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[00:15.20]Problem? 有什么问题吗?

[00:16.04]The online description was completely misleading. 网上说明太误导人了

[00:16.84]They said eight slots,plus removable id. 上面说有八个插缝 外加一个可抽取的ID卡夹

[00:19.48]To any rational person,that would mean room for nine cards, 对任何理性人来说 那意味着可以放九张卡

[00:22.36]but they don't tell you,the removable id takes up one slot. 但上面没告诉你 可抽取的ID卡夹也占了一个插缝

[00:26.84]It's a nightmare! 简直是恶梦!

[00:29.92]Okay,now,do you really need the honorary justice league of america membership card? 好吧 你真的需要 美国荣誉审判联盟的会员卡吗?

[00:35.04]It's been in every wallet I've owned since I was five. 我5岁起就一直 把它存放在钱包里

[00:37.80]Why? 为什么?

[00:40.28]It says "keep this on your person at all times." 上面写着"请随身持本证"

[00:42.92]it's right here under batman's signature. 就在蝙蝠侠签名的下面

[00:48.40]And this is leonard and sheldon's apartment. 这就是Leonard和Sheldon的公寓

[00:51.24]Guess whose parents just got broadband. 猜猜谁的父母刚装了宽带

[00:53.52]Leonard,may I present,live from new delhi,dr.And mrs.V.M.Koothrappali. Leonard 容我介绍 新德里现场连线 V.M.Koothrappali医生及夫人

[00:57.16]Hi! 你们好!

[00:58.80]Tilt up the camera up! I'm looking at his crotch. 摄像头歪了! 我只看到他的胯

[01:01.84]Sorry,papa. 抱歉 爸爸

[01:04.48]Oh,that's much better. 噢 好多了

[01:04.92]- Hi. - Hi! - 嗨! - 嗨!

[01:07.52]And over here is sheldon. 这边是Sheldon

[01:09.88]Hi! 嗨!

[01:10.56]He lives with leonard. 他和Leonard住一起

[01:10.08]Oh,that's nice. 噢 那很好

[01:12.96]Like haroon and tanvir. 就像Haroon和Tanvir

[01:14.08]No,no. Not like haroon and tanvir. 不 不 跟Haroon和Tanvir不一样

[01:17.48]Such sweet young men. 多么可爱的年轻人啊

[01:17.76]They just adopted the cutest little punjabi baby. 他们收养了最可爱的小印度男孩

[01:22.72]No,we're not like haroon and tanvir. 不 我们跟Haroon和Tanvir不一样

[01:24.32]So,are you boys academics like our son? 你们和我儿子一样搞研究?

[01:26.92]Yes. 是的

[01:27.16]And your parents are comfortable with your limited earning potential? 你们父母满意你们有限的收入潜力吗?

[01:30.20]- Oh,yes. - Not at all. - 哦 是的 - 完全不

[01:31.52]Papa,please. Don't start. 爸爸 拜托 别发问了

[01:34.52]It was just a question. 只是个普通问题

[01:34.60]He's so sensitive. 他太敏感了

[01:37.96]Okay,that's my life. That's my friends. 好啦 这就是我的生活 我的朋友们

[01:37.12]Good to see you. Say good-bye. 很高兴见到你们 说再见

[01:38.72]- Bye. - Bye. - 再见 - 再见

[01:40.56]Wait! Wait! 等一下!

[01:44.28]Before you go,we have good news. 你关之前 我们还有个好消息

[01:45.96]Put the computer down and gather your friends. 把电脑放下 把你朋友们聚过来

[01:52.48]- What is it,papa? - friends. - 什么 爸爸? - 还有你朋友

[01:56.08]Is it just me,or does web chatting with your clothes on seem a little pointless? 你们不觉得穿着衣服 网上聊天很无聊吗?

[02:03.48]Rajesh,do you remember lalita gupta? Rajesh 你还记得Lalita Gupta吗?

[02:04.12]The little fat girl that used to kick me in the samosas and call me untouchable? 那个用萨摩萨饼打我 还叫我贱民的小肥妞?

[02:10.64]Yes. 是的

[02:10.60]Well,now she's a dental student at usc, 她现在是南加州大学的牙科专业学生

[02:11.84]so we gave her your contact information. 我们给了她你的联系方式

[02:14.48]Why did you do that? 你们干嘛那么做?

[02:16.44]You're 26 years old,rajesh. 你已经26岁了 Rajesh

[02:18.64]We want grandchildren. 我们想抱孙子

[02:18.44]But,papa,I'm not supposed... 可是爸爸 我不想...

