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[00:27.68]checkmate 将军!

[00:32.28]again?! 又来?!

[00:32.64]Obviously,you're not well suited for three-dimensional chess. 很显然 你不适合玩三维国际象棋

[00:36.84]Perhaps three-dimensional candy land would be more your speed. 你的水平也许只适合玩三维的"糖果乐园"

[00:40.44]Just reset the board. 重新来过

[00:39.68]It must be humbling to suck on so many different levels. 在各个水平上(双关语)技术都糟糕 肯定会感到很羞耻吧?

[00:49.96]- hey,guys. - Hey. - 嘿 伙计们 - 嘿

[00:51.28]Did you get my mail? 有帮我拿邮件吗?

[00:53.40]Yeah,right here. 有 就在这里

[00:54.08]How was nebraska? 内布拉斯加州怎么样?

[00:55.32]Well,better than north dakota. 比北达科他州要好玩

[01:03.24]I guess that joke's only funny in nebraska. 我想这个玩笑只适合内布拉斯加州

[01:05.48]From the data at hand,you really can't draw that conclusion. 就目前掌握的资料 你不能妄下定论

[01:10.04]All you can say with absolute certainty is that that joke is not funny here. 你能确定的就是这个玩笑不适合这里

[01:20.84]Boy,it's good to be back. 回来真好

[01:23.20]How's your family? 你家人怎么样?

[01:23.28]Ugh,it was the worst trip. 噢 这是最糟糕的旅程了

[01:25.12]Everyone got sick over the weekend. 周末所有人都生病了

[01:25.84]Sick? Here we go. - 生病? - 完了

[01:29.52]What kind of sick? 哪种病?

[01:32.52]Uh,the flu,I guess. 呃 我猜是流感

[01:32.28]But I don't need you to guess. 我不需要你猜

[01:34.80]I need you to know. 我需要你确认

[01:35.40]Now,when did the symptoms first appear? 什么时候开始出现症状的?

[01:37.40]- Maybe friday. - Friday. - 可能是星期五 - 星期五

[01:40.48]Was that morning or afternoon? 早上还是下午?

[01:43.00]I-I don'T. 我不...

[01:44.40]think,woman. Who blew their nose and when? 好好想想 女人 谁打过喷嚏 什么时候?

[01:46.12]Sheldon,relax. Sheldon 放松

[01:47.96]She doesn't have any symptoms. I'm sure she's not contagious. 她没有任何症状 我相信她没被传染

[01:52.48]Oh,please. 噢 拜托

[01:55.92]If influenza was only contagious after symptoms appear, 如果流感是在症状出现后才开始传染的

[01:57.44]it would have died out thousands of years ago. 那它几千年前就灭绝了

[01:58.76]Somewhere between tool using and cave painting, 就在人类开始使用工具和石洞壁画之间

[02:02.64]homo habilou wisld have figured out how to kill the guy with the runny nose. 原始能人就会想办法干掉流鼻涕的人

[02:05.56]Penny,you'll have to excuse sheldon. Penny 请原谅Sheldon

[02:07.24]He's a bit of a germaphobe. 他有点洁癖外加神经过敏

[02:08.08]Oh,it's okay.I understand. 噢 没关系 我能理解

[02:11.00]Thanks for your consideration. Now please leave. 多谢你的体谅 现在请离开

[02:14.44]You'd better go before he starts spraying you with lysol. 在他拿出消毒剂之前 你最好还是离开

[02:17.80]Okay. Well,thank you for getting my mail. 好吧 谢谢你帮我拿邮件

[02:20.28]No problem. Welcome home. 不客气 欢迎回来

[02:29.36]what?! 干嘛?!


[02:46.60]the big bang theory Season 1 Episode 11 天才理论传 第一季 第11集

[03:02.40]What the hell are you doing? 你在瞎折腾什么?

[03:03.88]I'm making petri dishes to grow throat cultures. 我在用皮氏培养皿记录我的喉咙变化

[03:07.04]With lime jell-o? 用酸橙果冻?

