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[00:07.88]Here's the problem with teleportation. 瞬间移动存在这样的问题

[00:13.72]Lay it on me. 说说看

[00:15.80]Assuming a device could be invented 假设存在这样的装置

[00:17.16]which would identify the quantum state of matter of an individual in one location 能够识别特定位置个体 的物质量子态

[00:19.80]and transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly, 并将其传送至某处重新装配起来

[00:24.16]you would not have actually transported the individual. 事实上你并不是传送这个个体

[00:24.64]You would have destroyed him in o o location and recreated him in another. 而是在此处将其销毁 又在彼处予以重造

[00:31.72]How about that. 那又怎样?

[00:33.64]Personally,I would never use a transporter, 我绝不会用这样的转换器

[00:35.44]because the original sheldon would have to be disintegrated in order to create a new sheldon. 因为原始的Sheldon只有被 分解后才能形成一个新Sheldon

[00:41.64]Would the new sheldon be in any way an improvement on the old sheldon? 新Sheldon会比旧的好吗?

[00:46.68]No,he would be exactly the same. 不 它会与原始的完全一致

[00:50.72]That is a problem. 这就有问题了

[00:53.40]So you see it too. 你也是这么想的?

[00:55.80]Man: Dr. Hofstadter. Dr. Cooper. Hofstadter博士 Cooper博士

[00:55.48]- Dr. Gablehauser. - Dr. Gablehauser. - Gablehauser博士 - Gablehauser博士

[00:58.60]Gentmen,I'd like you to meet dennis kim. 先生们 我想你们见见Dennis Kim

[00:59.40]Dennis is a highly sought-after doctoral candidate, Dennis是一个广受欢迎的博士生

[01:02.64]and we're hoping to have him do his graduate work here. 我们希望他能在这里 完成研究生学业

[01:04.40]Graduate work. Very impressive. 研究生学业 让人印象深刻

[01:07.88]And he's only 15 years old. 而且他只有15岁

[01:10.44]Not bad-- I,myself,started graduate school at 14. 不错啊 我从14岁开始读研究生

[01:13.92]Well,I lost a year while my family was tunneling out of north korea. 我全家挖地道逃出朝鲜 浪费了一年时间

[01:20.40]Advantage: Kim. 更厉害的是: Kim

[01:21.60]Gablehauser: I thought maybe you boys could show dennis around. 我想你们可以带Dennis四处逛逛

[01:24.52]Let him see why we're the best physics research facility in the country. 让他看看为什么我们是全国最好的 物理研究机构

[01:29.44]I already know you're not. 我已经知道你们不是了

[01:28.56]You don't have an open science id computer or a free electron laser, 你们没有开放科学网格系统 也没有免费的电子激光仪

[01:32.68]and the string theory research being done here is nothing but a dead end. 而且这里正在进行的弦理论研究 已经走进死巷了

[01:35.40]Excuse me,that is my research,and it is by no means a dead end. 不好意思 那是我的研究 而且绝没有走进死巷

[01:38.68]Well,obviously you don't see it yet,but trust me,you will. 你显然还没有发现 相信我 你会的

[01:44.04]Gablehauser: Dennis,we've discussed this. Dennis 我们讨论过这个

[01:48.00]We're in the process of updating our equipment, 我们正在更新设备

[01:48.100]and we welcome your input on our research goals, 而且我们欢迎你为研究目标 做出投入

[01:51.92]and we've agreed to look the other way 而且我们会装作没看见

[01:54.96]if you want to use up to 20% of the grant money you attract to smuggle your grandfather out of pyongyang. 如果你愿意用这笔巨款中的20% 将你祖父从平壤挖过来

[01:60.08]We want him here,boys. 我们需要他 伙计们

[02:02.92]- Make it happen. - Yes,sir. - 别让我失望 - 是的 先生

[02:03.36]You can count on us. We're on it. 交给我们了 我们尽力而为

[02:05.80]What the hell do you mean,"dead end"? 你到底什么意思 "死巷"?

[02:07.52]I mean,the whole landscape of false vacuums in string theory 弦理论中的虚拟真空环境

[02:10.04]could be as large as ten to the five hundredth power. 可能包含5%到10%的能量

[02:14.68]In addition-- 而且...