[02:20.92]lalita's parents approved the match. Lalita的父母同意了你们的结合

[02:22.24]If you decide on a spring wedding,we can avoid monsoon season. 如果你决定春天举办婚礼 就能避开雨季

[02:26.80]A spring wedding? 春天就结婚?

[02:28.52]It's up to you,dear. 你决定 孩子

[02:29.28]We don't want to meddle. 我们不想管闲事

[02:31.32]If you don't want to meddle,then why are you meddling? 既然你们不想管闲事 干嘛要管我的闲事?

[02:31.00]If I may,your parents probably don't consider this meddling. 容我说 你父母可能不认为这是管闲事

[02:36.36]While arranged marriages are no longer the norm, 包办婚姻如今虽已不常见

[02:38.76]indian parents continue to have a greater-than-average involvement in their children's love lives. 但印度父母仍继续大张旗鼓 干涉他们子女的爱情生活

[02:41.04]Why are you telling me about my own culture? 我们国家的习俗 干吗用你来说?

[02:45.60]You seemed confused. 你看起来很困惑

[02:48.56]Sorry,mumi,papa,but with all due respect, 抱歉 妈妈 爸爸 尽管我非常尊重你们

[02:49.80]- I really don't want to... - I'm sorry,darling. - 但我真的不想... - 对不起 孩子

[02:52.24]We have to go. 我们不能再聊了

[02:53.64]Doogie howser is on. <天才小医生>开始了 (1989-1993年的美国电视剧)

[02:55.52]Grandma! It's doogie time! 奶奶 <小医生>时间到了!

[02:56.64]- Bye-bye! - Bye-bye! - 拜拜! - 拜拜!

[03:01.80]I don't believe it. 真不敢相信

[03:04.52]Neither do I. 我也是

[03:06.28]Doogie howser's been off the air for like 20 years. <天才小医生>快20年没播了

[03:09.76]Actually,I read somewhere that it's one of the most popular programs in india. 其实我读到过 那是在印度 最受欢迎的电视节目

[03:11.92]It might speak to a cultural aspiration to have one's children enter the medical profession. 我想说可能是种民族情结 希望有个当医生的孩子吧

[03:18.28]I bet you're right. 我猜你是对的

[03:19.28]I bet they love scrubs. 我猜他们喜欢看<实习医生风云>

[03:18.76]What's not to love? 有不喜欢的吗?

[03:20.68]Excuse me! Hello? 喂! 在听吗?

[03:21.48]My parents are trying to marry me off to a total stranger. 我父母想要我娶一个 根本不认识的人

[03:23.100]What am I going to do? 我该怎么办?

[03:25.40]I suggest you go through with it. 我建议你坦然接受吧

[03:29.16]What? 什么?

[03:30.44]Romantic love as the basis for marriage has only existed since the 19th century. 建立在罗曼蒂克爱情上的婚姻 只是从19世纪开始盛行

[03:33.44]Up until then,arranged marriages were the norm,and it served society quite well. 在那之前都是包办婚姻 也很好地适应了社会发展

[03:38.16]It's the entire premise of fiddler on the roof. 那正是<屋顶上的小提琴手>的蓝本 (1964年著名的百老汇长篇音乐剧)

[03:39.24]I'm not a big fan of musicals,but I love that show. 我不是音乐剧的粉丝 但我超爱那部音乐剧

[03:43.08]Me too. 我也是

[03:43.72]Of course,it speaks to me culturally. 当然 对我来说很有文化感染力

[03:44.72]Understandable,but there's a universality to that story which transcends ethnicity. 可以理解 但这类故事一般都超越了种族

[03:51.04]Let's not forget it's got some really catchy tunes. 让人没法忘记里面那些 琅琅上口的曲调

[03:52.92]- oh,absolutely. - Yeah! - 噢 的确 - 就是啊!

[03:55.52]Okay,I know what I'm going to do. 好吧 我知道该怎么做了

[03:54.40]What? 什么?

[03:57.24]Find new friends. 去找新朋友

[04:03.16]so who wants to rent fiddler? 那谁去租那部音乐剧?