[03:09.36]I need a growth medium,and someone polished off the apricot yogurt. 我需要个培养基 还需要个人来刮杏仁酸乳酪

[03:13.40]Here,swab my throat. 来 刮下我的喉咙

[03:19.32]I don't think so. 没门

[03:20.36]Leonard,if m m ing to get ahead of this thing, I need to find out what's growing in my throat. Leonard 如果我要预防疾病 我必须要知道喉咙里在长些什么

[03:26.20]Sheldon,you are not sick. Sheldon 你没有生病

[03:29.92]This is,but you are not. 这种行为很变态 但你没有生病

[03:32.68]We have no idea what pathogen typhoid penny has introduced into our environment. 我们根本不知道Penny 把哪种伤寒病菌带到我们的环境里

[03:38.52]For having never been to nebraska,I'm fairly certain that I have no corn-husking antibodies. 我从没去过内布拉斯加州 可以确定没有那种抗体

[03:46.64]Sheldon,don't you think you're overreacting? Sheldon 你不觉自己有点反应过度吗?

[03:47.36]When I'm lying comatose in a hospital relying on inferior minds to cure me, 当我昏迷在医院里 靠那些猪脑救命的时候

[03:50.84]these jell-o cultures and my accompanying notes will give them a fighting chance. 这些果冻培养基和我的字条 能帮他们指引道路

[04:01.92]I'm going back to bed. 我回去睡觉了

[04:03.76]- Wait. Put this in the bathroom. - What for? - 等等 把这个放进浴室 - 干嘛用?

[04:06.08]I need to measure my fluid intake and output to make sure my kidneys aren't shutting down. 我需要测量我的水分摄入和排出 确保我的肾形矿脉没有关闭

[04:11.40]I mixed pancake batter in this! 我可是在这里捣薄烤饼面糊的呀!

[04:14.44]No,that measuring cup has always been for urine. 不 这个量杯一直都是用来测尿的

[04:20.92]You had time to make a label for everything in this apartment including the label maker, 你有时间给公寓里的所有东西标标签 甚至连标记笔都标注了

[04:25.04]but you didn't have ten seconds to make one that said "urine cup"? 难道你就没时间来标注"尿液杯"? 哪怕10秒钟?

[04:28.96]It's right here on the bottom. 标在杯底

[04:34.76]Huh. 哈

[04:38.92]I guess I owe the betty crocker company a letter of apology. 我想我欠"贝蒂妙厨"公司一个道歉

[04:58.88]oh,dear god. 噢 我的天啊

[05:03.60]Leonard! Leonard!

[05:05.64]leonard,I'm sick! Leonard 我生病了!

[05:09.76]Leonard! Leonard!

[05:12.44]leonard,I'm sick! Leonard 我生病了!

[05:19.16]leonard? Leonard?

[05:21.48]Leonard? Leonard?

[05:25.68]leonard? Leonard?

[05:28.08]Leonard,my comforter fell down, and my sinuses hurt when I bend over. Leonard 我的被子掉地上了 而且我弯腰时鼻窦会痛

[05:34.56]Leonard? Leonard?

[05:45.80]ow! 哎哟!

[05:52.72]- Hey. - Leonard,where are you? - 嘿 - Leonard 你在哪里?

[05:54.44]I'm at work. 我在工作

[05:58.68]At 6:30 in the morning? 早上6:30?

[05:59.80]Yes. 是的

[06:00.60]On sunday? 星期天?

[06:03.80]Yes. 是的

[06:04.00]- Why? - They asked me to come in. - 为什么? - 他们叫我过来的

[06:08.00]But I didn't hear the phone ring. 但我没有听到电话铃声

[06:10.56]They texted me. 他们发短信给我的

[06:12.72]Well,as I predicted,I am sick. 好吧 正如我预言的 我生病了

[06:15.24]My fever has been tracking up exponentially since 2:00 A.M. 我从凌晨2点开始跟踪测试体温

[06:20.92]And I am producing sputum at an alarming rate. 而且我的痰液剧增

[06:25.24]no kidding? 不是开玩笑吧?

[06:27.48]No,not only that,it has shifted from clear to milky green. 不是 不仅如此 痰液还从透明色变成了奶绿色

[06:32.56]All right,well,get some rest and drink plenty of fluids. 那么好好休息 多喝水

[06:36.12]What else would I drink, gases,solids,ionized plasma? 我还能喝什么? 汽油? 固体? 血浆?