[02:16.64]ooh,look,chocolate milk. 看 巧克力牛奶

[02:18.100]I sense a disturbance in the force. 我感觉 原力正受到干扰 (借自"星球大战")

[02:22.80]A bad feeling i have about this. 这感多觉不好啊

[02:45.12]The Big Bang Theory Season01 Episode11 天才理论传 第一季 第11集

[02:51.08]How long have you been in america? 你在美国呆了多长时间?

[02:52.36]A year and a half. 一年半

[02:53.52]No kidding. 说真的

[02:56.12]You speak english really well. 你英语说得很棒

[02:55.08]So do you. 你也是

[02:58.68]Except for your tendency to end sentences with prepositions. 除了你用介词收尾的倾向

[03:02.64]What are you talking about? 你这说的是啥? (此句以介词"about"结尾)

[03:07.16]That. 看

[03:10.12]He's not wrong. 他没说错

[03:10.56]All right... and this is my office. 好吧...这是我的办公室

[03:13.56]- Is this part of the tour? - Nope.Good-bye. - 这也是参观的一部分? - 不 再见

[03:16.28]Come on,sheldon,we've hardly shown him anything. 别这样 Sheldon 我们还没带他看过什么呢

[03:18.84]All right. 好吧

[03:21.88]This is my desk. 这是我的桌子

[03:21.08]These are my books; this is my door. 这些是我的书 这是门

[03:23.28]Please close it behind you. Good-bye. 出去请随手关门 再见

[03:29.96]Looks like you're doing work in quantum loop corrections. 貌似你在做环圈量子修正

[03:31.12]Keen observation. Good-bye. 好眼力 再见

[03:33.24]You see where you went wro,,don't you? 你知道你哪儿错了 是不是?

[03:35.24]Leonard? Leonard?

[03:38.36]yeah? 嗯?

[03:38.92]Get him out. 让他出去

[03:40.44]Come on,dennis. I'll show you the rec center. 来吧 Dennis 带你去看看活动中心

[03:44.80]They've got nautilus equipment. 有很多"诺德士"器材 (美国健身品牌)

[03:45.24]Do I look like I lift weights? 我看起来像是练器械的人吗?

[03:47.20]Not heavy ones. 也举举不重的器械吧

[03:49.24]It's startling to me you haven't considered a lorentz invariant or field theory approach. 让我吃惊的是你没有考虑到 洛伦兹不变量或是场论

[03:55.68]You think I haven't considered it? 你认为我没考虑到?

[03:57.04]You really think I haven't considered it? 你真的认为我没考虑到?

[03:59.44]Have you considered it? 你考虑到了吗?

[04:01.56]- Get him out,leonard. - Come on,dennis. - 让他出去 Leonard - 走吧 Dennis

[04:05.28]I'll show you the radiation lab. 我带你去看看放射实验室

[04:08.72]Wow,you won the stevenson award? 喔 你得过Stevenson奖?

[04:09.56]Yes. 是的

[04:09.100]In fact,I am the youngest person ever to win it. 事实上 我是有史以来 最年轻的获奖者

[04:14.84]Really? How old? 是吗? 多大?

[04:16.96]Fourteen and a half. 十四岁半

[04:18.24]Hm,you were the youngest person ever to win it. 你曾经是最年轻的

[04:23.60]It's like looking into an obnoxious little mirror,isn't it? 这小镜子照得挺烦人吧?

[04:30.36]This is really delicious,isn't it? 这真好吃

[04:36.24]Still can't talk to me unless you're drunk,huh? 要不是醉了 还是不能和我说话?

[04:41.08]Oh,sweetie,you are so damaged. 哦 亲爱的 你受毒害太深了

[04:46.32]Hey,I'm damaged,too. 嘿 我也受毒害了

[04:48.68]How about a hug for howie? 给Howie也来个拥抱?

[04:53.88]Sure. Raj,hug howard. 当然 Raj 抱抱Howard

[04:58.36]something you'd like to share? 你想和大家说点什么?

[05:02.68]A tale of woe,perhaps? 一个悲情故事 嗯?