[04:06.52]No need,we have the special edition. 没必要 我们有特别收藏版

[04:09.16]Well,maybe we are like haroon and tanvir. 也许我们真的就像Haroon和Tanvir


[04:30.92]The Big Bang Theory Season01 Episode08 天才理论传 第一季 第8集

[04:36.92]this is dr.Sheldon cooper. 我是Sheldon Cooper博士

[04:39.48]Yeah,I need to cancel my membership to the planetarium. 我想取消天文馆的会员资格

[04:43.04]Well,I'm sorry,too,but there's just no room for you in my wallet. 我也很抱歉 但我钱包里没地方放会员卡了

[04:51.28]I understand,but it was between you and the museum of natural history, 我能理解 但我要在 你们和自然历史博物馆中选择

[04:54.60]and frankly,you don't have dinosaurs. 坦白说 你们那儿没恐龙

[04:58.76]I'll miss you,too. Bye-bye. 我也会怀念你们的 再见

[05:03.44]Okay,I know you're texting about me and I'd really like you to stop. 好啦 我知道你们在发短信说我 你们最好停下来

[05:09.00]oh,dear,I am rightly and truly screwed. 亲爱的 我彻底完蛋了

[05:10.64]Hey,I thought you were finding new friends. 嗨 我以为你去找新朋友了

[05:12.56]I've got some feelers out. 我那边有那个音乐剧的碟

[05:16.36]In the meantime,listen to this. 还有 听这个

[05:18.40]Hi,rajesh. This is lalita gupta. 嗨 Rajesh 我是Lalita Gupta

[05:19.60]Uh,your mother gave my mother your phone number to give to me. 你妈给了我妈你的电话号码 并转交给我

[05:23.88]So,I'm calling you and,uh,call me back. Bye. 所以我打给你 回我电话 拜

[05:29.72]Can you believe how pushy she is? 你们看她逼得我多紧啊!

[05:35.60]So don't call her. 那就别回她电话

[05:35.72]If I don't call her,I won't hear the end of it from my parents. 如果不打给她 我就再也别想和我父母说话了

[05:39.36]So call her. 那就打给她

[05:38.84]How can I call her? You know I can't talk to women. 我怎么打给她? 你们知道我不敢和女人说话

[05:43.04]I'm done. Anybody else? 我没辙了 其他人呢?

[05:46.68]- Give me the phone. - Why? - 电话给我 - 干嘛?

[05:45.36]Just give it to me. 就给我好了

[05:49.32]What are you doing? 你做什么?

[05:48.76]Don't worry. You'll thank me. 别担心 你会感激我的

[05:51.48]Hello,lalita?Raj koothrappali here. 喂 Lalita? 我是Raj koothrappali

[05:57.60]Yes,it is good to talk to you,too. 是的 我也很高兴和你说话

[06:02.48]So what are you wearing? 你现在穿的什么?

[06:07.40]Oh,not important. 噢 那不重要

[06:10.96]Uh,so,anyhow,when would you like to meet? 总之 你想什么时候见面?

[06:14.20]Friday works for me! 周五有空!

[06:17.84]I'll call you with a time and place. 具体时间地点 我再打给你

[06:19.60]But in the meantime,keep it real,babe. 还有 来真的 宝贝

[06:29.88]You may now thank me. 现在你要感激我了

[06:32.72]For what? Making me sound like a simpsons character? 为什么? 把我的声音弄得像 辛普森一家似的?

[06:34.84]Fine. Next time make your own date. 那好吧 下次你自己去约人家

[06:37.76]I didn't want to make this one! 这次我都不想!

[06:37.28]Look on the bright side,she might turn out to be a nice,beautiful girl. 往好的方面想吧 也许她已经出落得美丽大方

[06:40.04]Great,then we'll get married, 好极了 那我们就会结婚

[06:42.36]I won't be able to talk to her 但我没办法跟她说话

[06:43.88]and we'll spend the rest of our lives in total silence. 我们一起的余生就会沉寂中度过

[06:48.04]It worked for my parents. 我父母就是这样

[06:49.92]- hi,guys. - Oh,hey. - 嗨 伙计们 - 嗨

[06:52.00]I need some guinea pigs. 我需要几只"豚鼠"做实验

[06:53.96]Okay,there's a lab animal supply company in reseda you could try. 在Reseda有家供应实验动物的公司 你可以去试试

[06:57.88]But if your research is going to have human applications, 但如果你的研究需要人类志愿者

[06:60.40]may I suggest white mice instead? 我能建议你换成小白鼠吗?

[07:01.24]Their brain chemistry is far closer to ours. 它们的头脑机能和我们的更接近

[07:07.24]I swear to god,sheldon,one day, 我向上帝发誓 Sheldon 总有一天

[07:07.04]I'm going to get the hang of talking to you. 我会跟上你的说话思维

[07:10.40]His mom's been saying that for years. 这话他妈妈说了几年了

[07:14.76]What's up? 什么事?

