]As usual,nice talking to you,raj. 和你聊天很愉快 Raj

[05:26.12]what do you suppose she meant by that? 她什么意思?

[05:29.24]She's an enigma,raj. 她是个迷 Raj

[05:33.20]And another thing-- there's a certain ethic to the game,penny,a well 还有件事... 游戏规则是Penny一位

[05:35.60]- established... - she's gone,sheldon. - 有着 ... - 她走了 Sheldon

[05:38.56]Well,she could have said good-bye. 她至少该说声再见

[05:41.32]Okay,I have a problem. 我有麻烦了

[05:44.80]It's called carpal tunnel syndrome, and quite frankly you deserve it. 这个叫腕骨综合症 说实话你活该

[05:49.68]What's wrong? 怎么了?

[05:50.08]Well,um,howard and christy are... 呃 Howard和Christy好像...

[05:51.08]kind of hooking up in my bedroom. 在我的卧室挺热乎的

[05:55.00]Are you sure? 你确定?

[05:56.48]Look,I grew up on a farm,okay? 听着 我是在农场长大的

[05:59.16]From what I heard,they're either having sex or howard's caught in a milking machine. 据我的经验 他们不是在做爱 就是Howard被困在挤奶机里了

[06:05.16]Do you mind if I stay here tonight? 我能在这过夜吗?

[06:06.92]No,take the couch,or my bed. 没问题 你可以睡沙发 或者我的床

[06:10.12]I just got new pillows. Hypo-allergenic. 我刚换了新枕头 低过敏型

[06:13.48]The couch is good. 我睡沙发就好

[06:14.64]Hold that thought. Leonard,a moment. 暂停一下 Leonard 过来说话

[06:20.84]Let me guess. You have a problem with this. 我猜 你有点意见

[06:24.32]Where do I begin? 从何说起呢?

[06:25.76]It's up to you. Crazy person's choice. 随你 疯人的选择

[06:26.16]Well,first,we don't have houseguests. 首先 我们的房间不留宿

[06:30.48]Frankly,if I could afford the rent,I'd ask you to leave. 说实话 如果我付得起租金 早让你滚蛋了

[06:33.48]Your friendship means a lot to me as well. What else? 您的友谊对我意义重大 还有呢?

[06:37.32]Well... 这个...

[06:38.96]our earthquake supplies. We have a two-man,two-day kit. 我们的地震补给啊 我们只有两人两天的储备

[06:42.28]So? 所以呢?

[06:42.84]So if there's an earthquake and the three of us are trapped here, 所以如果地震了 我们三个被困在这

[06:44.08]we could be out of food by tomorrow afternoon. 我们明天下午就没东西吃了

[06:50.12]I'm sorry,are you suggesting that if we let penny stay we might succumb to cannibalism? 抱歉 你是说假如留Penny在这过夜 我们有可能被逼的自相残杀吗?

[06:52.92]No one ever thinks it'll happen until it does. 事情没发生 谁也说不准

[06:58.36]Penny,if you promise not to chew the flesh off our bones while we sleep,you can stay. 如你能保证不会乘睡觉时吃我们 就可以留下过夜

[07:04.32]What? 什么?

[07:03.88]He's engaging in reductio ad absurdum. 他在玩归谬法

[07:08.64]It's the logical fallacy of extending someone's argument to ridiculous proportions 逻辑学中的一种驳斥形式 用以证明矛盾的或荒谬的结论

[07:12.04]and then criticizing the result. 是按照前提推出的逻辑上必然的结果

[07:14.36]And I do not appreciate it. 我并不欣赏

[07:15.88]I'll get you a blanket and a pillow. 我给你拿毯子和枕头

[07:20.84]Okay,well,since I'm obviously being ignored here,let's go over the morning schedule. 好吧 我明显被无视 给你讲一下早晨的日程

[07:23.88]I use the bathroom from 7:00 to 7:20. 7:00到7:20 厕所归我用

[07:27.72]Plan your ablutions and bodily functions accordingly. 因此计划一下你的清洁任务 和身体机能运作

[07:29.36]How am I supposed to plan my bodily functions? 我怎么可能计划自己的身体机能运作?