[05:05.16]Fifteen years old. 十五岁

[05:06.12]Dennis kim is 15 years old,and he's already correcting my work. Dennis Kim才十五岁 而他已经能纠正我的工作了

[05:11.56]Today,I went from being wolfgang amadeus mozart,to... 今天 我从莫扎特变成了...

[05:15.56]you know,that other guy. 另一个人

[05:15.96]Antonio salieri? 萨列里? (奥地利音乐家)

[05:18.88]Oh god,now even you're smarter than me. 噢 天 连你都比我聪明了

[05:21.80]You know,sheldon,you don't have so many friends that Sheldon 你并没有那么多朋友

[05:24.44]you can afford to start insulting them. 能让你随意侮辱

[05:28.96]Just eat,sheldon,you'll feel better. 吃点 Sheldon 你会感觉好点

[05:30.84]Why waste food? 何必还要浪费食物呢?

[05:30.92]In texas,when a cow goes dry,they don't keep feeding it, 在德克萨斯州 如果牛没奶了 他们就不喂它了

[05:32.24]they just take her out and shoot her between the eyes. 直接把它拉出去 一枪崩了脑门

[05:38.24]I'm confused. 我有点糊涂了

[05:39.44]Did sheldon stop giving milk? Sheldon没奶了?

[05:41.48]You can't let this kid get to you. 别让这孩子影响你的情绪

[05:42.100]You always knew that someday someone would come along who was younger and smarter. 总有更年轻 更聪明的人出现

[05:47.72]Yes,but I assumed I would've been dead hundreds of years 是啊 但我猜测是在我死后数百年

[05:50.84]and that there'd be an asterisk by his name because he'd be a cyborg. 而且他的名字也该打上星号 因为他只是个智能生物

[05:55.36]So you've got a little competition. 不过是受了点挑战

[05:55.28]I really don't see what the big deal is. 我觉得这没什么大不了的

[05:59.56]Well,of course you don'T. 你当然不觉得

[05:58.08]You've never excelled at anything. 你从未在什么事情上杰出过

[06:02.32]I don't understand-- exactly how did he get any friends in the first place? 我不明白...他怎么会有朋友?

[06:09.00]We liked leonard. 我们喜欢Leonard

[06:13.12]Well,what are you gonna do,sheldon,just give up? 你打算怎么办 Sheldon 放弃?

[06:13.00]Yes. 是的

[06:15.12]It's what a rational person does when his entire life's work is invalidated 这是一个理性的人应该做的 当他的所有努力败坏在

[06:19.84]by a postpubescent asian wunderkind. 一个青春后期亚洲神童手上

[06:22.72]He ceases his fruitless efforts,he donates his body to scientific research, 他终止了无结果的努力 把身体捐献给科学研究

[06:26.28]and he waits to die. 然后等死

[06:30.84]You know,I'm confused again. 我又糊涂了

[06:32.36]Is he waiting,or do we get to shoot him between the eyes? 他是在等死 还是我们应该一枪崩了他?

[06:39.84]I've decided you're right. 我认为你是对的

[06:42.24]My career is not over. 我的职业生涯还没完

[06:43.76]Great! 好!

[06:43.44]But since the arrival of dennis m has rendered my research pointless, 但Dennis Kim的到来使得 我的工作毫无意义

[06:47.32]I just have to find something else to focus on. 我应该关注一下别的什么事

[06:49.24]Great! 好!

[06:52.56]So I've decided I'm going to collaborate with you. 所以我决定和你合作

[06:56.48]Great. 好啊

[06:59.96]So what exactly is it you do? 你具体是做什么的?

[07:02.76]I know you chatter on about it all the time,but I've never really paid attention. 我知道你一直在忙乎这个 但我从来没有真正关注过

[07:06.96]Okay,well,right now I'm designing an experiment 现在我在设计一个实验

[07:09.00]to study the soft component of cosmic radiation at sea level, 研究海平面宇宙射线的软成分

[07:11.16]but I really don't need any help. 但我真的不需要帮助

[07:13.40]Oh,sure you do. 你当然需要

[07:14.100]Now,see,what's this here in the schematic? Is that a laser array? 图解中的这个是什么? 激光?