[07:15.12]Well,I finally convinced the restaurant to give me a bartending shift, 我总算说服餐馆老板 把我换到吧台

[07:18.52]so I need to practice mixing drinks. 所以我需要练习调酒

[07:21.20]Oh,great. 哦 太好了

[07:23.60]Well,the key to acquiring proficiency in any task is repetition. 任何事情的成功关键 都是熟能生巧

[07:25.44]With certain obvious exceptions. 显然也有例外

[07:28.92]Suicide,for example. 比如说 自杀

[07:32.40]So,leonard,how about it? Leonard 怎么样?

[07:36.96]You know,penny,we'd love to help you, 你知道 Penny 我们很乐意帮助你

[07:37.04]but raj is going through some stuff right now, 但Raj现在正面临很艰难的情况

[07:40.72]and besides,he doesn't drink,so... 而且他不喝酒 所以...

[07:45.84]really? 是吗?

[07:48.60]Um,raj is going through some stuff right now and he'd like to take up drinking. Raj现在很痛苦 所以愿意尝试喝酒

[07:55.40]Okay,here you go,leonard. 好了 给你 Leonard

[07:57.56]One tequila sunrise. 龙舌兰日出酒

[07:58.92]Thank you. 谢谢

[07:58.24]You know,this drink is a wonderful example of 知道吗 这杯酒能极好地诠释

[08:02.32]how liquids with different specific gravities interact in a cylindrical container. 重力不同的各种液体 是如何在圆柱容器内相互作用的

[08:06.72]Thank you. 谢谢

[08:09.96]Okay,raj,what'll it be? 好吧 Raj 你要什么?

[08:14.32]Whatever you recommend. 随便你推荐

[08:14.76]Uh,how about a grasshopper? 草蜢酒怎么样?

[08:16.28]I make a mean grasshopper. 我调的草蜢酒很棒

[08:18.40]Okay? Good.Coming up. 行吗? 好的

[08:21.36]Sheldon,what are you going to have? Sheldon 你要什么?

[08:22.68]I'll have a diet coke. 我要一杯健怡可乐

[08:26.36]Okay,can you please order a cocktail? 好吧 你能点鸡尾酒吗?

[08:26.60]I need to practice mixing drinks. 我需要练习怎么调酒

[08:28.32]Fine. 好吧

[08:30.92]I'll have a virgin cuba libre. 我要圣洁古巴利布瑞酒 (由新鲜酸橙 可乐调制)

[08:34.72]That's,um,rum and coke without the rum. 那是朗姆可乐酒 去掉朗姆酒

[08:35.84]Yes. 对

[08:38.12]- So...coke. - Yes. - 那么...可乐 - 是的

[08:43.44]And would you make it diet? 能不能是健怡的吗?

[08:50.48]There's a can in the fridge. 冰箱里有罐装的

[08:52.08]A cuba libre traditionally comes in a tall glass with a lime wedge. 一杯传统的古巴利布瑞酒 是在高脚杯中加入酸橙

[08:57.24]Then swim to cuba. 那你游去古巴吧

[09:01.48]Bartenders are supposed to have people skills. 吧台侍者应该具有人际交往能力

[09:05.92]Okay. 好啦

[09:05.16]Raj,here you go. Raj 给你

[09:06.36]All right. Who's next? 好啦 下一个到谁?

[09:09.44]I'd like to try a slippery nipple. 我想试试光滑的咪咪

[09:17.88]Okay,you're cut off. 好吧 你没资格了

[09:21.64]Anybody need a refill? 谁要续杯?

[09:23.32]Where did my life go,penny? 我的人生驶向何方 Penny?

[09:25.44]One day I'm a carefree bachelor, 眼下我还是无忧无虑的单身汉

[09:28.36]and the next I'm married and driving a minivan to peewee cricket matches in suburban new delhi. 转眼我就结婚了 载着一车小孩 去新德里郊外打板球比赛

[09:36.44]Are you talking to me? 你在跟我说话?

[09:37.88]Is there another penny here? 这儿还有别人叫Penny?