[07:32.76]I suggest no liquids after 11:00 P.M. 建议你晚上11点后不要喝水

[07:37.28]Here you go. 放这了

[07:37.32]Thanks,leonard. 谢谢 Leonard

[07:41.52]Wrong. 错了

[07:44.96]I'm listening. 洗耳恭听

[07:47.24]Your head goes on the other end. 你头该朝这边

[07:49.44]Why? 为什么?

[07:49.08]It's culturally universal. 宇宙规律

[07:51.96]A bed,even a temporary bed, 床 即使是临时的床

[07:53.84]is always oriented with the headboard away from the door. 都该床头朝向门口

[07:56.08]It serves the ancient imperative of protecting oneself against marauders. 是遵循古老的传统 防止自己被偷袭

[08:03.40]I'll risk it. 我情愿冒险

[08:05.12]Anything else should I know? 还有什么要提醒的吗?

[08:05.88]Yes,if you use my toothbrush, I'll jump out that window. 如果你用了我牙刷 我会从这个窗口跳下去

[08:12.36]Please don't come to my funeral. Have a good night. 请别来参加我的葬礼 祝您晚安

[08:16.00]Sorry about that. 很抱歉

[08:19.88]That's okay. 没关系

[08:19.32]Fyi-- his toothbrush is the red one in the plexiglas case under the uv light. 他的牙刷是紫外灯下树脂格子里红色的那个

[08:23.84]Got it. 明白

[08:25.92]Well,sleep tight. 睡塌实

[08:27.80]Thanks. 谢谢

[08:33.52]Funny expression,"sleep tight." 这么说还挺好玩的 睡塌实

[08:36.68]It refers to the early construction of beds 这是因为早期床的结构

[08:40.28]which featured a mattress suspended on interlocking ropes,which would occasionally... 床垫被绳索吊起来 所以偶尔会...

[08:43.44]sleep tight. 睡塌实

[10:01.84]what are you doing? 你干嘛呢?

[10:06.64]Every saturday since we've lived in this apartment I have awakened at 6:15, 我们搬进来后每个周六早晨 我都在6:15准时醒来

[10:07.64]poured myself a bowl of cereal, 给自己冲一碗麦片

[10:10.72]added a quarter cup of two percent milk, 倒四分之一杯百分之二的牛奶

[10:11.12]sat on this end of this couch, 坐在沙发的这边

[10:14.52]turned on bbc america,and watched doctor who. 打开英国广播公司美国频道 看<神秘博士>

[10:18.84]Penny's still sleeping. Penny还睡着呢

[10:20.84]Every saturday since we've lived in this apartment I have awakened at 6:15, 我们搬进来后每个周六早晨 我都在6:15准时醒来

[10:22.76]- poured myself a bowl of cereal... - I know,I know. - 给自己冲一碗麦片... - 知道了 知道了

[10:25.88]Look,you have a tv in your room. 你自己房间有台电视

[10:27.92]Why don't you just have breakfast in bed? 你为什么不来个床上早餐呢?

[10:29.88]Because I am neither an invalid,nor a woman celebrating mother's day. 因为我既不是残疾 也不是庆祝母亲节的妇女

[10:35.32]What time is it? 现在几点?

[10:35.68]Almost 6:30. 差不多6点半

[10:38.36]I slept all day? 我睡了一整天?

[10:39.40]No,it's 6:30 in the morning. 没有 是早上6点半

[10:44.92]What the hell is your problem? 你们有病吧?

[10:46.36]Okay,this cereal has lost all its molecular integrity. 太棒了 这碗麦片再不彼此分子独立了

[10:48.40]I now have a bowl of shredded wheat paste. 我现在有一碗麦片糊了

[10:52.32]Hola,nerd-migos. 早安 我聪明的怪友们

[10:57.100]Why do you people hate sleep? 大早上的怎么都不睡觉呢?

[11:01.12]Are you wearing my robe? 你穿着我的浴袍吗?

[11:05.32]Oh,yeah. Sorry,I'll have it cleaned. 是啊 抱歉 我会洗干净

[11:08.08]That's okay,keep it. 没关系 你自己留着吧

[11:11.76]Where's christy? Christy呢?

[11:10.24]In the shower. 在洗澡

[11:12.88]Oh,by the way,where did you get that loofah mitt? 顺便问一句 你从哪买的丝瓜巾?

[11:16.00]Yours reaches places that mine just won'T. 能洗到死角哦

[11:23.48]You used my loofah? 你用了我的丝瓜巾?

