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[00:02.48]Ok... 好了

[00:03.96]The X10's are online 这台X10已经连上网了

[00:06.44]Gentlemen, I am now about to send a signal from this laptop through our local ISP 先生们 接下来我要从这台笔记本发出信号 通过本地ISP

[00:12.76]racing down fibre optic cable at the speed of light to San Fransisco, 经由光纤电缆 以光速直达旧金山

[00:17.36]bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to Lisbon, Portugal, 通过地球同步卫星的反射 到达葡萄牙的里斯本

[00:21.04]where the data packets will be headed off to submerge transatlantic cables, 然后数据包就会直通 跨大西洋海底电缆

[00:23.80]terminating in Halifax, Nova Scotia 在新斯科舍省的哈利法克斯暂歇之后 (位于加拿大)

[00:24.92]and transfered across the continent via microwave relays back to our ISP 跨越整个大陆 通过微波传送回我们的ISP

[00:29.64]And the extend receiver attached to this... 而扩展接收器就安在这个...

[00:31.40]Lamp. 灯

[00:37.76]Look at me, look at me. I've got goosebumps. 看看我 看看我 我都起鸡皮疙瘩了

[00:37.44]- Are we ready for the stereo? - Go for stereo. - 立体声准备好了吗? - 试试看音响

[00:46.44]电影"2001太空漫游"经典配乐 他们在模仿电影中猩猩进化的片断

[01:03.60]- Hey guys. - Hello. - 嘿 大家 - 你好

[01:06.12]It's a little loud. 有点吵哎

[01:08.92]No problem... Turning it down. 没问题... 声音关小点

[01:10.12]San Francisco, Lisbon, Halifax... ...et voil? 旧金山 里斯本 哈利法克斯... 这样好了?

[01:15.32]- OK, thanks. - Hang on, hang on. Do you not realise what we just did? - 好 谢谢 - 等下 你没注意到我们刚才做的事吗?

[01:19.52]Yeah, you turned your stereo down with your laptop. 注意到了 你们刚刚用笔记本调低了音响声音

[01:20.36]No, we turned our stereo down, by sending a signal around the world via the Internet. 不 我们是借由网络向全球发出了信号 然后使立体声音量变小

[01:28.92]Oh. You know you can get one of those universal remotes from Radioshack? 你们可以买个Radioshack的万能遥控 (美国第三大电子零售商)

[01:29.56]They're really cheap. 那个非常便宜

[01:31.76]No, you don't get it. Howard, 不 你没明白 Howard

[01:35.96]- Enable public access. - Public access enabled. - 打开公共通道 - 公共通道已打开

[01:40.16]- Boy, that's terrific. I'll see ya. - No hang on, hang on... - 棒极了 回见 - 不 等等...

[01:47.68]See? 看到没?

[01:48.76]No. 没啊

[01:51.84]Someone in Sichuan province, China, is using his computer 有个人在中国的四川省 正在用他的电脑

[01:55.60]to turn our lights on and off. 来操控我们灯的开和关

[01:58.12]Oh, that's handy. 哦 那还真挺方便的

[02:01.00]Here's a question... Why? 我有个问题... 为什么这么做?

[02:03.76]Because we can. 因为我们能做到

[02:07.72]They found our remote control cars! 他们发现我们的遥控车了!

[02:12.04]- Wait, what's on top of that? - Wireless webcams, wave hello! - 等一下 那个上面是什么? - 无线摄像头 打个招呼!

[02:17.16]The monster truck is out of Austin, Texas, 那辆怪兽卡车由德州奥斯汀的某人操控 (即驶向Penny的三辆模型车)

[02:19.68]and the blue Viper is being operated from suburban Tel Aviv. 而那辆蓝色的道奇蝰蛇 由特拉维夫市郊(以色列某市)某人操控

[02:26.16]- You may want to put on slacks. - What? - 你或许该穿条裤子 - 什么?

[02:32.60]Ew, stop it! No! Leave me alone! 恶 停下! 不! 离我远点!