[09:39.04]I had such plans. 我有计划

[09:41.72]I had dreams. 我有梦想

[09:43.84]I was going to be the indira gandhi of particle astrophysics. 我要成为粒子天体物理学界的甘地

[09:46.36]But with a penis,of course. 区别是我有小鸡鸡

[09:52.12]Amazing. 太神了

[09:52.84]Ever since I was a little boy, 我还小的时候

[09:54.76]my father wanted me to be a gynecologist like him. 我爸就想让我像他一样当妇科医生

[09:55.52]How can I be a gynecologist? 我哪能做妇科医生?

[09:58.40]I can barely look a woman in the eye! 我都不敢看女人的眼睛!

[10:05.20]You know what? 知道吗?

[10:05.92]I'm not going to let my parents control my future any longer. 我不要父母控制我的未来

[10:07.04]It's time for a showdown. 是时候摊牌了

[10:08.24]Somebody give me a computer with a webcam! 谁给我一个带摄像头的电脑!

[10:12.16]Okay,sweetie,I think that's the grasshopper talking. 亲爱的 这是酒劲儿

[10:16.16]And it's about to tell my parents that 我要告诉我父母

[10:18.24]I'm not riding an elephant down the aisle with lalita gupta. 我不要跟Lalita Gupta骑象走向圣坛

[10:22.60]Okay,calm down. 冷静

[10:22.16]Look,no one can make you get married. 没人能逼你结婚

[10:25.44]Why don't you just meet this girl and see what happens? 不如跟她见见面 看会怎么样?

[10:28.60]Haven't you been listening to me? 你没听我说吗?

[10:29.72]I cannot talk to women. 我不能跟女人说话

[10:29.100]Um,raj... 呃 Raj

[10:31.04]no,no,let's see how long it takes him. 别说 看他多久才醒悟

[10:34.60]Um,raj,honey,you say you can't talk to women, Raj 亲爱的 你说你不能跟女人说话

[10:37.28]but you've been talking to me. 可你一直在跟我说话

[10:39.40]And now we'll never know. 这将是个永远的谜

[10:43.40]You're right. I... 说的对...

[10:47.52]I am talking to you. 我正在和你说话

[10:47.24]Hello,penny,how are you? 你好 Penny 怎么样?

[10:51.84]I'm fine. 我很好

[10:54.04]Okay,now I just need to make sure I have a lalita before I meet the grasshopper. 现在我只需确保 和草蜢酒见面之前先喝一杯Lalita

[10:59.04]It's a sweet,green miracle. 真是甜蜜的绿色奇迹

[11:03.36]Okay,if you're going to drink on this date, 好吧 如果你要靠酒撑过这次约会

[11:04.44]just promise me you won't overdo it. 向我保证不要太过头

[11:06.48]Overdo what? 过什么头?

[11:09.40]Happiness? 快乐过头?

[11:12.60]Freedom? 自由过头?

[11:11.92]This warm glow inside of me that promises everything's going to be all hunky-dunky? 向我保证一切都将顺利无比的 这股体内热流?

[11:17.80]Yeah,that. 没错

[11:20.80]Why don't you bring her to my restaurant 你带她来我的餐馆吧

[11:22.60]while I'm tending the bar so I can keep an eye on you. 我在吧台可以照看你们

[11:22.20]Okay. 好

[11:26.60]Wait a minute. What's the plan here? 等等 你们什么计划?

[11:26.32]Let's say he meets her,he likes her,they get married. 让他俩见面 他喜欢她 娶她

[11:30.60]What's he going to do,stay drunk for the rest of his life? 然后在酒精的麻痹下度过余生?

[11:31.36]Worked for my parents. 我父母就是这样

[11:44.16]I can't believe I'm sitting here next to little lalita gupta. 不敢相信小Lalita Gupta坐在旁边

[11:48.28]Well,you are. 事实如此了

[11:50.16]Little lalita. 小Lalita

[11:52.100]That's fd of kinun to say. 这个词发音很好玩

[11:56.64]Little lalita,little lalita,little lalita. 小Lalita 小Lalita 小Lalita

[11:58.20]You should try it. 你可以试试

[11:58.40]Oh,it's okay. 谢谢不用

[12:03.72]You have lost so much weight. 你瘦了很多

[12:07.16]That must have been difficult for you because you were so,so fat. 一定很辛苦吧 因为你以前好肥哦

[12:13.36]Do you remember? 记得吗?

[12:13.72]Yes,I do. 我记得

[12:15.48]Of course you do. 当然记得了

[12:15.48]Who could forget being that fat? 肥成那样 谁能忘得了?

