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[00:03.44]this sandwich is an unmitigated disaster. 这个三明治真是十足的失败

[00:06.24]I asked for turkey and roast beef 我要的是全麦面包 里面夹火鸡

[00:06.56]with lettuce and swiss on whole wheat. 和烤牛肉 还有莴苣和瑞士干酪

[00:09.08]What did they give you? 他们给你的呢?

[00:09.84]Turkey and roast beef 全麦面包 里面夹火鸡

[00:11.28]with swiss and lettuce on whole wheat. 和烤牛肉 还有莴苣和瑞士干酪

[00:20.32]It's the right ingredients, 组成要素完全正确

[00:22.84]but in the wrong order. 但顺序却是错误的

[00:22.40]In a proper sandwich,the cheese is adjacent to the bread 一个完美的三明治 它的干酪是紧贴着面包的

[00:25.64]to create a moisture barrier against the lettuce. 才能防止莴苣把面包湿润

[00:31.92]They might as well have dragged this thing through a car wash. 他们还不如带这东西通过洗车场算了

[00:35.64]I don't believe it. 难以置信啊

[00:36.20]I know. It's basic culinary science. 就是 这是基本烹饪常识

[00:39.24]Some guy is auctioning off a miature time machine prop 有人在拍卖小型的时间机器道具

[00:42.44]from the original film,and no one is bidding on it. 就是原版电影里的 而且还没人喊价

[00:43.20]A time machine from the movie the time machine? <时间机器>电影里的时间机器?

[00:45.00]No. A time machine from sophie's choice. 不 <苏菲的抉择>那部里的

[00:49.68]Boy,sophie could have used a time machine in that movie. 兄弟 苏菲可没在那部电影里用过时间机器

[00:51.64]Did you see it? It's rough. 看见了吗? 做工粗糙

[00:55.60]Oh,that's cool. 太酷啦

[00:56.08]It's only $800? 只要800美元?

[00:58.44]Yeah. And that's my bid. 对 而且还是我喊得价

[00:59.48]You bid $800? 你喊了800美元?

[01:01.80]It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. 这都是一时兴起的事情

[01:04.84]I figured it would go for thousands, 我觉得可能会抬价到上千元

[01:04.72]and I just wanted to be a part of it. 我只是想参与下

[01:08.72]There's only 30 seconds left in the auction. 拍卖只剩30秒了

[01:08.24]Do you hav$800? 你有800美元吗?

[01:11.84]Not to blow on a miniature time machine. 还不够买小型时间机器

[01:11.88]Well,don't worry. The way these things work is people wait 没事 这种东西 通常大家都会

[01:14.52]until the last second to bid,and then they swoop in and get it. It's called sniping. 等到最后一秒喊价 猛地杀进来得手 这叫狙杀

[01:16.20]15 seconds. 15秒了

[01:18.80]Come on,snipers. 快点 狙击手们

[01:20.08]Ten,nine,eight... 10 9 8...

[01:24.48]where are your snipers? 狙击手们 都死哪儿去了?

[01:26.12]- Five... - snipe. - 5... - 狙杀

[01:28.28]- Four... - snipe. - 4... - 狙杀

[01:29.52]- Three... - snipe. - 3... - 狙杀

[01:30.12]- Two... - snipe. - 2... - 狙杀

[01:29.24]One... snipe. 1... 狙杀

[01:31.96]congratulations! 恭喜!

[01:34.84]You are the proud owner of a miniature time machine! 荣幸成为小时间机器的主人!

[01:37.64]You lucky duck. 你这个幸运的家伙

[01:39.32]I wonder why no one else bid. 我很好奇为什么没有其他人喊价

[01:42.72]Isiss a classic piece of sci-fi movie memorabilia 这个是一件经典的科幻电影纪念物

[01:44.32]Yeah,I know! 对 我知道!

[01:44.92]I still can't afford it. 我还是买不起

[01:45.00]Why don't we share it? 不如我们平摊吧?

[01:47.36]We'll each put in 200 bucks,and we'll take turns having it in our house. 每人出200元 然后在屋里轮着玩

[01:49.84]A time-share time machine. 分摊时间的时间机器

[01:53.40]I'm in. Sheldon? 算我一个 Sheldon?