[02:38.24]- Who's running the red Corvette? - That would be me. - 谁在操纵那个红色巡洋舰? - 是我


[02:57.52]The Big Bang Theory Season01 Episode09 天才理论传 第一季 第9集

[03:03.40]You know in the future, when we're disembodied brains in jars, 或许将来 当我们变成被放在罐子里的 脱离躯体的大脑时

[03:08.44]we're going to look at this as eight hours well wasted. 回头看这八个小时 会是完全浪费

[03:11.96]I don't want to be in a jar. I want my brain in an android body. 我可不希望被放在罐子里 我希望我的大脑放在机器人体内

[03:18.48]Eight feet tall and ribbed. 八英尺高 肋骨分明

[03:21.72]I'm with you. 我支持你

[03:20.64]I just have to make sure if I'm a synthetic human I'd still be Jewish. 我只是想确保就算我成了人造人 我仍然是犹太人

[03:27.92]I promised my mother. 我答应过我妈妈

[03:29.32]I suppose you could have your android penis circumcised. 我觉得你还可能得 给你的人工阴茎进行隔礼

[03:36.64]But that's something your rabbi would have to discuss with the manufacturer. 但那是你的犹太导师和制造商 应该探讨的问题

[03:39.56]Not to mention you'd have to power down on saturdays. 而且你星期六还得进入节电模式 (犹太人周末不工作 为安息日)

[03:43.80]Sheldon, why is this letter in the trash? Sheldon 这封信为啥在垃圾箱里?

[03:47.56]Well, there's always the possibility that 嗯 不能排除说

[03:48.24]a trash can spontaneously formed around the letter 那封信周围自然形成了一个垃圾桶

[03:53.60]but Occam's rasor would suggest that someone threw it out. 但据奥卡姆剃刀原理 应该是谁扔进去的吧 (原理核心 "如无必要 勿增实体")

[03:57.04]It's from the Institute of Experimental Physics, they want us to 这是物理实验研究所寄来的 他们想让我们

[03:60.72]present our paper on the properties of supersolids 在玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚体主题会上

[04:00.60]at the topical conference of Bose-Einstein condensates. 发表我们关于超立体特质的研究论文

[04:03.92]I know. I read it before I threw it out. 我知道 我把它扔掉之前读过了

[04:07.28]Ok, if I may drill down to the bedrock of my question: 好吧 容我打破砂锅问到底

[04:10.64]why did you throw it out? 你为什么把它扔掉?

[04:13.32]Because I have no interest in standing in the Rose room of the Pasadena Marriot, 因为我对站在 帕萨迪纳万豪酒店的玫瑰房里

[04:16.84]in front of a group of judgmental strangers 面对一帮品头论足的陌生人 毫无兴趣

[04:17.00]who wouldn't recognise true genius if it was standing in front of them giving a speech. 就算一个真正的天才在面前讲演 他们也绝对察觉不到

[04:22.60]Which if I were there, would be. 如果我在那儿的话 就会这样的

[04:25.12]I don't know Sheldon. 我不明白 Sheldon

[04:26.68]Those topical conferences on Bose-Einstein condensates' parties are legendary 玻色-爱因斯坦凝聚体主题会的 派对可是传奇性的啊!

[04:31.52]- Forget the parties! - Forget the parties? What a nerd. - 别提那些派对了! - 别提那些派对了? 书呆子!

[04:35.44]Are there any other honours I've got that I don't know about? 还有其他我不知情的荣誉吗?

[04:40.40]Did the UPS dropped off a Nobel prize with my name on it? 快递公司有没有送来一封 写着我名字的诺贝尔获奖信?