[12:19.96]Well,I've been trying. 我一直在努力

[12:23.80]So you're a dental student. 你现在学牙科了

[12:27.44]Mm,are you aware that dentists have an extremely high suicide rate? 你知道吗? 牙医的自杀率特别高

[12:30.44]Not as high as,say,air traffic controllers,but,then, 当然没有空中交通管制员高

[12:34.44]there are far mo dreentists than air traffic controllers, 但是牙医的基数大大高于空管员

[12:36.92]so in pure numbers,you're still winning. 所以单就数量来说 还是你们胜出

[12:38.36]Yay,me. 赢咯!

[12:40.76]Do you have a drink that will make him less obnoxious? 有什么酒能让他变得不那么讨厌?

[12:43.16]Drinks do not work that way. 没有这种酒

[12:47.60]I'd say he's doing fine. Look at her. 我觉得他没问题 看她

[12:47.92]The last girl my mom set me up with had a mustache and a vestigial tail. 上次我妈给我安排的相亲对象 不但有胡子 还有残留的尾巴

[12:55.32]Sorry I'm late. 对不起 我来晚了

[12:56.20]What happened? 怎么了?

[12:57.00]Nothing. I just really didn't want to come. 没什么 我就是有点不太想来

[13:02.36]Virgin diet cuba libre,please. 请来一杯"圣洁健怡古巴利布瑞酒"

[13:03.32]Okay. 好吧

[13:06.60]In a tall glass with a lime wedge. 用高脚杯 要插柠檬片

[13:09.00]Oh,I'll wedge it right in there. 我这就插

[13:13.88]So how's koothrappali... Koothrappali怎么样了?

[13:14.36]oh,my lord. 噢 我的天

[13:15.00]What? 什么?

[13:18.48]That's princess panchali. 这是Panchali公主

[13:18.32]I'm pretty sure her name's lalita. 我很确定她叫Lalita

[13:22.48]No,no,princess panchali,from the monkey and the princess. 不是 是<猴子与公主>里的Panchali

[13:25.32]Oh,yeah. 哦 对

[13:26.32]I tried to watch that online,but they wanted my credit card. 我想在线看来着 不过要信用卡号的

[13:30.48]It's a children's story. 那是儿童故事

[13:33.44]Oh,no,it isn'T. 才不是呢

[13:37.80]When I was a little boy and got sick, 我小时候生了病

[13:39.44]which was most of the time,my mother would read it to me. 我一直生病啦 我妈妈会读给我听

[13:41.88]It's about an indian princess who befriends a monkey 讲一个印度公主 她对一只猴子很好

[13:46.00]who was mocked by all the other monkeys because he was different. 这只猴子被所有的猴子嘲笑 因为他的样子不同

[13:50.04]For some reason,I related to it quite strongly. 因为某些原因 我对这个故事感同身受

[13:52.28]I know the reason. 我知道原因

[13:56.60]We all know the reason. 我们都知道

[13:57.72]Sheldon,what are you getting at? Sheldon 你想说什么?

[14:01.24]That woman looks exactly like the pictures of princess panchali in the book. 那个女人像极了书上的Panchali公主

[14:03.44]How often does one see a beloved fictional character come to life? 多难得见到一个你喜欢的角色 活生生在眼前啊

[14:07.08]Every year at comic-con. 每年动漫大会都能见到

[14:11.20]Every day at disneyland. 迪斯尼每天都有

[14:12.12]You can hire snow white to come to your house. 你可以花钱把白雪公主请回家

[14:14.96]Of course,they prefer it if you have a kid. 最好是家里有小孩 否则她不太愿意去

[14:19.28]Hey,guys. 伙计们

[14:20.24]Isth is lalita gupta. 她是Lalita Gupta

[14:22.00]Lalita,this is leonard and sheldon and howard and penny. Lalita 这是Leonard Sheldon Howard 还有Penny

[14:23.96]Isn't it great? She isn't fat anymore. 你们说多好? 她不是肥女了

[14:29.16]Forgive me,your highness,for I am but a monkey, 请原谅 公主陛下 我只是一只猴子

[14:30.48]and it is in my nature to climb 我的天性就是爬树

[14:32.08]I did not mean to gaze upon you as you comb your hair. 我不是故意在你梳头时弄乱你的头发

[14:38.92]I'm sorry? 什么?

[14:38.88]You are the living embodiment of the beautiful princess panchali. 你是Panchali公主的真身

[14:41.68]Oh,no kidding. 不是吧

[14:43.88]Who... who is that? 什么Panchali?