[07:17.40]Yes. 对

[07:19.64]Now,hm... 呃...

[07:24.88]what happens if you use argon lasers instead of helium-neon? 用氩激光替代氦氖激光如何?

[07:27.36]It would blow up. 会引发爆炸

[07:29.76]Are you sure? 你确定?

[07:28.64]Pretty sure. 非常确定

[07:30.36]"Pretty sure" is not very scientific. "非常确定"的说法不科学

[07:33.76]Is this how you normally work? 你通常都是这么工作?

[07:33.76]Just hunches and guesses and stuff? 就靠预感和猜测?

[07:36.44]Okay,sheldon,I understand that you're going through a bit of a career crisis, 好了 Sheldon 我知道你正在经历 职业生涯危机

[07:40.44]you're searching for some other area where you can feel valuable and productive, 你在寻找更有价值富有成效的领域

[07:44.28]but I need to tell you something,and I want you to listen carefully. 但我想跟你说 好好听着

[07:49.28]All right. 好的

[07:49.72]Go away. 走开

[07:53.36]If you're concerned about sharing credit with me,your name can go first-- 如果你有意与我分享荣誉 你的名字可放在首位

[07:55.28]I'm going. 我这就走

[08:03.84]It's a small,brown paper bag,ma! 是一个小的棕色纸袋 妈!

[08:05.60]I'm looking in it right now. 我正看着它

[08:09.08]Why would I make that up? 这有什么好瞎编的?

[08:08.32]There's no ding dong in it. 里面没有叮咚饼!

[08:13.76]How are two ding dongs tomorrow gonna help me today? 今天吃不着 明天两个叮咚饼有啥用!

[08:21.36]So... this is engineering,huh? 这里是工程实验室 嗯?

[08:22.96]I'll talk to you later. 待会再和你说

[08:24.68]Engineering. 工程实验室

[08:27.20]Where the noble semiskilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. 半吊子工人实现梦想的地方

[08:32.52]Hello,oompah loompahs of science. 你们好 科学怪人们 ("查理和巧克力工厂"中的矮人)

[08:38.36]Sheldon,what are you doing here? Sheldon 你来这里干什么?

[08:38.92]I just came by to say hello. 我只是过来打声招呼

[08:40.68]I've been in this lab for three years. 我在这个实验室待了三年了

[08:43.76]You've never come by to say hello. 你从没过来打过招呼

[08:43.92]Well,up until now,I've had better things to do. 以前我有更重要的事情要做

[08:49.20]So,what are we making today? 今天我们在做什么?

[08:49.04]A small payload support structure for a european science experimeal package 为欧洲科学试验计划做的 一个小负载支架

[08:53.96]that's going up on the next space shuttle. 下次航天飞机升空要用上它

[08:55.48]Really? How does it work? 是吗? 怎样运作的?

[08:57.04]When this is done,it will be attached to the payload bay, 等做好了 它将和负载槽结合在一起

[08:60.84]and the sensor apparatus will rest on it. 传感器就装在上面

[09:05.20]So it's a shelf. 原来是个架子

[09:12.04]No,you don't understand-- during acceleration, 不 你没明白...在加速过程中

[09:15.60]it needs to stay perfectly level and provide... 它要保持平稳 并提供...

[09:16.28]yeah,okay,it's a shelf. 好吧 就是个架子

[09:19.24]Now,I notice you're using titanium. 我发现你用的是钛

[09:19.64]Did you give any consideration to carbon nanotubes? 有没有考虑过碳纳米管?

[09:24.16]They're lighter,cheaper,and have twice the tensile strength. 更轻 更便宜 两倍抗张强度

[09:27.20]Sheldon,there's a diploma in my office that says I have a master's in engineering. Sheldon 我有工程学硕士学位证书

[09:31.92]And you also have a note from your mother that says,"I love you,bubula." 你也有你妈留给你的字条: "我爱你 小乖乖"

[09:37.44]But neither of those is a cogent argument for titanium over nanotubes. 但这些都不能说明钛优于碳纳米管

[09:43.48]- Sheldon? - Yes? - Sheldon? - 嗯?