[04:43.76]Leonard, please don't take this the wrong way, but the day you win a Nobel prize, Leonard 请别误会 但是什么时候你能得诺贝尔奖

[04:44.20]is the day I begin my research on the drag coefficient of tassles on flying carpets. 我就什么时候开始对 飞毯流苏的药物共作用性研究

[04:51.80]the only thing missing from that insult was: "your mama". 这个羞辱只漏了一点 就是"你妈妈"

[04:57.08]I got one... Hey Leonard, 我有个... 嗨 Leonard

[04:58.52]- Your mama's research methodology is so flawed... - Shut up, Howard. - 你妈妈的研究方法论也太次了... - 闭嘴 Howard

[05:01.92]- Sheldon, we have to do this. - No, we don't. - Sheldon 我们必须去 - 不 没必要

[05:05.44]We have to take a nourishment, to expel waste, 我们必须摄取营养 排泄废物

[05:06.08]and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying. 吸取足够的氧气来保持细胞活性

[05:10.80]Everything else is optional. 剩下的都是可选的

[05:11.68]Ok, let me put it this way: I'm doing it. 好吧 我这么说吧 我要去

[05:14.12]You can't. I'm the lead author. 你不能 我才是主笔

[05:17.88]Come on, the only reason you're the lead author is because we went alphabetically. 得了吧 那是因为你姓氏字母靠前

[05:20.60]I let you think we went alphabetically to spare you 我让你以为我们是按字母排序 是为了减轻你的屈辱感

[05:21.80]the humiliation with dealing with the fact that it was my idea. 免于承受"那论文是我的构思" 这个残酷的现实

[05:25.52]Now to put too fine a point to it, but I was throwing you a bone. 坦率的说 我是在施恩于你

[05:29.40]You're welcome. 不用谢了

[05:29.48]Excuse me, I designed the experiment that proved the hypothesis. 拜托 是我设计了实验 证明了那些假设

[05:34.80]That doesn't mean proving. 那才不是证明

[05:36.96]So the entire scientific community is just supposed to take your word? 所以整个科学界都理应相信你的鬼话了?

[05:38.72]They're not supposed to, but they should. 不是理应 他们应该相信

[05:41.88]Alright, I don't care what you say. 好吧 我不管你怎么说

[05:45.64]I'm going to the conference and I'm presenting our findings 我会去参加这个会议 并且要发表我们的新发现

[05:46.12]And I forbid it. 我不准

[05:50.64]You forbid it? 你不准?

[05:49.80]If I'm not taking credit for our work then nobody is. 如果这荣誉不是归我名下 那就谁也别想得到

[05:54.32]- So, you admit that it's our work. - No. - 你承认这是我们共同的成果了 - 不是

[05:54.52]Once again, I'm throwing you a bone. 再说一遍 是我施恩于你

[05:57.04]And once again, you are welcome. 再说一遍 不用谢了

[06:10.48]So, how's it going with Sheldon? Are you guys still not talking to each other? 你现在和Sheldon怎么样? 还是不说话吗?

[06:11.16]Not only is he still not talking to me, 他不仅不和我说话

[06:14.96]but there's this thing he does where he stares at you and tries to get your brain to explode. 他还总瞪着我 想要把我的头给看爆炸

[06:19.36]You know, like in the classic sci-fi movie "Scanners"? 就像是那个经典的科幻电影"扫描机"

[06:22.88]Like.... Bzzz. 就像....卟嗞..

[06:27.24]Nevermind. 算了

[06:29.84]How about this one? 这件怎么样?

[06:31.76]It says, I know my physics, but I'm still a fun guy. 它就像在说 我虽然精通物理 但我仍是一个风趣的人

[06:33.72]Oh, I didn't know they still made corduroy suits. 哦 我不知道还有人生产灯芯绒西服

[06:37.56]They don't, that's why I saved this one. 没人生产了 所以我留着这件

[06:40.80]Ok, well, let's just see what else you have. 好的 咱们再看看你还有什么

[06:45.76]Ok, here. Take this. 好 这儿 拿着这件

[06:45.04]and this, and this, and this, and these... 还有这件 这件 这件 还有这些...

[06:49.00]Is this all stuff you want me to try on? 这些都是你想让我试穿的?

[06:52.84]No, this is stuff I want you to throw out. 不 这些都是我想让你扔掉的

[06:55.68]Seriously, don't even give it to charity, you won't be helping anyone. 说真的 也别捐给慈善机构了 不会帮到任何人的

[06:58.56]What's this? 这是什么?