[14:45.84]A beloved character from an indian folktale. 我最爱的印度童话主角

[14:49.16]Us indian or "come to our casino" indian? 是我们这样的印度人 还是开赌场的印度人?

[14:56.36]You indian. 你们这样的

[14:58.76]The resemblance is remarkable. 简直太像了

[14:58.36]I can practically smell the lotus blossoms woven into your ebony hair. 我简直可以闻到你黑发上 点缀的荷花香

[15:02.32]Well,thanks. 谢谢

[15:05.80]I imagine you smell very nice,too. 我想你的味道一定也很好

[15:07.96]I shower twice a day and wash my hands as often as I can. 我每天洗两次澡 洗手无数次

[15:12.64]Really? So do I. 真的? 我也是

[15:14.00]But you're a dentist. He's nuts. 但你是牙科学生 他只是疯子

[15:18.60]Don't be insulting,rajesh. 不要那样说人 Rajesh

[15:21.76]So,sheldon,tell me more about this princess you say I look like. Sheldon 多跟我说说那个公主

[15:23.32]It was said that the gods fashioned her eyes out of the stars 她的眼睛是神用星星做的

[15:27.76]and that roses were ashamed to bloom in the presence of her ruby lips. 她艳红的唇 令玫瑰都羞于开放

[15:34.84]Oh,my. 我的天

[15:33.100]Back off,sheldon. 滚开 Sheldon

[15:37.40]What? 为什么?

[15:36.80]If you do not stop hitting on my lady, 如果你再跟我的女人调情

[15:38.80]you will feel the full extent of my wrath. 你会感受到我炽热的怒火

[15:42.60]I'm not hitting on her. 我没在调情

[15:42.44]And I am not your lady. 我也不是你的女人

[15:45.60]And you have no wrath. 你也没有怒火

[15:49.60]You are my lady. 你是我的女人

[15:50.80]Our parents said so. 我爸妈说了的

[15:52.48]We are,for all intents and purposes,100% hooked up. 从各方面来说 我们都是铁定在一起了

[15:55.52]Okay,let's get something straight here. 好吧 有些话我跟你说清楚

[15:55.96]The only reason I came tonight was to get my parents off my case. 我今天来见你完全是敷衍我父母

[15:59.64]I certainly don't need to be getting this old world crap from you. 我才不会嫁你这种老土人呢

[16:01.56]That's exactly the kind of spirit with which princess panchali led the monkeys to freedom. Panchali公主就是凭这种精神 带领猴子走向自由

[16:07.12]Screw princess panchali. 去他妈Panchali公主

[16:06.00]Hey,you can't talk to me like that. 不许你这么说我

[16:07.88]But you're not princess panchali. 你不是Panchali公主啊

[16:11.80]Luckily for you-- she could have you beheaded. 幸好不是 否则你已经被斩首了

[16:13.32]Sheldon,are you hungry? Sheldon 你饿吗?

[16:15.56]I could eat. 吃点无妨

[16:17.44]Let's go. 我们走

[16:20.04]What just happened? 刚才怎么回事?

[16:21.96]Beats the hell out of me. 我也无法解释

[16:23.28]I'll tell you what happened. 我告诉你怎么回事

[16:24.04]I just learned how to pick up indian chicks. 我想我学会怎么泡印度妞了

[16:30.84]What are we supposed to say to lalita's parents? 让我怎么跟Lalita的父母交待?

[16:34.96]I play golf with her father. 我和她爸爸一起打高尔夫

[16:33.68]I won't be able to look at him. 我都不敢看他了

[16:37.12]Maybe you should keep your eye on the ball,papa. 也许你应该看着球 爸爸

[16:40.76]Oh,now you're a funny man. 你现在懂搞笑了

[16:39.88]This is not funny,mr.Funny man. 这不好笑! 搞笑先生

[16:43.40]Dr.And mrs.Koothrappali,in all fairness, Koothrappali医生及夫人 说句公道话

[16:45.92]it wasn't entirely raj's fault. 也不全是Raj的错

[16:48.20]This is a family matter,sheldon. 这我们的家事 Sheldon

[16:48.72]I'm leonard. 我是Leonard

[16:50.88]Oh,sorry. You all look alike to us. 不好意思 你们老外全都一个样

[16:56.72]But he's right,papa. 他说的对 爸爸

[16:57.00]Listen to him. 听他解释

[16:59.36]You! You are the one who ruined everything. 你! 一切都是你搞糟的

[16:60.36]Who is it? We can't see. 是谁? 我们看不见

[17:01.20]Turn us. Turn us. 转过去 转过去

[17:07.84]Go ahead,tell my parents why they won't have any grandchildren. 说吧 告诉我父母 为什么他们抱不上孙子

[17:09.00]How would I know? 我怎么知道?