[01:56.92]Need you ask? 还用着你问嘛?

[01:57.80]I still don't understand why no one else bid. 我还是搞不懂为什么没有其他人拍

[02:07.52]I understand why no one else bid. 我算是明白为啥没人拍了

[02:27.32] The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 14 天才理论传 第一季 第14集

[02:39.96]Did the listing actually say "miniature"? 网站上的确说了"小型"吗?

[02:43.28]I just assumed. 我就寻思嘛

[02:44.16]Who sells a full-size time machine for $800? 谁会800元就卖一台全尺寸的时间机器?

[02:51.56]In a venn diagram,that would be an individual located 在维恩图里 那是处于特别的区域

[02:54.12]within the intersection of the sets "no longer want my time machine" and "need $800." 位于 "不再想要时间机器" 和"需要800元"两个集合的交集

[02:59.88]It's actually a tremendous bargain. 其实还真是笔不错的交易

[03:02.32]Even with shipping,it works out to less than four dollars a pound. 就算加上运费 每磅也不到4美元

[03:04.20]Cocktail shrimp are $12.50. 鸡尾虾也得12块半

[03:10.20]How are we going to get it upstairs? 我们怎么把它弄上楼呢?

[03:14.16]If we take the dish off, 要是我们把大盘子取下来

[03:13.52]it might fit in the elevator. 估计就可以进电梯了

[03:17.36]Yes,but the elevator has been broken for two years. 嗯 可电梯坏了两年了

[03:19.60]I've been meaning to ask you. 我不是故意和你抬杠

[03:21.68]Do you think we should make a call about that? 你觉得我们该打个电话吗?

[03:25.16]Not necessary. 用不着

[03:26.92]I have a master's in engineering. 我可是工程学硕士啊

[03:26.40]I remotely repair satellites on a regular basis. 我远程修复卫星轻而易举

[03:29.92]I troubleshoot space shuttle payloads. 还是太空站有效载荷的故障检修员

[03:33.96]When the mars rover started pulling to the left, 那次火星探险车开始往左偏斜时

[03:35.64]I performed a front-end alignment 我在6200万米外

[03:39.56]from 62 million miles away. 运行了前端符合架构模式

[03:51.84]No. That baby's broken. 不行 这家伙坏了

[03:55.20]Come on,guys! Push! 加把劲 兄弟们! 使劲推!

[03:58.72]If I push any harder, 要是我再点力

[03:59.28]I'm going to give birth to my colon. 我的结肠就要胀出来了

[04:01.64]I can't feel my fingers. Hurry up! 我的手指没知觉了 快呀!

[04:02.36]It's the same amount of work 不管推得多快

[04:03.56]no matter how fast you go. Basic physics. 工作量都是不变的 基本物理常识

[04:07.44]Sheldon? Yeah? Sheldon? 啥?

[04:07.12]If my fingers ever work again, 等我手指恢复正常功能

[04:10.56]I've got a job for the middle one. 我会给中指一个重要的工作

[04:12.36]Oh. Hey,guys. Oh. Hi,penny. - 嗨 你们好呀 - 嗨 Penny

[04:18.08]take a break,guys. 休息会 兄弟们

[04:20.16]What are you doing? 在干嘛?

[04:21.16]We're just,you know, 我们只是在... 你也看见了

[04:24.52]moving something upstairs. 搬东西到楼上来

[04:25.40]What is it? 那是什么?

[04:27.12]Just... you know. Time machine. 就是... 时间机器

[04:30.60]Yeah. Okay. Neat. But I really got to get to work. 好 不错 但我得赶去工

[04:33.44]Just give us a few minutes. 就几分钟

[04:34.96]I don't have a few minutes. 我没有时间啦

[04:35.28]I'm running really late. 我马上就要迟到了

[04:36.48]Then,I have a simple solution. 那么 我可有一套简单的解决方案

[04:36.68]Go u rto thep oof. 上到楼顶

[04:37.48]Hop over to the next building. 跳到紧挨的那栋楼上

[04:39.96]There's a small gap-- 中间缝隙很小的啦

[04:39.96]don't look dowown if you're subject to vertigo-- 如果你恐高 千万别往下看--

[04:41.28]and use their stairwell. 然后就从他们的楼梯下去

[04:45.16]You're joking,right? 你是在搞笑 对吧?