[09:42.72]Go away! 走开!

[09:45.24]Did leonard tell you to say that? Leonard叫你这么说的?

[09:47.80]No,I thought of it all by myself. 不 我自己想的

[09:54.36]That can't be a coincidence. 不可能是巧合

[09:54.96]There must be some causal link I'm missing. 我肯定忽略了某些偶然联系

[10:02.64]Go away! 走开!

[10:11.56]Curiouser and curiouser. 更让我好奇了

[10:19.96]Is he here? 他在这儿吗?

[10:20.84]If he were,I wouldn't be. 他要是在 我就不会在了

[10:23.60]Do you know what he did? 你知道他干了什么?

[10:25.32]He watched me work for ten minutes, 他看着我工作十分钟

[10:24.48]and then started to design a simple piece of software that could replace me. 然后设计了一个小软件试图取代我

[10:31.28]Is that even possible? 有这可能吗?

[10:31.64]As it turns out,yes. 结果还真是这样

[10:37.32]Something's got to be done about him,leonard. 该对他做点什么 Leonard

[10:38.20]Like what? 比如?

[10:39.32]He'll never be able to cope with the fact that 他永远都受不了这个事实

[10:39.68]some 15-year-old kid is smarter and more accomplished than he is. 一个15岁的孩子 比他更聪明 更杰出

[10:44.48]Well,what if something were to happen to this boy so he was no longer a threat to sheldon? 如果这孩子发生点什么事 然后对Sheldon不再构成威胁?

[10:51.92]Then our problem would be solved. 那我们的麻烦就解决了

[10:54.24]Hang on,are we talking about murdering dennis kim? 等等 我们是在说谋杀这孩子?

[10:56.68]I'm not saying no. 我没说不行

[11:01.12]We don't have to go that far. 没那么严重

[11:00.56]There are other means available. 还有其他办法

[11:04.48]We can't send him back to north korea. 我们不能把他送回朝鲜

[11:06.08]He knows how to get out. 他知道怎么逃出来

[11:08.96]The only thing we need to do is make this kim kid lose his focus. 我们要做的是转移这孩子的注意力

[11:12.76]Won't happen. 不可能

[11:13.76]He is not interested in anything but physics. 除了物理学 他什么都不关心

[11:16.80]What about biology? 生物学呢?

[11:18.84]- What? - You know,biology. - 什么? - 你知道 生物学

[11:21.96]The one thing that can completely derail a world-class mind. 天才都会因之出轨

[11:25.92]Howard, he's 15. 他才15岁

[11:25.80]When I was 15,se palmeri 我15岁时 我见到了Denise Palmeri

[11:29.96]and my grade point average fell from a 0 toto A.8 我的平均绩点从5.0降到了1.8

[11:33.12]She was sleeping with you? 她和你上床了?

[11:33.40]No,I just wasted a lot of time thinking about what it would be like if she did. 没有 我把时间都浪费在幻想这件事上了

[11:39.36]Oh,good,you're all here. 噢 好 你们都在

[11:42.56]Look,I've decided that if the three of you drop whatever it is you're working on and join me, 我在想 你们仨中任何一个 如果放下手头的事和我合作

[11:45.32]we could lick cold fusion in less than a decade. 我们能在十年内攻破核聚变难关

[11:47.96]12 years,tops. 最多12年

[11:52.24]Go away? 走开?

[11:57.88]could it be me? 真叫我走开?

[12:03.68]Oh,hey guys,what's up? 伙计们 什么事?

[12:04.28]We need a hot 15-year-old asian girl with a thing for smart guys. 我们需要一个疯狂迷恋天才少年的 15岁亚洲小靓妹

[12:10.84]What? 什么?

[12:10.92]Howard,that's racist. Howard 这是种族歧视

[12:12.32]Any 15-year-old girl will do the trick. 随便一个15岁的小姑娘都行

[12:21.04]It's possible she may have misunderstood us. 她可能误解我们了

[12:30.96]dr. Cooper. Oh,are we interrupting? Cooper博士 没打扰你吧?

[12:31.52]No,no. Please come in. 不 没有 请进

[12:31.16]Yeah,I think you'll appreciate this. This is very exciting. 你会喜欢这个的 振奋人心

[12:36.32]Oh,what are you working on? 噢 你在做什么?