[17:12.68]Do you have a low sperm count? 你精子密度不足?

[17:15.52]This has nothing to do with my sperm count. 跟我的精子密度完全没关系

[17:18.52]You are wearing the boxers that we sent you,aren't you,rajesh? 我们寄给你的四角裤你穿着吧 Rajesh?

[17:21.60]Yes,mumi. 穿着呢 妈妈

[17:21.72]Because you know what happens to the samosas when you wear tighty-whities. 穿那种紧身三角裤对小鸡鸡不好

[17:26.20]Can we please stop talking about my testicles? 能不能别提我的睾丸?

[17:28.56]Sheldon,tell them what you did. Sheldon 告诉他们你做了什么

[17:31.96]What did I do? 我做了什么?

[17:31.84]You left with his date. 你拐跑了他的对象

[17:33.36]Friends don't do that to each other. 朋友之间不能这样

[17:38.12]All right,noted. 好吧 知道了

[17:40.00]Sorry. 对不起

[17:41.80]Sorry? That's all you can say is sorry? 对不起? 你就说一个对不起完事?

[17:45.84]Take it,raj. It's more than I've ever gotten. 接受吧 Raj 我连一句对不起都没收到过

[17:47.40]And may I point out,she woavdn't hule asked me to go with her 我能否指出 她本来不会跟我走

[17:48.52]if you hadn't been drunk and boring. 如果你不是喝醉了又无聊

[17:52.56]Drunk? 喝醉?

[17:52.44]And boring-- her words. 还有无聊 她的原话

[17:54.32]I knew it. 我就知道!

[17:54.20]He moves to america and he becomes an alcoholic. 他去了美国 变成酒鬼了

[17:56.72]I'm not an alcoholic. 我不是酒鬼

[17:60.16]Then why were you drunk? 那你为什么喝醉?

[17:60.24]It was just this one time,papa,I swear. 就这一次 我发誓 爸爸

[18:04.64]Are you in denial? 你现在是属于否认阶段?

[18:05.56]Do we have to come over and do an intervention? 我们要不要来帮你做心理治疗?

[18:05.12]Don't embarrass him in front of his friends. 别让他在朋友面前落面子

[18:10.20]All right. 好吧

[18:11.40]Carry us outside. 带我们出去

[18:12.28]We want to talk to you in private. 我们要私下谈

[18:14.92]- But,papa,please... - now,rajesh! - 爸爸 别... - 马上 Rajesh!

[18:20.68]I have to go. 我出去一下

[18:23.08]Now,listen to me... 你给我听好...

[18:25.88]at least wait till I get into the hall. 至少等我走到走廊里

[18:29.44]okay,well,good night. 好吧 晚安

[18:33.76]Hold on. 等等

[18:35.88]What happened with you and lalita? 你和Lalita怎么样?

[18:36.76]We ate,she lectured me on the link between gum disease and heart attacks-- 我们吃饭 她告诉我牙周病和心脏病有关

[18:40.84]nothing I didn't already know-- and I came home. 都是我早就知道的东西 然后我回家

[18:45.16]So you're not going to see her again? 你要和她再见面吗?

[18:45.96]Why would I see her again? 为什么要和她再见面?

[18:47.28]I already have a dentist. 我已经有牙医了

[18:55.36]I wonder who's going to tell his parents they're not having grandchildren? 谁来告诉他的父母 永远都抱不上孙子了?

[19:04.88]To life,to life,l'chaim * 敬生命 敬生命 我致敬 *

[19:06.12]l'chaim,l'chaim,to life * 我致敬 我致敬 敬生命 *

[19:08.44]life has a way of amusing us blessing and bruising us drink, * 生活给我们欢笑 有福有祸 干杯 *

[19:14.68]l'chaim,to li...fe. * 我致敬 敬生~命 *

[19:20.24]I don't believe it. What's gotten into him? 不敢相信 他中了什么邪?

[19:22.08]maybe a couple virgin cuba libres that turned out to be kind of slutty. 也许一点圣洁古巴利布瑞酒 让他变得放浪了

[19:28.36]You didn'T. 你不是吧

[19:29.60]Hey,you do your experiments. I do mine. 你们做你们的实验 我做我的

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