[04:44.72]Oh,I never joke when it comes to vertigo. 说到恐高 我从来不开玩笑的

[04:49.16]Damn. Okay,I'll just take the roof. 该死 好吧 只有去楼顶了

[04:52.60]Hey,if you wait for us to set up the time machine, 如果你等我们安装好时间机器

[04:55.08]I can drop you off at work yesterday. 我可以把你带到昨天工作的时间去

[04:59.96]Time travel joke. 时间旅行的玩笑

[04:60.16]It's not... never mind. 那不是... 别管它了

[05:02.00]For what it's worth,I thought it was humorous. 随便说说 我觉得那很好笑的

[05:10.32]let's just do this. 快干活

[05:10.56]You guys ready to push? 你们准备好推了吗?

[05:12.80]In a minute. 等下

[05:14.64]Howard stepped outside to throw up. Howard出去吐了

[05:20.56]I don't know what you were worried about. 我不知道你们在担心什么

[05:22.60]I think it really works in the room. 我觉得在这屋里 它真会起作用的

[05:26.00]It is by far the coolest thing I have ever owned. 这显然是至今我拥有的最牛的东西

[05:30.72]The exact time machine 就是这台时间机器

[05:32.48]that carried actor rod taylor from victorian england 带着Rod Taylor从维多利亚时期的英国

[05:33.00]into the post-apocalyptic future, 来到启示文学流派所描绘的未来

[05:32.48] Rod Taylor 电影<时间机器>演员

[05:36.12]where society had splintered into two factions: 那里社会分成了两个派别:

[05:39.24]The subterranean morlocks, 住在地下的莫洛克人

[05:40.04]who survived by feasting on the flesh of the gentle surface-dwelling eloi. 他们掠食住在地表的 柔弱的伊洛人来生存

[05:45.64]Talk about your chick magnets. 谈谈你的泡妞利器吧

[05:53.24]The guy who lives next to me is always like, 挨着我住的那家伙总说

[05:54.76]"I have a jacuzzi on my balcony. "我阳台上有台极可意按摩浴缸"

[05:55.88]I have a jacuzzi on my balcony." "我阳台上有台极可意按摩浴缸"

[05:57.68]But wait until I tell him, 瞧着吧 看我告诉他

[05:60.52]"I've got a time machine on my balcony. "我阳台上有台时间机器"

[06:03.08]Stuff that in your speedo,jacuzzi bob." "就像你speedo泳裤里的那玩意 浴缸Bob"

[06:05.72]Gentlemen,I know we said we'd take turns, 先生们 我知道我们说得按顺序来

[06:08.56]but I think you'll agree that practicality dictates it remain here. 但我想你们都会同意 实用性规定仍然有效

[06:12.52]You can't just keep it here. 你不能把东西光留在这儿

[06:14.12]What if I meet a girl and say, 要是我遇到个女孩 我说

[06:15.92]"you want to come up and see my time machine? "你想上来看看我的时间机器吗?

[06:16.56]It's at my friends' house." 就在我朋友的屋里"

[06:18.36]How lame is that? 那多逊呀?

[06:19.96]He's got a point. 他说的对

[06:21.88]All right,I think we're going to need some ground rules; 好吧 看来我们需要定些基本规则

[06:24.32]in addition to t expected "no shoes in the time machine," 除了可以想到的 "时间机器里不能放鞋子"

[06:25.40]and "no eating in the time machine," 和"不能在里面吃东西"之外

[06:28.52]I propose we add 我提议我们增加

[06:29.72]"pants must be worn at all times in the time machine." "在里面必须一直穿着裤子"

[06:33.08]Seconded. 赞同

[06:33.68]I was going to put down a towel. 我本打算放条毛巾在里面

[06:40.32]I still want it on my balcony. 我还是想放到我的阳台上

[06:42.28]I say we move it on a bi-monthly basis. 我建议我们按双月轮流

[06:45.20]Yeah,that sounds fair. 对 那很公平

[06:45.76]Hold on,bi-monthly is an ambiguous term. 等等 双月是个有争议的时间

[06:47.48]Do you mean move it every other month or twice a month? 你得意思隔月轮还是一月两次?