[12:37.04]Something remarkable. 一件意义非凡的事

[12:38.76]Since my prospects for the nobel prize in physics have disappeared-- 既然我获得诺贝尔物理学奖 希望渺茫了

[12:39.44]thank you very much-- 托您的福

[12:42.64]I've decided to refocus my efforts and use my people skills to win the nobel peace prize. Look. 我决定把精力集中到 诺贝尔和平奖上

[12:48.60]I'm going to solve the middle east crisis by building an exact replica of jerusalem 我决定就在墨西哥沙漠中 再造一个耶路撒冷

[12:52.16]in the middle of the mexican desert. 来解决中东危机

[12:54.56]To what end? 通向哪里?

[12:56.32]You know,it's like the baseball movie. 你知道 就像棒球电影

[12:59.80]"Build it and they will come." "车到山前必有路"

[13:01.64]Who will come? 谁会过来?

[13:03.84]The jewish people. 犹太人

[13:06.44]What if they don't come? 如果他们不过来呢?

[13:05.60]We'll make it nice,put out a spread. 我们会好好做 做延展

[13:10.20]Okay,well,um... 好吧 呃...

[13:11.80]speaking of spreads,we're having a small welcoming party this afternoon for mr. Kim 说到这儿 今天下午有一个Kim先生 的小型欢迎会

[13:15.56]who's agreed to join us here at the university. 他已经同意加入这所大学

[13:18.36]Of course he has. 当然了

[13:19.80]The oracle told us little neo was the one. "神谕指示 就是他了" (借自"黑客帝国")

[13:25.84]You can see the matrix,can't you? 你能看见矩阵 是不是?

[13:27.04]Okay,well,obviously you're very busy with your,uh,um... 显然你很忙 呃...

[13:32.52]come,dennis. 走吧 Dennis

[13:34.36]You'll have to excuse dr. Cooper. 你别在意Cooper博士

[13:34.68]He's been under a lot of,um... 他正在经受...

[13:38.32]he's nuts. 他是个傻子

[13:41.68]* Ay yay yay yay hava nagila * *耶 耶 耶 只有*

[13:46.96]* they'll come,they'll settle,and I'll win the prize * *他们来了 他们定居 我会获奖*

[13:50.100]I really don't understand your objections,professor goldfarb. 我真的不明白你的反对意见 Goldfarb博士

[13:54.84]Why wouldn't the sonora desert make a perfectly good promised land? 索诺拉沙漠不会成为一片乐土吗?

[13:58.80]Go away. 走开

[14:01.12]We could call it nuevo jerusalem. 我们可以叫它新耶路撒冷

[14:05.84]Please go away. 请走开

[14:07.08]Said pharaoh to moses. 就像法老王对摩西说过的

[14:12.32]Why are all these young women here? 这儿为什么有这么多小女孩儿?

[14:14.08]It's take your daughter to work day. 今天是"带女儿上班"日

[14:15.40]Really? I was not aware of that. 是吗? 我还不知道呢

[14:16.28]Oh,yes. 是啊

[14:19.96]There was a very official e-mail that was sent to everyone 那些人都收到了正式邮件

[14:21.96]whose insurance files indicated they had daughters between the ages of 14 and 16. 所有保险档案显示 有14到16岁女儿的人

[14:26.88]- Smooth. - Thank you. - 干得漂亮 - 谢谢

[14:29.44]There's the man of the hour. 主角来了

[14:34.44]Okay,so we now have a socially-awkward genius in a room full of 现在一个有交际障碍的天才

[14:37.92]attractive,age-appropriate women. 正处在满是适龄漂亮姑娘的房间里

[14:38.52]All he has to do now is hook up with one of them. 现在他唯一要做的就是勾住一个

[14:50.92]Anyone else see the flaw in this plan? 发现计划有什么漏洞了吗?

[14:54.12]- We need a social catalyst. - Like what? - 我们需要促进一下 - 比如?