[07:00.12]That's the bottled city of Kandor. 这是瓶中城市Kandor (出自"超人")

[07:06.48]You see, Kandor was the capital city of the planet Krypton. Kandor曾是氪星球的首都

[07:11.16]It was miniaturised by Brainiac before Krypton exploded 在氪星球爆炸之前 它被Brainiac缩小了

[07:12.100]and then rescued by Superman. 然后被超人所拯救

[07:16.08]Oh, nice. 哦 厉害

[07:19.84]It's a lot cooler when girls aren't looking at it. 在没有女孩看的时候 它会更酷的

[07:22.52]Here, why don't you put these while I find a shirt and a sport cut match. 你先把它换上 我找找相配的衬衫和外套

[07:26.52]Right, be right back. 好的 我马上回来

[07:27.72]Where are you going? Just put them on. 你去哪? 穿上就行了

[07:28.88]Here? 在这儿?

[07:30.04]Oh, are you shy? 噢 你害羞了?

[07:31.64]- No, I'm not shy. - Don't worry I won't look. - 不 我没害羞 - 别担心 我不会偷看的

[07:36.32]I know you won't look. Why would you look? 我知道你不会偷看 你为啥要偷看呢?

[07:37.28]There's nothing to see... Well, not 'nothing'... 又没什么好看的... 呃 也不是一点没有...

[07:37.32]Sweetie, put the pants on. 亲爱的 把裤子穿上

[07:42.20]So, you know, isn't there maybe some way you and Sheldon could 会不会有一天你能和Sheldon

[07:44.12]- compromise on this whole presentation thing? - No, No. - 在出席会议那件事上彼此妥协呢? - 不会的 不会的

[07:49.44]Scientists do not compromise. 科学家不会妥协

[07:50.28]Our minds are trained to synthetize facts 我们的头脑是被训练来综合事实

[07:52.80]and come to inarguable conclusions. 然后得出无可置疑的结论

[07:55.36]Not to mention, Sheldon is back-crap crazy. 更何况 Sheldon是个驼背的疯子

[08:01.44]What is this? 这是什么?

[08:02.28]Oh, careful. 哦 小心点

[08:05.92]That's my original series Battlestar Galactica flight suit. 那是我收藏的太空堡垒卡拉狄加 原版系列宇航服

[08:09.76]Oh, why didn't you wear it on Halloween? 哦 怎么你都没有在万圣节穿过?

[08:11.20]Because it's not a costume, it's a flight suit. 因为它不是戏服 它是宇航服

[08:17.44]Ok, alright, moving on. 好吧 继续

[08:20.24]Oh, wow. A paisley shirt. 哇 涡旋纹花呢衫

[08:20.32]It goes with my corduroy suit. 那件是用来配我的灯芯绒西服

[08:23.40]if you mean it should end up in the same place, then I agree. 如果你觉得它该和那西服同归于尽 我也同意

[08:28.60]Is this your only tie? 这是你唯一的一条领带?

[08:32.36]Technically, yes. But, if you'll notice... 理论上来说 是的 但是 如果你能注意到...

[08:35.28]It's reversible! 它是正反两面的!

[08:39.32]So it works as two. 可以当两条用

[08:40.36]Sweetie, I don't even think it works as one. 亲爱的 我觉得当一条用它都够呛

[08:47.20]- Is this all your clothes? - Eh, yeah. - 这就是你全部的衣服了? - 没错

[08:47.96]Everything since the eighth grade. 八年级至今的全部衣服都在这儿了

[08:50.00]- The eighth grade? - My last growth sprout - 八年级? - 我最后发育的年龄

[08:54.80]Ok, well, let's go back to the curdoroy suit. 好吧 还是选这套灯芯绒西服吧

[08:58.24]- Great. - Yeah. - 棒极了 - 是啊

[09:00.72]I said no. Put it down. 我说了不 把它放下

[09:10.72]Hey Sheldon. 嗨 Sheldon

[09:10.88]Hello Penny. 你好 Penny

[09:15.96]Get anything good? 收到啥好东西了?