[06:40.64]Drink whatever you want. 喝你想喝的吧

[06:43.76]I want soup. 我想喝汤

[06:45.64]Then make soup. 那么去煮汤呀

[06:44.00]We don't have soup. 我们没有汤

[06:47.32]I'm at work,sheldon. 我在工作 Sheldon

[06:53.48]is that a dog? 是狗在叫?

[06:53.52]Yes. 是的

[06:55.20]In the lab? 在实验室里?

[06:58.48]Yes. 是的

[06:58.40]They're training dogs to operate the centrifuge 他们在训练狗来操作离心机

[07:01.48]for when they need dogs to operate the centrifuge for blind scientists. 用于...让狗来帮盲人科学家操作离心机

[07:08.64]I have to go. 我得挂了

[07:13.24]Howard,it's the phone! Howard 电话响了!

[07:17.48]I know it's the phone,ma,I hear the phone! 我知道电话响了 妈 我听到了!

[07:20.20]Well,who's calling at this ungodly hour?! 谁这么不道德 这时候打电话过来?!

[07:26.16]I don't know! 我不知道!

[07:27.76]Well,ask them why they're calling at this ungodly hour! 那么问问看是谁这么不道德!

[07:32.56]How can I ask them when I'm talking to you?! 我正在和你说话 你要我怎么问呀?!

[07:37.40]Hello. 你好

[07:39.00]Howard,it's leonard. Code milky green. Howard 是Leonard 代号:奶绿色

[07:42.32]Dear lord,not milky green. 老天 不会吧? 奶绿色?

[07:46.84]Affirmative. With fever. 已经确认 还有体温

[07:47.64]- Who's on the phone?! - It's leonard! - 谁的电话?! - 是Leonard!

[07:49.76]- Why is he calling?! - Sheldon's sick! - 他打电话来干嘛?! - Sheldon生病了!

[07:55.12]Were you playing with him?! 你有和他一起玩吗?!

[07:57.16]For god's sake,ma,I'm 26 years old! 天哪 老妈 我已经26岁了!

[08:02.52]Excuse me,mr.Grownup! 抱歉 "成人"先生!

[08:06.92]- What do you want for breakfast?! - Chocolate milk and eggos,please! - 早餐要吃什么?! - 巧克力牛奶和鸡蛋!

[08:11.08]Howard,listen to me. Howard 听我说

[08:12.48]- Hang on. Call waiting. No,don't,don't.! - 等等 有来电 - 不 不要接 不要接!

[08:16.08]hello. 你好

[08:15.48]Howard,I'm sick. Howard 我生病了

[08:23.80]Howard's sleeping. This is his mother! Howard在睡觉 我是他妈妈!

[08:28.76]Why are you calling at this ungodly hour? 你干嘛这么不道德 这时候打电话过来?

[08:33.12]I need soup. 我要喝汤

[08:35.64]Then call your own mother! 那就打电话给你妈妈!

[08:41.96]- It was sheldon. - I tried to stop you. - 是Sheldon打来的 - 我试着阻止你的

[08:41.84]It's my own fault. 我的过失

[08:44.96]I forgot the protocol we put in place after the great ear infection of '06. 我忘了06年那次"耳朵感染"时 我们用的代号是什么了

[08:47.56]You call koothrappali. 你通知koothrappali

[08:49.24]We need to find a place to lay low for the next 18 to 24 hours. 我们得找个地方躲18-24小时

[08:54.04]Stand by. 等一下

[08:53.100]Ma,can my friends come over? 妈妈 我朋友能来过夜吗?

[08:56.76]I just had the carpet steamed! 我刚刚才熨了地毯!

[09:02.88]That's a negatory. 不行

[09:02.96]But there's a planet of the apes marathon at the nuart today. Nuart剧院今天有<决战猩球>的马拉松式放映

[09:07.16]Five movies,two hours apiece. 5部电影 2小时一部

[09:09.44]it's a start. 只是道开胃菜

[09:16.32]Homeless,crazy guy at table 18. 无家可归的疯子在18号桌

[09:22.72]no,just crazy. 不 只是个疯子

[09:27.40]Sheldon,what are you doing here? Sheldon 你来这里干什么?