[11:23.68]More precisely,we used your loofah. 准确地说 是我俩用了

[11:28.88]I exfoliated her brains out. 我把她搓得欲仙欲死

[11:32.32]You can keep that,too. 这个也送给你了

[11:33.96]Well,then we'll probably need to talk about your stuffed bear collection. 那么...我还想谈谈你的毛毛熊收藏

[11:40.60]Howard? Howard?

[11:41.00]In here,milady! 在这里 宝贝!

[11:43.80]There's my little engine that could. 我的小火车在这里

[11:46.92]Chugga-ghugga,chugga-chugga... 咔嚓 咔嚓...

[11:50.36]Well,there's one beloved children's book I'll never read again. 我再也不会看这本书了 (畅销童话: <小火车做到了>)

[11:55.96]Hi. Christy. 嗨 我是Christy

[11:57.32]Leonard. Leonard

[11:58.84]I'm sheldon. 我是Sheldon

[11:59.76]Right. You're howard's entourage. 对 你们是Howard的随从

[12:04.04]Uh,so,christy,what are your plans? Christy 你打算怎么安排?

[12:05.64]Oh,well,howard said he'd take me shopping in beverly hills. Howard说带我去比佛利山购物

[12:08.16]Yeah,no,I meant plans to find someplace to live. 不是 我的意思是你的住处

[12:11.60]You know,other than with me. 除了我这里

[12:14.60]Not that I don't love having you,but it'S... 我不是不欢迎你...

[12:16.56]it's a little crowded. 只是有点挤

[12:17.12]You know,penny,you're always welcome to stay with us. Penny 你想过来随时都可以啊

[12:17.32]Oh,terrific. 太好了

[12:19.84]Now we're running a cute little b & B. 把这里当小旅店了

[12:21.24]Let me offer a little outside-the-box thinking here. 我作为局外人提个建议

[12:23.68]Why doesn't christy stay with me? Christy可以跟我住

[12:25.00]For one thing,you live with your mother. 首先 你住你妈家

[12:27.04]I do not. 不是的

[12:28.20]My mother lives with me. 是我妈住我家

[12:30.52]Well,then it's all settled. 这样安排很好

[12:31.28]Christy will stay with howard,penny can go back to her apartment, Christy住Howard那里 Penny回自己房间

[12:35.20]and I'll watch the last 24 minutes of doctor who. 我还有24分钟的<神秘博士>可看

[12:37.68]Although at this point,it's more like doctor why bother? 不过现在只能说是 <看不看没所谓博士>了

[12:43.24]Sheldon,you just can't dictate... Sheldon 你不能这么独裁...

[12:42.12]no more talking! Everybody go! 不要说话 全都走!

[12:46.08]So what do you say? 你怎么样?

[12:47.96]Want to repair to casa wolowitz? 我们去Wolowitz之家修缮一下吧?

[12:49.64]What is that,like a mexican deli? 什么地方? 墨西哥快餐店?

[12:54.16]I'm sorry,I should have mentioned this earlier. 不好意思 之前没告诉你

[12:56.64]My last name is wolowitz. 我姓Wolowitz

[12:56.20]Oh,that's so cool. 哇 有意思

[13:01.80]My first jew. 我的第一个犹太人

[13:04.80]I imagine there aren't very many kosher cornhuskers. 看来她没睡过名叫Kosher Cornhuskers的 (符合犹太食品要求的剥玉米农)

[13:10.00]But you're still taking me shopping,right? 你会带我去购物吧?

[13:13.84]Anything you want. 那是当然

[13:15.32]Okay,I'll go pack my stuff. 好的 我去拿行李

[13:20.40]When they perfect human cloning,I'm going to order 12 of those. 待克隆人技术成熟时 我要12个这样的

[13:25.08]Howard,can't you see she's using you? Howard 你看不出来她在利用你吗?

[13:26.92]Who cares? Last night,she pulled off her blouse and I wept. 管她呢? 昨晚她脱下睡衣 我激动得都流泪了

[13:31.12]Look,howard,I know her. Okay? Howard 我了解她 懂吗?

[13:33.24]She'll have sex with anyone,as long as they keep buying her things. 谁给她买东西 她就跟谁上床

[13:36.36]- Really? - Yeah. - 真的? - 是啊

[13:36.52]Yay! 爽!