[06:48.04]- Twice a month. -Then no. - 每月两次 -那别想

[06:50.96]- Okay,every other month. - No. - 好吧 隔月 - 不行

[06:53.52]Sheldon,you can't be selfish. Sheldon 你不能这么自私

[06:57.56]We all paid for it,so it belongs to all of us. 我们都付了钱的 它是属于我们大家的

[06:58.28]Now get out of the way so I can sit in my time machine. 现在让开路 我好能够坐进我的时间机器

[07:11.28]okay,I am setting the dials for march 10,1876. 我要设定表盘到1876年三月十日

[07:14.44]Good choice,alexander graham bell invents the telephone 选得好 那天Alexander Graham Bell(贝尔) 发明出了电话

[07:19.40]and calls out for dr. Watson. 并给Watson博士打去了电话

[07:18.48]Wait a minute.I'd want to see that,too. 等下 我也想见到那一刻

[07:20.68]So when it's your turn,you can. 等轮到你的时候 就可以看了

[07:22.96]But if we all go back to the same point in time, 可如果我们都回到同一点时间

[07:24.88]bell's lab is going to get very crowded. 贝尔的实验室会变得拥挤不堪

[07:27.40]He'll know something's up. 他会发现这异常现象的

[07:29.12]Also since the time machine doesn't move in space, 再说时间机器不能改变位置

[07:31.64]you'll end up in 1876 pasadena. 到时候你会在1876年的帕萨迪纳

[07:32.76]And even if you can make it to boston, 即使你能够出现在波士顿

[07:35.12]what are you going to do? Knock on the door and say to mrs. Bell, 你又能干什么? 敲敲门对贝尔太太说

[07:37.56]"hey,mrs. Bell. Big fan of your husband. "你好 贝尔太太 我是你丈夫的死忠"

[07:39.20]Can I come in and watch him invent the telephone?" "我能进来看他发明电话吗?"

[07:40.80]Mrs. Bell was deaf. 贝尔太太是聋子

[07:42.08]She's not even going to hear you knock. 她甚至都听不见你敲门

[07:46.28]I have a solution. 我有个办法

[07:47.96]First,go into the future 首先 进入未来

[07:48.04]and obtain a cloaking device. 获得一个隐形装置

[07:48.28]Ooh,how far into the future? 到多远的未来?

[07:50.56]If I remember correctly, 如果我没记错的话

[07:51.48]captain kirk will steal a cloaking device 星历5027.3年 Kirk船长

[07:53.20]from the romulans on stardate 5027.3, 从罗慕兰人那里偷了隐形装置

[07:55.84]which would be january 10,2328 by pre-federation reckoning. 按前联盟的算法 也就是2328年1月10日

[08:01.28]Okay,I am setting the dials for january 10,2328. 好吧 我把日历盘设置到2328年1月10日

[08:07.08]Here we go into the future. 我们出发去未来

[08:30.84]That was fun. 好好玩

[08:32.08]My turn! 轮到我了!

[08:34.92]Okay,first of all, 好吧 首先

[08:38.96]what you call a gap was nearly three feet wide. 你说的缝隙 将近3英尺(0.9米)宽

[08:39.92]I slipped and skinned my knee. 我跌倒了 还擦伤了膝盖

[08:42.60]Are you okay? 你还好吗?

[08:43.44]second of all, 其次

[08:43.88]the door to the stairwell of the other building was locked, 那栋楼顶上通往楼梯间的门是锁着的

[08:46.28]so I had to go down the fire escape, 所以我只能沿着防火梯下去

[08:46.24]which ends on the third floor, 只能到三楼

[08:47.96]forcing me to crawl through the window of a lovely armenian family 于是只能从一户好心的亚美尼亚人家 的窗户借过

[08:50.92]who insisted I stay for lunch. 他们坚持要留我吃午饭

[08:55.40]That doesn't sound too bad. 听起来不是很糟糕嘛

[08:57.48]It was eight courses of lamb, 有八道羊肉做的菜!