[14:55.08]We can't get 15-year-old girls drunk. 又不能把15岁的女孩灌醉

[14:58.56]- Or can we? - No,we can'T. - 或者我们能? - 不 我们不能

[15:01.80]I don't think you mean "we can'T." 我觉得 你说的根本不是"我们不能"

[15:03.44]I think you mean "we shouldn'T." 而是"我们不应该"

[15:05.36]Hey,howard,you're a jew. 嘿 Howard 你是犹太人

[15:07.36]If there was another wailing wall exactly like the one in jerusalem 如果还有一面墙 和耶路撒冷的哭墙一模一样

[15:11.72]but close to taco stands and cheap prescription drugs, 但是和小吃店 廉价药店很近

[15:13.20]would you still be able to wail at it? 你会去那里哀诉吗?

[15:17.84]Okay,it's definitely me. 好吧 又是我的错

[15:23.60]Okay,we cannot leave this to chance. 好了 我们不能靠运气

[15:24.28]Let's pick a girl and figure out how to get hertogether with dennis. 我们挑一个小女孩 想办法让她和Dennis在一起

[15:27.12]Okay,how about that one? 好的 那个怎么样?

[15:31.48]I know the type. 我知道这种类型的

[15:31.56]Cheerleader,student council,goes out with the jocks, 拉拉队员 学生会的 和运动员混在一起

[15:34.92]won't even look at anybody in the gifted program. 不会关注有才华的人

[15:37.92]And if,after two years of begging,she does agree to go out with you, 或者 苦追两年后 她同意和你约会

[15:38.16]it turns out to be a setup and you're in the backseat of your mom's car with your pants off 然后发现是个陷阱 你一丝不挂坐在你妈妈的后车座上

[15:42.48]while the whole football team laughs at Y... 整个橄榄球队的人都在笑你...

[15:47.04]are you crying? 你哭了?

[15:48.28]No,I have allergies. 不 我有点过敏

[15:50.20]Okay,um,oh,hey,how about her? 好吧 她怎么样?

[15:54.100]Sure,if he wants to spend a couple ye ars doing her homework 当然 如果他愿意帮她做几年作业

[15:57.36]while she drinks herself into a stupor with nonfat white russians. 而她却和一帮健壮的白俄罗斯人 喝得烂醉如泥

[16:00.88]And you're the one holding her head out of the toilet while she's puking 你在厕所外扶着她 她呕吐不止

[16:03.64]and telling you she wishes "more guys were like you." 还对你说 "要是再多几个你这样的人就好了"

[16:06.52]And then she gets into cornell because you wrote her essay for her 然后她上了康奈尔大学 因为你帮她写的论文

[16:10.72]and you drive up to visit her one weekend and she acts like she doesn't even know you. 某个周末你开车去看她 而她却装作不认识你了

[16:17.28]Okay,so not her,either. 好吧 她也不行

[16:19.32]Oh,hey,how about her? 嘿 她怎么样?

[16:21.88]Oh,interesting,kind of pretty,a little chubby,so probably low self-esteem. 有点意思 有点漂亮 有点丰满 自尊心不会太强

[16:26.48]I think that's our girl. 就是她了

[16:25.12]One of us should go talk to her. 我们中的一个应该过去和她聊聊

[16:29.32]I can't talk to her-- you do it. 我不能和她说话...你去

[16:30.48]I can't just go up and talk to her. 我不能就这样上前和她说话

[16:33.56]Howard,you talk to her. Howard 你去

[16:35.92]I don't know,she'll never go for the kid once she gets a peek at this. 我不知道 她看这儿一眼 就再也不会对那孩子感兴趣了

[16:41.16]You know,if we were in india,this would be simpler. 如果在印度就简单多了

[16:41.92]Five minutes with her dad,20 goats and a laptop,and we'd be done. 和她父亲待五分钟 20只山羊和一个笔记本 一切搞定

[16:45.08]Well,we're not in india. 我们又不在印度

[16:47.84]All right,why don't we do it your way then? 好吧 那按照你说的做?