[09:18.20]Just the latest copy of Applied Particle Physics quarterly. 只是最新的应用粒子物理学季刊

[09:20.28]Oh, you know, that is so weird that yours came and mine didn't. 哦 那真是有点奇怪 你的到了可我那期还没来

[09:29.40]It was a joke. 我在开玩笑

[09:37.76]Yep. 是的

[09:37.16]Tip you waitresses. I'm here all week. 打赏你的服务员 我整星期都会在这里哦

[09:42.04]Penny, just to save you from further awkwardness, Penny 为了防止你进一步尴尬

[09:44.84]know that I'm perfectly comfortable with the two of us climbing the stairs in silence. 我并不介意 我们俩爬楼梯时保持沉默

[09:47.64]Oh, yeah ok, me too. Zip it, lock it. 好 我也是 拉链拉上 锁住

[09:53.76]Put it in your pocket. 放进你的口袋

[09:58.12]- So, you and Leonard... - Oh dear God... - 那么 你和Leonard... - 老天啊...

[10:01.96]Little misunderstanding, huh? 一点小误会啊?

[10:04.44]A little misunderstanding...? 一点小误会...?

[10:04.72]Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding. 伽利略和罗马教皇也有一点小误会 (伽利略因日心说被教皇迫害)

[10:13.84]Anyway, I was talking to Leonard this morning and I think he feels really bad about it. 不管怎样 今天早上我跟Leonard谈过 我感觉他很难过

[10:17.64]How do you feel? 你有什么感觉?

[10:22.48]I don't understand the question. 我不明白你的问题

[10:25.08]I'm just asking if it's difficult to be fighting with your best friend. 我只想问 跟自己最好的朋友作对 会不会很难?

[10:29.08]I haven't thought about it like that. 我没有这么想过

[10:31.68]I wonder if I've been experiencing physiological manifestations 我只是在想 这些无意识的情感波动

[10:34.72]of some sort of unconscious emotional turmoil 会不会影响我的生理表现

[10:38.48]Wait, what? 等等 你说什么?

[10:40.48]I couldn't poop this morning. 今天早上拉不出大便

[10:44.56]You should just talk to him, I'm sure you guys can work this out. 你得找他谈谈 我肯定你们俩能和好

[10:48.80]- Certainly preferable to my plan. - Which was? - 我的计划更可取 - 你的计划是?

[10:52.48]A powerful laxative. 一服轻泻剂

[10:55.04]You absolutely should talk to him. 你真该找他谈谈

[10:58.40]Look, I know Leonard values you as a friend and he told me himself 我知道Leonard当你是朋友 而且他自己说的 如果没有你的小点子

[10:59.88]without your little idea there's no way he could come up with this whole experiment thing. 他根本无法提出这个实验

[11:07.12]Excuse me. "Little idea"? 对不起 "小点子"?

[11:11.96]Yeah, I mean he tried to explain it to me, 是的 他试着跟我解释这个实验

[11:13.52]- I didn't really understand it but... - Of course you didn't. - 我实在不明白 但是... - 你当然不明白

[11:14.64]He said: "Little idea"? 他说"小点子"?

[11:18.00]Oh, well, no... Not... 噢 不... 不是...

[11:19.56]- Not in those words. - In what words then, exactly? - 不是那个词 - 那他是怎么说的?

[11:21.72]Oh, you know... Gee. The exact words are... It's more the spirit in which he said... 你知道的....确切的词是... 他说的更富有灵气...

[11:25.04]- What did he say? - You had a lucky hunch - 他说了什么? - 你有个幸运驼背

[11:30.12]Hey, Sheldon, I've been thinking, instead of arguing about this... 嘿 Sheldon 我在想 与其争论...

[11:30.20]Don't you ever speak to me again. 不要再跟我说话

[11:36.40]What...? 什么...?

[11:51.76]Ok, I'm leaving for the conference. 我要去参加会议了

[11:52.32]Have fun presenting my "lucky hunch" 但愿你能尽情陈述我的"幸运驼背"

[11:56.16]Shel, I didn't mean it like that. Shel 我并不是这意思

[11:57.48]- Then why did you say it? - I don't know, I wasn't... - 那你为什么这么说? - 我不知道 我...