[13:40.44]If you'll excuse me,I have some bar mitzvah bonds to cash. 失陪了 我要去兑换我的成人礼金券

[13:53.24]I'm sorry,we cannot do this without wolowitz. 很抱歉 没有Wolowitz我们没法吃

[13:56.68]We can't order chinese food without wolowitz? 没有Wolowitz我们就不能吃中餐?

[13:57.08]Let me walk you through it. 我跟你解释

[13:59.44]Our standard order is: The steamed dumpling appetizer,general tso's chicken, 我们是这么点的 头道蒸饺 然后左公鸡

[14:03.12]beef with broccoli,shrimp with lobster sauce and vegetable lo mein. 西兰花牛柳 虾酱和素菜捞面

[14:06.00]Do you see the problem? 发现问题了吧

[14:11.08]I see a problem. 发现一个不知道是不是的

[14:13.72]Our entire order is predicated on four dumplings 我们的菜单首先从四个饺子开始

[14:14.28]and four entrees divided amongst four people. 剩下四道菜四个人分

[14:22.12]So,we'll just order three entrees. 那就只要三道菜好了

[14:22.32]Fine. What do you want to eliminate? 好 那么舍弃哪道?

[14:25.12]And who gets the extra dumpling? 多出的一个蒸饺给谁?

[14:26.84]We could cut it into thirds. 可以切成三份

[14:29.92]Then it's no longer a dumpling. 那就不是饺子了

[14:28.96]Once you cut it open it is,at best,a very small open-faced sandwich. 切开以后就是微型开口三明治了

[14:33.00]Hi,fellas. 你们好

[14:35.04]Oh,where's your annoying little friend who thinks he speaks mandarin? 那个自以为会说普通话的人没来?

[14:39.04]He's putting his needs ahead of the collective good. 他把自己的利益置于集体利益之前

[14:42.44]Where he comes from,that's punishable by death. 在这位老兄的家乡 那可是死罪

[14:46.48]I come from sacramento. 我是萨克拉门托人

[14:51.04]Can we get an order of dumplings but with three instead of four? 可不可以只要三个蒸饺?

[14:55.84]No substitutions. 不可替换

[14:57.52]This isn't a substitution. It's a reduction. 这不是替换 是减量

[14:59.04]- Okay.No reductions. - Fine. - 好吧 不准减量 - 行

[15:04.04]Uh,bring us three orders of dumplings. 那我们要三笼蒸饺

[15:06.44]That's 12. We'll each have four. 一共十二个 每人四个

[15:07.72]That works. 可以

[15:06.92]No. If we fill up on dumplings,we need to eliminate another entree. 不行 如果吃饺子吃饱了 就要再减一道菜

[15:10.08]No eliminations. 不准减菜

[15:12.52]If we have extra,we'll just take the leftovers home. 多处来的就打包好了

[15:15.76]And divide it how? 然后怎么分?

[15:16.08]I'm telling you,we cannot do this without wolowitz. 跟你说 没Wolowitz就是不行

[15:18.48]Wolowitz is with his new girlfriend. Wolowitz和新女朋友在一起

[15:22.12]If you had let me invite penny,then you would have had your fourth. 要不是你不让我请Penny 现在正好四个人

[15:23.96]Have you seen penny eat chinese food? 你见过Penny怎么吃中国菜吗?

[15:24.60]She uses a fork and she double-dips her egg rolls. 她拿叉子吃 还把蛋卷蘸两次

[15:28.40]We don't order egg rolls. 我们又没点蛋卷

[15:31.00]Exactly,but we'd have to if she was here! 是的 但她来了就会点蛋卷了!

[15:31.20]Can we please make a decision? 能不能快点决定?

[15:33.84]Not only are there children starving in india, 不仅仅在印度有孩子在挨饿

[15:35.04]there's an indian starving right here. 眼前就有个印度人在挨饿

[15:39.72]There's an idea. Why don't we just go out for indian food? 要我说 不如去吃印度餐吧?

[15:45.76]You're nice boys. 看你们几个人不错

[15:45.56]Tell you what I'm going to do. 告诉你我的办法

[15:48.56]I'm going to bring you the four dumplings. 我给你们上四个饺子

[15:50.92]When I'm walking over to the table, 当我送上来的时候

[15:52.44]maybe I get bumped,one of the dumplings fall to the floor. 也许我绊一下 碰掉一个饺子

[15:55.04]No one has to know. 你们什么都不知道

[15:57.92]I'll know. 我知道

[16:05.56]how about soup? 汤怎么样?