[09:29.76]I'm sick. Thank you very much. 我生病了 真是太感谢你了

[09:34.32]How could you have gotten if from me? I'm not sick. 我怎么可能传染给你? 我又没生病

[09:34.00]You're a carrier. 你是个病毒携带者

[09:36.88]All these people here are doomed. 这里的所有人都会感染

[09:39.44]- You're doomed! - Shh! - 你们会被感染! - 嘘!

[09:44.16]Sheldon,what do you want? Sheldon 你要什么?

[09:44.08]I want soup. 我要喝汤

[09:50.64]why didn't you? 你为什么不?

[09:56.56]why didn't you just have soup at home? 为什么不在家里喝汤?

[09:56.64]Penny,I have an iq of 187. Penny 我有187的智商

[10:01.56]Don't you imagine that if there were a way for me to have had soup at home, 如果我家里有汤喝

[10:02.56]I would have thought of it? 还要你提醒吗?

[10:07.56]You can have soup delivered. 你可以叫外卖

[10:12.32]I did not think of that. 我没有想到这个

[10:14.36]Clelely,febrile delirium is setting in. 很明显 发烧已经开始导致精神错乱

[10:18.44]Please bring me some soup while I still understand what a spoon is for. 请在我还能辨认调羹的用处之前 给我上道汤

[10:21.48]Okay,what kind of soup do you want? 好吧 你要什么汤?

[10:23.08]Well,my mother used to make me this split pea 我妈妈以前给我做豌豆汤

[10:27.80]with little frankfurter slices and these homemade croutons. 配点法兰克福香肠片和自制的烤面包片

[10:30.84]We have chicken,tortilla and potato leek. 我们有鸡汤 玉米汤 罗宋汤

[10:35.32]Could I get any of those with little frankfurter slices and homemade croutons? 能给我任意一种配有法兰克福香肠片 和自制的烤面包片的汤吗?

[10:38.72]No. 不行

[10:41.76]Then surprise me. 那给点惊喜我吧!

[10:52.60]would you call that "moss green" or "forest green"? 你们称这种颜色是"苔绿"还是"森林绿"?

[11:10.36]Look at this. Everyone went chimp. 瞧瞧 每个人都进化成了黑猩猩

[11:12.76]I'd like to point out that I voted for orangutan, but you shouted me down. 我得指出 我说了扮猩猩的 可你却对我大吼大叫

[11:23.20]- Oh,hi,penny. - Hey,where are you? - 嗨 Penny - 嗨 你在哪儿?

[11:25.04]I'm,uh,at work. 我 呃...在工作

[11:27.76]You sound funny. 你声音很滑稽

[11:29.20]Look. I'm,uh,in a radiation suit. 我穿着辐射服

[11:34.04]What's up? 怎么了?

[11:34.64]Yeah,I'm at work,too,and you'll never guess who's here infecting my entire station. 我也在工作 你绝对猜不到 谁在这儿传染我整个餐厅

[11:40.40]Sheldon's at the cheesecake factory. Sheldon在"酪饼餐厅"

[11:41.56]Just tell him to go home. 你就叫他回家

[11:44.60]He won't leave. 他不会走的

[11:45.84]He says he's afraid he'll pass out on the bus, and someone will harvest his organs. 他说他担心在公车上死掉 会有人收割他的器官

[11:50.88]He's paranoid,and he's established a nest. 他有妄想症 他都筑好巢了

[11:53.16]Can you please come get him? 你能过来带他走吗?

[11:54.44]Uh,yeah,I'd be,I'd be happy to,penny. 好的 我...我很乐意 Penny

[11:59.28]oh,my god,there's a breach in the radiation unit! 天啊 辐射服上有道裂口

[12:04.24]the whole city is in jeopardy! 整座城市都陷入危险了!

[12:04.60]Oh,my god! The containment vessel's melting. 哦 上帝! 核反应堆安全壳在熔化

[12:08.28]Gotta go. Bye! 我得挂了 拜!

[12:13.44]I feel really guilty. 我觉得很内疚

[12:15.52]You did what you had to do. 你做了你该做的

[12:18.68]Take your stinking paws off my popcorn, you damn dirty ape! 你的臭手爪别碰我的爆米花 你这个该死的臭猿人

[12:26.44]Thanks for bringing me home. 谢谢你送我回家

[12:28.64]That's okay. 不客气

[12:29.56]I didn't really need to work today. 反正我今天不是非得要上班

[12:31.16]It's not like I have rent or car payments or anything. 我又不是要急着付房租或是买车什么的

[12:32.20]Good,good. 好的 很好

[12:36.40]Okay,well,you feel better. 好了 看来你感觉好多了

[12:39.00]Wait. 等等

[12:41.64]Where are you going? 你去哪儿?