[11:58.64]- Were you trying to impress Penny? - No, no, not at all. A little bit. - 你想逗Penny开心? - 不 不 并不是 有一点

[12:03.72]How did that work out for you? 那样真的有用吗?

[12:05.96]- Leonard, ready to go? - Libido: 1 Truth: 0. - Leonard 准备好了吗? - 性欲:1 真相:0

[12:13.48]Ok, I'm gonna ask you one more time. 我再问你一次

[12:13.04]We did the work together, let's present the paper together. 我们一起做的研究 就一起去陈述论文吧

[12:17.64]And I'm telling you for the last time, 我最后回答你一次

[12:19.36]it's pandering, it's undignifying, and bite me. 这是在拉皮条 这是无地自容 有种咬我

[12:25.24]Let's go. 我们走吧

[12:24.24]- Bye Sheldon. - Goodbye Penny. - 再见 Sheldon - 再见 Penny

[12:37.64]One of these days... bshh! 总有那么一天...卟嗞!

[12:43.12]There you go. 可以了

[12:45.32]You're right this side does look better. 你说的对 这一面的确好看点

[12:46.28]No, no, I didn't say better, I said "less stained". 不 我并没说更好看 我说"少点污渍"

[12:50.80]I just checked the house. There's probably 20-25 people in there. 我刚刚检查了下房间 里面大约有20-25个人

[12:53.80]- You're kidding! - Is that all? - 真的?! - 就这么多?

[12:57.56]"All?" In particle physics 25 is Woodstock! "就这么多?" 在量子物理学里 25人就是伍德斯托克音乐节

[13:03.24]- Then good! - I wasn't expecting such a crowd, - 那很好! - 我可没想到有这么多人

[13:05.88]I'm all nervous. 我好紧张

[13:07.40]It's ok, just open with a joke, you'll be fine. 没事的 开头讲个笑话 会顺利的

[13:08.36]A joke... Ok. 笑话...好吧

[13:12.64]How about this? Um, ok... 这个怎么样? 呃 好吧...

[13:13.08]There's this farmer 有个农夫

[13:16.96]and he has these chickens but they won't lay any eggs, so... 他养了一群鸡却不会下蛋 于是...

[13:18.32]he calls a physicist to help. 他找了个物理学家来帮忙

[13:20.44]The physicist then does some calculations, 物理学家做了些计算

[13:23.36]and he says: "I have a solution, 然后说 "我有个解决的办法"

[13:29.16]but it only works for spherical chickens in a vacuum". "但只对在真空环境下的球形鸡适用"

[13:35.24]Right? 好笑吧?

[13:40.68]Oh, sorry, I just had heard it before. 噢 对不起 我之前听过这个笑话

[13:42.84]- Let's roll. Hey, nice suit. - It's a classic, right? - 我们进去 嘿 不错的西服 - 很经典 对吧?

[13:48.96]I really should have brought my own car. 我真该自己开车来

[13:54.04]So, in conclusion, 总而言之

[13:54.88]the data show that at temperatures approaching absolute zero, 数据显示 当温度接近绝对零度时

[13:57.48]the moment of inertia changes, and a solid becomes a supersolid, 惯性矩会改变 固体将变成超立体

[14:02.96]which clearly appears to be a previously unknown state of matter. 也就是我们之前所未知的物态

[14:09.64]Thank you! 谢谢!

[14:13.64]- Are there any questions? - Yeah. - 有什么问题吗? - 有

[14:16.76]What the hell was that? 那是什么鬼东西?

[14:22.40]Any other questions? 还有其他问题吗?