[08:58.84]and they tried to fix me up with their son. 他们还试图撮合我和他们的儿子

[09:02.92]I'm sorry. 对不起

[09:03.72]Not done.By the time I finally got to work, 还没说完呢 当我终于赶到餐厅的时候

[09:06.12]they'd given my shift away. 他们却已经把我的班给分掉了

[09:05.72]Yeah,that's right. 嗯 是啊

[09:08.80]I lost an entire day's pay thanks to this. 我丢了一整天的工资就因为这个

[09:09.52]This... 这个...

[09:10.24]time machine. 时间机器

[09:15.48]The lights flash and the dish spins. 灯会闪 轮会转

[09:15.60]You want to try it? 要不要试试?

[09:18.44]No! 不!

[09:18.92]I don't want to try it! 我不要试!

[09:21.36]My god,you are grown men! 天哪 你们都是大人了!

[09:21.88]How can you waste your lives with these stupid toys and costumes 你们怎么能浪费时间在 这些愚蠢的玩具和服装

[09:25.12]and comic books and... and now that?! 和漫画书 还有...现在又是这个?!

[09:29.84]That... 这个...

[09:29.80]again. Time machine. 再说一次 时间机器

[09:33.00]Oh,please,it's not a time machine. 噢 拜托了 这哪儿是时间机器啊

[09:35.44]If a anythg,it looks like something elton john would drive through the everglades. 倒像是埃尔顿·约翰 开过大沼泽地国家公园的玩意儿

[09:44.04]It only moves in time. 它只在时间层面移动

[09:47.92]It would be worse than useless in a swamp. 在沼泽地里将一无是处

[09:54.48]Pathetic! All of you! 可悲! 你们所有人!

[09:56.36]Completely pathetic! 可悲到了极至!

[10:04.08]My turn. 轮到我了

[10:20.88]it's 2:00 in the morning. Leonard 现在是凌晨两点

[10:24.44]So? 那又怎样?

[10:25.92]So it's my turn. 该轮到我了

[10:29.28]Why did you set it for the day before yesterday? 为什么把时间调到前天?

[10:34.84]Because I want to go back 因为我想回去

[10:33.00]and keep myself from getting a time machine. 阻止自己买下时间机器

[10:37.32]You can'T. If you were to prevent yourself from buying it in the past, 你不能 如果你阻止过去的自己买下它

[10:39.96]you would not have it available in the present 现在的你就没有它

[10:42.80]to travel back and stop yourself from buying it. Ergo, 也不能坐回去 阻止自己买下它

[10:43.44]you would still have it. 因此 你还是会有它

[10:45.88]This is a classic rookie time-travel mistake. 这是时空旅者新手会犯的典型错误

[10:50.24]Can I go back and prevent you from explaining that to me? 我能回去阻止你跟我解释这些吗?

[10:53.84]Same paradox. 又是自相矛盾的话

[10:56.32]If you were to travel back in time 如果你回到过去

[10:58.56]and,say,knock me unconscious, 比如说 把我打晕

[10:58.72]you would not then have the conversation 那么我们就不会发生这个对话--

[10:59.32]that irritated you,motivating you to go back and knock me unconscious. 惹火你 并激发你回到过去把我打晕

[11:05.48]What if I knocked you unconscious right now? 如果我现在把你打晕会怎么样?

[11:09.08]It won't change the past. 也改变不了过去

[11:11.28]But it'd make the present so much nicer. 但会使现在变的更美好

[11:17.04]Are you upset about something? 你有什么烦心事吗?

[11:18.44]What was your first clue? 你怎么看出来的? 第一线索是?

[11:22.92]Well,it was a number of things. 嗯 有好几点

[11:24.28]First,the late hour. 首先 时间迟了

[11:23.88]Then your demeanor seems very low-energy, 其次 你看起来无精打采的

[11:25.68]plus your irritability. 再加上你容易动怒

[11:26.84]Yes,I'm upset! 是的 我心情不好!

[11:29.04]I don't usually pick up on those things. 我通常不会发生这些状况

[11:31.28]Good for me. 对我有好处

[11:36.64]Yeah,good for you. 是的 对你有好处

[11:39.16]Oh,wait. 噢 等等

[11:41.76]Did you want to talk about what's bothering you? 你想谈谈你的烦心事吗?