[16:06.36]Yeah,we can always divide soup. 汤总归是好分的

[16:06.36]What about the wontons? 馄饨怎么分?

[16:16.72]Hey,guys,what's up? 嗨 怎么啦?

[16:15.28]It's halo night. 今晚是光晕游戏之夜

[16:18.36]Yeah? Okay. 啊? 是啊

[16:21.52]So? 怎么?

[16:23.68]Well,with wolowitz spending all of his time with your friend christy... 因为Wolowitz在陪你朋友Christy

[16:27.08]she's not my friend. 她不是我朋友

[16:27.96]Friends do not get their friends' care bears all sweaty. 是朋友就不会让我的小熊全湿光

[16:32.52]Right. Anyway,uh,with wolowitz occupied elsewhere, 没错 但是Wolowitz没空

[16:35.92]we had something we wanted to ask you. 我们要请你帮个忙

[16:40.84]- Sheldon? - Yes. - Sheldon? - 来了

[16:44.56]penny... Penny...

[16:46.64]we would very much appreciate it if you would be the fourth member of our halo team. 如果你愿意加入我们的战队 我将十分感谢

[16:49.100]I don't think I need to tell you what an honor this is. 我想不说你也明白 这是多大的荣耀

[16:57.20]Oh,that's so sweet,but I'm going out dancing with a girlfriend. 你们真好 但是今晚我和朋友去跳舞

[16:60.68]You can't go out; it's halo night. 你不能走 这是光晕之夜

[17:04.56]Well,for penny,it's dancing night. 在Penny看来 这是跳舞之夜

[17:04.32]You go dancing every wednesday? 你每周三晚上都跳舞?

[17:07.32]No. Then that's not "dancing night." - 不 - 那就不能称跳舞之夜

[17:11.08]Look,why don't I play with you guys tomorrow? 明天陪你们玩好不好?

[17:11.64]Tonight is halo night. 光晕之夜在今晚

[17:13.56]It's like talking to a wall. 好像跟墙壁说话似的

[17:18.16]All right,now,sheldon,you and I are about to have a problem. Sheldon 别惹我发火

[17:21.92]Sheldon,remember,we role-played this. Sheldon 不是早都套好了台词吗?

[17:24.92]Yes,but you didn't portray her as completely irrational. 但是你扮的她没这么不讲理

[17:28.88]All right,fellas,I gotta go. 好了 我得走了

[17:31.00]But good luck. 祝你们好运

[17:35.40]Maybe we should've asked if we could go dancing with her and her girlfriend. 也许我们可以问她 愿不愿带我们一起去跳舞

[17:37.96]Okay,assuming we could dance-- which we can't-- 假设我们会跳舞 其实不会

[17:40.92]there are three of us and two of them. 我们三个男生 两个女生

[17:44.64]So? 怎么?

[17:44.52]It's the chinese restaurant all over again. 又是中餐馆的难题

[17:46.80]I assure you that cutting a dumpling in thirds is child's play 我向你保证 把饺子切成三份还算简单了

[17:51.48]compared with three men each attempting to dance with 67% of a woman. 每个人跟67%的女人跳舞才叫难

[17:57.76]Oh,for god's sakes,sheldon,you're driving me crazy! 得了Sheldon 快被你逼疯了!

[17:60.32]Your anger is not with me,sir,but with basic mathematics. 你不是气我 你是气基础数学

[18:02.56]No. I'm pretty sure my anger is with you. 不 我十分肯定就是气你

[18:04.52]What's happening to us? We're falling apart. 我们这是怎么了 分崩离析

[18:08.48]Who are you calling? 给谁打?

[18:08.96]The only man who can restore any semblance of balance to our universe. 只有他才能给我们的宇宙带来平衡

[18:14.28]Hi,this is howard wolowitz. 嗨 我是Howard Wolowitz

[18:15.32]And this is christy vanderbelt. 我是Christy Vanderbelt

[18:16.08]We can't get to the phone right now because we're having sex! 我们不能接电话 因为在做爱!

[18:24.36]You're not going to put that on your message,are you? 你不会真把这个放在答录机上吧?