[14:23.16]Doctor Sheldon Cooper here, I am the lead author of this particular paper. 我是Sheldon Cooper博士 是这篇论文的主笔

[14:30.12]Thank you. 谢谢

[14:33.32]And you sir, you have completely skipped over the part where I was walking through the park 而你 这位先生 你完全跳过了那段 -- 我穿过公园

[14:36.92]and I saw these children on a merry-go-round which started me thinking 看到孩子们在旋转木马上

[14:40.92]about the moment of inertia in gases like helium 引起我思考当类似氦气的气体

[14:43.60]at temperatures approaching absolute zero. 温度达到绝对零度时的惯性矩

[14:45.84]I didn't skip it. It's just an anecdote, it's not science. 我没有跳过 那只是个趣闻 并不是科学

[14:48.52]Oh, I see. It was the apple falling on Newton's head, 噢 我知道了 那是掉在牛顿头上的苹果

[14:51.96]- was that just an anecdote? - You are not Isaac Newton. - 那只是个趣闻吗? - 你不是艾萨克·牛顿

[14:53.72]No, no, that's true. Gravity would have been apparent to me without the apple. 不 不 这是真的 不用苹果 重力也能找到我

[14:58.16]You cannot possibly be that arrogant. 你怎么能如此傲慢

[14:59.44]You continue to underestimate me, my good man. 你就继续低估我吧 伙计

[15:02.24]Look, if you weren't happy with my presentation then maybe you should have given it with me! 听着 如果你因为我的陈述而不愉快 也许你该跟我一起陈述!

[15:05.80]As I have explained repeatedly, unlike you, 我已经重复过好几次 跟你不同

[15:07.100]I don't need validation from lesser minds. 我不需要那些没脑子的人来肯定我

[15:11.88]No offense. 无意冒犯

[15:11.40]Really, so why did you come? 真的? 那你为什么来?

[15:13.32]Because I knew you'd screw this up. 因为我知道你会搞砸

[15:16.16]I didn't screw it up! 我并没有搞砸!

[15:15.56]Oh, please. I admit that spherical chicken joke, 拜托 我承认那个球形鸡的笑话不错

[15:19.28]- that was hilarious. - Thank you. - 很搞笑 - 谢谢

[15:20.40]But it was straight downhill from there. 但从那以后就直线下滑

[15:22.84]I've had enough of your condescendship. 我受够了你的鄙视

[15:25.60]Maybe I didn't go to college when I was 11 like you. 也许我没有像你一样 11岁就上大学

[15:28.52]Maybe I got my doctorate at 24 instead of 16 也许我24岁才获得博士学位 而不是16岁

[15:30.56]but you are not the only person who is smarter than 但你不是唯一一个

[15:31.44]everyone else in this room! 比这里在座各位聪明的人!

[15:36.52]No offense. 无意冒犯

[15:38.24]And I am clearly not the only person 而且我显然不是唯一一个

[15:39.40]who is tormented by insecurity 被不安全感折磨

[15:40.52]and has an ego in need of constant validation! 并需要被持续认可的自负的人!

[15:43.52]So you admit you're an egotist? 你承认自己自负了?

[15:44.84]Yes! 是的!

[15:47.60]My name is doctor Leonard Hofstadter and I can never please my parents so 我是Leonard Hofstadter博士 我永远取悦不了我的父母

[15:50.56]I need all my self esteem from strangers like you! 所以我需要从你们这些陌生人身上 找回自尊!

[15:54.52]But he's worse! 但他更糟糕!

[15:54.68]Ok, that's it! 好了 够了!

[15:55.64]Stop it! 停下!

[15:59.68]You cannot blow up my head with your mind! 用你的意念弄不爆我的脑袋!

[16:01.92]Then I'll settle for your aneurism! 那么我就让你生块动脉瘤!

[16:05.04]- Stop it! - You hit me! - 停下! - 你打我?!

[16:05.96]You saw that he hit me! 你们看到了 他打我!

[16:08.24]You tried to blow up my head! 你想弄爆我的脑袋!

[16:08.20]So it was working! 那就是说有用咯!

[16:11.96]It wa... It was not! You're a nutcase! 没...没有用! 你是个疯子!

[16:12.44]We'll see about that! 我们走着瞧!

[16:13.84]Heads up, you people in the front row! 戴好头盔! 你们坐在前排的人

[16:16.28]This is a splash zone! 这里是浪溅带!