[11:44.84]I don't know. Maybe. 我不知道 也许

[11:48.16]Wow. I'm on fire tonight. 喔 我今晚走火入魔了

[11:54.56]Uh... here's the thing. 呃...事情是这样的

[11:54.76]Girls like penny never end up with guys who own time machines. 像Penny这样的女生永远不会和 有时间机器的男生在一起

[12:01.00]I disagree. 我不同意

[12:00.88]Your inability to successfully woo penny 你在追求Penny上的无能

[12:05.08]long predates your acquisition of the time machine. 早在你拥有时间机器以前就体现出来了

[12:09.04]That failure clearly stands on its own. 那个失败很明显是独立存在的

[12:13.32]Thanks for pointing it out. 谢谢你指出来

[12:13.60]In addition,your premise is flawed. 另外 你的假设也有缺陷

[12:15.20]In the original film, 在原版电影里

[12:16.44]rod taylor got yvette mimieux with that very time machine. Rod Taylor正是用这台时间机器 赢得了Yvette Mimieux的心

[12:20.52]In back to the future, 在<回到未来>中

[12:22.04]marty mcfly got the opportunity Marty Mcfly因此得到

[12:23.08]to hook up with his extremely attractive young mother. 勾搭上年轻迷人的母亲的机会

[12:29.32]Those are movies. 这些都是电影里的故事

[12:31.36]Of course they're movies. 它们当然是电影里的

[12:31.76]Were you expecting me to come up with an example 难道你期望我举出一个

[12:34.44]involving a real-life time machine? 包含真实时间机器的例子?

[12:39.04]That's absurd. 这太荒谬了

[12:41.40]Comen,guys,push! 快点 伙计们 用力推!

[12:43.16]If I push any harder, 如果我再用力

[12:44.52]I'm going to give birth to my colon. 我的结肠就要胀出来了

[12:47.32]Oh,hey,guys. Oh. Hi,penny. - 嘿 伙计们 - 嗨 Penny

[12:52.100]take a break,guys! 休息一下 伙计们!

[12:57.76]What are you doing? 你们在做什么?

[12:57.24]Oh,you know,just moving a time machine. 噢 你知道的 只是在搬运一台时间机器

[13:01.88]Yeah. Okay,neat,but I really gotta get to work,so... 嗯 很好 但我真得去赶工了

[13:03.60]no problem. 没问题

[13:13.24]Hang on. 抓紧

[13:14.72]But... what about your time machine? 但是... 你的时间机器怎么办?

[13:17.64]Some things are more important than toys. 有些事比玩具更重要

[13:28.20]I'm scared. 我很害怕

[13:29.04]Don't worry,baby. I've got you. 别担心 宝贝 我抱紧你了

[13:33.20]Oh,leonard. 噢 Leonard

[13:52.32]It's still my turn. 该轮到我了

[13:60.48]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[14:03.52]I'm packing up all my collectibles 我在整理所有的收藏品

[14:05.28]and taking them down to the comic book store to sell. 然后拿到漫画店卖掉

[14:08.76]Was that really necessary? 真有这必要吗?

[14:10.52]If you need money, 如果你需要钱

[14:10.92]you can always sell blood. 你总是可以去卖血

[14:15.08]And semen. 卖精子也行啊

[14:18.36]This is not about money. 不是钱的问题

[14:19.32]We brought food! 我们带吃的来了!

[14:19.12]Lox and bagels,the breakfast of time-travelers. 熏鲑鱼和百吉饼 时空旅者的早餐

[14:23.96]Terrific. Does anyone want to buy my share of the time machine? 很好 有谁想买下我那份的时间机器吗?

[14:26.60]Why? 为什么?

[14:26.80]I don't want it anymore. 我不想要了

[14:29.24]Why? 为什么?

[14:30.92]Just... personal reasons. 只是...一些私人原因

[14:32.32]My spidey sense tells me 我的蜘蛛侠感觉告诉我

[14:32.88]this has something to do with penny. 跟Penny有关

[14:35.76]Look,do you want to buy me out or not? 听着 你们想不想买下我的那份?