[12:42.04]Um. home. to write some bad checks. 呃 回家 开些糟糕的支票

[12:47.40]You're going to leave me? 你要弃我而去?

[12:48.12]Hey,sheldon,you are a grown man. 嘿 Sheldon 你已经是成年人了

[12:51.64]Haven't you ever been sick before? 你以前就没生病过?

[12:53.48]Of course,but not by myself. 当然 但没有就我一个人

[12:54.100]Really? Never? 真的吗? 从没有过?

[12:56.00]Well,once,when I was 15 and spending the summer at the heidelberg institute in germany. 就一次 那时我15岁 在德国海德尔堡学院过暑假

[13:04.32]Studying abroad? 出国留学?

[13:04.28]No. Visiting professor. 不是 当客座教授

[13:08.12]Anyway,the local cuisine was a little more sausage-based than I'm used to, 总之 当地的烹饪风格比我习惯中 更依赖于香肠

[13:13.48]and the result was an internal blitzkrieg, 导致我体内遭到突袭

[13:16.32]with my lower intestine playing the part of czechoslovakia. 而我的下肠道扮演的就是捷克斯洛伐克

[13:19.40]And there was no one there to te caca of you? 那儿就没有一个人照顾你?

[13:22.40]No. 没有

[13:21.68]My mom had to fly back to texas to help my dad, 我妈得飞回德州帮我爸爸

[13:24.84]because the house had slipped off the cinder blocks again. 因为房子的炉渣砖又掉下来了

[13:30.84]Again? 又?

[13:31.12]It was tornado season. 当时是飓风季

[13:32.44]And it was an aluminum house. 而且是铝做的房子

[13:37.44]Anyway,the housekeeper in the faculty residence didn't speak any english. 总之 学校宿舍的管理员不会说英语

[13:41.40]And when i finally managed to convince her I was sick, 当我终于让她明白我生病时

[13:41.08]she said,"mochtest du eine darmspfilung? 她说"mochtest du eine darmspfilung"

[13:45.56]" What does that mean? 什么意思?

[13:48.56]Based on what happened next,I assume it means,"would you like an enema? 基于后来发生的事 我猜意思是"你需要灌肠吗?"

[13:55.24]" Okay,sweetie. I'll take care of you. 好吧 亲爱的 我来照顾你

[13:56.68]What do you need? 你需要些什么?

[13:57.24]Well,my mom used to give me sponge baths. 我妈妈常用海绵给我洗澡

[14:10.56]Okay,ground rules: No baths, and definitely no enemas. 好吧 先定好规矩 不洗澡 也绝对不灌肠

[14:13.56]Agreed. 同意

[14:19.68]here we go. 开始啦

[14:21.24]Ten-and-a-half hours of ape-y goodness. 十个半小时的猿生活精华之旅

[14:27.32]* Oh. 哦

[14:26.40]Damn it,my glasses. 该死 我的眼镜呢

[14:29.40]Okay,I'm blind here,guys. Can you help me find them? 我什么都看不见 伙计们 能帮我找找吗?

[14:34.20]-Sorry. - Okay. - 抱歉 - 好吧

[14:39.36]found them. 找到了

[14:42.20]Oh,great. 哦 好极了

[14:41.80]I'm sorry. Don't you have a spare? 对不起 你没备用的吗?

[14:45.00]Yeah. At home. 有 在家里

[14:46.48]Well,if you leave now, 如果你现在走

[14:47.60]you can be back before the gorillas rip the crap out of charlton heston. 就能赶在大猩猩 把Charlton Heston撕烂之前回来

[14:49.68]Unless sheldon's there,in which case, you'll be trapped forever... 万一Sheldon在家 那样你就会被永远困住

[14:51.40]...in his whiny,hyper- neurotic snot web. 陷于他喋喋不休 超级神经质的鼻涕漩涡

[15:03.88]Hi. Penny? 嗨 Penny?