[18:24.00]Nah,I'm just kidding. I'll re-record it. 不会 我说说的 等下重录

[18:30.28]sheldon,think this through. Sheldon 想清楚了

[18:32.44]You're going to ask howard to choose between sex and halo. 你这是让Howard在性爱和光晕中做抉择

[18:36.40]No,I'm going to ask him to choose between sex and halo three. 不 是性爱和光晕3之间的抉择

[18:41.24]As far as I know, 据我所知

[18:41.36]sex has not been upgraded to include hi-def graphics and enhanced weapon systems. 人类性爱还没升级到 高清图像和增强武器系统

[18:44.68]You're right,all sex has is nudity,orgasms and human contact. 说的对 做爱有什么了不起 无非是裸体性高潮和人类接触

[18:50.12]My point. 就是说嘛

[18:53.36]I'm just saying,you can take the damn plastic off the couch once in a while! 我说 能不能别在沙发上盖塑料布!

[18:56.44]Why,so you and howard can hump on it? 好方便你和Howard叉叉?

[18:60.48]Ladies,ladies,I'm sure there's a middle ground. 女士们 我想一定有折衷的

[19:01.36]Shut up,howard! 闭嘴 Howard

[19:05.52]You know what,you guys talk. 这样吧 你们慢聊

[19:06.60]I'm gonna take my scooter out for a little spin. 我骑车出去转一圈

[19:09.96]You happy? You drove your own son out of the house. 你开心了? 你把儿子赶出家门

[19:12.08]hey,what are you guys doing here? 你们在这里做什么?

[19:13.68]It's halo night. 今天是光晕之夜

[19:16.92]He's not a man,he's a putz! 他不算男人 他是傻小子

[19:16.88]And don't you take that tone with me,you gold digger! 你这个拜金女别跟我那种口气!

[19:20.72]What'd you call me? 你说我什么?

[19:21.36]You heard me! 你听到了

[19:22.40]And I'll tell you something else,you're barking up the wrong tree. 我跟你明说吧 你勾搭错人了

[19:26.12]'Cause as long as you're around,howard is out of the will! 只要你在 遗嘱就没他份!

[19:27.24]You know what? I got better offers. 知道吗? 我有更好的主意

[19:31.32]I'm outta here. 我走了

[19:31.80]that's right. 对了

[19:31.72]Go back to babylon,you whore! 滚回巴比伦 骚货

[19:39.12]So,halo night,huh? 光晕之夜是吧?

[19:43.76]I thought she was the whore of omaha. 我以为她是奥马哈的骚货

[19:51.20]sheldon,you got him in your sights! Fire! Sheldon 他在你的视野里! 开火!

[19:51.100]He's charging his plasma rifle! 他正在给电浆枪充电!

[19:53.12]I can't shoot now. 我不能开枪

[19:56.12]I'm cloaking! 我隐身状态!

[19:56.40]Now,raj! Kill sheldon! Raj! 干掉Sheldon!

[19:56.04]I can't see him! 我看不见他!

[19:57.16]That's why they call it cloaking,dead man! 所以这叫隐身! 死人

[20:02.24]Start throwing grenades! 开始扔手榴弹!

[20:01.16]I'm all out! 扔光了!

[20:03.56]Hey,guys. My friends and I got tired of dancing, 嗨 伙计们 我朋友不想跳舞了

[20:06.36]so we came over to have sex with you. 所以来找你们做爱

[20:08.24]Raj,hop in the tank! Raj 跳进坦克里!

[20:11.04]We said no tanks! 不是说不带坦克的吗!

[20:11.72]There are no rules in hell! 地狱级没有规则!

[20:15.84]Son of a bitch. Med pack! 该死的 血包!

[20:17.12]I need a med pack! 我要血包!

[20:20.08]Told ya. 跟你们说了

[20:20.52]There's a sniper. Use your rocket launcher! 有狙击手! 用火箭筒!

[20:23.12]All I've got is a needler and I'm all out of ammo! 我只有一把针刺枪! 还没子弹了

[20:24.72]And now you're out of life. 现在你连命都没了

[20:29.84]why'd you hit pause? 你干嘛按暂停?

[20:30.20]I thought I heard... something. 我觉得...好似听到什么

[20:34.48]What? 什么?

[20:36.20]No,n-never mind. Sorry.Go. 算了 不好意思 继续

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