[14:38.92]I'll give you a hundred dollars, 我出100美元

[14:37.100]which will make me half-owner and we'll put it on my balcony 这样我就能有一半的股份 就可以把它搬到我的阳台上去

[14:42.72]Screw his balcony. I'll give you $120 and 去你的阳台 我出120美元

[14:44.24]we'll put it in my garage. 把它搬到我的车库

[14:43.56]I paid $200 for my share. 伙计 我可是付了200美元的

[14:45.44]Dude,everybody knows a time machine loses half its value 拜托 地球人都知道 时间机器一使用

[14:47.00]the minute you drive it off the lot. 它的价值就会损失一半

[14:50.16]************That time machine stay is. 我出200美元 这台时间机器就摆这里不动

[14:55.68]$300 and I'll throw in my original 1979 mattel millennium falcon 300美元 再加上我的1979年的原版千岁鹰

[14:58.56]with real light speed sound effects. 有真的光速音响效果哦

[14:60.64]No. No more toys 不 别再来什么玩具

[15:03.24]or action figures 什么活动玩具娃娃

[15:04.36]or props or replicas 什么道具 复制品

[15:05.72]or costumes or robots 什么服装 机器人

[15:08.00]or darth vader voice changers. 什么黑武士变音器了

[15:08.80]I'm getting rid of all of it. 我要扔掉所有这些东西

[15:11.60]You can't do that. 你不能这么做

[15:10.80]Look what you've created here. 看看你在这里都创造了什么

[15:13.00]It's like nerdvana. 像是科幻的极乐世界

[15:17.72]More importantly, 更重要的是

[15:18.56]you have a darth vader voice changer? 你有个黑武士变音器?

[15:22.12]Not for long 很快就要没了

[15:25.40]oh,I call dibs on the golden age flash. 噢 我有权拥有这个黄金时代英雄的漫画

[15:26.64]Hang on.I need that to complete my justice society of america collection. 等等 我需要这个来完善我的 美国正义协会的收藏

[15:28.64]Too bad. I called dibs. 很可惜 我有权

[15:29.48]You can't just call dibs. 你光出价有什么用 (dib: 有"权利"和"钱"两义)

[15:29.64]I can and I did. Look up "dibs" in wikipedia. 我可以而且我做了 去维基百科上查查"权利"看

[15:34.88]Dibs doesn't apply in a bidding war. 权利不能用在竞购战上

[15:37.52]It's not a bidding war. 这不是竞购战

[15:38.00]I'm selling it all to larry down at the comic book store. 我会把这些都卖给漫画店的Larry

[15:41.32]Why larry? Did larry call dibs? 为什么是Larry? Larry有权?

[15:41.92]Will you forget dibs?! 别再说什么权利啦!

[15:42.56]He offered me a fair price for the whole collection. 这些所有的藏品 他的出价挺不错的

[15:45.44]What's the number? I'll match it. 多少钱? 我出同样多

[15:47.08]I'll match it plus a thousand rupees. 我出同样多 外加1000卢比

[15:51.00]- What's the exchange rate? - None of your business. - 汇率是多少? - 不关你的事

[15:53.48]Take it or leave it? 卖不卖?

[15:53.60]Mom? My bar mitzvah bonds. 妈妈? 我的成年礼红包

[15:56.04]How much do I got? 拿了多少?

[15:55.60]Thanks. 谢谢

[15:56.32]I can go $2,600 and two trees in israel. 我可以出2600美元 再加两棵在以色列的树

[16:03.72]Forget it,guys. 算了吧 伙计们

[16:02.72]If I sell to one of you, 如果我卖给你们其中的一个

[16:03.76]the other two are going to be really mad at me. 另外2个就对生我的气

[16:05.08]Who cares?As long as you pick me! 只要你选我 谁会在乎?

[16:09.36]Okay,leonard,put down the box. Let's talk. 好吧 Leonard 把箱子放下 我们谈谈

[16:11.32]Sorry,raj. My mind is made up. 对不起 Raj 我心意已定

[16:15.76]No! 不!

[16:16.48]I can't let you do this. 我不能让你这么做

[16:16.80]Sheldon,get out of my way. Sheldon 让开

[16:22.64]None shall pass! 把命留下!