[15:04.80]Uh,I was just wondering,is sheldon still at the restaurant? 我想问Sheldon还在餐厅吗?

[15:10.24]Okay,that was very nice of you. 好的 你真是太好了

[15:12.28]Okay,I gotta go. 好了 我得挂了

[15:12.32]Got kind of a full-blown chernobyl thing here. 这儿正变成扩大的切尔诺贝利 (前苏联1986年核能大事故所在地)

[15:16.40]Gotta go. Bye. 要挂了 拜

[15:18.64]He's home. I'm screwed. 他在家 我完蛋了

[15:23.32]Ten-and-a-half hours of ape-y blurriness. 十个半小时的猿生活混沌之旅

[15:27.96]How about lasik? 做激光手术怎么样?

[15:29.28]You want me to get eye surgery? 你想让我做眼部手术?

[15:30.68]Would you rather go back to the apartment and deal with sheldon, 你是愿意回公寓面对Sheldon

[15:33.24]or have a stranger carve out your corneas with a laser beam? 还是愿意让你的角膜来次陌生的 激光束开拓之旅?

[15:40.88]- Well? - I'm thinking. - 怎样? - 我正在想

[15:43.60]Okay,nice and cozy. 好的 非常舒适

[15:45.16]Okay? I'll see you later. 好吗? 我待会来看你

[15:49.16]Wait. 等等

[15:51.76]Will you please rub this on my chest? 你能帮我把这个擦在胸部吗?

[15:53.40]Oh,sheldon,can't you do that yourself? 哦 Sheldon 你不能自己擦吗?

[15:56.08]Vaporub makes my hands smell funny. 伤风膏会把我手的味道弄得怪怪的

[15:60.52]- But,sheldon. - please,please,please,please,please? - 可是 Sheldon - 求你了 求你了 求你了?

[16:09.76]I can't believe I'm doing this. 真不敢相信我竟然做这个

[16:16.28]No,no. Counterclockwise,or my chest hair mats. 不 逆时针擦 不然我的胸毛会缠一块儿的

[16:23.08]Sorry. 抱歉

[16:29.92]Can you sing "soft kitty"? 你能唱"软软凯蒂猫"吗?

[16:33.04]What? 什么?

[16:34.36]My mom used to sing it to me when I was sick. 我生病时妈妈总唱给我听

[16:35.96]- Oh,sorry,honey. I don't know it. - I'll teach you. - 抱歉 亲爱的 我不知道这歌 - 我教你

[16:41.24]Soft kitty,warm kitty,little ball of fur * 软软凯蒂 柔柔凯蒂 一团小毛球 *

[16:48.56]happy kitty,sleepy kitty,purr,purr,purr. * 快乐凯蒂 睡睡凯蒂 喵 喵 喵 *

[16:59.08]Now you. 该你了

[17:06.28]soft kitty,warm kitty. * 软软凯蒂 柔柔凯蒂 *

[17:11.40]little ball of fur * 一团小毛球 *

[17:16.56]keep rubbing. 继续擦

[17:18.48]Little ball of fur * 一团小毛球 *

[17:36.48]- what do you sese what do you see? - I can't - 你能看到什么东西? - 不能

[17:38.52]The living room appears to be empty. 客厅看来没人

[17:38.80]He must be in his bedroom. 他肯定在卧室

[17:40.48]My spare glasses are in my bedroom, on my dresser,next to my bat signal. 备用眼镜在我卧室梳妆台上 蝙蝠侠标志旁边

[17:48.28]I'm not going in there. 我不去

[17:49.92]- Raj? - No way,jose. - Raj? - 没门 Jose

[17:52.56]But I can't do it. I can't see anything. 但我做不到 我什么都看不见

[17:55.00]It's all right. 没关系

[17:54.80]Wireless minicam and bluetooth headset. 无线摄像头和蓝牙耳机

[17:57.20]We'll be your eyes. 我们就是你的双眼

[18:00.24]Fine. 好吧

[18:03.04]One more thing. 还有一件事

[18:05.64]This is a subsonic impact sensor. 这是一个次音速效果的传感器

[18:07.100]If sheldon gets out of bed and starts to walk, 如果Sheldon下床并开始说话

[18:11.96]this device will register it and send a signal to the laptop. 设备会立刻记入并将信号传到电脑

[18:13.60]At that point, 那个时候

[18:14.36]based on the geography of the apartment and the ambulatory speed of a sick sheldon, 基于房间的地理情况和 病人Sheldon的流动速度

[18:17.64]you'll have seven seconds to get out, glasses or no glasses. 你将有七秒的时间离开 不管有没有眼镜

[18:21.40]Won't my footsteps set it off? 我的脚步不会触发它吗?