[16:49.84]We'll arrange for this girl to move in across the hall from dennis ca 我们让这个小女孩 走进Dennis的视线

[16:50.28]so he n pathetically moon over her for months on end. 然后他不可救药地迷上她几个月

[16:55.00]Okay,that was uncalled for. 没这必要

[16:56.24]You started it,dude. 你开的头 伙计

[17:01.88]could I have everyone's attention,please? 各位请注意

[17:04.32]What a wonderful occasion this is,and how fortunate that 多么美妙的场合 深感荣幸

[17:06.28]it should happen to fall on take your daughter to work day. 你们将女儿带来工作

[17:12.56]We're here to welcome mr. Dennis kim to our little family. 我们在这儿欢迎Dennis Kim先生 加入我们的小家庭

[17:15.24]Welcome,dennis kim. 热烈欢迎 Dennis Kim

[17:18.28]Mr. Kim was not only the valedictorian at stanford univerty, Kim先生不仅是斯坦福大学的 优秀毕业生

[17:23.48]he is also the youngest recipient of the prestigious stevenson award. 他同时也是著名的Stenvenson奖 最年轻的获得者

[17:29.28]Youngest till the cyborgs rise up! 直到外星生物出现

[17:31.16]And now,without any further ado, 现在 闲话少说

[17:33.04]let me introduce the man of the hour,mr. Dennis kim. 请容许我介绍今天的主角 Dennis Kim先生

[17:39.52]Dennis? Dennis! Dennis? Dennis!

[17:43.52]What? 什么?

[17:47.92]Would you like to tell us a little bit about your upcoming research? 能和大家说说你要做的研究吗?

[17:48.04]No,thanks. I'm going to the mall with emma. 不 谢谢 我要和Emma去购物中心

[17:57.84]the kid got a girl. 这小子把到妞儿了

[17:59.36]Unbelievable. 难以置信

[18:01.28]Did anyone see how he did it? 有谁看见他是怎么做到的吗?

[18:05.88]Don't worry,I've got this. 不要担心 有我呢

[18:07.96]Ladies and gentlemen,honored daughters, 女士们先生们 尊敬的女儿们

[18:11.28]while mr. Kim,by virtue of his youth and naivete, Kim先生 年轻而天真

[18:16.20]has fallen prey to the inexplicable need for human contact, 无法解释地陷入了人际接触的泥潭

[18:20.60]let me step in and assure you that my research will go on uninterrupted, 请让我上前向各位保证 我的研究将不受任何影响

[18:24.52]and that social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me. 社会关系将依旧与我无缘

[18:29.64]Thank you. 谢谢

[18:33.76]He's back. 他回来了

[18:33.72]Yeah,mission accomplished. 是啊 任务完成

[18:36.96]Forget the mission. 忘了那任务

[18:37.36]How did that little yutz get a girl on his own? 那小屁孩怎么会自己把到了女孩?

[18:38.04]I guess times have changed since we were young. 我们一旦不再年轻 世道就变了

[18:41.48]Smart is the new sexy. 聪明即是性感

[18:43.68]Then why do we go home alone every night? 那为什么我们 每天都是一个人回家?

[18:47.00]We're still smart. 我们还是很聪明

[18:48.68]Maybe we're too smart. 也许是我们太聪明了

[18:49.76]So smart it's off-putting. 聪明到让人受不了

[18:53.36]Yeah,let's go with that. 那就这样吧

[18:59.68]unbelievable. 难以置信

[19:02.08]Components I built are on the international space station 我做的部件在国际空间站

[19:03.60]and I get a ticket for launching a model rocket in the park. 而我却买票到公园玩火箭模型

[19:06.52]I don't know if the ticket was so much for the launch as it was for you telling the policewoman, 我不知道这票买得值不值 就像你刚跟女警察说

[19:10.60]"you have to frisk me. I have another rocket in my pants." "你要搜身 我裤子里还有一个火箭"

[19:13.96]Hey,look at that. 嘿 看那儿

[19:18.60]it's dennis kim. 是Dennis Kim

[19:21.24]Wow,I almost didn't recognize him. 我都快认不出来他了

[19:23.20]You know,I kind of feel bad about what we did to him. 真为我们对他所做的感到抱歉

[19:28.04]Yeah,we really ruined his life. 是啊 我们毁了他的生活

[19:34.24]Screw him-- he was weak. 去死吧... 小烂仔

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