[16:16.80]Stop it! 住手!

[16:18.40]Just quit it! 快住手!

[16:24.00]Is this usually how these physics things go? 物理学通常都是发展成这样的吗?

[16:28.72]More often than you think. 比你能想象的要多

[16:46.16]You could have offered me a ride home. 你本可以载我一程的

[16:48.100]You're lucky I didn't run you over. 没有轧死你 已经算你走运了

[16:51.40]I really don't understand what you're so unhappy about. 真不知道你为什么这么不开心

[16:53.00]You begged me to come, I came. 你求我去的 我去了

[16:56.68]There's just no pleasing you. 你这人真难伺候

[16:59.40]You're right, I'm the problem, I'm the one that needs help. 你说的对 问题出在我身上 我才是需要帮助的人

[17:02.52]Well, that's not much of an apology but I'll take it. 好吧 虽然这算不上道歉 但我接受

[17:04.08]Excuse me, 不好意思

[17:05.08]is there anything you would apologise for? 你有什么需要道歉吗?

[17:11.56]Yes. 有

[17:12.60]I'm sorry I tried to blow up your head. 很抱歉我尝试弄爆你的头

[17:17.12]It was uncalled for. 很不必要的举动

[17:18.28]You won't believe this. 你们不会相信的

[17:19.32]Somebody got the whole thing with their cell phone and put it on YouTube! 有人用手机拍下了整个过程 并上传到了YouTube!

[17:23.56]What? 什么?

[17:26.64]- Who would do that? - That would be me. - 谁会这么干? - 我会

[17:30.80]Hey, check it out, it's a featured video! 嘿 过来看看 还被置顶了!

[17:32.04]He hit me! You saw that he hit me! 他打我! 你们看见了 他打我!

[17:33.88](i)You tried to blow up my head!(/i) 你想弄爆我的脑袋!

[17:35.12]- Then it was working! - It was not working! You're a nutcase! - 那就是说有用咯! - 没...没有用! 你是个疯子!

[17:38.08]We will see about that! 我们走着瞧!

[17:39.36]You people in the front row heads up! 戴好头盔! 你们坐在前排的人

[17:41.52]This is splash zone 这里是浪溅带

[17:44.00]Stop it! Leave it, leave it! 住手! 放下! 放下!

[17:50.36]You want a volcano nerve pinch! 让你尝尝火神力量钳! (出自"星际漫游")

[17:51.08]You should clip your fingernails! Those hurt! 你该剪指甲了! 抓痛我了!

[17:55.08]Oh, Jeez. does this suit really look that bad? 天啊! 这件西服真有那么难看呀?

[17:60.12]Forget your suit, look at my arms waving. 别提你的西装了 看看我的手臂晃动

[18:01.56]I'm like a flamingo on Ritalin. 我像是吃了利他林(中枢兴奋药)的火烈鸟

[18:08.56]Howard, Howard

[18:09.24]would you like to explain to me why your Facebook page 能跟我解释下 为什么你的相册里

[18:09.100]has a picture of me sleeping on your shoulder captioned 有我靠在你肩膀睡觉的照片

[18:13.16]"me and my girlfriend"? 标题为"我和我的女朋友"?

[18:16.32]Uh oh, here comes the talk. 啊哦 质问来了

[18:27.56]- You hit me! - You tried to blow up my head! - 你打我! - 你想弄爆我的脑袋!

[18:28.76]- So it was working! - It was not working! You're a nutcase! - 那就是说有用咯! - 没...没有用! 你是个疯子!

[18:33.92]We will see about that! 我们走着瞧!

[18:30.76]Somewhere in China 中国某处

[18:35.00]What losers 混蛋东西嘛

[18:35.20]Yeah Gigantic American geeks 对啊 很大的书呆子

[18:42.60]who's doing that? 谁在搞鬼?

[18:45.60]Someone from Pasadena, California named... 一个来自加州帕萨迪纳的叫...

[18:49.60]"Wolowizard" Wolowizard

[18:54.40]Awesome! 牛!

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