[18:22.72]No. You'll be on your hands and knees. 不会 你得靠爬的

[18:25.76]Now,you'll need to get the sensor as close as you can to sheldon's room. 现在 你得把传感器放到 离Sheldon尽可能近的地方

[18:29.16]Look,how do I carry it if I'm on my hands and knees? 我用手和双膝爬 那怎么带着它?

[18:37.48]Stay low. 压低点

[18:39.56]Bear lt. 前进

[18:40.08]Now keep true. 保持正前方

[18:42.24]- What? - It means "go straight. - 什么? - 意思是"笔直走"

[18:43.40]" Then just say,"go straight. 那就直接说"笔直走"

[18:46.48]" You don't say,"go straight." When you're giving bearings,you say,"keep true. 当你指引方向时 你不说"笔直走" 而要说"保持正前方"

[18:51.72]" All right. 好吧

[18:57.40]I just hit my head. 我刚撞到头了

[18:58.80]Because you didn't keep true. 因为你没有保持正前方

[19:04.04]Okay,turn right. 好吧 向右转

[19:06.56]The,the picture's breaking up. 图像在晃

[19:09.28]Angle your head to the right. 头的角度转向右方

[19:12.12]Now,a little more. 再向右

[19:13.76]Little more. 再向右点

[19:16.20]That's it. Now,just keep true. 好了 保持正前方

[19:19.48]All right,you're close enough to sheldon's room. Deploy the sensor. 好了 你离Sheldon房间够近了 部署好传感器

[19:25.08]Now,turn it on. 把它打开

[19:26.64]- It wasn't on? - No. - 它没打开? - 没有

[19:31.28]Then why did I have to crawl? 那我干嘛要爬?

[19:32.72]No, I guess you didn'T. 哦 我想你不用

[19:39.16]- Okay,it's on. - Good. - 好吧 打开了 - 很好

[19:39.56]From this point forward, you will have to crawl. 从现在起 你必须要爬了

[19:46.32]I know. 我知道

[19:51.16]hang on. 等等

[19:51.12]The sensor's picking up something. Turn your head back. 传感器捕捉到什么东西了 回头

[19:59.04]You rat bastard. 你个混蛋

[20:02.00]Told you the sensor would work. 告诉过你传感器有用的

[20:06.88]Hi. 嗨

[20:09.64]You deliberately stuck me with sheldon. 你故意把我和Sheldon锁在一起

[20:11.72]Come on,I had to. You see what he's like? 拜托 我不得已 你看见他什么样了?

[20:12.92]Penny? Penny?

[20:14.04]Penny,I'm hungry. Penny 我饿了

[20:16.36]- Uh,it's okay,sweetie. Good news! Leonard's home! - Nooo! - 好 亲爱的 好消息! Leonard回来了! - 不!

[20:19.32]- Here you go. Good luck. Bye. - Oh, Wait,wait. - 交给你了 祝你好运 拜 - 哦 等等

[20:22.16]- Leonard! I'm hungry! - Wait. - Leonard! 我饿了! - 等等

[20:25.12]penny,take me with you! penny 带我一起走!

[20:32.08]leonard? Leonard?

[20:37.64]I want grilled cheese. 我想要烤干酪

[20:56.08]Do you think penny will come here and take care of us? 你觉得Penny会过来照顾我们吗?

[20:60.08]I don't think penny's ever coming here again. 我认为Penny再也不会来这儿了

[21:06.36]I'm very congested. 我尿急

[21:10.80]Yeah? So? 那又怎样?

[21:11.64]Could you go to the kitchen and get me the turkey baster labeled "mucous"? 你能去厨房把标有"黏液"的 火鸡涂油管子给我吗?

[21:19.08]If I stand,I'll vomit. 要是我站着 我就去吐

[21:24.72]Under the sink,in a tupper ware bowl. 在水槽下面的塔伯牌陶瓷碗里

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