[16:28.24]Okay. 好吧

[16:31.92]I did not want to do this 我本不想这么干

[16:30.72]but I have here the rare mint 但我手里的是罕见的 完好无损的

[16:33.32]condition production error star trek: 《星际迷航》的错误产品:

[16:36.72]The next generation geordi la forge 新一代鹰眼(人物)

[16:38.00]without his visor in the original packaging. 没有戴面盔 原包装

[16:42.32]If you do not get out of my way, 如果你们不让开

[16:43.36]I will open it. 我就把它打开

[16:46.96]Okay,man. Be cool. 好吧 伙计 冷静点

[16:49.08]We're all friends here. 我们都是朋友

[16:52.20]What the hell's going on? 发生了什么事?

[16:53.88]You hypocrite! 你这个伪君子!

[16:55.76]What? 什么?

[16:55.36]Little miss "grown-ups don't play with toys." "大人不玩玩具"小姐

[16:60.20]If I were to go into that apartment right now, 如果我现在进去你的公寓

[17:01.52]would I not find beanie babies? 我会找不到豆宝宝?

[17:02.48]Are you not an accumulator of care bears and my little ponies? 难道你不会收集爱心熊和小马?

[17:06.64]And who is that japanese feline 那个在你短裤上嬉闹的

[17:07.24]I see frolicking on your shorts? 日本的猫科动物又叫什么?

[17:09.68]Hello,hello kitty! 你好! "Hello Kitty"!

[17:15.28]Okay. Okay,look,if this is about yesterday,leonard, 好吧 好吧 听着 如果这是因为昨天 Leonard

[17:17.36]I am really sorry about what I said. 真的对不起我说了那些话

[17:19.76]I was just upset. 我只是很生气

[17:20.60]No,I needed to hear it. 不 我应该听你的

[17:20.96]No,you didn'T. Look,you are a great guy 不 你不用 听着 你是个很好的人

[17:23.24]and it is the things you love that make you who you are. 正是有了这些爱好 你才是你

[17:28.32]I guess that makes me "large breasts." 看我那些爱好 估计我就是"波霸"了

[17:35.40]Still,I think it's time for me to get rid of this stuff 尽管如此 我觉得是时候让我摆脱这些了

[17:38.72]and,you know,move on with my life. 还有 继续我的生活

[17:40.68]Really? 真的?

[17:41.76]Yeah. 嗯

[17:41.96]Oh. Well,good for you. 噢 是 对你有好处

[17:45.84]Thanks. 谢谢

[17:49.08]Hey,do you want to... 嘿 你想要...

[17:52.08]I don't know,later... 我不知道 迟点...

[17:53.72]excuse me. 借过

[17:54.40]Hey,penny. - Hi,mike. - 嘿 Penny - 嗨 Mike

[17:55.56]You ready to go? 可以走了吗?

[17:55.56]Oh,yeah. I just have to change. 噢 是的 我换下衣服就好了

[17:56.16]I'll give you a hand. 我来帮忙

[17:57.24]Oh,stop it! 噢 住手!

[17:59.04]Bye,guys. 再见 伙计们

[18:05.20]My turn on the time machine! 轮到我用时间机器了!

[18:29.60]802701年 4月28日

[18:33.08]It worked. 它有用

[18:35.08]It really worked. 它真的有用

[18:36.100]They said I was mad,but it worked! 他们说我疯了 但它有用!

[18:46.24]Oh,no! Not morlocks! 噢 不! 不要莫洛克斯人!

[18:49.32]Not flesh-eating morlocks! 不要食肉的莫洛克斯人!

[18:52.16]Help! 救命!

[18:59.48]Help! 救命!

[19:02.64]sheldon,are you okay? Sheldon 你没事吧?

[19:07.56]We have to get rid of the time machine. 我们得扔掉这个时间机器

[19:09.08]It is a little big for the living room,isn't it? 摆客厅里太占位置了 是吧?

[19:13.12]Yeah,that's the problem. It's too big. 是的 就是这个问题 太大了

[19:16.60]I'm glad you agree. 很高兴你赞成

[19:15.36]I hired some guys to help us move it. 我顾了几个人来帮我们搬

[19:19.28]Come on in,fellas. 进来吧 伙计们

[19:23.80]Oh,no. Morlocks! 噢!!! 不要莫洛克斯人!

[19:26.16]Eat him. Eat him. 吃掉他 吃掉他

[19:31.96]leonard! Leonard!

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